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Ogdan (Benben582)

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  1. wheres my legendary tinker? :  )

    1. CaptainBrock


      D: missing the good old days man, ogdan the legend

    2. Dewlox™


      I didn't teach him the best way to grind tinker only for him to go. :(

  2. Looking for woodworker!! Will pay

  3. The Frostbeard Clan

    Sent a PM on skype. Someone will be around to accept ya soon. Welcome!
  4. Forreeal. sell me shulker shells in kal'omith. 1,000 minas

  5. I will buy YOUR useless SHULKER SHELLS. For a GRAND PRICE OF 1500 MINAS!

  6. The Crafter's Guild

    ||RP|| Name: Ogdan Frostbeard, Master Engineer of The Grand Kingdom Chosen Craft: I am a versed lad in the arts of redstone. I often do tinkering, making of gizmos and gadgets. I am one of a kind, if I do say so myself. Experience: I am the Master Engineer under Bastion Ireheart. I run the Engineering Guild of Kal'Omith. I own T.I.E. Expansive. I have produced particular goods for some time now. I am also Aengulic Tinker. With a dash of some alchemy in there. ||OOC|| MC Name: Ogdan Skype: ben.charon1
  7. Ogdan's (Benben582) LT Application

    Not sure if bumps are allowed, however this is a different case. I spoke with The Pink Lion about joining. I was about to do the application then real life hit. Had to move, lots of irl stress, ect. I was wondering if I could still undergo a trial. I don't mind if it's different than the first. I can work with whatever you toss at me! Thanks, OGdan
  8. Have you ever wanted a piece of history you took part in that could last FOREVER? Have physical evidence of what you own, once owned, or even a placeyou'd like to visit one day? Dream no longer. For a fair price, maps of your hometown are for sale. 


  9. As the year 1600 approached, Ogdan packed up his things, secured his doors and set off. He set off on one of his most exciting ventures to date. He visited every settlement he had time for and carefully mapped each one out. Writing down the dates in which he was there and making sure to get every bit he could. This was no simple task for the, well, plump dwarf. He sailed many seas. He rolled down many mountains and climbed very tasking hills. Today, Ogdan sends flyers out. Containing small portraits of his works. I am selling maps of some settlements that I had traveled to on the year 1600. It took me a good long while. Some places proved much harder to get into rply so I do not have complete maps of: Haleun'or and San'Torr. Some may be missing, I do apologize. I was busy and had many lands to cross. But alas, maps are posted below. Prices vary, PM me to discuss or leave a reply with a bid. These are all made in the year 1600 and are dated as such! Enjoy! Two Unfinished Pieces: San'Torr The Silver City of Haelun'or Two maps that are not listed below in pictures: Draugr Library, 17th of the Grand Harvest, 1600 | Norland, The Krag, 26th of Malin's Welcome, 1600 St. Karlsburg, 1st of Malin's Welcome, 1600 | Citadel of Acael, 21st of Malin's Welcome, 1600 | Arcadia 11th of Snow's Maiden, 1600 Mellsbury, 20th of the First Seed, 1600 | Osterwick 17th of the Deep Cold, 1600 | Sutica, 15th of the Snow's Maiden, 1600 Kal'Omith, The Jewel of Axios, 12th of Snow's Maiden, 1600 | Linandria, 21st of the First Seed, 1600 Bastion, 20th of Snow's Maiden 1600 | Aleksandria, 18th of Malin's Welcome, 1600
  10. [Complete]Fish needed, will pay!

    A note floats ashore as Ogdan leans down, he picks up the waterlogged note and grins. "Perfec'! A new place t' send d'ese fishies in me icebox!" He writes a note of reply and sends it off. "Mylasian bentures eh? Great business happeh t' support." ((I can fulfill whatever fish needs you need, im on at 11:30pm est and in the mornings of est.))
  11. [✓] [Metal Lore] Goblin Boomsteel

    +1 I agree, goblins need more lore and this suits them.
  12. [✓] The Patron of Endings; Sokar

    When a Dwarf dies, he travel to Khaz'A'Dentrumm, the Halls of the Dead. There, the Brathmordakin bids for the Dwarf's soul. Dungrimm is our god of death, sort-of.
  13. New Map OPFOR Faction

    I've had this idea before myself, never thought it'd come to fruition! I'd love to volunteer. +1
  14. Ogdan's (Benben582) LT Application

    Minecraft Account Name(s): Ogdan was previously known as Benben582. Skype: ben.charon1 How long have you played on LotC?: I've been here since Aegis. A long time ago, when a server called Battlecraft was still around, the owner (Latros) struck a deal with Availer to become 'sister servers'. It didn't work out, but I came over, got whitelisted since I was an admin at the time on that server. We quickly tried to turn LoTC into a PvP server. But I became addicted to the role play aspect and have been a member ever since. Time zone and availability: My Timezone is EST. However, I work 2nd shift. So I am usually around late at night during EST and find myself playing with Aussies. I'm also around in the mornings on occasion. What subgenre (refer to LM specifications list) are you versed in most?: Dwarves, Redstone, and Engineering Lore. Mechanical rather than magical. I would like to add 'Technology' to the lore specifications list. Such as the thanium ice box, I would like to be able to promote more 'non-magical' inventions. I wouldn't be doing anything absurd like guns or tanks. However, I think the lore team could use someone of my skillset (Redstone, mechanical, ect) to write new lore, as well as add to existing lore. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: I have never held a staff position on LoTC. But I do understand who and what I would represent. I am aware of my limitations and just want to give the dwarven people a representative on the lore team. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? (this will not augment your chances at obtaining the position of LM.): I have not, but have had many interesting ideas. I wouldn't mind listing/fleshing them out if need be. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: Nope. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: Theres a lore team? Just joking. I don't see many around dwarf lands and haven't had any bad encounters with any! Additional notes: I have been very on and off since I've began playing. Holding this position would allow me to give a voice for my fellow dwed and also promote mechanical RP. Magic is awesome but there must be some room for technology! I understand this is still a medieval server and won't be making hand cannons or pocket medescullors ;) Edit: I also wanted to add that I have RP'd and led many groups while playing here. I may have not became 'Big name' but I'd rather that. I was always a merchant character. Economy questions are some of my favorite. Like working out a new lore-based mina income area. I'm all for ideas. Very open-minded, creative, and in general, love being able to be apart of a game that has given so much back to me.
  15. New Player Assistance

    MC Name: Ogdan Nation(s)/Faction you belong to IC: Grand Kingdom Of Urguan, Kal'Omith Time Zone: EST, but I often play late hours! Skype (if applicable): ben.charon1 Discord (if applicable): I have one, I'll find it when needed. Forum Account Link: Preferred Method of Contact: Forums/Skype How will you go about assisting new players?: I am an owner of a guild, have often ascended to leadership roles, owned previous guilds, and in general have a tendency to be a great help to new players. I hated being the new player with nothing to say, I'd be happy to give them a voice and a place in the dwarven community (or any community, for that matter). Simple dialects, general things like shops, vip, races, politcs, stuff like that to get them immersed. Also, giving them simple tasks, items to complete said task. To give them a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of 'place' in the society. I feel that's key to any engagement.