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  1. Dodders

    [BUYING] Drinks for Tavern

    *Posters hang around the lands of Atlas* "I'm looking for a drinks supplier for the Atlasian Merchant Collective's Taverns & Inn's. Send a bird to Bruce Roger ((Diddyski)) or Tholi Roger ((_mason_)). Paying good mina for good drinks." Discord ~ Diddyski#8618
  2. Dodders

    The Old Oaks Tavern of Belvitz

    Bruce Roger puts a review over Alexander's: "Best tavern around, food is fresh and always available no matter what the time of day. A wide range of drinks and always in stock."
  3. Dodders

    Mithril Goods Imports & Exports

    Mithril Good Imports & Exports In partnership with Red's Caravan & Supplies Here at Milthril Goods we specialise in building materials for architect and everyday people. We also sell everything else such as ores, organics etc! Whether it be small orders or big! We can supply at a reasonable speed and cost. Established in 1600 we've been here there and everywhere supplying nations, towns and guilds and now in partnership with Red's Caravan & Supplies ((Chumpchump)) we can guarantee all our supplies are to the highest quality. Where to find us ~ ~ Cloud Temple - Brown & White Wool Stall ~Belvitz - Caravan Compound next to the railway ~Pembrokeshire - Inside the city work yard area (follow the signs) And soon to Expand more. Need to place an order? Send a bird to Bruce Logsworth ((Diddyski)) or Tholi Roger ((_mason_)) and they'll arrange a meeting and give you a quote. Need a job that gives great pay and benefits? We'll get you set up with a job right away! Want to sell materials, ores or anything else? We'll give you a quote and go from there! "Big Stocks, Big Deals, Small Prices" ~Mithril Goods Co. 1600 OOC ~ Discord Diddyski#8618
  4. Dodders

    Buying Iron

    *A bearded man stands in the CT Markets* "Buying iron! Come sell me ye iron!" ((Come to Kastrovat Iron Works Market to sell))
  5. *Alfrik Kastrovat laughs as he watches the van Rothchild's (whats left of them............) leave the city / go to Courland........... (who)* "All in good time we get rid of the snakes and traitors within the city and our glorious allies and friends. A time of victory and strength and form when all nations of friends come together and get rid of the taint in these lands! Ave Santeiga! Down with the Courlanders!"
  6. Dodders

    [ET Contest] Predict the Wall Event

    A better map?
  7. *Poster hang around various N.A.A Cities and towns* For sale Iron 2.5 Mina Any type of log 0.1 Mina Cobblestone 0.1 Mina (Other stone available as well send pm) Arrows 0.5 Mina Bows 10 Mina All Supplied by Alfrik Kastrovat ((Diddyski)) your friendly merchant man. Have a order for something else? Fill out a form below: MC Name ~ RP Name ~ Part Of the N.N.A? ~ Item Needed ~ ((Also do RP item requests))
  8. Dodders

    [Denied] I'm Persistent (FM APP)

  9. Dodders

    [Complete][SLAVE] Snow Elf

    "400 mina!"
  10. *Posters are hung around cloud temple* "I need cobblestone.. lots of it.. put your prices below" ((per double chest)) ~ MR K.D.
  11. *Posters hang around Cloud Temple* "I Kalvo Delevoye are looking to buy Diamond Axes & Diamond Pickaxes! Send a bird with a price you sell them at and I shall replay in haste!" Signed ~ Kalvo Delevoye ((Mc Name Diddyski I need loads..))
  12. Dodders

    [✓] Land Charter App

    John Roger signs! (Diddyski)
  13. Dodders

    [Denied] Cheshire's need to be busy FM application

    Thought i'd put another comment.. Mature, Responsible, kind, helpful and knowledgeable. Can handle situations well and has a level head when trying to sort out aggressive situations between two parties. Will get straight to the point with good explanation and reasoning. Also understanding to others and can easily get a good conversation up and running. Plus 1 from me!
  14. Dodders

    [Denied] Cheshire's need to be busy FM application

    +1 from me