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  1. Lector Oijin could no longer tell friend and foe apart in the fight against iniquity and considers seppuku every single night after the crackdown.
  2. wash away my warning points i have done my best to repent

  3. "Next they'll try to take all of de human women. . ." Paco glared at the missive, distrusting of these immigrants.
  4. Father Paco squints at the witness rendition of the vampires and cursed in Hyspian under his breath.
  5. Saint Nafis loves all of the converts to the one true faith.
  6. WANTED DEAD - 1000 mina MOTH MAN - VAMPIRE WHERE? : Spotted in Du Loc, Suspected to fly all over Southern Eastfleet (Du Loc, Yong Ping, Urguani Mountain Range). DANGERS?: This ***** flies. Could probably pick people up into the air. Otherwise UNKNOWN. REWARD?: Kill it and bring the body back, will be rewarded 1000 mina. INQUIRE WITH OIJIN IN YONG PING OR DU LOC.
  7. might as well remove the grand exchange and give power back to the RP merchants, i say!
  8. Oijin hopes to get access to Imperial black powder and more Imperial cannons through these reaffirmed relations.
  9. Father Paco kept to himself the day The Lectorate of Owyn received news of Toast's demise. He'd eat the rest of the tres leche cake he shared with Toast the Saint's day before by his lonely and wept until the dementia took his cognitive functions and he passed out in a stupor. Oijin had not received the news yet from his farm in Yong Ping and continued fishing off his straw roof - waiting in futile for Toast to come back for more alchemy lessons.
  10. Father Paco prayed for his holy colleague in faith after he had passed on. He could only hope Griffith inspired others to be as great, if not greater, then he was. His thesis On Marriage would be forever immortalized in the Library of Cardinal Commodus Horen at the Lectorate's Temple of Kaer'Lassar.
  11. Father Paco prays for the safety of his Imperial brothers in faith and for the safety of the High Pontiff, hoping to hear word they've survived this catastrophe.
  12. Father Paco continues hunting the Chupacabra to this day, hobbling through the Du Locian woods on his peg leg and armed with a crossbow.
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