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Lady Avia of the Filth

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    i love final. final is the best trial-gm in the world.
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  1. As somebody that treats the girl as a little sister, finding out about this ordeal was just utterly disgusting. It doesn't bode well that the person in question is an administrator of this server. I hope this does not get taken down. Everybody needs to be aware that the law still stands even if it's over the internet.
  2. alright so i guess i can be nice for 2 minutes - i've known you for 6 years and we've had our ups and downs and you're basically the light at the end of every dark tunnel for me and i dont know what i'd do without you in my life and ily and i hope you have a day as beautiful as you are inside and out
  3. hi

    1. Esry


      what are you doin' talkin' to my woman :O jk

    2. Lady Avia of the Filth
  4. ily puss

    1. Esry


      still a better love story than twilight

  5. Aria Ba'Ikana hums in thought as she sifts through the letter, she would then head on to find their chieftain.
  6. even the strongest twig can bend with enough wind so ;)
  7. I came from forum roleplay before I came into minecraft roleplay like, years ago. I totally support this
  8. oh boi, ravioli ravioli if you want to start a streak hmu i am very good at it its my religionioli
  9. Arwen Hawksong hums as she sifts through the parchment. taking a quill from her satchel, she signs her name.
  10. A raven arrives, bearing a rolled parchment tied to it's neck. Upon further inspection, the parchment reads: "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintances. Should we successfully acquire this land, assure that our guild will nay stray into your borders unless given permission. We offer our services to our neighbour in thanks." The raven stays afterwards, head cocked to the side as if he wants to be fed for his services before flying off.
  11. Arwen 'Ari' Hawksong signs the charter. Meanwhile, a Salvian Bard song plays in the background.
  12. Perhaps it is because Aethos was never around Salvus back in Athera when it bloomed into a bustling city.