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  1. Acolyte Tonito prays for the Hyspian clergyman, hoping he was okay.
  2. An automaton who had learned nothing upon his awakening would pen the cousin of Malik. "THIS UNIT IS REALLY SORRY ABOUT MALIK. PLEASE TURN THIS UNIT'S CHASSIS GOLD AGAIN I AM SO ASHAMED. - Blackmarked Periander"
  3. Oijin looked confused at the dinner table upon hearing this news and nearly dropped his bowl of rice. "Oda, this is nonsense. You came from Stork," @AgentofDeath13
  4. Oijin hopes the King of Haense beats the race with Aeldenic border patrol.
  5. the waagh is over, the waagh is over :(

  6. MC Name: Gundam_Engineer Discord: GundamEngineer#6958 Image: Description of Image: An Oyashiman depiction of the Exalted Owyn, the second prophet in the Canonist Faith and Patron of The Owynist Rite Dimensions: 1x1
  7. Interesting and fun idea for the server however could you elaborate how the effects from this food plugin would be removed during pvp? IDK if I missed on first read.
  8. An Oyashiman Lector scowled after reading the missive, and handed it off to a few of the other Lectors - firstly the blackmarked in the know of this. "Dis our moment to get revenge on da wendigo...Darasuuu." @Heathman
  9. A particular Oyashiman nationalist gritted his teeth. With the fall of the opulent and spoiled Li-ren - would now be the come back of the ape. Truly the root of all Ai-Zho's problems.
  10. pm me if you're interested in playing an Oyashiman in an established family

  11. A teenage Hyspian boy makes plans to go on an adventure with a sorvian to find the great oil lamp so he can make a wish for his papi to come back from the Seven Skies. @wowj
  12. Oijin makes plans to kidnap some infected bastard and test Saint Amyas Draught on them. "It's a cure, I s-swear," He'd say after black bagging a rotted looking individual for the quarantine facility.
  13. Paco II screamed bloody murder back at the farm in Acre, throwing plates of uneaten food out of his room the following the days after his father's passing. Dried frijoles were smeared upon the wall and uneaten chicken wings littered halfway down the stairs. Perhaps in a twist of karmic justice in the Lotcverse, Paco's father had departed from him too soon like his abuelito to his father before him. The boy was oblivious however, and instead hated the cruelty of the world and the fragility of their lives. Lector Oijin frowned, wishing Ioannes could have accepted Quentin's machine life before his death. Another cleric to bite the dust that was not klone or machine pilled.
  14. A now rotundas Venerable Father would let out a bellowing brrrrrp and patted his stomach, his eyes scanning over the plane of the Seven Skies at the all you can eat buffet when he spotted Theo amongst the crowds of human spirits. "Mija!" Padre would call out to the younger Harrenite, "Ayudame mija. My stomach is so stuffed. The tour of Illatia was too mach para mi..."
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