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  1. UncleUnicorn

    [Denied]Uncleunicorn's Gm Application

    appreciate all the support
  2. Check this out plz. :) appnana.com/e2276076

  3. Check this out plz. :) appnana.com/e2276076

  4. UncleUnicorn

    [Denied]Uncleunicorn's Gm Application

    Minecraft username: UncleUnicorn Age: 17 Time zone: Eastern Time Zone (EST) Do you have any past experience moderating Minecraft servers?: I'm going to be completely honest with you, I have zero experience as far as becoming a GM is concerned. The only resource that I could use to actually back myself up with would be that I know a good deal of World Edit. Other than that, most of the information is foreign to me however I am always open to learning new things and getting as much information as I can to better myself in life. Also, I know it's not exactly associated of what being a global moderator consists of but I additionally understand the basics of Bukkit and how you can modify its settings to better suit the gaming environment. Why have you decided to create a trial GM application?: Basically as I'm looking through these applications, I'm getting to understand that most people are writing that they want to help the server. That's great and I think if you wish to write that and by all means go for it, however I want my application to really stand out from the crowd. To this day, I still question how I didn't I have the urge to make an Gm application back when I joined the server in 2011 and decided making one today instead. I guess it was because I never really stood out from the crowd (at least that's what I thought). I was usually the guy that would try my best to help deal with people's problems OOCly and IC when and If I got the chance. Most of the time however I spent on the forums checking up on problems and other stuff like that, blah blah, alright this is getting all mushy and junk and probably boring you guys so lets just bring it home. I love helping others in real life such as the elderly and the ill and when we're in situations where someone is needed I try to be the one to step forward. Even though I'm only human and make a bunch of mistakes in life, I try to wrap them up as tight as I can so that they'll never escape and I can be the person I want be. Additional information: I'm not asking for +1's or comments on this post. I'm hoping the writing itself can explain who I am as a person.
  5. UncleUnicorn

    Cruz's Gm App

    We must return fire! Get the kids!
  6. When you try to make rp epic and you end up walking into a spiderweb.

  7. UncleUnicorn

    The Axis

    First member added via in-game rp.
  8. Does lotc have a world seed?

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    2. Samsan99


      Wasnt this world fully world painted? or atlest parts. and Yes back dating will work.

    3. Ender_Panda13


      -also totally doesn't have the past two old launchers saved. because why the hell not-

    4. JtPv


      You can backdate as far as you'd like so long as you know how c:

  9. Evil people. Apply here if you wish...

  10. UncleUnicorn

    Draeris' At Application

    +1 very helpful and would make a good asset to the team.
  11. Where can lore be written on the forums?

    1. Redbaron™


      roleplay section

    2. UncleUnicorn


      Yeah but what if the lore has to do with the world, not just one race?

    3. UncleUnicorn


      nevermind I got it

  12. UncleUnicorn

    Cruz's Gm App

    Cruz be 2 kool. He needz tu bee gem.
  13. I'm asking everyone to follow in our dear leaders footsteps and write Thank you, after a post.

    1. Jahrmann


      Thank You

      Thank You,


  14. Jahrmann chill out dude, all I see is your name on all the recent posts xD

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    2. Cruz ©

      Cruz ©

      Yo Jahr you're getting a rep attack from me and my boys.

      thank you,


    3. Aeldrin
    4. Aislin



      thank you,