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  1. Dodders


    Red Roger would grin as he finishes the printing of the DUMA shirts ”DUMA shirts have been made Alfius.. this will be interesting indeed” @Alpheus Red would then make sure the company has enough Carrion Black™ ready for the Dumapalooza
  2. Red Roger stops in a nearby tavern on his travels and reads the missive ”Hmm.. maybe it be tu time ta go ta tha Adria.. seems me father loved ta place and why I be named afta ‘is business partner.. Adria Co will rise tu ‘gain”
  3. Roger Industries ~ Established 1705 Roger Industries strives to quote cheap prices and great customer service. Located Sabo Square 2, The Free City of Ves (Adria) A huge range of materials, ores, armor and weapons and much much more! We’re currently hiring Miners, Lumberjacks, Farmers and a meat supplier. We pay an honest wage for honest work here at Roger Industries. Employees can be rewarded with bonuses if they work hard. We are also giving a reward to employees if they get a friend or family member to join the company as well! Roger Industries is looking to expand to other Human cities in the near future so keep an eye out! We also deliver any size order to any city! Contact Bruce Roger ((Diddyski, discord Diddyski#8618)) The Bird & Bard Tavern Roger Industries is proud to announce its most recent investment in the Bird & Bard Tavern located in Ves (Adria). Working closely with the most famous poet, performer, and writer the great Timeo de la Baltas! Be sure to check the notice board for all his upcoming performances!
  4. *Posters hang around the Cloud Temple & Human Settlements & Cities* “I’m buying Iron ore and Ingots 2.3 mina each! Contact Bruce Roger if you have iron to sell!” “Also buying Ink Sac’s 3 mina each!”
  5. *Posters hang around the lands of Atlas* "I'm looking for a drinks supplier for the Atlasian Merchant Collective's Taverns & Inn's. Send a bird to Bruce Roger ((Diddyski)) or Tholi Roger ((_mason_)). Paying good mina for good drinks." Discord ~ Diddyski#8618
  6. Mithril Good Imports & Exports In partnership with Red's Caravan & Supplies Here at Milthril Goods we specialise in building materials for architect and everyday people. We also sell everything else such as ores, organics etc! Whether it be small orders or big! We can supply at a reasonable speed and cost. Established in 1600 we've been here there and everywhere supplying nations, towns and guilds and now in partnership with Red's Caravan & Supplies ((Chumpchump)) we can guarantee all our supplies are to the highest quality. Where to find us ~ ~ Cloud Temple - Brown & White Wool Stall ~Belvitz - Caravan Compound next to the railway ~Pembrokeshire - Inside the city work yard area (follow the signs) And soon to Expand more. Need to place an order? Send a bird to Bruce Logsworth ((Diddyski)) or Tholi Roger ((_mason_)) and they'll arrange a meeting and give you a quote. Need a job that gives great pay and benefits? We'll get you set up with a job right away! Want to sell materials, ores or anything else? We'll give you a quote and go from there! "Big Stocks, Big Deals, Small Prices" ~Mithril Goods Co. 1600 OOC ~ Discord Diddyski#8618
  7. *A bearded man stands in the CT Markets* "Buying iron! Come sell me ye iron!" ((Come to Kastrovat Iron Works Market to sell))
  8. *Poster hang around various N.A.A Cities and towns* For sale Iron 2.5 Mina Any type of log 0.1 Mina Cobblestone 0.1 Mina (Other stone available as well send pm) Arrows 0.5 Mina Bows 10 Mina All Supplied by Alfrik Kastrovat ((Diddyski)) your friendly merchant man. Have a order for something else? Fill out a form below: MC Name ~ RP Name ~ Part Of the N.N.A? ~ Item Needed ~ ((Also do RP item requests))
  9. *Posters are hung around cloud temple* "I need cobblestone.. lots of it.. put your prices below" ((per double chest)) ~ MR K.D.
  10. *Posters hang around Cloud Temple* "I Kalvo Delevoye are looking to buy Diamond Axes & Diamond Pickaxes! Send a bird with a price you sell them at and I shall replay in haste!" Signed ~ Kalvo Delevoye ((Mc Name Diddyski I need loads..))
  11. John Roger signs! (Diddyski)
  12. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mylas Co Now Hiring. Mylas Co is now hiring in Courland! If you’re a Lumberjack, Miner, Farmer etc all you have to do is fill a chest full of material/produce and we’ll pay you for it all. Location Mylas Co is located at 1 Market Street Courland The Shop Our stall outside has a vast range of items for sale and inside is a vast range of ores, logs and produce for very good prices. We will even buy your good from you for a honest price so sell to us today! Contacts So stop by today and ask John Roger ((Diddyski)) Or Mylas ((Chumpchump)) for a job and they’ll get you set up straight away! Placing An Order If you’d like to place an order with us fill out the form below or come visit us at the shop and we’ll give you a quote for how much it’ll cost and how long it will take. RP Section Name: Race: Oder: Collect/Deliver: Order needed by: OOC Section: Mc Name: Skype (Can PM it to me or Chumpchump): --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. *Posters would hang up around Sutica and Johannesburg in Bold writing* "I am in need of Redstone and lots of it, I'll buy it at 0.2 mina per block (as it is basically worthless) or if you have a lot we can arrange a price." ~John Roger
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