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  1. Oh and, casually the removal of Kha' and Hou'zi.
  2. I don't have a favorite piece of lore at the moment. Most of it seems to fit a stereotype and imo not a lot of it is unique (with a few exceptions). I want lore regarding the healing and restoration of Liches, Shades, and otherwise corrupted creatures.
  3. my app has been hijacked
  4. MC Name: Baeht Character's Name: Alulan Character's Age: N/A Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): N/A Transformed form: Golem Creator's MC Name: Lhindir_ Creator's RP Name: Lhindir Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Golems are sentient beings that are typically made up of stone. This protective hide, covered in varying runes that operate the automata, shelters what is known as the Golem’s Core. This core is the very being of the Golem - providing both power and processing for it. Depending on which way the core is shaped and crafted, it determines the behavior of the golem, the type. There are five primary core types: normal, command, slave, swift and brawn. In the case of this particular golem, it simply adheres to the standard rule of its Impera, rather than acting in any particular way by rule of its core. On the topic of Imperas - the Golem labels such a being as the first person it sees when it awakens. More often than not this is the golemancer him/herself, though an Impera is able to transfer their command over the construct by ordering the golem to follow said new operator. Under no circumstances may a Golem disobey the direct order of their Impera. Only if the Impera is incompetent at ordering their golem, goes missing, or dies, the golem naturally scours the lands for a new person to adhere to. The height of a golem largely dictates their functionality. The taller a golem is, (between 5ft to 8ft), the less operable it becomes. This is due to the fact a weak core may not reach all parts of the construct, and cause them to fall apart or simply cease in their operations. Most golems are constructed from stone, though other materials are able to be used with the exclusion of obsidian or any metal. While golems may develop a personality, it seems as though it is limited. Most golems are entirely unable to work out meanings of metaphors or puns, taking most things 100% literally. A golem’s willingness to serve its Impera is typically represented by the color of its runes. A Red Golem is one that feels the need to serve, while a Blue Golem is content doing so. Blue Golems carry out each command to the best of their ability, while a Red Golem might bend and twist its Impera’s command in order to harm or otherwise punish him/her. Golems, being Red, seem to berserk often. When a Golem’s core is damaged, the construct will turn red and cause them to go berserk and insane. Should the core be entirely destroyed, the golem collapses in on itself - the stone of its hide turning to dust. A golem may be recreated in this incident, hence preventing PK, though all memories are lost. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yup. Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yup. Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope.
  5. Inflexibility in events and stories is what kills the player-base's will to participate in said events and stories. Well done, Tsu.
  6. Very quality roleplay. Emotes idle motions in a way that is genuinely entertaining, each action seems to be driven with purpose and unique flavor in his vocabulary. I would highly recommend taking this guy aboard - not only does he have the temperament to handle the chaos that comes with events - he can make said chaos fun. +1
  7. I might be able to come back. I guess.
  8. Anyone know the best way to grind enchanter?

    1. Gypsy


      There illy is no fast way. The most xp is from sharp and bow enchants.

    2. SexeHexe


      i used to grind the lapis unbreaking enchants but idk if thats good anymore

    3. Ioannis


      Grind farming/lumberjacking and then swapping the exp into enchanting. Best way so far.

  9. favorite mineman factions server
  10. Filled my request in a matter of a day. Excellent quality work, did exactly as I wanted. +1
  11. Back to the mines slave +1
  12. Hands down the best person for the job. There's no reason you shouldn't have him on the AT.
  13. I'll take both, thanks guys!!1111!!!
  14. Thanks to @Sarahbelle96 for filling my requests flawlessly!
  15. "450 for the spear," said a highlander.