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  1. Ada Natalya Colborn, the Owner of The Goat's Lookout, was busy at work with her staff. She was excited and honored to be catering at the event.
  2. The Viscountess of Venzia lit up a candle for her fallen peer. She even planted a rose in her garden, honoring him.
  3. Yulnayl weeped, wishing she had more time with her uncle. If only she had a chance to change it all.
  4. shoutout to @Generi for being my 1k rep

  5. Issued By THE VISCOUNTESS OF VENZIA On this 11th of Wzuvar Ag Byvca of 453 E.S. O' GUD, VOR HJELP I GYNE ERE, Unfortunately our kingdom has been under attack by the monstrous Inferi, leaving us in disarray. Due to this, Colborn Craftsmen and the house have stepped up, gathering materials and resources over the months. We wish to donate all of what we have congregated to the Lord Marshal Sviatoslav Godunov. We will hand it over to them or their quartermaster at the earliest possible time. Together may we rise and defend our nation and her people. THE LIST OF GOODS Bread - 2,624 Steak - 342 Golden Carrots - 1,622 Cooked Porkchop - 192 Cooked Mutton - 832 Cooked Chicken - 640 Crossbows - 384 Ferrum Lance - 192 Ferrum Warhammer - 128 Ferrum Longsword - 256 16.5 Horse - 19 16+ Horse - 10 Hay Bales - 3,090 Saddles - 20 Iron Horse Armor - 20 Leather - 175 Feathers - 384 Coal - 2,880 SKRALI VOR GUD Viscountess of Venzia, Baroness of Bethlenen, & Owner of the Goat’s Lookout,
  6. when are you getting back on st? dont shoot me
  7. "What went wrong?” “Everything.” The lady ran through the farmlands of Jerovitz, trying to escape the deranged woman who was chasing her down. Reaching the steps of Dame Primrose’s chapel, she left a bloody handprint on the stairwell, hoping someone would pass by and see. She muttered her last prayer, entering inside. “You’re the reason why he’s dead!” "No, it’s the beast’s! I had nothing to do with it!” Unfortunately, her attacker had caught up with her. Déjà vu had hit her, realizing they had been here before. For the same reason as now. In another kingdom, decades ago. “It should’ve been you.” "You’re right, it should’ve been me.” The guilt started to wash over her. She couldn't do it anymore, she didn’t want to fight back. He was gone, how could she live on? How could she live in peace? This was it. Her story ended here. Esmee’s body slumped over the floor, laying in a pool of blood. Somewhere far far far out, another lady seemed to be having the time of her life. As if she was relieved from burdens. Maybe this was one of them. So, she waited for him, alongside Shortcake, Strawberry, and Berrycake. Perhaps the Mondblume and their cows could meet him again once more. Sadly, they waited forever. And ever.
  8. The Viscountess of Venzia immediately went experiment new drinks and pastries for the wedding - she was excited!
  9. A certain Kortrevich let out a quiet laugh, "Oh Godan - a silence Ren! Have you read this? Pour a new glass!"
  10. "Just like mamej," hummed Esmée Kortrevich, an ex Head Steward of the kingdom.
  11. Despite it all, Esmée Kortrevich was proud of her family and how far they've come.
  12. CLOSED! Thank you all for the entries! Winners will be announced in the following weeks. ______________________________________________________________________________________ Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who participated. Please contact me over the forums or through discord (dove#8701) to a schedule a time and date for you to collect your prizes!
  13. The youngest Vilac shoved wedding invitations into the faces of Balian citizens, "MY BROTHER IS GETTING MARRIED TO A P R I N CE S S! BE THERE OR ELSE!"
  14. ♪♫♪ Welcome everyone to the very first ever LotC-Tober 2022 Contest! Similar to InkTober, we wanted our community to partake in something similar. There are 13 prompts for you to choose from, leading up to the S P O O K Y day of the month. Shoutout to our beloved Story Team for their suggestions and input for the prompts! RULES + INFO ☆ Deadline is on November 3rd, 2022 ☆ You do not need to do all 13 prompts, you can pick one or two ☆ Must be your own work, it cannot be someone else's It can be either something old or new as long as it's yours ☆ Must submit either a skin or an art piece of one of the prompts ☆ Must submit it in the proper format and in the comment section IGN: Discord: Skin/Art: PRIZES FIRST PLACE ☆ 500 Mina ☆ Creative Wizard Tag ☆ Map Art/Skin will be showcased in Cloud Temple ☆ Submissions will be posted to LotC Social Media Accounts SECOND PLACE ☆ 300 Mina ☆ CT Exclusive Item ☆ Map Art/Skin will be showcased in Cloud Temple ☆ Submissions will be posted to LotC Social Media Accounts THIRD PLACE ☆ 100 Mina ☆ CT Exclusive Item ☆ Map Art/Skin will be showcased in Cloud Temple ☆ Submissions will be posted to LotC Social Media Accounts
  15. Ada Natalya Colborn, Elia's younger cousin also the maid of honor, sat in the front row with a baby goat. Both of them cheered and cried for the newlyweds.
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