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  1. Ogdan (Benben582)

    Ogdan (Benben582)

  2. Ogdan (Benben582)

    Can we stop using meta birds

    Aviary plugin OP
  3. Ogdan (Benben582)

    The Merry Red Brothers of Nordengrad

    Name: Dominik Clan: n/a Experience: Hunting, raiding Equipment ((provide a detailed account of your char's slapped together equipment)): Dom boasts a large two handed waraxe with a sturdy handle. Usually carries a hat hey on his hip asweell. A brute of a man large and burly. Are ye 'o faith?: Am open to learn
  4. Looking for someone to play as my kid son/daughter. Dwarf, apart of the Goldhand clan. PM me if interested

  5. Ogdan (Benben582)

    The Goldhand Clan

    Ogdan is looking for members to play as his son/daughter. Let me know if this interests you
  6. Ogdan (Benben582)

    The Belvitz-Holm Railway; An Era of Industry

    Ogdan wanders upon the track and is utterly impressed. A large smile forms on his face. "Good t' see engineers out t' good use"
  7. As a returning player with not too many ooc connections, how does one go about learning a specific school of magic? I need an overseer or a teacher? Quite confused on the restrictions.

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    2. Bannerlord


      welcome back, ogdan! hope everything's good

    3. Ogdan (Benben582)

      Ogdan (Benben582)

      Thank you @Bannerlord. As good as it gets! 


    4. ThatGuy_777


      You'll want to learn under someone RP'ly with the system as of current. It isn't too hard to figure out where teachers are so long as you have an IC idea of where they'd generally be. Reckon it's on the right track seven times out of ten. 

  8. Ogdan (Benben582)

    The Vanguard of Kaz'Ulrah

    OOC MC Name: Ogdan Discord: Riptyde#8160 Timezone: EST  RP RP Name: Ogdan Goldhand Age: Ingame (can't remember off top of my head) Ethnicity: Mountain Dwarf Do you have any experience in combat?: Yes a lot
  9. Ogdan (Benben582)

    [Denied] [Pending][Actor] Shuggie_

    As raomir stated, I remember when he was a wee lad. Running the docks of Kal'Omith. I love his RP, would love to see some events from him. I give him my full support, +1
  10. Ogdan (Benben582)

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Hot_Dip's ET Application

    Hot_Dip has displayed excellent roleplay the many times I've had the opportunity to roleplay with him. Alongside that, he's a part of the dwarven community, and as we know it, the dwarves neeed ET. He's mature, creative, has a good understanding of dwarven lore (to aid his events) and has displayed none other than great roleplay. I 100% support Hot_Dip I feel like he's a perfect fit for this position. +1
  11. I've known nexus so long I forgot how to vanilla craft...

  12. Ogdan (Benben582)

    [✓] Cretzer Craps, a Dice Game

    I find this to be a very good idea. Something for gambling players to refer to when wanting to risk their mina.
  13. Ogdan (Benben582)

    Atlas Trailer - Holiday Competition

    good trailer, was very impressed :D