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  1. Rename tokens been taken off /store?

    1. Ciaran


      Rename tokens?

  2. Red grumbles "Seems this fella be smokin somethin.. maybe one of Boniface's ***** boys trying ta cause stuff again"
  3. *Helena town criers swarm the city with news of Helena manor auctions* ”Come one, come all! To the Helena manor district auction! starting bids at 6500! (5pm EST Friday) City Clerk Red Roger will control the auctions.” Make sure to be there as these are the biggest houses available!” ”Each bid will rise by 100 mina until sold!” ”Another announcement will be made 2 saint hours before the auction starts!”
  4. Red reads the invite "hmmm.. wonder if she needs 'free' taverneers again"
  5. Ohhhh here we go download time!
  6. Red Roger grumbles with rage hearing of the news! "Ye want ta war ta be over! Nae let ta Adria n land be taken!" Red would then take up arms "Ta war be personal now! And f***in time ta finish ta war! Belvitz Roads Take Me 'home!!"
  7. *Red Roger reads the poster* "Hmmm... C&C Brewery can supply! We'll be in touch"
  8. Red laughs loudly "Tat price be stupid.. ye could o' bought 3 buildings for tat price!"
  9. "1500 mina I say!" Red would shout
  10. Red Grumbles waving his hand up again "1200 mina!"
  11. Red laughs as he drinks his black "That'll show the buggers not to be a twonk when signing a contract"
  12. Red Roger smiles reading the poster ”I’ll be ter afta me meetin, good cuppa in ta morn and in ta eve”
  13. *Red adds a note under his signature* “Hope this don’t get taxed as well...”
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