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  1. “Thanks for faking Yana’s death at the time,” Commodus thinks aloud as he looked out his aviary’s balcony over the sprawling city. “Like I said at Owynsfort, different sides. It can’t be helped. And nothing taken personally my former business associate.” He’d say a prayer later that night for Uthred.
  2. “Oh myyyyy” says Mayor Odus and he dabs his brow with his handkerchief
  3. Mayor Odus becomes passionate about the conservation of green sea turtles and orders a book for the Monastery of St. Robert’s Library!
  4. BLESSED Jack Rovin thinks yall gettin sloppy with that index...

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      paying attention to pvp while banned yikes...

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      getting someone banned because you lost a mineman set...


    4. Padre_Tales


      Bro i got on content moderation last time go play overwatch or some weaboo game maybe you’ll get into roblox you got a month 

  5. “THE SAVAGES!” Odus gawks at the lawsuit proclamation. ”They cut out that foreigner’s tongue and complain when we make their civilians do community service for causing actual violence. What a cesspit of cultureless brutes. GOD save Hanseti.”
  6. Commodus almost has a heart attack that the Rashidun heretics were equated to the Canonists.
  7. Justice for the pugsied vesnians send the pugsiers to the nether!

  8. Odus smiles as he is promoted to dean and he watches the flock of new baby faced acolytes come for study. “HOW DO I REACH THESE KEEEEDS?”
  9. “Quite the discovery, I invited Cardinal Omeryn into me Monastery. What if the shades got me too???” Monsignor Odus is shocked and feels betrayed. He splashes holy water all around the monastery.
  10. Monsignor Odus prays for Cardinal Omeryn and for justice.
  11. putting that slug on your pale ass hand gonna give you ebola white devilll
  12. “Well this was a blundering failure,” remarks Monsignor Odus as he twirls his mustache.
  13. The Convening of Spring To the death of Winter and end to Ignorance Followers of St. Nafis (′Alayhiṣ-Ṣalātu was-Salām) rejoice. Lady Khalila Rian ibnat-Nafis Yar, rightful heir to Khalestine, and her immediate family call upon the descendants of the Qalasheen Spring, all of our Farfolk-Canonist brethren and supporters of House Yar to convene under peace at the Monastery of Saint Robert located in Ves, Kaedrin. Send word to Saeewyn Jaco Yar for a meeting. GOD smite the kafir, Commander Saeewyn Jaco abn-Nafis Yar
  14. “The Kharadeen kafirs reform their Caliphate after two centuries and then threaten strong Canonists, tch. Perhaps I’ll live by my namesake,” says Saeewyn Jaco Yar as he prepared to kill the Kadarsi Qalasheen.
  15. Being made the villain cuz i wanna do tavern and clinic rp 😞

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      slice of life rp is for losers

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      Also everything in that post was a lie

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