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  1. Father Paco Antonius Temesch had dumped the knight into the River Petra after being asked to give him last rites, for he was a petty little man angry at the misogyny against his cousin (once removed), the Archduchess.
  2. A seething priest tacks PUP's name to the list of people who have insinuated his first cousin (once removed) was a floosey. "Ju gon' get yer's comin' ese...." The priest traces the Lorraine on himself and loaded his crossbow in preparation to pay the reporter a visit in his (GTA V ONLINE GAMER) rage.
  3. Father Tonito's face wrenched up in disgust at the mere accusation of his first cousin (once removed) being an even bigger floosey than originally anticipated and makes plans to bring his (repeating) crossbow to Urguan to set the story straight.
  4. A priest looks to his hanged up crossbow, seething the cuckhold prince insinuated his first prima (once removed) was a floosey. "Imma' shoot dem up!" he seethed some more.
  5. Father Tonito wonders how the infidelity of his first cousin once removed was a betrayal to her people. "Perhaps dis is how de Imperial exiles decided to go home - not by bringing stability after Frederick's fall pero years of plotting. No backbone, no Owyncarnate. Dis issue between a husband y wife, y de LORD GOD they swore their vows before." He wonders how his uncle's old lands will turn out in the end.
  6. It was more so tied into hou-zi and then Li-ren culture :nerd emoji: (in practice it was elf players with chi by the end and it didn't seem like any of the TAs could get through their students for whatever reason)
  7. "Up and coming church culture mi culo," comments Father Paco Antonius Temesch who ended up settling elsewhere.
  8. "kakakakakaka..." an ethereal cackle could be heard while the descendants thought they "won".
  9. Gurido the Tengu slowly reforms back together over the course of a saint's week after being skewered by Nehtamo. Although he wouldn't remember his or his allies' legendary feat that day, he served Iblees' cause of ruin fine enough. :serene: smokin koko mama
  10. Give me loot! Plz? Plz?

    1. creamynoteblock


      Hey! Can I have some dragon bones? Thanks!

    2. rukio



  11. know his name....GASHADAKURO

  12. Father Tonito wonders who will power check the Canonist Princes when they dabble in iniquity and barricades himself inside of the temple fearing the slaughter of more clergy was incoming.
  13. Father Tonito curses those who side with pagan raiders!
  14. An ancient but surprisingly youthful looking ronin squints at the signatures at the end of the missive, his eyes widening at Takai Eiji's. "I must save dem..." Oijin mumbles under his breath and brings the katana for a walk. "THEY MUST KNOW!"
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