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  1. NAME: Virgil [[MC NAME: SpookyLean]] RACE: Human IMPERIAL SUBJECT [Y/N]: Yes PEER OF THE REAM [Y/N]: Yes IF YES, OF WHICH PEERAGE?: Helena PREFERRED WINE: Something fruitful.
  2. The Colonel stood from atop of his office, where watched Alren DeNurem give a speech to the troops. The glimmer of hope of every single one of them showed in their eyes. They found their purpose in every word of it. The young Captain had come a long way in such a short amount of time. “Strange times we live in.”
  3. RP Name:: Darius Sabari MC Username: SpookyLean Discord: SpookyLean#3180 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Oren Why Do You Wish To Come?: Escorting Architecus’ character Peter III What Skills Can You Bring?: The Colonel of the 1st regiment of the Empire. Skilled Logistics. Siege Weaponry Training.
  4. Its an evil world we live in

    1. yopplwasupxxx


      people like you make it better tho 🙂

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      the world was filled with clowns since the start

  5. Dude imagine calling a Admin like Cappy a gorilla back in the days...... LMAOOOO THIS **** WOULD NOT FLY
  7. “Isn’t this the one who kills BABIES?” he turned over to look at his fellow I.S.A. soldiers.
  8. The 5th of Horen’s Calling, 1746 Muffled shouts can be heard drifting in through the hallway and past a large wooden door left ajar. Colonel Sabari sits behind a large dark oak desk, an ever-growing mass of paperwork dominates a corner of the wooden surface as the days affairs marched on. His hand gloved in a very fine yet sturdy leather hovers near his face as he occasionally strokes his chin in thought. As the clamoring outside comes to rest he knew it was time to address his congregation waiting diligently outside. In a smooth motion, he rises from his seat and without a thought grabs the imperial coat slung on the back of his chair; draping it smartly from shoulder to shoulder. In a matter of moments he was already through his office door and down the hall that was lit in a warm orange glow of the afternoon sun. As he would appear before the courtyard a loud crack would echo across the air as a legion of Imperial Army soldiers would snap to attention, the heels of their boots smacking together in unison. Giving a moment of pause before he spoke he would remark to himself proudly of what he saw. Brave men, both young and old, willing to lay down their lives for something that meant so much more than the sum of its parts. A slight smile would creep across his lips just before vanishing as he addressed his comrades. “Men of the Imperial Army, it is with great pleasure that I am able to stand before you today and share with you such great news. It is truly a sight to behold you all, shoulder to shoulder, in the colours of the Empire. The sacrifices you must make on a daily basis are of immeasurable magnitude. And such is the fact that you are all of a volunteer force, ready and willing to lay down your lives in service to this great Empire. If you have not heard it, I thank you. Your fellow citizens thank you, this whole city thanks you, and most of all your Emperor thanks you.” “In absolute recognition of your selfless and dutiful sacrifices, we of your upper leadership body would like to make your service to this mighty army even more worthwhile- past whatever justification you already hold dear. Veteran soldiers, after your fourth year of faithful service to the army, you will become entitled to your own homestead. One that is provided by the state and exempt from taxation. In addition, you will be awarded a plot of some of the Empires most fertile soil within which you may grow your own food, support your family, and contribute to a community of your own making. These homes shall be built by Imperial master craftsmen and shall adequately reflect our appreciation for what you all do for this organization. Take this opportunity to spread your roots and give increased meaning behind what it is that you fight for.” “Speak with your company sergeants or your brigade captains for further information regarding this announcement. I look forward to the future that we create together. Long live the Emperor, Ave Oren!” In yet another smooth and calculated motion, the Colonel performs an about-face and disappears from before the formation of soldiers and back into the red keep. His work never quite ending, he would return to his office. This time, the large wooden door would drift closed in his wake, ending with the light clank as the door latch finds its home with the stone frame. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Imperial State Housing Edict ENLIST HERE ((IMPERIAL STATE HOUSES IMAGES IN GAME)) To recognize the selfless service and sacrifice of our brave Imperial State Army soldiers, the following will become the rite of all eligible members. Upon the completion of one’s fourth year and until their final year of faithful service to the Imperial State Army, the member becomes entitled to the following: State-provided, tax-exempt, homestead within the walled confines of the newly dubbed Harlingen Estates. State-provided, fertile agricultural land plot within which any myriad of crops or livestock may be cultivated for the benefit of the member and the community of the Harlingen Estate. Access to the community stores of the Harlingen Estates. A modest tariff of 20% of all produced goods within the state-provided land plots shall be directly contributed to the Imperial State Army. Eligible members may invite their immediate family members to take up residence within the provided home and participate in the community of the Harlingen Estates. Additionally, non-eligible military members or Imperial citizens may be given access to the Harlingen Estates so long as they are sponsored by a current eligible member. Responsibility and accountability of sponsored individuals falls solely on the sponsor. The Imperial State Army encourages the establishment of familial military lineage. As such, as a soldier continues their service, increases in rank, and assumes higher responsibility; said members may enjoy increased and improved living conditions. This may come in many forms but most notably as larger and more opulent homesteads. Furthermore, veteran soldiers may continue to receive all of the aforementioned entitlements even after the conclusion of their military service through military lineage. Offspring may inherit said entitlements without having to achieve veteran status so long as they join the Imperial State Army as soon as they come of age; with these benefits extending to their respective household patriarchs. For each family member that joins from a veteran status household, they shall receive a service lineage pay bonus. ENLIST HERE
  9. Maur

    A DeNurem Rises

    - Virgil DeNurem - “He had a head full of white hair!” Peasants speaking to Darius Sabari while he tracked down the DeNurem lineage Brief Description A lean young man stood there with his ethereal green eyes that pan around, his golden-white hair that sways behind his movements crashing into more fluffy strands of hair, looking for something to pique his interest. His eyes glimmered with every ray of light that struck his iris. Standing out like an owl caught by a beam of light in the night time. Easily entrapping people in his gaze with a simple look in their direction. 18th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1745 Kept from his true identity until the age of 12, Marcus was raised in the home of an active, wealthy Helenain family that has been maintaining the DeNurem linage under cover of being the bastard of a fellow kinsmen. Though as he developed, so had his questions and his realization that those who had claimed to be his parents were not really who they said they were, making him keep his head bald and taking the life of a peasant. To ensure that Marcus would never find out of his true lineage, his family gave him a potion that forcefully keeps any hair from growing. They were only two years off before, ultimately guaranteeing that he would never sprout another white lock. Though fortunate for Marcus unknowingly, having enough of all the routine he follows every morning. He finally began to ask questions and looking for the answers himself. Discovering his ‘parents’ were protecting his family due to the dangers of having a descendant of Mirtok DeNurem alive today with the lasting reputation he left and substantial claims to prominent titles within the Empire, he still could claim. Though no longer wanting to be kept hidden from the world, he decided it was time to step out to the world in hopes of reminding them of the name DeNurem. 11th of Owyn’s Flame, 1750 The Flames of Helena - Soon -
  10. FULL NAME: Darius Sabari AGE: 47 RACE: Human RELIGION: Canonist REGIMENT OF CHOICE: 1st Regiment ((MC name)): SpookyLean ((Time zone)): EST
  11. Never was on time

  12. Heavy parkour skills and a lot of wandering around 😂
  13. If i had to say one probably the motto. tbh it kinda does but in the end all the friends i made have stuck around me. And those are the ones that count.
  14. Been playing the server for a while now. 8+ years! Here are some of my achievements: Maur Azog Leader of the military force for the Ascended in Aegis known as the Followers of Aeriel Nether Champion for the nation of Hanseti ruled by the Teutonic Order under the reign of Gaius Marius. One of the three founders of Klan Azog One of the few survivors of the Nether that wasn’t perma killed in the event. Assisted in the founding of the first Hansetian settlement in the 2nd map with Mirtok DeNurem First Orc OrdenMarshall of the Teutonic Order First and only Orc to be properly recognized as a NOBLE in the Empire of Oren under Emperor Godfrey. Best battle I’ve fought in Kazimir Vladov 2nd generation Vladov Head architect of Castle Woldzmir and Kazarmir One of the elector counts that elected Hughes Sarkozic Marshal of the Duchy of Adria Yuri Vladov Youngest privy member under Emperor John frederick Organized the redesign of Felsen under John Sigismund Member of the Nauzica Guard under Sir Drevin and Sir Michael Hightower Only surviving Vladov from Kazimir’s line. Darius Sabari Scholar of ancient Hanseti Colonel of the Imperial State Army Orchestrated the escape of Empress Lorena Planning on playing a DeNurem character soon!
  15. Darius Sabari grunts as he plops down to read the latest edition of The Tea. “Hrmm... Good stuff today.” He smirked knowingly, reading over the first page of the newspaper.
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