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  1. MC Name: Total_Xanarchy Character's Name: Keir Elwing Character's Age: 92 Character's Race: Dark Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Communion and Control Teacher's MC Name: Nivndil Teacher's RP Name: Nivndil Duskhollow Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nah Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Are you aware that if this magic is undergoing an activity trial and fails said trial, that you will lose the magic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nah
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    N0tt's Game Moderator Application

    How to make the game team worse: Add Nott. -1
  3. Total_Xanarchy


    *claps* Well done, you've actually made me. One of the biggest people against fire arms in the server. Actually want to see this get a trial. I feel like if the lore team worked to make sure that this isn't abused by the playerbase then we'll definitely see it do well. It makes sense for tech to progress in this direction.
  4. MC Name: Total_Xanarchy Character's Name: Ethel Rose Character's Age: Been dead a long time. . . Character's Race: Lich (previously wood elf) Link to your accepted MA: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/169339-telekinesis-ma-ethel-makes-things-float/?tab=comments#comment-1598172 What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Telekinesis Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): Telekinesis can be summarized as learning how to manipulate the gravitational force on an object and making it move to your bidding. It may sound simple though it can be used for many things. For example, most mages aren't able to carry the heaviest of weapons on their own. They're able to use telekinesis to lift these heavy objects into the air and move them at their will, as long as of course they can keep a stable connection to the void. There are limits on what a telekinetic can lift however. Things that are too heavy would be impossible for even the most telekinetic to lift. There can be things that can be too small or have too many intricate parts to move. This can include sand and water. A telekinetic cannot simply pick up a puddle of water, as its to intricate. Living things such as animals and people cannot be lifted or even moved around. Not even undead can be lifted by telekinesis. Casting Telekinesis takes time to do. So doing something such as stopping a flying arrow dead in its tracks is near impossible to do unless you have significant distance from yourself and the arrow. Most heavily trained telekinetics will alter the arrows path with their magic instead to save their hide. Eventually even casting will become too much for the telekinetic and they will have to stop as the fatigue is too great. One last thing is that a telekinetic cannot cast where they cannot see, so picking up an object that you cannot physically see is impossible. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: A small robed skeletal figure would stand out in the courtyard of a fine castle structure. In front of her would be a tired and worn man. Her student. The skeletal figure finally speaks with a hollow tone. "We're finally going to actually give a lesson on lifting things my ward. . . I expect you to fail almost instantly due to your lack of magical training, but you could surprise me." The student would nod his head as his fingers twitched heavily. He would look forwards at the single pebble Ethel has laid out. Starting his connection as he tried to keep his focus on the pebble. He would continue his efforts for a few minutes, the small pebble only shaking slightly. It made no efforts on moving. Ethel would let out a sigh as she raised a skeletal hand hand and placed it on where her forehead used to reside, now just bone. "Absolutely ******* pathetic. . . You're using the void to move it. Think of it like. . . the void is a third hand. Though a lot stronger than any mortal hand could possibly want. I expected you to fail, but fail after moving it more than one third of a centimeter. We telekinetics are able to move these objects around at our own will as long as they're not too. . . intricate I suppose would be the correct word. For example we cannot move water around. Its too much for us. If you want to play with water and make people wet then go learn hydromancy." The student would look down in shame before raising his head to ask a question. "Miss Rose. . . Could we perhaps use the void to move people? Wouldn't that make things easier for everyone if we could just hold someone up with telekinesis." The lich would give a scoff "Finally a good question from you. I was starting to think you wouldn't have any. . ." She would respond, mocking the student. "No you cannot. There is your simple answer. Many have tried to do such and have failed miserably with no results. I'm not going to attempt to teach you something that isn't possible. Now. . . I want results dammit. Try it again." The student would clench his fists into the cobbled ground before focusing again. The pebble shaking for a moment before rising a few inches off the ground. The student keeping his eyes plastered on the small bit of earth before it falls to the ground, and soon after the student falls aswell. Now unconscious from straining himself. Ethel would give what could be described as both a sickening and happy giggle as she watches her student actually succeed. "Good job my ward. You've finally been able to do it correctly. We're going to be lifting this same pebble many times before moving on to our next lesson. I expect you to practice on your own. Dismissed." She would say simply before turning on her boned feet and walking into the castle. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Indeed Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: I have not.
  5. Well that's it. XXXTENTACION dead at 20 years old. What the actual ****. He was way too young.

  6. Total_Xanarchy

    Total_Xanarchy's Application Team Application

    Look man I'm definitely not saying we be super exclusive with who we let into the server, however if you look at some of the applications its clear why we should be more strict. Players are being let in with little to no biography or effort put into their application. I don't think its too much to ask for applicants to put more thought and pieces of lore into their application. Even if I can't help the current system I'd still like to join the team and help new players out, because sometimes I feel as though they don't get enough help, and end up super lost and confused.
  7. Minecraft Name Total_Xanarchy Discord Total Xanarchy#5153 Timezone EST Describe your knowledge on the descendant races Starting with the Dwarves, they're the descendants of the first dwarf Urguan. This race was sadly cursed like the others by Iblees. They were cursed with greed. They can normally be found around caves though they can also be seen anywhere else. There are eight clans that are normally in the dwarven kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah. Their subraces include Forest Dwarves, Cave Dwarves, and Mountain Dwarves. The Elves are the children of Malin and have a few subraces such as Mali'ker (dark elves), Mali'ame (wood elves), Mali'aheral (high elves), and lastly the Mali'Fenn (snow elves) They're normally found in their different nations, all with different cultures. The Dark Elves of the Warhawke Chiefdom, the Snow Elves of Fenn, the High Elves of Haelun'or, and the Wood Elves of the Caras Eldar (Dominion). They have an ancient tongue that is rarely used beyond small words (Unless you're Nivndil). Their curse of iblees is infertility. The Humans, the children of Horen. This race is probably the most scattered out of the bunch having different kingdoms everywhere. They're really easy to find because of this. Much like the elves they have a wide variety of cultures with every nation and religion. From the citizens of the now dead Norland to the Canonist followers in Renatus-Marna. Sadly the curse they hold is a short lifespan. Most not living over one hundred. Though whether this is because of Iblees or because the different wars they sadly take part in is unknown. (that was mostly a jab) Lastly are the Orcs. The children of Krug. They live in the war nation of krugmar and are known for being the most physically strong race out of the four Descendants. They're a tribal race and pretty xenophobic. Though not exactly afraid of outsiders they're more secluded and kept to themselves. Their curse of iblees is their rage. They're quick to anger and its best to get the hell away from an orc you've enraged. Describe your knowledge on other pieces of lore that you believe to be relevant I'm updated on almost every little piece of voidal magic lore. Most creature lore that's out there, even tried to write a failure of a rewrite. I'm well versed on the different cultures and some religions of the server's different player bases. I'm very well versed in the server's flora lore and alchemy lore. A lot of undead and necromancy info aswell. Detail what drives you to become a member of the application team Honestly I want to see an improvement on the application process of the server. I don't think it should be unattainable for those who don't make the best of the best applications, but a better standard of quality should be demanded. I've roleplayed with several new players and helped out more than a few. I'm committed to helping these new members of the server even after I've accepted their application. Provide an alternate way to assisting new players apart from reviewing applications There are many different ways to assist new players. 1. The most basic being just roleplaying with them. They're gonna be new so if you decide to roleplay with them you're going to be able to help them with small things that they'll more than likely get wrong. Such as lore, commands, etc. It may be the most basic way of assisting new players, but its still a good one. 2. There's both the help chat and the wandering soul chat. You can do most of what is stated above in these specific OOC chats however some new players may not know they exist, but its still there to help. 3. Talk with them OOCly, make them aware that you as an application team member are there to help them into the process of bringing them into the server fully. Make sure they know that they can come to you if they have ANY questions about the server or its lore. Give them your discord to make sure they have a way to contact you. Survey the application process and provide any possible improvements which could be made After looking over some of the applications that had been accepted by the AT I have come up with a few things that in my personal opinion should change. Currently I feel like the biography section is something that I feel should be required to be a bit lengthy. Currently I've seen a few (I will not call them out publicly as that's just rude) that have rather short biographies. I can't see why they would be accepted when providing in some cases only one piece of server lore in their application. Shouldn't we want to make sure that they have a fairly good overview of the server's lore? Adding more lore references or references to huge events in server lore would be better. One application in particular was rather alarming with how little they actually put and how little they cared to add lore besides mentioning the dominion. Yet this wasn't even touched on by the AT that accepted them. It was a massively lazily written biography and interests. All in all the new system is good but what I want to be improved in conclusion is that new players are put to a higher standard to make sure that they have a decent understanding of the server, its lore, player cultures, etc. I don't believe that this is too much to ask. Provide any additional information that you believe is needed I've only had one other staff position on the server. That being the GM position, but I do feel like I could make a very competent member of the AT. Tell a joke The music I listen to. . . seriously I listen to stuff like lil pump, Ayo & Teo, and lil xan daily. That's a pretty good joke.
  8. Total_Xanarchy

    Make it more challenging to apply again.

    I guess we're posting music with our replies to threads now. . . A harder application will produce allow more players that are serious about the roleplay on LOTC to get in while also keeping those who will ultimately not stick with the server and not even give actual effort in their roleplay out of the server. This isn't elitism. This is about having standards. I have seen some absolutely horrible new players that can barely type out a sentence that's grammatically correct. I'm not talking about those players that simply mess up a command or don't realize that /q is a thing. Problems like that are easily fixed. The fact that you chop this up to us being elitist is mildly insulting and I feel like you're just jumping the gun to defend a staff team that you lead. The current application system is lazy at best. Now I will admit that a small biography doesn't equate to a **** one, however what you seem to call "Bloody fluff" is simply going into detail and being intricate about things. Why is this a bad thing? Since when is it a bad thing to go into detail? Quit acting like those that want detailed and lovely laid out emotes are a bad thing. The way the application system is now its unbelievably easy and needs to have some challenge put into it. Otherwise you get an influx of people that have a low effort understanding of roleplay and in return it makes the community less serious. Then you end up getting a server like MassiveCraft. . . although that's a HEAVY exaggeration. Alright. Bet.
  9. Total_Xanarchy

    Cosmetic Magic Plugin Proposal Feedback

    This looks way to good to be actually implemented in the server. . . (please disregard what I say and put this in the server now.) 10/10 Ds
  10. Total_Xanarchy

    [✗] [Rewrite] Ferals: The Hounds of Morea

    Failing to feed will result in the Feral's shifting become more sporadic and will happen whether the Feral wants it to or not. Its also not just Descendant meat that can be eaten to keep this from happening, but all meat. We didn't go out with a full on rewrite because that's not what we wanted, and its not what was necessary. We changed everything that the LT had wished to be changed in the original lore and that's what we stuck with. We had LTs checking on the google doc and writing comments about their problems were as we wrote it. Saying it does nothing to fix the original problems in the feral lore is completely false. We took the original lore and reworked it to make sure that no ferals could just add abilities that aren't in the lore at all. We do disagree with Starfelt's work, however why is that a bad thing? If the feral community doesn't like the current rewrite being brought together by someone then they have the right to make a submission that goes against it to be submitted to the LT. We were told we could do so and that's what we did.
  11. Total_Xanarchy

    [✗] [Rewrite] Ferals: The Hounds of Morea

    What the LT asked to be changed. Thanks for the feedback. Though we would really appreciate for you to say what's wrong with it instead of just -1 it. Its only been up for seven minutes and something tells me that you barely skimmed over it.
  12. Total_Xanarchy

    [✗] [Rewrite] Ferals: The Hounds of Morea

    Dear god please tell me you're not serious. . .
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    Officially 19 so ask me anything!

    I don't love myself chesh and you know this. . . BUT I do love you! You're one of my greatest friends so don't act like I don't ❤️