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  1. No on consensual agreement to these, the lore should be something the community can accept and it's weak to let it be flimsy where parts of the community accept it and others don't. With that said, I'm kinda' impartial and would like to see black powder get real use outside of fireworks. But I'm concerned about power creep and if you nerf muskets to the point where they're just flavor crossbows, then what's the point in the end? Getting blasted with the blicky could lead to a lott of butthurt and trolly behavior as well. It's been discussed plenty of times before and I
  2. can anyone tell the the conversion between second age and the old date?

    1. LithiumSedai


      1796 + new elf age year

    2. Heero


      we stopped the circuit around aegis and fucked off back to asulon-anthos town is the tl;dr


      long answer for everything can be found here:





    3. Big Boss Rabbit

      Big Boss Rabbit

      thank you muchachos

  3. Father Paco celebrates another victory towards the end of taxation for the lower class, and enjoys his half off taxation for Abbey owned businesses. "Open borders, free healthcare y no mas taxation," Paco smiled later that day while day-dreaming, trapped outside the gates of Yong Ping.
  4. Father Paco, Abbot of the Flaming Covenant and Lector of Owynist Rite proudly publishes this fine piece of history and makes copies with the Abbey's printing press.
  5. Saint Juli'el was a beautiful elf woman. REPEAT IT, WITH ME

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      stop.. stop.. i cant take it anymore.. uooooohhhh

    3. ScreamingDingo


      Saint Juli'ele was a beautiful elven woman. It's essentially why we had to extend the age cap of humans

    4. Orlesian


      Saint Juli'el was a beautiful elf woman.

  6. Although far in other lands at the moment looking for his father-figure, Oijin would think fondly of Atsuki's tea at night when he tossed and turned in the bunk bed he currently shared with less than hygienic men of foreign faith. He made plans to save up the coin he made traveling to splurge at the Tianrui Teahouse on plum wine and ramen when the Oyashiman alchemist returned home.
  7. Father Paco prays for his countrymen before downing another chug of San Roberto's tequila.
  8. Father Paco is happy Luciensburg went unnoticed and resumes slaying ratiki. Perhaps Needle was afraid of the ratiki.
  9. Father Paco looks over the legenda sanctorum in his abbey cell, making a particular note after reading the life of St. Otto II. "Thees es incredibly lazy, I don't deny de miracles but good grief. Surely there were other things they could attribute to de Saint?" _______________________________________________________________________________
  10. how do you make fishing rods?

    1. Sarcof


      Carpenter's bench

    2. Big Boss Rabbit

      Big Boss Rabbit

      ty compadre

  11. Father Paco didn't know his countryman personally, but passed over Vincente as he gave last rites to the mounds of corpses about the Checkpoint and tunnel ways under Luciensburg. The elderly Hyspian priest saw his younger self in Vincente, and sprinkled Holy Water over his body. "Thou didst fight true... but the foe was too great. May GOD reward you for thy bravery in the Seven Skies. Amen." With more dead needing blessings into their next life, Father Paco wandered in his blood drenched Owynist Lector armor giving last rites to the other fallen compadres that day.
  12. "MIJOOOO!" Father Paco screamed as he swung his mace down at various oncoming ratmen. But fur, claws and teeth obscured his sight of Bessol lying on the ground until everything went dark from the Blackhide. As Bessol bled, Father Paco wept in battle near giving up in the midst of battle before he was pulled back beyond the barricade. The guilt of having asked Bessol to come and having not been able to reach him weighed heavy on the elderly priest as he lost one of his sons that night.
  13. Father Paco flusters after reading the missive, another direct threat upon his besieged parish by the rodent menace. He'd show the missive to his battle brothers Bessol Gammov @breeni and Isaac Jebediah @Abeam . "De rat bastards, Dante was right. Spies for de Blackhide Ratiki. Kill dem all." The Owynist priest thought back to when he had saved Toffee's life after thinking he had found a rodent ally. But he felt his trust was betrayed now and went back to his discriminating ways, a product of his rodent infested environment.
  14. Oijin paddles on his alaia board across the Almarian strait towards Sutica from the Jade State. With only a knapsack of wares he hopes to sell in the southern city, the young Oyashiman dreams of one day making enough money to escape the Tsao ni Ma stone wall ghettos and find wealth and prosperity with his friends. He cheered internally for open borders and free trade between his home country and the Almarian world while praying to his ancestors that the economic boom would trickle down to his peasant ass. His hopes were high.
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