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  1. "Waah waaah waaah," Father Paco impersonates the Ireheart aggressors.
  2. Father Paco shakes his head and lets out a sigh of disappointment at news of the clergy woman's death - having sympathy for a fellow librarian from another country. "De violence agenst clergy must cease, as well as de violence agenst women!" The elderly priest proclaimed by himself, forgetting the acolyte he had been speaking to had died some years ago. He began to weep in his dementia episode.
  3. "Niceleh worded, because ju de fattest rat I see comin' around," says Father Paco, strapping himself with explosives and preparing to blow up both himself and Bakir in the event that Ireheart aggression continues. "NO RATS."
  4. Father Paco, fearing his mortality at a century years old, decides to ask the local fortune teller to set the cards down and tell him what's ahead in the latter end of his life.
  5. Father Paco traces the Lorraine on himself as squatted in the trench he dug himself with a loaded arbalest in hand, fearing war would come to the Southern Eastfleet from Yong Ping to the voidal hallow.
  6. Father Paco whacks Ioannes upside the head. "Ju alreadeh signed de divine contract, ju will wear no crowns or fancy shmacy badges puto," Paco then let out a sad sigh, fearing he lost his new burger flipper to the politicas...
  7. Father Paco sheds a tear after reading his brother Lector's thesis and smiled - no longer would the Farfolk be kept down by the Highlander Heartlander patriarchy. Their voices would not be silenced.
  8. Lector Oijin smokes a cigarette outside of the alchemy lab after the end of clinical trials - the curve was going to be flattened. They were going to make it!
  9. Father Paco read the missive and then set it down before raising up a coil of ROPE into the air and began his prayer. "Dear almighteh Creator, send Bakir mi way so I cahn hang dat fat pink bastard and slap dat belleh of his. Amen."
  10. Lector Oijin, master alchemist and engineer, looks forward to helping his brothers with the study - for a better tomorrow, to FLATTEN the curve.
  11. "We are going to make it," Father Paco said, to Father Temesch as he drank his iced tea and watched the younger priest dig gravel. @JoanOfArc
  12. "Misleading title - right after I had garnered respect for de battle priestess showing up so fast! A good chunk of dis parish es clergy, His Holiness y other clergy came as well. Dis a lying puta! Leave et to women to make a parish under fire from heathens about her," Father Paco, old man with conservative values, ranted to one of his young acolytes about his colleague in the church.
  13. An Oyashiman Lector of Yong Ping and Du Loc dual nationalist would have had a baby born on the day of Dwarven Aggression on the Southern Eastfleet. First Du Loc, then what of Yong Ping? Oijin thought to himself in an half embrace with his wife and new born son of Oyashima. "Orai, I must volunteer and defend our home. For us, for the baby." And he'd look down at the possible Owyncarnate who would save them from the Dwarven taxman.
  14. "GOD save our parish," Father Paco traces the Lorraine cross on himself and took his loaded arbalest with him to defend the parishoners despite his age of 101.
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