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  1. Ohhhh here we go download time!
  2. Red Roger grumbles with rage hearing of the news! "Ye want ta war ta be over! Nae let ta Adria n land be taken!" Red would then take up arms "Ta war be personal now! And f***in time ta finish ta war! Belvitz Roads Take Me 'home!!"
  3. *Red Roger reads the poster* "Hmmm... C&C Brewery can supply! We'll be in touch"
  4. Red laughs loudly "Tat price be stupid.. ye could o' bought 3 buildings for tat price!"
  5. "1500 mina I say!" Red would shout
  6. Red Grumbles waving his hand up again "1200 mina!"
  7. Red laughs as he drinks his black "That'll show the buggers not to be a twonk when signing a contract"
  8. Red Roger smiles reading the poster ”I’ll be ter afta me meetin, good cuppa in ta morn and in ta eve”
  9. *Red adds a note under his signature* “Hope this don’t get taxed as well...”
  10. Red Roger prepares his workers and associates in the building and supply of the great city of Adria ”Here we go ladies and gents.. lets get our beloved Adria up!”
  11. Dodders


    Red Roger would grin as he finishes the printing of the DUMA shirts ”DUMA shirts have been made Alfius.. this will be interesting indeed” @Alpheus Red would then make sure the company has enough Carrion Black™ ready for the Dumapalooza
  12. Red Roger stops in a nearby tavern on his travels and reads the missive ”Hmm.. maybe it be tu time ta go ta tha Adria.. seems me father loved ta place and why I be named afta ‘is business partner.. Adria Co will rise tu ‘gain”
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