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  1. who want the shmoke


  2. Cardinal St Robert reads the Imperial Court missive and nods in the end, letting out a hefty sigh. “O’ niece o’ mine who probably lived off me expense at one point and never visited – good riddance. Your brother’s a ***** mongerer and you’re a dumb wench for nay finishing the job with that bastard John” He puts the missive away, contemplating on making a copy for the library at the monastery.
  3. Cardinal St Robert skims the missive over before tuckering out about half way through due to his old age. He sets the missive down and says to himself “I pray the Imperium has someone better for handling damage control than this oaf. I got the impression Cesarina was a **** from her writing, but this William probably nuts in his inkwell before he starts to pen...” Odus cackles and writes William’s and Cesarina’s names on a list and resumes going through the news of the realm.
  4. Kaedrin Kronicles, 1728-29 K.K News and going ons in Ves and the territories of Kaedrin Written and published by Odus Cardinal St. Robert, Mayor of Ves, 1729 News from The Golden City The Birth of Twin Princes! 18th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1728 Her Majesty, Queen-Consort Annabelle Lorin has given birth to two healthy twin sons! Citizens of Ves rejoice. The blood of Helvets and Chivay run through the Princes of Ves, named Thomas Tancred and Peter Owyn respective of birth time.In celebration of such a fortune birth, the taxes of the year 1728 have been waived and the citizens of Ves profit unhindered! Terrorism in Ves General month of Siegmund’s End, 1728 The month of Sigismund’s End was blemished in violence with the terrorist attacks in the middle of the Saint’s day. Earlier in the month, reiver bandits attacked unarmed civilians and the Army of Kaedrin routed and slayed them. Weeks later, during a game of chess between Brother Napoleon and Her Majesty Queen Annabelle, a heretic stabbed the queen and was subsequently bludgeoned to death. Two or more alleged affiliates of the assailant set fire to the Holy Cathedral of St. Adrian. One has been caught and executed and one confirmed heretic remains on the run. If you have information on the heretics who committed this orchestrated terrorist attack, please let the local authorities know as soon as possible. Depiction of the fire inside the cathedral The Queen is recovering since the attack thanks to the quick heroic efforts of Brother Napoleon with limited medicine resources. The Crown and the Vessian City Government would also like to send our beloved gratitude to the civilians and clergymen who help put out the flames at the Cathedral while the army was out killing reiver bandits. While repairs are needed, both the wayshrines of St. Thomas and St. Catherine miraculously survived the fire. Rejoice! Donate proceeds to repairing the Cathedral of St. Adrian to any priest at the Monastery of St. Robert or to His Holiness himself. The Abbey-Seminary of Saint Robert 4th of Sigismund’s End, 1728 The public services the Abbey of Saint Robert offers the people of Ves are great and a new generation of priests and nuns have been cultivated diligently with the tireless work of the priests. These deeds have not gone unnoticed and as of THE SECOND GOLDEN BULL OF VES, His Holiness has bestowed upon the Abbey the additional title of Abbey-Seminary and will act as the universal school of the Minor Order of Acolytes. If you ever wanted to become a priest or a nun, look no further for the place to get the right education. The two deans and heads of the education here are the Mayor of Ves, His Eminence, Dean Odus Cardinal St-Robert @Padre_Tales and His Majesty’s father Right Reverend, Dean Msgr. Othodoric Aurelius Helvets. @Stevie The Abbey-Seminary of Saint Robert also sends congratulations to alumnus Father Ludolf for his ascension to the Cardinal Pruvia and Bishopric of Helena. City Assembly News 9th Horen’s Calling, 1729 Conducted by Mayor Odus, the assembly first acknowledged the death of Robert Rovin II while on campaign. With no known heirs, his seat on the electorate has gone to Hans Rovin. GOD BLESS ROBERT ROVIN II. With the absence of Wybert Murcaster and the idleness of his role as Magistrate General, Mayor Odus officiated a vote of no confidence with the electorate which was passed and the seat of Magistrate General was made vacant. Five nominees were proposed for the seat: Jaanos Adric, Frederick Armas, Ser Oskar Von Tirpitz, James Lucio and unknown Easterner. With the easterner not actually present and Frederick Armas declining the king’s nomination, this left voting participants to decide between James Lucio, Jaanos Adric or Ser Oskar von Tirpitz with the latter coming in victorious in the popular vote. GOD BLESS MAGISTRATE GENERAL SER OSKAR VON TIRPITZ. Following the voting session of the assembly, Mayor Odus opened the floor for the proposal of legislation. The following proposals have been heard by the city government and will be brought before His Majesty. @Fishy Proposal of the Vessian Agricultural Reserve Act: Deforestation of the Kaedreni outskirts for the development of rural land for cultivation. Proposal of the Kaedreni Patriots Act: All foreign flags flown in Ves must be accompanied by and be under the Kaedreni flag. All public establishments must bear a portrait of the King or a figure of great reverence to Kaedreni history. A second proposition for the One Banana Act: All Hou-zi living in the city must be administered one dietary banana and must wear an armband denoting their banana consumption status. Proposal of the State Lottery Act: Establishment of a state lottery with the draw taking place on tax day. The city would be granted 20% of the pot. Proposal of the Sewer Act: The reorganization and expansion the San Marnantine Sewer penitentiary to be larger and house more criminals in accordance with rising conviction rate. Proposal of the Whole Milk Act: All taverns and inns in Ves must offer WHOLE milk or be fined a suitable amount that compounds each Saint’s day. The City Assembly was adjourned afterwards. GOD BLESS LIBERTY. *Note, the names of those who proposed the legislation was not recorded by our tasked note taker. He has since been fired. Cultists Beneath the City 15-17th of the Sun’s Smile, 1729 A multiple day venture through the sewers of Ves lead a group of soldiers and priests to discovering a den of cultists lurking under the city. In cramped, hazardous conditions the priests were forced to stay behind but the soldiers ventured onwards to annihilate and burn all heretics found. An unfortunate incident occurred that lead to the death of one captured civilian intended as a human sacrifice for some unholy idol and the Army of Kaedrin sends its regards to the woman’s family. Her name has not been disclosed.The Army of Kaedrin is happy to report that one captive of the cultists, city laborer Yahya, was rescued but was gravely injured and is recovering from the incident. The Vessian-Farfolk community thanks the Army of Kaedrin. Business Highlight Replacing the Bird and the Bard Tavern, Durant Goldhand is building a casino expected to open sometime next year in 1730. The growing popularity of dice poker in the city of Ves has spurred a renewed interest in the pasttime and the so far unnamed casino is expected to make a killing in profits should this interest continue. (Contact @Papa Liam for employment and assisting in its construction!) Mayor Odus wishes to remind everyone to gamble moderately and to not throw their family’s inheritance away. News from the Frontier Bandits Slain by the Dozens Reports from the outskirts of the Kingdom and the greater Empire state the continued successes of our Army against the growing threats of banditry. Despite these successes, however, we encourage everyone to abide by the Travel Advisory issued by the Empire. Try to keep off roads and do not roam alone, especially at night time. The victories over banditry have curbed the rates of attacks on innocent civilians and commerce has been undisturbed for the most part. However, banditry is still a large problem in our Imperium so the Kingdom of Kaedrin remains ready to combat them to the end. A monk saying prayers before a battalion of Kaedreni soldiers and their allies, 1728 Our next article will cover local city news and the results of the next mayor election of 1730.
  5. Saeewyn rides out on his horse. “Kharadeen will pay for these transgressions. On the CROSS!”
  6. Odus smiles upon reading the thesis and pats Napoleon on the back. “It’s nice, time to make copies for the library!”
  7. “I hate me extended family,” comments Commodus, hoping hellfire and brimstone rains on all of them.
  8. “Thanks for faking Yana’s death at the time,” Commodus thinks aloud as he looked out his aviary’s balcony over the sprawling city. “Like I said at Owynsfort, different sides. It can’t be helped. And nothing taken personally my former business associate.” He’d say a prayer later that night for Uthred.
  9. “Oh myyyyy” says Mayor Odus and he dabs his brow with his handkerchief
  10. Mayor Odus becomes passionate about the conservation of green sea turtles and orders a book for the Monastery of St. Robert’s Library!
  11. BLESSED Jack Rovin thinks yall gettin sloppy with that index...

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  12. “THE SAVAGES!” Odus gawks at the lawsuit proclamation. ”They cut out that foreigner’s tongue and complain when we make their civilians do community service for causing actual violence. What a cesspit of cultureless brutes. GOD save Hanseti.”
  13. Commodus almost has a heart attack that the Rashidun heretics were equated to the Canonists.
  14. Justice for the pugsied vesnians send the pugsiers to the nether!

  15. Odus smiles as he is promoted to dean and he watches the flock of new baby faced acolytes come for study. “HOW DO I REACH THESE KEEEEDS?”
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