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  1. Cardinal St Robert smiles the sun’s smile in his bed, deathly sick with brain rot.
  2. “They shouldn’t have shown Canonist mercy to our backwards Rashidun cousins back in the day,” Saeewyn comments to his brother Nasir. “They’re fueled by the senile beliefs of the First Caliph and have renounced ever joining back with the rest of mankind in faith.”
  3. Saint Nafis of Al-Dirahk smiles as the Treaty of Khalestine 1544 is enforced through divine will, whether the elf descended Kharadeen kafirs liked it or not.
  4. ”Hm, more lessons will be required me thinks.” Cardinal Saint Robert nods, putting the thesis back in his BROTHER JOREN file.
  5. Odus Cardinal Saint Robert censors the woman breast feeding before publishing the thesis.
  6. Yo Pi’erre you wanna come out here? 


  7. Saeewyn prepares to shoot more orcs with his crossbow. “I will collect at least 5 pairs of tusks before ‘32 is over. BELIEVE IT. 👍”
  8. not surprised, feels like it’s only hunwald answering my modreqs 70% of the time.
  9. ”Smooth brain analysis on history one o’ the orphans could have made and nay want other Lords and Kings to tell me how to live. PASS, ye stagnated *****. If this Imperium falls you’re all going down with it!” Cardinal Saint Robert flips through his stack of papers.
  10. “He’s not wrong about me kin,” Cardinal Saint Robert says to himself as he read over the missive. “But he’s wrong to spread dissent like this. Without the Imperium we’d be back in the dark ages again. Life’s just better united.”
  11. “Yer still a sack o’ ****.” grumbles Cardinal Saint Robert about Sir John.
  12. “Never liked any o’ them.” says toxic Cardinal Saint Robert.
  13. puuush puuuuuuuuush little fella – odus to the hatchling hello padre tales here, i run a turtle farm and sell turtle soup and would like to breed my turtles but the eggs take over an hour to hatch and are all still born. this is horrible for my rp being a turtle soup chef and i would like to engage in all aspects of the trade including actually being able to breed them. please fix this telanir
  14. “What an interesting turn of events.” Cardinal St Robert comments to himself, and goes back to doing his mayor work.
  15. ”A pity they couldn’t shake the Vibius out of him,” Cardinal St Robert laments...
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