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  1. when are you next applying for gm

    1. Marthok_the_Wiggle


      When I get unbanned in 2025 xdddd

  2. [Denied]Narthok's GM Application

    Application updated with 50% less salt and 25% less toxicity
  3. Encyclopedia Norlandica

    Encyclopedia Norlandica Foreword Index I. Concerning the Folk of Norland II. The Wealth and Industry of the Red Realm III. Tradition and Obligation IV. Norlandic Law V. Hierarchies of the Realm VI. Faith VII. Tactics and Dogma VIII. The History of Norland, a Norlandic Perspective IX. Norlandic Families of Note I. Concerning the Folk of Norland II. The Wealth and Industry of the Red Realm III. Tradition and Obligation IV. Norlandic Law V. Hierarchies of the Realm VI. Red Faith VII. Tactics and Dogma VIII. The History of Norland - A Norlandic Perspective IX. Norland Families of Note
  4. "Those are some very high prices" a tight fisted treasurer would mumble doubling over the national chequebook

    1. Hyena


      Protect the Norlandic children at all costLion%20and%20Lioness%20fighting-L.jpg

    2. Rip and Tear

      Rip and Tear

      Warhawke rp in a nutshell

  6. The Ashguard

    RP Information RP Name: Thoromir Race: Highlanders Age: 22 Feats: N/A Current residence: Ruriksgrad OOC Information MCName: Narthok Discord: Narthok#0802
  7. A true Alpha Male that does not consume soy
  8. PSA Atlas Rules Update

    Please for the love of god improve the war system and take suggestions into account. Wars should be fun not a chore.
  9. Fuze's Art Shop

    You are forbidden from pursuing any of these commissions until you finish Arthas's lusty dark elven maids 1646 monthly
  10. Raid Rules Feedback

    Just because your rp is temporarily interrupted because your chars refuse to deal with political realities doesn't mean its bad rp. If you don't want to get raided vassalize to a larger faction that will protect you. If you insist on being stupid and screaming about your sovreignty while not being willing to defend it then you will just reap the consequences of your own decisions. PVP is merely a way to solve conflict it isn't this strange medium that is completely devoid of meaningful contributions to the server's storyline.
  11. [Accepted] Lets get this over with.

    Distancing yourself from Norland before applying to staff. A wise decision.
  12. [Denied]Narthok's GM Application

  13. [Denied]Narthok's GM Application

    :^). I can back up my positions if anyone cares to question them. Folks must have some pretty fragile egos / sensibilities if my relatively filtered conduct is acting like a total ass. people are strange.
  14. [Denied]Narthok's GM Application

    1. Staff being opaque on the forums is the reason why players get so tilted, so I'm gonna discard this one because its a retarded suggestion that perpetuates the current system of nepotistic autism. 2. Did that didn't really do much but sure let me go write a five page post again when the GMs don't even read the app 3. Objectively better than the trials that were accepted. I brought better ideas to the table. Am I frustrated right now. Incredibly so. The new additions will do the bare minimum to remain on the team, some will be declined anyway after their trial. No new projects or innovation will be introduced (most of them have already been GMs and shown no zest or ambition to genuinely improve the server). Despite this when they are inevitably removed or end up quitting they will just reapply again so they can feel nice and cozy with their blue tag. I don't give a flying **** about pexs or power, staff drama and politics is autistic as **** and makes me cringe. But I have a genuine desire to implement changes that will improve the server. Also kindly **** off with that passive aggressive 'friend' bullshit. You do not know me nor do you like me and thus we cannot be considered on friendly terms or friends in general. I will take what valid advice you have provided an incorporate it into an application that will inevitably be denied again. Is it fair to assume that I would be toxic and abuse my powers, eh Idk tbh. I can understand the argument that I would be a toxic person if given blue tag. What infuriates me is the hordes of incompetent apes that have been given multiple shots at staff while being removed. If folks want someone docile to meekly hover about and give them pathetic little warnings then go ahead, +1 someone elses app not something I'll ever be able to do. I'm open about what I want and what I intend to do. I'm the exact same in my lectures and at my jobs. Haven't been fired, haven't been expelled haven't been barred from promotions. I pay my own bills. Good shout about being mature tho. Mature 100% = just kneel over lick boot.