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    i have transcended into chillmode
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  1. I think he deleted them after he quit wow, btw r u in discord

    1. Esterlen


      Nah I don't use discord unfortunately my friend

    2. AiiM


      i added u on steam cx | blazingboost.com

  2. classic el_crew memes below:
  3. "I hate Empires lol :)" - People F. Tarus, Anti-Imperalist Champion, Liberator of both Palestine and all Elvenkind.
  4. yo i monetized my soundcloud, so pls go listen to my old songs =) P.S Any1 have a alt account AiiM got stolen =(
  5. Hey Aiim, I was actually planning to return to lotc with some friends. Could you update me on all important occurences and what nation/faction we should join?

     Altiak  1,562 

    Old Fart

    Replied: September 16, 2013 · Report

    Could I be granted power of some sort in Abresi, a noble house, lands, or so? I know it's a lot to ask for, but I feel completely ready to take on power.

  6. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/63782-pudoo/

    Hey Rapto14, please don't create accounts- as you're a banned player! Thanks :)

  7. 5 years later same people still playing ahaha 

  8. what is dead may never die +1

    1. Esterlen


      If you meet me, online, by Mylas' tavern, I will show you where the treasure is hidden. 

  10. yes, vip should have fast travel... just have the gms have final say over it + it has to be rp (carts / boats / ect)
  11. He's a dragon but also an angels

  12. Welcome to the server! Great work Ruben. Keep it up. Wow, so proud of you.

  13. I approve
  14. email to Esterlen: hey great posts keep up the Greek work!

    1. The North

      The North

      you are a complete fucker through and through you little ****** man

  15. i fucked your *****

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    2. Merkaken


      But my ***** is dead

    3. Abeam


      take that back you son of a gun

    4. nordicg_d


      how fkin dare you