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Lady Avia of the Filth

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    i love final. final is the best trial-gm in the world.
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  1. even the strongest twig can bend with enough wind so ;)
  2. I came from forum roleplay before I came into minecraft roleplay like, years ago. I totally support this
  3. oh boi, ravioli ravioli if you want to start a streak hmu i am very good at it its my religionioli
  4. Arwen Hawksong hums as she sifts through the parchment. taking a quill from her satchel, she signs her name.
  5. i miss status updates
  6. A raven arrives, bearing a rolled parchment tied to it's neck. Upon further inspection, the parchment reads: "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintances. Should we successfully acquire this land, assure that our guild will nay stray into your borders unless given permission. We offer our services to our neighbour in thanks." The raven stays afterwards, head cocked to the side as if he wants to be fed for his services before flying off.
  7. Arwen 'Ari' Hawksong signs the charter. Meanwhile, a Salvian Bard song plays in the background.
  8. Perhaps it is because Aethos was never around Salvus back in Athera when it bloomed into a bustling city.
  9. Upon hearing word that the man she attempted to kill was still alive and moving, a bemused expression paints Ari's face. She was sure her sword was deeper in his throat than she guessed Myles had ever been in a woman.
  10. I like the vocals
  11. Freyja Grandaxe, the ex Grand Queen, stands beneath the shades of Urguan's trees. The sound of the horn sends a shiver down her spine, and a smile stretches across her face. "'Bout toime." She pats down the creases on her coat, before trudging through the snow -- to home once again.
  12. "Come on now," The elf says to herself as she reads the parchment. "Their church is in the library that is not open to the public."
  13. the sea of white will swallow the north once more
  14. Physical Details: RACE: Wood/High Elf. AGE: 132. SEX: Female. APPEARANCE: An elf that bears more of the physical aspect of a high elf than a wood elf stands before you. An unwavering sheen of snow dyes her hair with eyes hinting her impurity as it is red. She's born with the color of rose staining her lips, and skin lined in hues of caramel. Her hair is that of thick, curly locks that she was often told she’d gotten from her mother and father’s. Her pointy ears are pretty much hidden away. She's usually seen wearing a blue dress tailored especially for her by an old dwarf. An innocent smile lingers on her face most of the time, deeming her affable from first sight. VOICE: Generally calm and soft, however possessing a deep accent and tone to it. Generally speaks in a friendly tone. Psychological Details: The ever-moving girl lives place by place, city by city. She exists in the present and lives for the future. She hails from families of prestige. Her father, the son of Titania Hawksong I and her mother, the tribune to the Inner Chamber of Old Salvus. There are few things she has yet to discover herself and for others to discover as well [wip lmao] Background: [ wip ]
  15. This is the same thing with my two friends, except they both can't register. it always says that their email / username is available, but when they click submit it says that it's not. hope we can get help soon