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  1. is iblees just all of the female dark elves combined

    1. satinkira
    2. Laeonathan
    3. Zacho


      make this person an ST right now, they'll mesh perfectly with @satinkira

  2. Astaroth stared down upon the missive, a slow smirk rising to her features. Violet hues going side-to-side like the pendulum of a grandfather clock as she re-reads the missive, over and over "Now there are two demons I get to dance with, how exciting, how intriguing." She mused to herself, rushing to grab a second copy of the missive and allowing her Thrush to take hold of it and fly off to a mali'ker.
  3. why you make me cry

  4. Out of all your years in LOTC, if you had to choose an experience to relive on the server, what would it be?
  5. I’m going to make a persona that looks entirely female right but has a super deep voice (but is mute) and is a male… the ultimate femboy, I will trick everyone.

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      it would be so funny

    4. Turbo_Dog
  6. [!] Notes would be scattered across the floors of Tor-Azdroth, Lurin, Cartref Mor, & Elysium. (as well as one specially sent to those of 'thill). Remon I fear I may have been wrong about you. About your manipulation, your reasoning behind your actions, perhaps I was too quick to draw the line of hate towards you. Remon, I considered you family despite everything, you made mistakes just as I did and it was hypocritical of me to try to punish you for such. I'm sorry. I'm unsure of why you never got so angry with me after the threats, the fighting, the idiotic decisions I made in attempts to help you and others, but, ahern ito nae'leh for that. I could've been better, just like you could've been, hell, we all could've been better. I hope Bezaleel won't torture me too badly after I die, ah... to play his game, repeating the cycle over and over - I wonder how it'll be. Feeding egregores for a lifetime, or, would it be deathtime? Bad pun, I know. I chained you up in my basement so that you couldn't stand in my way of my death, I was going to go to Karkosa whether Morur'ei followed me or ne, I was going to - and hopefully did by the time you get this - kill myself in front of the Hexers. I have to, they don't deserve to be sacrificed, they don't deserve to fall down upon my own mistakes, they don't deserve to be fucked over by a selfish decision. Forgive me, Remon, that is all I ask of you. Viktoriya Dame, I know we did ne know each other long - but, I always appreciated the talks and small interactions we had together. I'm sorry that I won't be able to teach at the Academy, I really wanted to. I suppose it's a bit ironic due to the fact that I was going to be teaching how to Survive and ended up... you know, ne surviving. Please stay safe, llir, you deserve much in life. Make sure your face doesn't fall off too much around Mika, he might call the Atronachs on you! Farewell. Hera My teacher. My llir. I am so sorry, I told you I wouldn't go back and yet, I did. Morur'ei, for whatever reason, is willing to risk his immortality to help me break this pact I made with an otherworldly spirit. But, it's my mistake, my ****-up, ne oem should have to suffer or risk their own life to save mine. Ne after what I did, ne after the mistakes I made. Thank you for being here for me, even if you weren't around a whole lot... do ne blame him for my death, for it was I who is going to do it to myself. Make sure Nehtamo stays alive, I'm sure he'll be broken, but, I hope he understands. I love you, you were my family. Aurelion Once you receive this, or rather if you receive this, you'll probably be a bit upset with me. However, before I get into that, you must know: the tree you so worship or prophet for is deceiving you. Hell, I was told it was Iblees, funny isn't it? You, and all of us, got ****ing tricked by it. I'm sorry for that, for ne sharing sooner either. I wasn't sure how to. Anyways, I'll never forget your lessons - even if they were driven by the Way of the Oak - they were rather valuable to me and it helped me through my journeys. Fun fact, you were actually the first person I ever fought in my life. I still think about that punch you gave me in Serheim sometimes. Hogo Bojo Hogo, I am deeply sorry for leaving you in Karkosa multiple times. I truly hadn't meant to, I kept getting forced out and then forced in and for some reason you keep disappearing it's rather exhausting to search an entire realm for you, please, stay safe. The Hexers would gladly take you in - I remember eating that horrible jerky, they need a cook, plus, you'd get more adventure out of it! Just, don't mention me, they er, dislike me. I'm going to truly miss going on stupid adventures with you, I hope in another life, we can continue. Good luck. Juniper I was a bad mal'onn to you and you were a bad lari'onn to me. Two peas in a pod, ne? I know you're possibly gone due to that note you sent me so, I don't know why I'm writing this, but, I really hope you got the love you deserved in the end. I think Grayson was probably the oem who would deliver such a feeling. I won't take back what I said in Lurin that day, I feel like it was entirely valid - the things I said. We were toxic for each other, perhaps we got that from Whylde, hm? I cannot deny it, he is my maln and whether I like it or ne, I am a bit like him. Okay, quite a bit like him. Either way, I'm sorry. Have you considered being cursed somehow? It seems like all of your siblings have died from suicide. Soris Ahern ito nae'leh for always being understanding despite me being 'ata and you being 'thill. I'm sorry for being a pain in your ass when I was an oem'ii. I'll miss you. [!] One more note... framed within the confines of Remon's room. Bezaleel What a little shit you are. I doubt you'll read this but, man, taking Almarisan people to be cattle? To play the part of a pawn in your so-called game? I hope The Host is displeased when they find out oem of your stupid cattle kills itself, shouldn't you have prevented that? As far as I know, you're down to about... oem cow, what a bad farmer you are. Perish, revenge will be taken.
  7. I just chose the one that wasn’t Oren
  8. gah damn I made Celia'nor square break into a bunch of CRP by dying

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      nop I’m not, but that was not bein implied buddy

    3. UnBaed


      was super fun rp, your character's death was super impactful on a lot of narratives <3

    4. Neviah


      I'm glad! It was really shocking to get sent ss's from that RP in the square, I hadn't realized Alucard dying would have such an impact... <3

  9. [!] Upon the death of Alucard Anarion, notes would be found and sent out. Nehtamo Mal’onn, if you’re receiving this, then - I’ve died, obviously. I don’t know why I wrote that. Er, I plan to kill myself in Karkosa as soon as I leave, the Hexers are good people - I couldn’t bear to make such a selfish decision. Free myself and kill those who are working towards separating the realms? Ne… I couldn’t do it, I might try but, in the end, I think I’d rather slit my throat. I love you mal’onn, you were, despite our fights, the best sibling I could truly ask for. It’s stupid I know, doing this to myself - but, I’ve made worse mistakes. Grave mistakes. This is how I repent. I suppose I broke my promise to you, hm? Killing myself? I’m sorry. Aunties Sarah & Fae This may seem extremely sudden seeing as last time we spoke should be just hours ago as I write this. I plan to go venture to Karkosa and kill myself in front of the Hexers, the good guys. I made a pact with a Spirit far beyond comprehension, I was an idiot, I made a mistake. My original goal of going there again was to break my pact but, in doing so I would have to sacrifice 10-15 people in a camp, the Hexers. They’re innocent, I am ne. I couldn’t simply do that, ne after how they helped me, how they gave me more chances than I deserved. You two were the best Aunties ever. Make more caterpillar cakes for Tor-Azdroth for me, okay? Mika & Lhoris & Rina Thank you for welcoming me into your family, even if I was simply the son of a bastard and Eldrin. You cared for me, even through my idiotic actions. I just wanted to help Almaris, isn’t that silly? I’m sorry. Valyris I didn’t do much as a Courtier, apologies. But, I hope I was a bit of a good llir. Please, make sure Nehtamo doesn’t kill himself. The An-Gho In my final moments, I shall weep for you, for me, for Almaris, for all. Morur'ei **** you for getting involved. Ysivryn & Qard You two were very lovely lliran to me, I always loved being able to simply chill around you guys. Gosh, I just remembered we never sparred Ysi, my bad, I don't do well with making plans. I hope you got your gifts Qard! Pats for you, even in the afterlife that I will ne have. Lord Melandrach Apologies, perhaps seek out another Asiothic Teacher. I killed myself, just like Csayhn! Wild. The Hexers I truly made many mistakes upon trying to help you, I’m sorry, I hope with doing my little suicide in front of you all, you’ll see that. I also hope you come back so that you can read this note, I suppose. Tor-Azdroth Farewell, ay’Azdromoth. Also, Remon is locked in my basement, sorry. To Celia’nor & Lurin I know I had lliran within both of these cities, such is why there are two copies of this note… whoever finds all these, please, deliver them. Post them. Something. Anyways, to all my lliran that I did not formally address as I have a terrible memory somehow, please note, I have killed myself to combat a selfish action that I might’ve been forced to do had I not ended myself. I am thankful to have known you all, please, do ne cry over me. Castle Black & Those of Serheim Silly ain’t it? First Vukosav disappears, then me. Thank you for helping raise me as an oem’ii, I’m sure Eldrin is thankful.
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