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  1. Appreciation post, ur great Leap ;^) this def isn't an attempt to get my post count up

    1. Total_Xanarchy


      Oh yeah I'm sure that's totally the reason ❤️

  2. tfw your homie doesn't follow 4 follow.
    Feels bad man 😢

    1. Licorish


      I thought I did follow you?LOL you probably posted something I didn't like cuz thats the only reason why i unfollow people haha but I'll follow u back bby ❤️

  3. Total_Xanarchy

    Arcane Incantations

    So @HortonHeardAWho had stated that it would take an MA to use what's written in the lore piece. Is this true, and if so why? Maybe I read that wrong, not sure.
  4. Total_Xanarchy

    The Cerulean Watch is Recruiting!

    Your Full Name: Ethel Auruma Serene Race: Mali'ame Age: 81 Place of Residence: Nowhere for now. ((OOC)) Username: Total_Xanarchy Timezone: EST Discord: Total Xanarchy#5153
  5. Total_Xanarchy

    Hello! :3

    In the middle of the night you start getting those cold sweats and cravings for PREMIUM MINE MAN ROLEPLAY
  6. Total_Xanarchy

    Hello! :3

    This server is like a coke addiction. No matter how much people complain about it they're still gonna come back for more, including you. So expect to be here for a while. So even if you're not new, welcome and enjoy! ^-^
  7. Just remembered a situation where a certain Haense soldier had decided to try and weasel his way into PVP default because of an illusion of a little girl hugging him "spooking his character" and somehow that made him the defender. Luckily the GM team wasn't daft and put an end to it.

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    2. Hero_Prodigal
    3. Nathan_Barnett36
    4. TheWitherKingHD


      Why did you feel the need to broadcast this publicly, your just going to antagonise people 

  8. If you didn't know the best band ever has just released 2 new songs, a music video, album release date, and their tour schedule.


  9. Total_Xanarchy

    Runesmithing 3: Game of the Year Edition ($59.99 on Steam)

    Can I buy the standard edition? the GOTY is too expensive
  10. Tfw you see someone call out others for having horrible attitudes and treat others terribly, BUT their best friend is just as bad or worse than those they call out.


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  11. Total_Xanarchy

    N0tt's Event Team Actor application

    If they accept you onto the GM Team then I'd probably leave the server because at that point everyone would realize that the server's staff really doesn't care anymore.
  12. Total_Xanarchy

    N0tt's Event Team Actor application

    You made a GM application and I spoke out about how horrible of a choice you'd be. You don't belong on any team with your large track record of bans, toxicity, and doing nothing to help the LOTC community. Maybe prove you've changed instead of instantly going to a different staff team when you've failed on another application. LOTC Staff have a lot of problems with their management and they definitely don't need someone like you making things worse. -1
  13. Total_Xanarchy

    [ FM ] Did this really happen?

    "Her concerns should have been dealt with accordingly." They were dude. She was kicked from the team. Also to add this as a note, I would've have blocked her and cut all contact with her aswell after hearing about most of the things her and her little pals that were upset about her removal had done. Chorale being immature about the situation is far from the truth. He could have gone about it in a far worse way but he didn't. He could have retaliated and made things far worse for himself.
  14. Total_Xanarchy

    [ FM ] Did this really happen?

    Worded my **** wrong and its in the middle of the night. The point is that she's the definition of a toxic player.
  15. Total_Xanarchy

    [ FM ] Did this really happen?

    The fact that Devvy hasn't been kicked off the FM Team for toxicity before now is baffling. Straight up rude dude.