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  1. Board of Admirals Election of a new Fleet Admiral 91 B.A Citizens of Balian, It is with both gratitude and solemnity that we announce the retirement of Admiral Dante DeNurem, a stalwart leader and valiant defender of our beloved nation. The Fleet Admiral has devoted decades of unwavering service to the Royal Balianese Armada, ensuring the safety and prosperity of our great maritime realm. In the wake of Fleet Admiral DeNurem's retirement, it is our honour and privilege to introduce the newly elected Fleet Admiral who will chart the course for the Armada's future. Admiral Demetrius var Ruthern has been elected through the small council of staff known as the Board of Admirals. With this Admiral Dante DeNurem will be joining the regular pool of Admirals to assist Demetrius in setting policy upon the Armada and assisting in maintaining a strong mast for our marines. As we embark on this new chapter, let us join together in wishing Admiral Dante DeNurem a peaceful and fulfilling retirement. Simultaneously, let us extend our wholehearted support and allegiance to Fleet Admiral Demetrius var Ruthern as he takes the helm of our illustrious Armada. May God bless Balian, and may God bless Fleet Admiral Demetrius var Ruthern as he leads us into a future filled with triumph and glory on the high seas. Signed, His excellency, Dante DeNurem, Admiral and Constable of Balian
  2. MC Name: SpookyLean Discord: dagreatgreenprophet Image: Description of Image: snowflakes for window decoration Dimensions: 1x1
  3. MC Name: SpookyLean Discord: dagreatgreenprophet Image: Description of Image: Christmas Wreath Dimensions: 1x1
  4. MC Name: SpookyLean Discord: dagreatgreenprophet Image: Description of Image: Bronze Plaque with CoA of Balian Dimensions: 1x1
  5. "Ah, perfect. Something to do with this fishing rod that's sittin' in my closet." Name: Dante ((MC Name)): SpookyLean Fishing Experience: Little
  6. Dante's head tilted curiously as the blade was presented to him. As his grip settled, a subtle transformation began to unfold. Electricity danced and built up around the blade's steel surface, creating mesmerizing arcs of lightning, adding to the aura of vibrant energy to the weapon. A fog forming around the weapon, increasing it's mystique.. With a bright smile of satisfaction, Dante turned to face the assembled marines, raising the sword skyward. The blade's enhanced features glinted in the light. "Ave Balian!" he proclaimed with pride, the sword now fully activated and radiating its distinctive aura.
  7. R.B. STOCKYARDS CROWN HACIENDA: THE ROYAL BALIANESE STOCKYARDS TO FEED AND CLOTHE THE NATION! As your stalwart Fleet Admiral, Dante DeNurem, I announce with overflowing pride the charter of a new state manufactory: the Royal Balianese Stockyards (R.B. Stockyards). This new addition to our kingdom's crown estates is a shining testament to our unyielding spirit and our pledge to self-reliance. Staffed by Armada Marines, the Stockyards serve to elevate our country’s commitment to Prosperitat; the call towards gold, glory, and well-being that rests in every soul. This crown hacienda houses over sixty percent of the nation’s cattle stock, cream cache, butter reserve, wool inventory, beef and lamb consignments, and bovine and ovine leather reserves. Patented Armada technology has now been leveraged to optimize the domestic output of our nation. Our radiant capital now can enjoy a doubling of relevant produce through this new institution. In our kingdom, where the fierce sun meets our lush coastal terrains, we have birthed a symbol of agricultural triumph and a testament to the spirit of St. Lothar’s Prosperitat. To those with any interest in the cultivation of Balianese wool procurement, uniform production, animal husbandry, meat and dairy processing, or inventory management, know that Portoregno and the Armada can always use more hands at deck to maintain this hacienda, erect new manufactories, and continue to spur the world with its innovations. Together, we will ensure this kingdom remains forever fed, forever clothed, and forever golden! Sir Dante DeNurem Constable of Balian, Fleet Admiral of the Royal Balianese Armada Sir Sarson al Granpaloma Principal Secretary of the Kingdom of Balian, Torreveliar
  8. Name IRP: Dante D IGN: SpookyLean Affiliation: Royal Balianese Armada
  9. FULL NAME: Dante DeNurem AGE: -- RACE: Human RELIGION: Cannonist ((MC name)): SpookyLean ((Time Zone)): EST
  10. THE ROYAL BALIANESE ARMADA His Majesty’s Intrepid Mariners and Cavaliers “To honor Balian is to live forever golden, for your works will endure immortal and resplendent. The spirit of this land only knows the struggle toward virtue, and the song of her heroes.” Fleet Admiral Dante DeNurem, to a young King Adrian. FOREVER GOLDEN Despite its relative size and scope, the Balianese military has always possessed an understated history of successful strategy and execution. Navigating the world as a small, nimble force, it was capable of delivering hundreds of ex-imperials to safety after the St. Ari’s Day Massacre, avenging that injustice by slaying the King Frederick of Oren in pitched battle, and even withstanding the horrors of an undead draconic assault by triumphing over the wicked dragon Cloudbreaker and his legion of death. These are no small feats for what detractors might consider ill-more than a provincial army, on a finger of land far from the heartlands of human civilization. It is precisely this quiet might of Balian that King Adrian wanted to honor as forever golden, while advancing the prestige and professionalism of his corp to resemble a true modern military. From this thought and history emerges our Royal Balianese Armada. Chartered by King Adrian in 133 SA, the Royal Balianese Armada is built on the foundations of its predecessor, the Company of Balian, while taking in lessons from institutions like the Imperial State Army, the Western Fleet of Ba’as, and even the old Balthalite wisdoms. By electing to commit to a naval force for Balian’s protection, King Adrian and the Admirals maintain the vigor of prior military institutions while capturing the agility of a fleet that can foster trade, lead alchemical and engineering innovations, and fearlessly go into the world spreading the virtue of an enterprising culture - the Balianese. The Royal Balianese Armada is responsible for maintaining the garrisons of all Balianese military holdings, chief of all being The Arsenal of Portoregno. They also are charged with protecting the peace in its crown territories as well as defending its national interests abroad. They maintain all munitions and supplies responsible for the military defense of Balian, and also are afforded great rights to innovate to ensure the sharpest of military technology emerges from Balianese factories and workshops. The Royal Balianese Armada takes pride in its heroes, and builds on the military doctrines of many historical figures. The first nine are defined below, known as Gran Campions, the Great Champions. Fieldmarshal Alren DeNurem: ‘the White Bull’. Sir Apolloyn Marshall, slayer of King Frederick. Emprese Sybille, First Sailor of Old Balthali, and namesake of the Old Bathali capital of Sibilsgard. Fieldmarshal Darius Sabari: ‘the Scorpion’. St. Lothar and his Cross Companions. Daria Rostampur, Colonel of the Eastern Land Armies of Ba’as and mother to Andromeda, Queen of Balian. Fieldmarshal Leonard de Ruyter: “Big Smoke” Adelheid, the reputed Supernal and corsair wife of the Exalted Owyn, favored among the Balianese pecheros. Akritara, the mythical Canonist heroine and founder of the Akritian people. ARMADA COMMAND “Let it be known that it is just as important to build a national spirit as it is to build a capital city.” On Leadership, by Sir Guillermo Rutledge As part of the professionalization of the extant Company of Balian, a new, broader military command has been issued to maintain the Royal Balianese Armada - made up of a naval officer class, and an enlisted marine class. The Imperial State Army was looked to as a model for the Armada’s hierarchy, albeit with modifications to suit the modern age, the Balianese cultural practice, and their royal pedigree. Each rank has a Balianese equivalent for cultural purposes - however, in practice within the Armada, Common is more often utilized for the ease of emigres. OFFICER CORPS Fleet Admiral Almirante de la Flota | Al Arbitre The Fleet Admiral is second only to the crown in their purview over the Balianese Armada, responsible for overseeing the entire fleet's operations. As the highest-ranking naval officer, they function as the Arbiter of the Knights Admiralty Board, a body of all Balianese Admirals. They are charged to make decisions regarding strategic direction and tactical operations of the Armada, with their paramount obligation to protect the crown and country. The Fleet Admiral relays crucial information to the Board and serves as a tie-breaker and final authority when consensus is not reached. They must possess strong leadership skills, deep understanding of naval doctrine and strategy, and the ability to make informed decisions under pressure. The Fleet Admiral's responsibilities include ensuring the fleet's readiness and effectiveness through careful planning, coordination, and execution of naval operations. Effective communication with other military and civilian leaders is essential, given their role as leader of the Admiralty Board and sitting member of the Royal Duana. They also serve as a mentor and role model for other naval officers, demonstrating exceptional leadership, ethics, and commitment to excellence in their role. Admiralty Board Al Almirantazgo The Board of Admirals will consist, but not limited to, three Admirals with the Fleet Admiral at the helm of the institution. The Board of Admirals meet with the Commander-in-Chief of the Armada, a title which is held in perpetuity by the Crown. At the discretion of the Crown, meetings of the Admiralty Board can be held in public to foster transparency and good faith among the citizenry of Balian. At the inception of the Armada, there exist two joint Admirals that serve alongside the Fleet Admiral. Drill Admiral Almirante del Treinamento The Drill Admiral plays a critical role in military organizations by ensuring soldiers are well-trained and equipped. They are responsible for recruiting new soldiers, providing ongoing training, and fostering development opportunities. Effective recruitment strategies are devised to attract high-quality candidates, collaborating with educational institutions and community organizations. Once recruited, soldiers undergo basic training and receive continuous development to stay updated on new technologies and tactics. The Drill Admiral also focuses on improving existing soldiers' skills through career development plans, mentorship, and incentives for exceptional performance. Overall, their duty is to ensure soldiers are prepared, equipped, and motivated to carry out their duties effectively. Joint Operations Admiral Almirante de la Operazions The Admiral of Military Science & Expeditions, otherwise known as the Joint Operations Admiral, holds a crucial role overseeing fleet innovation and expeditions. Often, the Joint Operations Admiral leads both alchemical and engineering innovations as well as naval voyages to new lands and distant peoples. They are responsible for chartering the course of major expeditions and managing the risks involved. Often they design elaborate routes for Balianese seamen to learn the way of the water, as well as guiding them towards economic, cultural, and technological marvel. A successful Joint Operations Admiral is one that can establish great expedition paths and maintain a pulse on the world of alchemy and the arcane. __ Knights Commodore Al Cavalieri Comodore Commodores lead specialized brigades within the Armada, and as a result, demonstrate exceptional leadership, strategic thinking, and expertise in naval operations. Commodores oversee training, equipment, and maintenance of troops, ensuring they have necessary resources to fulfill the charge of their brigade. They are the lowest rank that is permitted a formal invitation to the Board of Admirals, as they plan and execute naval operations, and are expected to provide the Board regular updates of the progress of their brigade. Commodores function as the officer role that is most vital in bridging the gap between the Board and troops, turning grand strategy into tactical execution. A s part of their orientation as invitees of the Admiralty Board, Commodores are given an honorary knighthood of valor by the Crown, and are thus regarded as Cavalieri Comodore - Knights of the Armada. Many Torreveliars, Balian’s greatest knights bound to a unique oath of chivalry, come from its stock of Knights Commodore. Lieutenant Tenente In the Balianese Armada, lieutenants are designated by a higher-ranking officer, often a commodore, for specialized roles or specific responsibilities within their unit. This may involve commanding a small vessel, overseeing aspects like navigation or communications, or serving as a staff officer. Common lieutenant billets include quartermaster, drillmaster, and taskmaster. Lieutenants carry out duties and execute plans on behalf of senior officers, contributing to the smooth functioning of operations. Ensign Alferes Ensigns are appointed by the Board of Admirals in coordination with the Crown and serve as naval cadets in the military. They do not hold any formal authority within the chain of command, and are trained by the Board of Admirals to progress toward formal command in the station of lieutenant. This position marks the beginning of an officer's career and involves overseeing troop logistics, establishing a presence among the marine corps, and carrying out operational commands under the supervision of their superiors. __ MARINE CORPS The Marine Corps make up the enlisted of the Balianese military. Recruits span from all across the Balianese territories and even abroad, as the Armada serves as an ideal place for a foreigner to make his mark on Balianese society. Drilled by the officer corps, the marine corps produces capable professionals in all skills related to national defense, naval operations, and frontier work. Two of the four ranks within the Armada are inspired by the now extinct Gunners of Helena, and have their titles reflect their status as masters of many of the bombards and cannons in Balian’s fleet. To be granted responsibility over a particular set of cannons is regarded as a moment of great growth and pride in every soldier’s career. Master Gunner Maestro Bombarder T he Master Gunner is the highest achievement an enlisted member can undertake. The rank comes with a certain prestige that would make even a Commodore respect their insight, for the Maestro Bombarders are the pride of the Balianese commons and come with a trove of experience and knowledge. These grizzled veterans of voyage and battle can be trusted to deliver marines and officers alike that are lost from sea or in the bush, with often decades of experience and successes behind them. Often, it is the Master Gunners that set the culture for the enlisted corps as the finest corsairs and swashbucklers in the realm. Gunner Bombarder Gunners are regarded as veteran soldiers that have proven their salt on the field and at sea. A Gunner is granted the title given their responsibility over a particular detachment of Balianese cannons. They are given a certain level of agency over the privates and recruits of the Armada, and are entrusted to guide them in patrols and small voyages, as well as maintain morale and cover for gaps in officer command. Private Privado Private is the first full rank of the Armada, made up of seamen and soldiers that have earned their stripes and can be considered proper members of the Armada. They have gone through all sailing, combat, survival, and engineering protocol, and serve as the bulk of the Armada force. They carry out tasks such as gate duty, foot patrols, armed security, law enforcement, and fleet maintenance and repairs - eager to gain more experience to expand their career within the Armada. Recruit Recruter A recruit is a fresh enlisted figure that is undergoing the training to be fully inducted into the Armada. They are all unoathed members of the military, and must undergo a one-to-two year program before receiving their stripes. Recruits shadow Privates and aid in all their duties, while immersing in the military culture of Balian. Such practice guides them towards understanding Armada and protocol along with cultivating national spirit and allegiance toward the Kingdom - all which culminates in the Jurament, Balian’s oathing ceremony. __ TRADITIONS Braziers of Victory | Braziers de la Invicta “Our spirit remains strong, our will unbroken, we may bleed, we may suffer, but in the end, in the very end, we shall prevail!” A Gaze at a New Beginning, by Victor Darkwood During the time of King John’s exodus from the Empire of Oren to the Terra del Sur, braziers were lit along the coast and on the ships sailing south to both honor the fallen and keep together in the dark and dreary nights at sea. Braziers thus became a symbol of Balianese resilience, innovation, and culture, especially within the military. In the modern Armada, the spirit of the brazier has taken a new form, as now Braziers are erected during signs of great victory. The shift in meaning is inspired by the Eastern Land Armies of Ba’as and the House of Rostampur, who claim to keep over six-hundred and sixty-six ‘Fires of Victory’ ablaze in their palatial estate. Within the Armada, small flames and towers are erected for minor victories, such as skirmishes, rescue operations, and successful voyages, while great roaring Braziers of Victory are erected for historical accomplishments. Currently, two great Braziers of Victory are being designed for construction under the reign of King Adrian. One is raised for the triumph of Sir Apolloyn Marshall, first Balianese knight, against King Frederick of Oren in single combat, avenging the ancestors of the Balianese state. The other is for the success of the Atrus Covenant, a Balianese coalition led by Amiratus Ledicort and Princess Lydia of Balian, against the Undead dragon Cloudbreaker and his draconic legion. These eternal braziers serve as both lighthouses for Balianese ships, as well as testaments to Balianese success. Spirit of the Lotharistas | Espirit del Lotharistas “Fe, stat, i prosperitat.” The Balianese: Volume I, by The Royal Balianese Academy Balianese society has been heavily influenced by St. Lothar since King John’s exodus south was guided by his star in the skies above. As the Lothar Stones, tablets depicting St. Lothar’s life was recovered, more and more of Balianese society began to emulate his way and see him as one of the great cultural and religious figures of their culture. The Armada is no exception, and sees itself as successors to the Lotharistas, St. Lothar’s band of heroes and armies. Many Armada men and women continue traditions found in the Lothar Stones, as well as navigating military life thinking about the sense of brotherhood, camaraderie, piety and virtue that Lothar cultivated among his forces. The Novellen Collection | La Collecio Novellen “The dictates are incomplete.” Reflections on State, by Joseph II, Holy Orenian Emperor As a successor of the extinct Imperial State, it is the Kingdom of Balian that maintains one of the Empire and the House of Novellen’s most defining traits - its love for knowledge and the written word. The Kingdom of Balian, through its heritage, has inherited the great archives of the old empire, the largest being the Novellen Collection by Cardinal Renzfeld. All subjects of Balian have been entrusted to learn from these collections, cultivate them, and expand them accordingly. As a result, officer training often involves going into the great archives of yore and studying the minds of the ancients, such as Virosi, Styrne, or Basrid, and all oathed members of the Armada are granted public access to these assorted libraries. Song of Balian | Canzion de Geste “Our warriors were counted among the dancers and poets. They were artists of the sword and spear, and perfecters of the body. It is a shame for anyone to neglect the earth in their bones or air in their breath.” On War, attributed to St. Lothar, adapted by Amiratus Ledicort Vuiller and Elena Casimira, Princess Royal of Balian The Balianese maintain one of St. Lothar’s wisdom of a holistic view of the military lifestyle. While they recognize the importance of a soldier’s vigor and skill in battle, they also acknowledge that it is culture and community that is the lifeblood of their institution, and all Balianese institutions. As a result, the Armada welcomes the ideology proporated by Balian’s first Principal Secretary, Sarson al Granpaloma, known as The Song of Balian. The Song of Balian is seen as an extension of the Tapestry of Man as a chronicle of Balian’s growth and progress as a nation and state. It is made up of songs and vignettes that celebrate the Balianese people, such as The Ballad of Portoregno by Grimhaldr Falkenreath, or Blooming of the Alferes by Sarson al Granpaloma. Balianese officers and soldiers alike often seek to dabble in the art of bardmancy as a result, in order to keep the legends of Balian alive and continue The Song of Balian. Arsenal Industry | Industries Arsenal “Balian shall be a center of science and alchemy. An alchemist society, centered around the progress and advancement of humanity, shall be situated here in Balian.” The Ruthern Framework, by Amiratus Gaius var Ruthern Inspired by the great works of the Oyashiman people, King Adrian and his Amiratus, Gaius var Ruthern, both noted alchemists and engineers in their own right, commissioned a great swarth of the Armada’s land assets to be devoted to industrial work. As a result, alchemists, smoggers, and all sorts of innovators are welcome within the Armada to advance the technologies of the Balianese fleet. Those that can prove a skilled level in alchemy, smoggers work, bardmancy, or other potentially relevant arcane talents can be eligible for a free officer’s education and the rank of ensign upon completion of oathing within the Armada. It is a prime directive from the King himself that Balian goes to become one of the great engineering countries of the world, and the Armada is charged to lead that initiative forward. __ RECRUITMENT AND REGISTRY FULL NAME: AGE: RACE: RELIGION: ((MC name)): ((Time Zone)):
  11. The Darkwood Trade Agreement To encourage the economic growth within Balian, the following trade agreement has been arranged between House Darkwood and the Royal Balianese Armada under the administration of Grand Admiral Dante DeNurem. The Trade agreement exists between the following signatories: Konrad Alren Darkwood - Representing House Darkwood and the Darkwood Foundry Dante DeNurem - Representing The Royal Balianese Armada as Grand Admiral The Signatories agree to the following: I. House Darkwood has the right and obligation to supply the Kingdom of Balian with armor and weapons at least once every 5 years. II. The Kingdom of Balian has the right to request weapons and armor from House Darkwood at any time. III. The Kingdom of Balian has the obligation to compensate House Darkwood for their deliveries, paying House Darkwood the worth of their delivery in mina for 80% the market median value for the items delivered. IV. The Kingdom of Balian has the right to refuse a delivery and demand one of different contents. V. The Kingdom of Balian has a right to break the agreement if any part of the agreement is broken VI. The House of Darkwood has the right to request the annulment of the agreement during peacetime. VII. The Agreement is made between House Darkwood and the Kingdom of balian VIII. After the death of the house head of the House Darkwood the agreement and all its obligations and rights carry over to the next individual in succession. IX. The Agreement can be changed with consent of both signatories and their respective sides Signed Konrad Alren Darkwood Signed Grand Admiral of the Royal Balianese Armada, Dante DeNurem
  12. I guess this is what Nectorist meant when he said 'reverting oren to the way it was'. Pathetic.

  13. Absolutely gross behavior. A gateway community such as Oren shouldn't be able to pollute newcomers with all this.

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