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  1. Maur

    A DeNurem Rises

    Marcus “He had a head full of white hair!” Peasants speaking to Darius Sabari while he tracked down the DeNurem lineage Brief Description A lean young man stood there with his light green eyes that pan around, his golden-white hair that sways behind his movements crashing into more fluffy strands of hair, looking for something to pique his interest. His eyes shined with every ray of light that struck his iris. Standing out like an owl caught by the beam of light in the night time. Easily entrapping people in his gaze that would feel endlessly caught in them. 18th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1745 Kept from his true identity until the age of 12, Marcus was raised in the home of an active, wealthy Helenain family that has been maintaining the DeNurem linage under cover of being the bastard of a fellow kinsmen. Though as he developed, so had his questions and his realization that those who had claimed to be his parents were not really who they said they were, making him keep his head bald and taking the life of a peasant. To ensure that Marcus would never find out of his true lineage, his family gave him a potion that forcefully keeps any hair from growing. They were only two years off before, ultimately guaranteeing that he would never sprout another white lock. Though fortunate for Marcus unknowingly, having enough of all the routine he follows every morning. He finally began to ask questions and looking for the answers himself. Discovering his ‘parents’ were protecting his family due to the dangers of having a descendant of Mirtok DeNurem alive today with the lasting reputation he left and substantial claims to prominent titles within the Empire, he still could claim. Though no longer wanting to be kept hidden from the world, he decided it was time to step out to the world in hopes of reminding them of the name DeNurem.
  2. FULL NAME: Darius Sabari AGE: 47 RACE: Human RELIGION: Canonist REGIMENT OF CHOICE: 1st Regiment ((MC name)): SpookyLean ((Time zone)): EST
  3. Never was on time

  4. Heavy parkour skills and a lot of wandering around 😂
  5. If i had to say one probably the motto. tbh it kinda does but in the end all the friends i made have stuck around me. And those are the ones that count.
  6. Been playing the server for a while now. 8+ years! Here are some of my achievements: Maur Azog Leader of the military force for the Ascended in Aegis known as the Followers of Aeriel Nether Champion for the nation of Hanseti ruled by the Teutonic Order under the reign of Gaius Marius. One of the three founders of Klan Azog One of the few survivors of the Nether that wasn’t perma killed in the event. Assisted in the founding of the first Hansetian settlement in the 2nd map with Mirtok DeNurem First Orc OrdenMarshall of the Teutonic Order First and only Orc to be properly recognized as a NOBLE in the Empire of Oren under Emperor Godfrey. Best battle I’ve fought in Kazimir Vladov 2nd generation Vladov Head architect of Castle Woldzmir and Kazarmir One of the elector counts that elected Hughes Sarkozic Marshal of the Duchy of Adria Yuri Vladov Youngest privy member under Emperor John frederick Organized the redesign of Felsen under John Sigismund Member of the Nauzica Guard under Sir Drevin and Sir Michael Hightower Only surviving Vladov from Kazimir’s line. Darius Sabari Scholar of ancient Hanseti Colonel of the Imperial State Army Orchestrated the escape of Empress Lorena Planning on playing a DeNurem character soon!
  7. Darius Sabari grunts as he plops down to read the latest edition of The Tea. “Hrmm... Good stuff today.” He smirked knowingly, reading over the first page of the newspaper.
  8. Maur

    World Builder Update

    Wow so much work being done! I hope more people are quickly accepted into the World builder team so they can help too!
  9. “A united Empire,” He smiles, holding his hand flatly against his chest.
  10. Was there any video of the Undead nether finale event in Aegis? I’ve been looking for ages and found nothing 😕

    1. Hobbs_Burrows


      I remember it was livestreamed, whether all the old Aegis livestreams still exist is a mystery though

  11. 👀👀🤭🤭🤫🤫

    Update on the deadmau5 question...


  12. Is it true that back in Aegis (2012) when we had spoutcraft we asked deadmau5 for music??? and he said no??

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      What even is Spoutcraft?

    3. Maur


      Spoutcraft is literally the only risk lotc took in its lifetime. Its another launcher that hosted mainstream mods. Ngl I loved it personally but it was removed over a small trial period.

    4. Heero


      it also failed as a development project due to the Bukkit exodus and DMCA situation. It also had a lot of internal errors involving resource management to my understanding. It probably could work in 2018

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