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  1. And I've been putting days in
    And they got me in the Days Inn
    And the **** that I've been making is amazing
    And things are moving fast, it's changing
    Working all week, no breaks, it was crazy
    Deadlines, deadlines they will never trade me
    Come through the crib and be lazy with me

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  2. Journey Into Mystery: Deliverance With the siege of Mt. Augustus repelled the Azogs march to Mirtok DeNurem’s base of operations. Having heard rumors of his return, the aged Maur’Azog couldn’t wait to see his old friend again and had detached with a few select Uruks from the main war band for this detour. “Welcome back, brother.” “Mirtok DeNurem,” Smiled the robed figure as he approached his old friend. Long has it been since he’s seen that face. “You look intact.” He lowered his hood to reveal his warped face. His eyes now fully purple in the whites and his nose sunken into his skull. Tusk stabbing into the flesh of his face. “The same can be done for you. Remove that foul taint that burdens your soul. You Azogs have done much for me. The least I can do for you, friend.” “I thank you, DeNurem, but these are mine to carry for the journey is about to begin to the promised lands. This is the moment we’ve both known was coming..” “You mean you’re not staying?” “Yub... To see the face of my friend and thank him for everything he has given me. I know you’re not one for goodbyes either.” he dryly chuckles, pulling out a piece of ink. Mushing the index on his palm onto his index finger. “You had no reason to take in my brothers under your protection when they were shunned by their race. Yet you found it in your heart to call them your own and fight alongside them in the trenches of every battle we’ve fought together. And from there we found the meaning of community and family. There we found purpose and fate in a GOD. For we are cursed children of this GOD but under my guidance I will lead them to redemption in the eyes of this GOD which we call the spirits. This gave me meaning when I died in the nether. And for this, I bestow upon you three gifts in representation of the three Azogs you took in but first.” “Mirtok DeNurem, I hereby bestow the honor of the name of Azog. Absolved of all past titles men have stained your name with hopes to diminish your accomplishments as they have done to our people in the past. Granting you the blessing of the spirits who had pushed us to glory and have destined your family to be reunited again. Rivaling only the Azogs in strength.” He raised his index finger, drawing a black cross upon the Hochmeister’s face. The Orc looked down upon his friend, allowing the memories of their journey that has led to this very moment slip down his cheek. A silent tear rolled down the face of the withering Orc’s alligator skin. Yet the Hochmesiter remained resilient throughout all of this, showing no emotion as the Orc has. Though Maur’Azog knew by his silence, that he was afraid of showing the emotion that had hurt him in the past. But his silence spoke volumes to the Orc. This wasn’t an easy goodbye for the both of them. “This is the last time I see you, brother. Thank you for taking a chance on us.” Maur’Azog gestures for three Orcs of his war band to bring forth a large ornate gold casket. “As for our three gifts.” The three Orcs moved and pulled a casket from the pile of loot the Orcish warband carried. A large golden warhammer in the center with locations of the DeNurems offsprings entrusted in the care of the Azogs when Castle GreyWynn fell. “I cared for them as if they were my own. Letting them go was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Their place is alongside humans though and I found them respected quiet families to give them that. Find them and give them the same chance you gave us when you found us. Farewell, friend.” The Great Fire of Helena About 300 Years later... ... Thud! ... Thud! ... GASP … The child gasps for air, coughing out the smoke he’s inhaled in his sleep, “Mother I’m stuck help me!” he cried towards the doorway of his bedroom. Only to be met with no response but the crackling of the house coming nearer to collapsing on the young boy. Slowly his vision faded into darkness, only hearing a voice to the side. “Come, son. The other two await you. Virgil.” A man spoke from his window sill, features obscured by the shadow his figure casted into the room with the sun’s ray shining brightly behind him. Slowly he approached him; the orc from his dream he thought! Though without much choice he allowed himself to be taken by him up from the bed. ‘Other two? What? This is just a bad dream....’ ‘Fate.’ Responded the man. How did he know his name, this couldn’t just be a coincidence, he thought. Though as the figure carried him out of danger he found that his mind wasn’t on the vivid dream he had just experienced or the that his home was burning down.. It was on how this mad man with a thick beard was smoking a cigar through the black smoke of the burning house.
  3. Looking to be more involved in Helena or join their discord? Check out this post! Or look for our signs posted around in Helena!


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  4. You walk into the Immigration office of Helena where you are met with a posh young man, seated behind his desk. He looks at you with a friendly smile as you catch his attention. “Hello! Welcome to Helena! Care to write you name down so you can stay up to date with all the ongoing within Helena?” He passes you a ledger filled to the brim with names. “Just sign your name there and you’re good to go!” - OOC - Helena Discord (Direct Link) HOW TO JOIN 1. Click either the image or the link below 2. Go to #Role-Request 3. Request resident or visitor 4. Ping @Moderator
  5. “The culture in Helena grows as time goes by. This is what these AIS scum tried to take from us.”
  6. Coming soon to Helena!

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  7. *A dusty old Orc sits on a rock, telling a story to any of those willing to listen.* Days have passed since the Battle of the Sands. The Siege of Mount Augustus is underway and the Carrions face complete decimation by hands of the newly allied forces of The White Rose and Dwarves atop their last holdout. Urik’Azog has called a meeting atop of his grand temple to discuss their next move. “They fight each other now, brother. Look at them, our allies align themselves with the people we wished to destroy and have pushed us off to the side in favor of them.” Urik’Azog snarled, looking off towards the siege of Mt. Augustus. “Careful, brother....” said the hooded figure, staring into the flames of the brazzier. “Your anger will consume you. Think.” The hooded figure lowered his hood, revealing his horribly disfigured face. “The spirits granted us our vengeance at the Battle of the Sands against the Carrions. Now they grant us another opportunity. Can’t you see? The spirits never wanted us to destroy the home of these men as they did to ours many winters ago. If that Mountain Peak falls, the spirits will turn their back on us and the promised lands will forever be lost.” “Isn’t this what we wanted? To completely wipe out those Carrion-scum who aligned themselves with bandits whenever tides of war aren’t in their favor. The nether has completely warped your sanity, brother.” He chuckles dryly, turning his purple eyes over to him. “Brother, I see it far clearer than you will ever be able to. All our enemies have fallen and fear the horns of our war bands when we approach. We’ve accomplished all we’ve ever wanted, brother. The Ugluks bend their knee to an Azog Rex, something unthinkable when we were banished from the lands we rule now. The Kaxils, we feared them in our early years. Look at them, scattered and never to be heard of again. The Gorkils, our father clan, remained useless after years of attempts to recreate the facade of glory and honor Mogroka Gorkil sold them. But now our Clan’s name is spoken with fear by every single mortal on this continent. Even King Henry recognizes our power from the crypt he hides in, not even daring to show his face in the Battle of the Sands.” Maur’Azog shifted his hand above the fire, “But our place isn’t here, as Kings covered in gold, it's in the promised lands. And it is time to depart, but not after settling the score with the Roses... Fairly this time. You know just as much as I do, staying here will only harm us and our hatred is the only thing holding us back from reaching that what was promised to us. Forgive the Crows. We’ve settled it.” Urik simply exhaled, “You’ve lost your mind, brother. I hope you know what you’re proposing here..” An Orc peon rushes into the courtroom, hastily rushing to kneel before Rex. “The Lurs are rebelling, my Rex! They claim you’ve reigned as a tyrant and wish to place a female Lur in your place!” “A sign, brother. Our time is limited. These people cannot be saved, brother. Ours can.” “What of our ‘allies’?” He rested back into his seat, looking over to Warchief Snuup’Azog. “They underestimate our ability to shift the tide of war. As they always do. Wulfgar though, he would never understand our motives.” “None of them ever understood us to begin with.” “We silence them all now.” “What’s meant to be is meant to be, so the story goes on On and on and back and forth, the evolution’s absolute With a sword in their hand and honor in their name Wouldn’t hesitate if they had to kill, though they rather not Forever been the elephant in the room That everyone can’t wait to run and tell about The head to the body of the belligerent militant group That sponsors the revolution that will not be documented in the history books Decide to cross those lil' guys, you've obviously been ill-advised Yet and still, the question that arises to the mind Did they make it? Was it worth it? Did they win? Did they survive?” Relief from the Tribe of Azog Napier Collection
  8. “It’s been a long journey here.” The Colonel walked up to a patch of settled dark soil. A tombstone right above it that read; ‘In Loving Memory of Nameless Soldier’. The war is over and finally the old scholar can sit down and spend some time with his son. As he had promised before. No more to fear a feeling he wished both had lived to experience but he was just as loyal to the Empire as his father was. “I’m sorry, son.” he slowly wept. “Nobody will remember your name from this war. But we will. The war is coming to an end. It's our time to join hands and ensure that all of our sacrifices will not be in vain.” On the horizon came a platoon of men dressed in Helena reds marching towards the capital city. Turning his head over to the cheers echoing throughout the valley where a lot of the war’s blood was spilled. Now men marched coming back from the front. “We’re all coming home, son.” A letter written by Darius Sabari to the servicemen of the Imperial State Army
  9. NAME: Virgil [[MC NAME: SpookyLean]] RACE: Human IMPERIAL SUBJECT [Y/N]: Yes PEER OF THE REAM [Y/N]: Yes IF YES, OF WHICH PEERAGE?: Helena PREFERRED WINE: Something fruitful.
  10. The Colonel stood from atop of his office, where watched Alren DeNurem give a speech to the troops. The glimmer of hope of every single one of them showed in their eyes. They found their purpose in every word of it. The young Captain had come a long way in such a short amount of time. “Strange times we live in.”
  11. RP Name:: Darius Sabari MC Username: SpookyLean Discord: SpookyLean#3180 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Oren Why Do You Wish To Come?: Escorting Architecus’ character Peter III What Skills Can You Bring?: The Colonel of the 1st regiment of the Empire. Skilled Logistics. Siege Weaponry Training.
  12. Its an evil world we live in

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  13. Dude imagine calling a Admin like Cappy a gorilla back in the days...... LMAOOOO THIS **** WOULD NOT FLY
  15. “Isn’t this the one who kills BABIES?” he turned over to look at his fellow I.S.A. soldiers.
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