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  1. Ves is the place to be

    1. Bluee


      that’s where you’re wrong

  2. Dodders

    Roger Industries

    Roger Industries ~ Established 1705 Roger Industries strives to quote cheap prices and great customer service. Located Sabo Square 2, The Free City of Ves (Adria) A huge range of materials, ores, armor and weapons and much much more! We’re currently hiring Miners, Lumberjacks, Farmers and a meat supplier. We pay an honest wage for honest work here at Roger Industries. Employees can be rewarded with bonuses if they work hard. We are also giving a reward to employees if they get a friend or family member to join the company as well! Roger Industries is looking to expand to other Human cities in the near future so keep an eye out! We also deliver any size order to any city! Contact Bruce Roger ((Diddyski, discord Diddyski#8618)) The Bird & Bard Tavern Roger Industries is proud to announce its most recent investment in the Bird & Bard Tavern located in Ves (Adria). Working closely with the most famous poet, performer, and writer the great Timeo de la Baltas! Be sure to check the notice board for all his upcoming performances!
  3. Dodders


    Bruce still awaits the reply to come back and clean the windows...
  4. Dodders

    An Open Letter to the Duke of Adria and the Adrian People

    *Bruce reads the letter and laughs as he sits in the tavern drinking his Carrion Black™* “Ta Tatter farmin buggers want ta peace already?! We ain’t even started yet ‘ave we Adrian’s... We believe in ta Duke’s words ‘n we shall follow tem! Down wit ta Curon tatter lovers!” *Bruce would laugh once more before going back to his business deals with the citizens*
  5. Dodders

    The Centurial Festival of 1700

    Bruce prepares himself for the dunk tank
  6. *Bruce Stands tall in the bustling tavern waiting for the right time for his speech* “Ladies and Gents! All ya attention ta me for a few moments! Now it be late and all but I’ve waited ta see ‘ho be running fer maer! Now I want ta make it known tat I be running fer maer as well now, ye may be thinkin wot I be bringing ta Bevlitz, tat will be prosperity, fully furnished ‘omes and more jobs fer ta people of Belvitz! I ‘ave a very close friendship with ta current maer Darius, but most importantly ta people of Belvitz and ta brilliant Duke Ratibor himself!” “I’ve been living in Belvitz fer over 25 years now.. And I can honestly say I call this town my ‘ome. With living ‘ere fer 25 years I’ve noticed a lot ‘as changed and so much more can be changed.” “I promise tat I will make Belvitz more interestin fer ta people, festivals, feasts, balls and so much more! We need more in belvitz and I can and will provide! Now I know tat tha people I’m up against are strong minded fellows but I know fer a fact I can do much more tan them!” “A vote fer Bruce Roger is a vote fer a better Belvitz, A vote fer Bruce Roger is a vote for more freedom and cheaper ‘ousing and stalls!” “Now like ta other candidates running I don’t need ta paper with me speech on! As I can remember all me words I want ta say! So tat means I remember more than tem so tat means more will get done round ‘ere!” So on voting day A vote fer me is a vote worth placing, I’ll listen ta every one of ye and bring forward ta things ta citizens of Belvitz want changing and push and push fer ta changes!” “If ta town doesn’t ‘ave enough mina in ta bank I shall provide with me own so that the beautiful city of Belvitz can strive!” “This be a short but sweet speech.. I ‘ope I’ve changed ye minds ta vote fer me as I know I can do so much fer ye all ‘ere, even if it be as simple as a few mina ‘ere and ter or food fer ta family I’m a kind generous man and a family man, all ye need ta do is ask.” *Bruce Raises his Stone fist and nods* “A vote fer Bruce is a vote for brilliance! Thank ye fer ya time.. Ter be a a 1000 mina bar tab with me name on so ‘elp ye selfs and a tip fer each bartender of 500 mina workin tanight!”
  7. Dodders

    [BUYING] Iron Ore & Iron Ingots

    *Posters hang around the Cloud Temple & Human Settlements & Cities* “I’m buying Iron ore and Ingots 2.3 mina each! Contact Bruce Roger if you have iron to sell!” “Also buying Ink Sac’s 3 mina each!”
  8. Dodders

    Belvitz Maer Elections, 1694

    Register as a candidate below: Candidate: Name: Bruce Roger Age: 43 Address: Wheezer Way 8
  9. Dodders


    Bruce builds the popcorn stand
  10. Dodders

    The Crossroads Tavern Council

    Bruce Roger nods as he reads the notice “Cam is doing a really good job as of late.”
  11. Dodders

    The Adrian Citizen Party

    The Adrian Citizen Party Established ~ 9th of The First Seed, 1692. *Bruce stands proudly at the front of the tavern counter on a pedestal looking around at the bustling tavern before making himself known and grabbing the attention of everyone inside* Good Evening Ladies and gentlemen of Adria! I want your attention for a few moments to make an announcement of a party I will be forming for the better of Adria! And how we as one can move forward to stop the carnage on the once peaceful streets! The Adrian Citizen Party represents the average citizen within Adria, we stand strong against those who think we the hard working citizens will roll over and obey their commands! But they are wrong. The ACP is there for you the citizens of Adria, we stand together united as one. With recent events happening within Belvitz I, Bruce Roger represent this Party come club to reunite Adria once more hopefully with the support of Duke Ratibor my dearest and most respected Duke but also a family friend. Stand tall and will fight the ongoing battle between the citizens of Adria and so-called respectful ‘Lords’ of Adria and other representatives of the Duchy who go against and ignore the plea of US the citizens of Adria. Nobility is a thing to work for which I would agree to... But in my eyes, most of the ‘Nobles’ of today haven’t worked for anything for Adria ‘The Free State’ as it was once known… has been buried and forgotten for a very long time! We will respect Nobels if they pulled their finger out and helped the community, we will respect them if they actually did something for Adria instead of sitting in their manners and keeps scoffing their face! When I grew up in Adria I learned back then we were united, a duchy for all, THE FREE STATE! Now aged 41 I still dream of the day Adria comes back to a whole... And that journey to that day starts today! We as one will help other citizens and wanderers from the roads in need of food, housing, and a job instead of letting most nobles call them out for silly remarks about their whereabouts and so on, I recently walked the streets of Belvitz and what I saw was disgraceful... A Lord of Adria a close relative to the Duke of Adria insulted a lady within the tavern for around 30 saint minutes! Until I Bruce Roger stood up side by side with the lady against this so-called ‘Lord’ he said he was above the law of the Empire but I say Nae! Everyone should be below the law of the Empire! We stand together as the ACP against this radical Scandal and will flatten out such idiocy! We have annual meetings at the First Light Inn & Tavern where citizens can come and express their feelings without being criticized by nobles as it will be a noble free meeting and what they want to change about Adria but also talk about what Adria is doing right for them in their current situation. From there The ACP will take these comments straight to the Duke and push for change! We shall not stop until our citizens of Adria have a better lifestyle and put a stop to the unlawful ‘Lords’ of Adria! We wish to achieve this goal with minimal violence and would rather work together to make Adria a duchy worth living in. But! If violence is needed the ACP will stand united and simply push the oppression out of the way and carry on our mission to unite once again. So join me Brothers and Sisters of Adria join me and together we will reunite Adria as one again.
  12. Dodders

    Adria Mines

    *Letters are mailed to all citizens of Adria along with posters dotted around Belvitz* Dear citizens of Adria, as we know the mines are now open! The mines are now free to use for all citizens of Adria but you will require a key. Contact Guildmaster Bruce Roger, Maer Darius or Duke Ratibor for a set of keys. For noncitizens, a fee of 250 mina will be required to access the mines. There is also a mining shop set up outside the mine where you can buy pickaxes, torches, ladders, and food. The shop will also buy iron ore and iron ingots! If you wish to sell any other ores go to Adria Co where you can sell any ores there for a great price. Adria Co is currently hiring Miners talk to Bruce Roger about the wage and perks of working for Adria Co.
  13. Dodders

    A Bitter Announcement

    Bruce Roger fulfills his promise by sending the 500+ haybales to Humpfrey ready for the storm and nods. “ ‘ard times be at us once more.. we shall not let a storm kill ta community that we ‘ave built fer many ta year!” “Ta tavern be givin out food packages as Artumee said as well.”
  14. Dodders

    [BUYING] Drinks for Tavern

    *Posters hang around the lands of Atlas* "I'm looking for a drinks supplier for the Atlasian Merchant Collective's Taverns & Inn's. Send a bird to Bruce Roger ((Diddyski)) or Tholi Roger ((_mason_)). Paying good mina for good drinks." Discord ~ Diddyski#8618