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  1. House Montfort

    smiles the suns smile
  2. Gott mittuns? its cold man

  3. Warclaims are ******* terrible

    I disagree, warclaims are great and are a great opportunity for nations to rally activity and gain more followers. They are also extremely fun and almost all the memorable moments from LoTC history are from wars (sacking of malinor, sophias rebellion, ect). Sure there is also going to be an OOC circlejerk of toxicity but these things are gonna happen when the server has mass player spikes.
  4. yo ***** i know u still around wats ur discord

    1. LifeforceIsMana


      PM me for details.

  5. "the goldcrow"

  6. The Tournament of Kings

    Lynch grins, sipping his flask reading over the tournament. "It should be quite the spectacle."
  7. It's the return of the mac, I'm still alive      just like tupac ;)

    Edited by AiiM
  8. Horenus Divinitus

    Horenus Divinitus Truth of the Holy Bloodline of Humanity Written in 1644 by Acolyte Lynch Tuvic-Sarkozic Ivanovich Throughout the History of man, there has been many Men, Women, and Kingdom’s that claim divinity and heritage to the first man. Most of which used this theory to attempt hegemony of humanity, however the only truth is a single bloodline has claim to the right of divinity. The Horenian bloodline through direct lineage to the first man has the only right of divinity, thought modern day theology disputes the right of the Horen family to the title of Divine we cannot debate the blood that runs through the King of Renatus is not of the most holiest. Exalted Godfrey, Emperor of Humanity and Divine established a central humanian power by uniting failing states against a common enemy and created what is now the modern day Mother Church after a divine vision that our Lord needed a house for worship. He decided to give the Pontiff the sole right to lead the faith, however the Pontiffs of Godfrey’s era felt this man was more than just a Human and thus had the Divine Rite of man, granting him sole power of the faith. It was not until Owyn I that this rite was rescinded from William Horen. However during this time another Exalted had proven himself, a prophet of man by the name Siegmund returned from his pilgrimage and showed Owyn the scrolls of auspice. For this, Owyn deemed Siegmund a prophet in the same ilk of Godfrey, and granted him the rite of humanity but not the rite of divinity. All this brings me to what the modern idea of a divine rite entails. While we agree that a holy bloodline does not grant someone the rite of man or humanity, we can agree that a man of the Horen ilk is the purest of the man. This pureness is a holy connection to our faith, this has proven to me to be true by the King of Renatus; a man of Horen, who has proven to me immense faith and dedication to our Mother Church even in his weakest state, bedridden and sickly he requests daily sermons and spends much of his day in meditation. From this it’s my belief that soon again we will recognize this holy bloodline, not as ruler as humanity but a vital part of faith.
  9. I begin this theological writing on the 10th of The Grand Harvest, 1645 O Lord, you guide your people with kindness and govern us with love. Give the Spirit of wisdom to those you have called to lead your Church. May the growth of your people in holiness be the eternal joy of our shepherds. So say we all. _____________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ The Creator continues to speak to-day as He spoke in prior times to our sires when there were no directors as at present, nor any consistent way of direction. Then all devoutness was encompassed in faithfulness to the designs of the Creator, for there was no regular organisation of guidance in the spiritual life to clarify it in detail, nor so many guidelines, principles and illustrations as there are now. Undoubtedly our present complications render this needed, but it was not so in the first ages when souls were more simple and pure. Then, for those who led a spiritual life, each instant carried some duty to be devotedly accomplished. Their whole care was thus focused successively like a hand that marks the hours which, at each moment, crosses the space allotted to it. Their minds, unremittingly animated by the desire of celestial grace, turned gradually to each new duty that offered itself by the consent of the Creator at different hours of the day. Such were the concealed springs by which the conduct of St. Pontian was actuated. St. Pontian was the most simple of all creatures, and the most faithfully united to the Creator. His answer to the angel when he said: "Fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum": contained all the spiritual theology of his ancestors to whom everything was reduced, as it is now, to the purest, humblest submission of the soul to the will of the Creator, under whatever form it presents itself. This lovely and dignified state, which was the basis of the spiritual life of St. Lucien, lustres evidently in these simple words, "Fiat mihi" (Sixtus ). Take sign that they are in complete synchronisation with those which Our Lord desires that we should have always on our lips and in our hearts: "Fiat voluntas tua." It is true that what was required of St. Lucien at this great moment, was for his very boundless magnificence, but the majesty of this glory would have made no impression on him if he had not seen in it the completion of the will of the Creator. In all things was he governed by the divine will. Were his livings ordinary, or of an raised nature, they were to him but the expression, sometimes ambiguous, sometimes clear, of the operations of the most High, in which he found alike subject matter for the glory of the Creator. his spirit, elated with delight, looked upon all that he had to do or to suffer at each moment as the gift of Him who fills with good things the sentiments of those who hunger and thirst for Him alone, and have no desire for created things. _______________________________________ I continue this theological writing in the year of our lord 1645. O Lord, without you we can do nothing. By your Light, help us to know what is right and to be eager in doing your will. So say we all. __________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________ The intentions of the Creator, the good wish of the Creator, the will of the Creator, the action of the Creator and the gift of His grace are all one and the same thing in the spiritual life. It is the Creator working in the soul to make it like unto himself. Excellence is neither more nor less than the faithful collaboration of the soul with this work of the Creator, and is begun, grows, and is consummated in the soul unperceived and in secret. The knowledge of spirituality is full of philosophies and clarifications of the miracles of this state in each soul according to its capacity. One may be familiar with all these philosophies, speak and write about them commendable, educate others and guide souls; yet, if these philosophies are only in the mind, one is, compared with those who, without any knowledge of these philosophies, obtain the meaning of the plans of the Creator and do his blessed will, like a sick physician compared to simple people in flawless health. The plans of the Creator and his celestial resolve accepted by a faithful soul with straightforwardness produces this heavenly state in it without its knowledge, just as a remedy taken unquestioningly will yield health, although the sick person neither knows nor wishes to know anything about medicine. As fire gives out heat, and not philosophical deliberations about it, nor knowledge of its effects, so the designs of the Creator and His holy Light work in the soul for its beatification, and not assumptions of curiosity as to this principle and this state. When one is thirsty one quenches one's thirst by drinking, not by reading books which treat of this condition. The desire to know does but increase this thirst. Therefore when one thirsts after holiness, the desire to know about it only drives it further away. Assumption must be laid aside, and everything arranged by the Creator as regards actions and sorrows must be accepted with simplicity, for those things that happen at each moment by the celestial command or permission are always the most sanctified, the best and the most divine for us. _________________________________________________________________ /Signed/ Acolyte Lynch Tuvic-Sarkozic Invanovich, Court Chaplain of the Lord Arpad Ivanovich
  10. the skinpill

    nice meme raviolli
  11. Atlas Economy Discussion & Ideas

    pretty much this
  12. AiiM WT app

    MC name: AiiM Forum name: AiiM Discord Name and Tag: the real aiim#3043 What is your timezone?: EST How do you wish to work on the wiki? (Writing, updating lore, etc): Creating pages for past historical events/nations as well as writing and updating lore for the server Have you worked on the, or any wiki before?: yes in 3.0 Which lore are you most familiar with?: human and dwarven Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved: barely any information provided and could be fleshed out, I was around for majority of these times and was King of Oren/ high pontiff so I have personal accounts of what happened Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning: well written, fleshed out due to it being the primary information for new players picking up a human Please showcase your abilities with either: A short writing on the subject of your choosing. An example of an 'other' (Already completed wiki pages are a plus!). I have been writing for this server for literally years, but here are some of my best examples
  13. Tsuyose's WT App