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  1. we support them single mommas 2022
  2. "Leaves from the vine...falling so slow..." Oijin would squint at his lyric book as he sang, before passing out in an old man slumber.
  3. All the old heads need to let the young folks run shit now. Give it up. Let it go. Return to peasant, boomer :serene:

    1. Heero


      Pass the Lectorate to three randos that joined this map. No balls

    2. Battle Unit

      Battle Unit

      Dharas, Titanium and Wowj are my choices. Now it's time to give the Valaanor the full rein on paladins and step down from admin :Serene:

  4. A particular Lector pushed his shaded spectacles up the bridge of his nose as he looks out towards the Arentanian alps from atop The Temples of Saint Feldersrock...-in some confusion. "What commonwealth? This temple is the only life in these mountains. GOD damn you lot that drag us into this fighting - you'll get what you least expect."
  5. I enjoyed our short, albeit brief time in Luciensburg together and appreciate the Freeport poster to this day. Godspeed and good luck wherever life takes you next. Doxxing is whack.
  6. Tonito lets out a sigh of relief. Conscription would be over soon and he could go back to college and seminary.
  7. Doggedwassup will surpass his big brother and become the 4th prophet, this is the mineman premonition I received :serene: But only when he starts playing a Farfolk.

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    2. Dogged


      tiresiam is a hater :*(

    3. Battle Unit

      Battle Unit

      @Tiresiamyea ok boomer, 

    4. Tiresiam


      @DoggedI'm an eternal fan of the OG

  8. "The future is not en de southern sands. Those who remain will remain y rebuild - some how, some way." An acre levy conscript spoke to one of his brothers in arms while they fished by the river side on the off duty, considering their options for the future.
  9. wish there was less OOC BS in muh human rp :frown: :kicks rocks:

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    2. un-w


      did i hit a nerve 

    3. argonian


      think human rpers perpetually hitting your nerves if why you made your comment in the first place

    4. Battle Unit

      Battle Unit

      @un-w wub da zkah! toxic! ;(

  10. An Oyashiman Lector looking for a challenge makes plans to seek out Hunter Island.
  11. "Too bad Her Majesty didn't complete the Path of Owyn with Frederick," An Oyashiman Lector said to himself and said a prayer for the queen when it was verified she too died. Perhaps one day her ashes would be reunited with Frederick's.
  12. I have the amnesia, what race was Saint Juli'el? 

  13. A young battle-acolyte looked out across the dismembered kingdom believing that they were in the twilight of the era of strife. Ragnorak was coming, and he would help as an accelerationist. The stouts would get the caves and treasures of the world, the orcs the void, the elves the world and for the faithful men the Seven Skies and a thousand years of peace and prosperity for all of the descendants. But one step at a time.
  14. "KNOW HIS STORY," Oijin declared after giving the nugget dark elf some legs to see the world. Life was certainly precious.
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