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  1. Remember when we had a lance plugin? I'd give a lot just to have fun tourneys again.

  2. @Heero London bridge is down.

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      >Sorry I "stumbled on your blacklist"
      >I'll level with you, I have a sensitive investigation in the works.
      >To FM Director: Sorry I overstepped my boundaries. This was a preventative measure. Trust me, I know best
      >sunday fun day monster truck madness - 'updating' three year old blacklist cuz **** HEEROQUEERO carry on carrion whoo!1!


  3. My Empire for a bloody horse. qq 




    R.I.P The Sixth Empire, never forget.

  4. Can I just say. I made this post in June and still haven't heard any from the LT. I get that the rewrites takes a lot of time, but idk it seems a little ridiculous. It's been three months. 


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      M8 I did not get a response to my ban appeal by five admins for over a year. Have fun with your lore.

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      This hasn't lifted yet and is likely going to be extended a bit. I'll put details about it in the next update when we talk about and Kha CAs/Necromancy/a few other things.

    4. YES_MAN


      Cheers, I suppose I figured that since it was a lore addition that it fit into the category of exceptions.

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  6. YES_MAN

    The Issues of Raiding

    Can we just patch this quick so I don't have to stay up till two in the morning on a school night because some screamer wants to ruin everybody's night? People keep bitching about how it's ooc beef, or bad villain role-play. It derails the conversation. People here have lives outside of the server and shouldn't have to perpetually stay up late due to the threat of some guy walking in and causing a scene.
  7. It's critical that you all stay hydrated. You can be anything you want in life if you just stay hydrated.

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    ✦Clan Stormfist✦

    Moved to The Great Library. It shall be sorted into the appropriate category shortly. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact myself or any FM and we'll restore it.
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    [Denied] [Pending] Take on me II

    Proper lad, I love me some red tagged herozero
  10. I too enjoy annoying recruitment statuses. Join the FM team, or not, your time is valuable citizen.

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      jOiN tHe gM tEaM



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      get a director first 

  11. Hit up the Adrian discord sometime, Azog crew miss u bu.

  12. YES_MAN

    [Lore Addition] The Black Books

    To answer your question: As for the addition of more, I would say that keeping four copies in circulation seems more than generous given the general size of the Strigoy community.
  13. The Black Books “The deepest secrets of the sorcerer were replicated by others who were cursed by the horrors he created. Whatever crude writings that lie within those pages, it is not for mortal eyes. They are despicable and all traces of such writings should be destroyed” - Randolf Elgan, Aeldinic Archivist c. 1421 The Black Books are a collection of manuscripts copied from the original grimoire of Gedym aep Helgraen, the primogeniture of all Vampire-kind. Each book contains the same set of runes and inscriptions that allow for the successful creation of Greater Strigae. Upon the disappearance of the first, his servants began the tradition of transcribing his discoveries. The rituals by which Helgraen created his ilk, passed down through an unbroken chain of successive Striga Elders and their respective Covens. C. 1530, Dreylan and Emrick aep Anerhyd are spat from the open sea to settle among the descendants of Vailor. It is said that the pair emerged from Felsen port having docked their flimsy dingy to take shelter from a storm brewing out across the Dogger Bay. Both entrepreneurial men, they carried four copies of Helgraen’s grimoire between them. Each was successful for a brief time, they carved a coven from the domain of the descendants. This was brought to a halt with the Felsen fires which ravaged the city and flamed the market district which included aep Anerhyd’s own Busty Bruxa. His share of the manuscript lost in the then smouldering flame, his counterpart dissipating in its destruction with his half. C. 1635, The Elder Dreylan reappeared in colonized Axios as Herald, entrusting the remaining manuscripts to Sascha van der Linden and Ser Thomas Wettlock. The two hoarded and hid the knowledge from Iestyn Wold whom reigned over the Coven as Elder. A resurgence of vampiric activity is recorded within the city of Metz in Lotharingia. Dreylan's progeny Ser Henry Horen, known as ‘the Lancer,’ detached himself from the authority of the Coven. C. 1632, fledgling Friedrich Augustus proclaimed himself to be Lord over vampire-kind. The Lancer’s progeny, both greater and lesser, began an epidemic from the safety of Xionist Devirad. due to lack of learned knowledge, many monstrosities roamed the countryside without heed to the Unseen Code. Those few were declared anathema, once again, the progeny of aep Anerhyd were left to put down the upstart blood and reassert the tenants of the Unseen over the New World Coven. The Black Books have been in the hands of the old world coven for centuries now, permitting the eldest of brood unfettered transfusion. Transfusion of the blood without proper knowledge is considered a crude or desperate by those of the Blood as few, if any, survive the process. The meat that rejects the vampiric curse degenerates into madness, becoming a monstrosity. Thus, only an Elder with proper preparation stands to turn their candidates with some assured success. The amendment proposed is that the creation of Striga rellie on a simple roll system out of twenty. When one is in possession of one of the three Black Books the result must be 10+. If there is no book present one must obtain a roll of 17+. The role in question must then be posted as evidence within the creature application. If the roll is failed the result is that the character in question dies outright, or degenerates into an Upir. (If you don’t know what an Upir is, or how the transformation process works please read the accepted lore proposal here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/146815-strigae-children-of-the-unseen/ ) The premise is that, essentially, there have been portions of players in the past who have not properly roleplayed the creation process correctly. This is an effort to streamline the process already cemented in the lore. Of course, roles are subject to change based on feedback and I’m always open to suggestions.
  14. YES_MAN

    [Pending]TheKingOfTheMoon's Lore Moderator Application

    Accept him the LT need themselves a true Sapper.
  15. THE BELVITZ FAIR FINANCES AND ELECTIONS ACT c. 1st of the Grand Harvest, 1669 By order of the City of Belvitz, and the will of the Mayor Elect there are to be a number of regulatory measures set in place to ensure fair play amongst the free citizenry. Due to conventions of the past in matters of finance and politics, both are to be reformed. PREAMBLE It is the right of people through the City Charter of Belvitz affirmed by the Duke Elect that the population of this town may choose a leader from amongst its own. Through this inalienable right are elections held for the Municipal Office by popular vote. The City Mayor, once elected, is afforded by the Charter the right to form Council. This Council is comprised of the Captain of the Belvitz City Watch, the Magistrate, the Vicar, the Clerk, and the Stewardry. On council, the Stewardry serves in an advisory role and serve with no legislate or municipal authority. It is the right of every citizen in Belvitz to attend and vote in municipal elections Mayoral or otherwise. ELECTORAL SETS Hereby listed are the defined methods of voting within Municipal lines. I. General Elections, Held for the purpose of electing City Officials amongst the municipal citizenry. II. Committee Voting, Held by the Mayor for the purpose of polling the citizenry on matters of administration and utilized as an appendage of the municipal authority. III. Closed Voting, Held for the purpose of general consensus among City Councillors, and in the event of an Electoral tie. IV. Jury Voting, Demanded by the Magistrate upon which a body of citizens gives verdict upon legal proceedings. V. Representative Voting, held by the Alderman's Bench when considering proposed legislation. ELECTED POSITIONS The following titles are officiated by the City Charter as elected offices. The Mayor of the City of Belvitz, by General Election. The Magistrate of the City of Belvitz, by General Election. The City Clerk of the City of Belvitz, by Closed Vote. Speaker of the Alderman, by Closed Vote. The Alderman's Bench, by General Election. The following are officiated by the City Charter as appointed offices. The Captain of the Belvitz City Watch, by the Marshal of the Duchy of Adria, with the assent of the Mayor of the City of Belvitz. The Diocesan Vicar of the City of Belvitz, by the Mayor of the City of Belvitz, with the assent of the Clergy of the Canon. The Stewards of the City of Belvitz, by the Mayor of the City of Belvitz GENERAL ELIGIBILITY Candidates for Municipal Office must… Be the age of majority. Be a faithful and upstanding citizen. Live within the municipal limits of the City of Belvitz. Live honourably and in good standing with the Adrian Court. ELECTORAL RIGHTS Each citizen of Belvitz is entitled to a single vote regardless of one’s estate or personal standing. The Citizenry is equal in this regard with no respect paid to class. All citizens who fall into an eligible category are also afforded the privilege of running for office and are guaranteed a portion of time to address the electorate before voting commences. The right of the citizenry to vote is held sacred and undeniable within the City of Belvitz, thus any attempt to prevent an Adrian from speaking his preference, or from running their respective candidacy is illegal in the eyes of the Municipal Administration. Furthermore, no outside power may force the resignation of a Municipal incumbent. The City of Belvitz requires no term limits, citizens are granted the right to run however many times they deem necessary. PROHIBITIONS Hereby when an election is called, all in attendance must remain in the room until the vote has ended. No election may be conducted by ballot or purposefully be extended to a ludicrous extent. Public campaigning is formally banned, anyone who runs as candidates must declare themselves when asked, on election day. Bribery is strictly prohibited in all forms. Electoral tampering by an outside party is also prohibited. Candidates for Municipal Office are prohibited from voting, nor is the officiator of the Election. GENERAL PROTOCOL Hereby the power to call for General Election is held by the Mayor of the City of Belvitz, with the assent of the sitting Duke of Adria. If for whatever reason the incumbent Mayor fails to call for an election by the end of their term a General Election may be called by a majority of the Municipal Council with the assent of the sitting Duke of Adria. In most strenuous circumstances the Duke of Adria is afforded the sole power to sack the Municipal Council and call for a General Election. An Election is held by the incumbent Mayor of Belvitz. Should the incumbent Mayor of Belvitz choose to stand for an additional term the General Election can be overseen by any on the Municipal Council who do not stand for elected office. In the case of an electoral tie, a Closed Vote is to be held by the Municipal administration comprising the Captain of the Belvitz Watch, the Magistrate of the City of Belvitz, and the Clerk of the City of Belvitz. Should this provision fail the final decision is left to the sitting Duke of Adria. MUNICIPAL FINANCE Hereby it is required that at the end of each annual year, upon electoral transition, that the City of Belvitz provides for the elected Duke of Adria twenty percent of all annual income made over the course of the Mayoral term. Additionally, a large sum of income amounting to ten percent of the annual City budget is to be entrusted to the Diocesan Vicar for the purpose of tithe to the Clergy of St. Emma’s Cathedral. Furthermore by the end of each Mayoral term all financial matters including the sale of housing, the Municipal budget, and the City Ledger, must be up to date in time for the following Mayoral term. Upon retirement, the Mayor Elect of the City of Belvitz is entitled to ten percent of the total income upon the completion of their term. Signed, Broos Wellis, Mayor of Belvitz Sabo Gradic, City Clerk of Belvitz