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  1. Does anyone specialise in black & white portrait drawings? I'd be very appreciate if someone would be able to consider a request ^.^ Plus I can pay minas if need be =^.^=

    1. 21Pilots


      I could try, I'm not the best but I could definitely give it a shot for a few minas depending on how it turns out, msg me what you want done?

  2. *Says logging in for 10 minutes*

    1. Anderssn


      Don't wait. Press cancel, refresh and retry.

  3. *On final page of short story in LOTC book* *Server kicks you for being 'idle' too long* *Logs back in to find entire book deleted except first page* *Dies*

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Heff


      sucks to suck

    3. Booklight12


      Should periodically save it!

    4. Varsatorul


      Damn, I hope you still finish it though!

  4. Was anyone else just kicked off? I received some unusual message about my account?

  5. Wat dos ye tink of me scin? http://i.imgur.com/qo1ETAu.png

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. rotund_man


      Those eyes kinda make it look like your character has precious gems in the eyesockets. The rest of the skin's pretty OK.

    3. Waverly Antoinette

      Waverly Antoinette

      Just to be sure.. you all-all known it's a joke, right? Thank you for the lovely comments on the first skin I copied from skindex anyway~ Doin' skin requsts for 10000 minas.

    4. rotund_man
  6. Does anyone actually know how to make glass panes? Plz.

    1. Birdwhisperer


      I think those were on a list of things that can't be crafted right now.

    2. Waverly Antoinette
  7. I can't even craft a workbench *Looks up at sky* WHY

  8. Is anyone else having a problem where they're suddenly a wandering soul, assuming you were accepted quite a while back?

    1. gobirds


      yup. I've got the same problem. I just figured I'd been inactive for to long.

  9. B-But if we carry out the boat idea.. WE CAN'T HAVE ASULON NOSTALGIA *Cry*
  10. #inkaphrofortwatchingeveryonedieoutside ^^

  11. Thank you to everyone who took part in the dinner party and I'm sure you all enjoyed the twist! I'm sorry I couldn't have shown you everything that we'd spent the previous day planning, still, I think you had fun.

  12. I know it's extremely short notice and that you're probably busy but does ANYONE else want to attend the dinner party? It'll be fun rp ^.^ ..we'll give you free food. http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/112498-the-dinner-party/

  13. Is it my terrible wifi or is Lé server down?

    1. greygre


      I believe the server is down.

  14. Anyone out there skilled with the art of literature? I need someone to assist in writing my new character description ^.^ If you're interested, drop me a PM! (I'LL PAY.)

    1. Parading


      I could help out for free. Too lazy to PM though, if you are looking for reference work, look at some of my topics.

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