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  1. Ogdan (Benben582)


    Ogdan strokes his beard sliding his golden beard tie up and down in thought, "This lad is da 'bane uv' dwed'" he chuckles to himself and continues writing in his books. "Nothin' pains me more t' see such a lost and misguided dwed. Perhaps one day he'll find a shoulder t' cry on." he shakes his head, silencing his laughter to put on a stern, serious face.
  2. Ogdan (Benben582)

    The Mages Guild

    ((MC Name: Ogdan)) ((RP)) Name: Max Known Arcane Arts: None Position Desired (Student or Instructor): Student When is the best time to contact you for an interview((Discord)): Riptyde#8160
  3. As a returning player with not too many ooc connections, how does one go about learning a specific school of magic? I need an overseer or a teacher? Quite confused on the restrictions.

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    2. Bannerlord


      welcome back, ogdan! hope everything's good

    3. Ogdan (Benben582)

      Ogdan (Benben582)

      Thank you @Bannerlord. As good as it gets! 


    4. ThatGuy_777


      You'll want to learn under someone RP'ly with the system as of current. It isn't too hard to figure out where teachers are so long as you have an IC idea of where they'd generally be. Reckon it's on the right track seven times out of ten. 

  4. Ogdan (Benben582)

    The Vanguard of Kaz'Ulrah

    OOC MC Name: Ogdan Discord: Riptyde#8160 Timezone: EST  RP RP Name: Ogdan Goldhand Age: Ingame (can't remember off top of my head) Ethnicity: Mountain Dwarf Do you have any experience in combat?: Yes a lot
  5. Ogdan (Benben582)

    The Goldhand Meeting

    Ogdan would clear his throat as the dwed trickle in and take their seats. A stern but proud look on his face. He looks down at a paper before stuffing it into his pocket and rising. Ogdan clears his throat, closing his eyes before speaking. "First off I want to apologize for my leave. I know it was sudden but it was necessareh. Fer me to be able to come here t’day I needed a small leave of absence. I willnae dwell on d’at for I have called you all here for another reason." "I want to offer a reform in da’ ways of da old and da new. I want to restore the Goldhand name t’ not only to be the best merchants in all uv’ Atlas, but a force t’ be reckoned wiff." "We need to reform from our old an’ stale ways. We need to adjust and adapt much like the world around us is. We need to breathe life back into this glorious clan." "As I look amongst ye’ I see dwed are who bear da Goldhand name. But why? I want ye to ask yourself, what do I bring to the clan? Without family we are nothing. This goes without saying but Goldhands always have each other’s backs. We are not only loyal to Kaz’Ulrah, but our own kin aswell." "I want t’ speak about my goal as soon as I took da Goldhand name upon m’self. I seeked to put our name down in historeh forever as one of the greates’ clans to ever walk the halls uv’ dwed. " "The Frostbeards, sturdy warriors and founders uv’ this foine kingdom. Stormbreakers, great engineers and dwed uv’ the sea. Longmanes, fierce and rowdy warriors. Blackaxes with their long history and now honor bound mercenaries. But where does this leave the Goldhands?" "We are Merchants at our core. I have had trouble with this for a while as how can we just have a clan full of Merchants. Dat’s when I realized dat merchant is too narrow. We are not just limited to buying and selling, aye its in our blood but it does not mean it defines us. Without hunters, lumberjacks, blacksmiths, miners, warriors, farmers, and adventurers we would be restricting ourselves to a limited way of thinking." "I want to redefine the way our clan is thought of, we will always be merchants. But we are more than just merchants. We are adventurers, warriors, crafters and most importantleh, dwed of honor and loyalty." "My goal is to restore this clan and I cannae do that on me own. I need each and every un’ uv’ ye to pickup your tools, travel, make relationships, build shops, master your craft, and help this clan I hold so dear, prosper. Help your kin if he has no food give him some of yours. If has nae tools, offer him some equipment. We are not all about profit y'see we are about somethin' more. Gold is material, friends and family are what bonds us all together though. Sure ye' can be the richest swindler, but at the end uv' the day who will say I have that mans back? I need brothers and sisters that I can call upon when I need them." "I have sent tasks that need doin’ to each of you. Feel free to pick any listed and let me know which you are going to try your hand at." "Now, if ye’ follow me I can assure ye’ that we will succeed. Each an’ evereh un’ uv ye’will be apart uv’ Kaz’Ulrah historeh. Togethah, we can restore the Goldhand name an’ have our name be heard from one end uv’ Atlas to da other." "When we enter Khaz’A’Dentrumm we will be welcomed with open arms and mugs raised high." "With d’at bein said. I hope you see my intentions to be true an’ whole hearted. I love d’is clan to its core an’ wish nothin’ else but t’ see et thrive." "Narvak oz Goldhand!" With that, Ogdan would sit down and recline in his chair, looking about the clan hall a slight smile escapes his lips.
  6. Ogdan (Benben582)

    [Denied] [Pending][Actor] Shuggie_

    As raomir stated, I remember when he was a wee lad. Running the docks of Kal'Omith. I love his RP, would love to see some events from him. I give him my full support, +1
  7. Ogdan (Benben582)

    The Kal'Tarak Workforce

    All Applications Accepted, send me bird via PM or Forums for tasks. We are currently setting up a base of operations! For now I will be handling all materials myself.
  8. Ogdan (Benben582)

    A Celebration of Many Kingdoms to Come

    Sighs, knowing he cannot make it. "Feast well me friends.. Feast well."
  9. Ogdan (Benben582)

    The Kal'Tarak Workforce

    The Kal’Tarak Workforce The idea of the workforce is to exchange our land, tools, and materials for your work. We will allow you to keep some of what you earn from our fields, but contribution to the kingdom will result in compensation. Failure to contribute will result in revocation of the kingdom’s resources, mines, farms, and fields. Positions: Overseer - Ogdan Goldhand ((Ogdan)) The duty of the Overseer is to see to all his workers. Acquaint himself with them and see to it that they are well managed and treated properly. He calls for quotas and is often the one you would seek had you have questions, are seeking a job, or have any problems with your tasks. He gives funds to foremen to pay their workers and quotas to fulfill. Foremen The duty of the foreman will see to it that his workers are well kept, paid, and most of all keeping up on their work. They will also be responsible of keeping their workers in line, making sure that they are not smuggling from the kingdom. Einar Stormbreaker ((AegonTargaryen)) - Tavern Keeper, Cooks Varian Beastforge - Breeding & Farming Positions Available PM me for more info Gatherer This position is for the farmer, breeder, lumberjack, fisherman or miner. A simple application will allow you to work on our lands. However, working in our lands requires you to donate a portion of what you earn to the kingdom. You will be paid accordingly. Crafter This position is for the blacksmith, woodworker, alchemist, enchanter, leatherworker, chef, stonemason, and tinker. A simple application will allow you to utilize the kingdom’s resources to further your craft in exchange for some of the items made. You will be paid accordingly. Application
  10. Ogdan (Benben582)

    6.0 Raiding

    With the removal of Nexus there is little value to the items used in wars as of now. The restictions are only holding players back from their fun. Being at war with someone should make the two sides alert and cautious. Instead we sit safe behind cooldowns prepping for a single weekend battle. This is not how a war should be roleplayed. If two nation's are at war I'd expect every able citizen to carry a weapon in case of a raid. This is war. It's not friendly and it should not be treated so. Remove caps, find a happy medium with cooldowns, and make going to war risky.
  11. Ogdan (Benben582)

    The Upcoming Capital of Kaz'Ulrah

    Kal'Dormir - City of Order "Seems roight...." Edit: ((Going with my original vote.))
  12. Ogdan (Benben582)

    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Hot_Dip's ET Application

    Hot_Dip has displayed excellent roleplay the many times I've had the opportunity to roleplay with him. Alongside that, he's a part of the dwarven community, and as we know it, the dwarves neeed ET. He's mature, creative, has a good understanding of dwarven lore (to aid his events) and has displayed none other than great roleplay. I 100% support Hot_Dip I feel like he's a perfect fit for this position. +1
  13. Ogdan (Benben582)

    From son to father

    "Garrond is one uv' the finest dwed I've came across in me days. You served the Frostbeards well, Hamnil. We all know d'ey still be in Garrond's good hands." Ogdan pipes up after hearing the speech.
  14. Ogdan would celebrate the treaty, feasting and drinking until he couldn't anymore. He swiftly called for his horse and set off to the War Nation to setup trade agreements.