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  1. Madilane looks down at the sound of paper which is placed in front of her, she’d be given a quill dipped in ink, she’d sign it poorly with her blind eyes guiding her, she’d look up and smile handing the sheet of paper over
  2. I honestly agree for this to be a thing if it’s a Creature app which is needed to play 🙂
  3. Along with Therainbowroyal and I we wrote this post together, I’d like to correct that the said centaur can only give birth twice and not one child The edit will be changed soon -=- ❤️
  4. happy birthday to me


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      Happy birthday!

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      Happy Birthday! 😄 Hopefully you’re having a good one

  5. I will apply for staff so i could get fly
  6. Kanye west will be prez of the USA When this guy is unbanned ❤️ I support this guy, let him back I support him in this
  7. Ashigawa forge 偽造の火の中で、私たちは世界のすばらしい武器を作ります In the fire of the forge we craft the greatest weapons of the world. The Ashigawa forge is a small yet humble smithy, The smithy is located atop a mountain in the far south of the world of Atlas. Run by a man named Master Toyotomi Ashigawa. his knowledge of Smithing was granted to him by his father Samejima Ashigawa. The way of forging for Toyotmi ashigawa is not just a skill but an art form for those who are willing to learn the ways of forging. The steel the Ashigawa forges use is mined from the deep mountains of the south, delving deep they pick the best vane ore Deposits, and the best is used in the forging of their weapons and tools. Each weapon is marked by their respected blacksmith with their name, and clan marking which is “足側” meaning Ashi-gawa the apprentices who wish to join the service under the master Blacksmith Toyotomi are given a place to stay, food, clothing and a place to practice the arts. Through strict discipline and patience do they learn the ways of forging great weapons. It takes roughly thirty years to master the arts of sword making within the Ashigawa forge as the master takes the student through every detail of a sword. Weapons made by the Ashigawa clan. (Work in progress) Apprentice applications. -= Ooc =- Username : Discord: -= Rp =- Name: Age: race: Gender: Allegiances: Motives in joining:
  8. Anybody interested in Making an Easterner character, find me on discord 


  9. Clan Ashigawa “...Born in the fiery flames of the forge The spirit raises and builds aflame. Quick does the sword strike and the opponent falls.” Quoted from an Eastern Samurai poem. History of Clan Ashigawa: The origins of the Clan begin with a legendary founder known as Samejima. Samejima was born in a humble farming village to modest origins. His village was ruled by a tyrannical warband that extorted tribute out of the farmers and punished those who dared to defy them. Samejima experienced their tyrannical action when one of his uncles decided to organise a revolt against the warband to liberate the village. The revolt was crushed and ended in a bloody massacre of innocents. Samejima decided then that his purpose would be to liberate the village himself. Over the years, he trained secretly to improve his physical and mental prowess. Samejima was a spiritual man and made a monthly offering to his family shrine in homage of the spirits of heaven. Samejima trained with simple farming tools such as staffs, pitchforks and scythes. Around his mid-twenties, Samejima persuaded a number of farmers to train with him. He taught these farmers about his methods of practice and showed them how to turn the simple farming tools into weapons. Samejima was a talented leader and a strict driller who valued discipline and loyalty. Samejima continued to train his small group of followers secretly, and gradually recruited moret trainees. After a number of months, he decided it was time to organise another revolt. He carefully planned the right occasion and persuaded the bulk of the villagers to join his revolt, using the influence of his followers. Samejima organised the villagers in a strict formation, and used his disciples to maintain discipline within the ranks. When the Warband arrived to collect their tribute, they found the villagers organised in formation and ready to fight them again. The Warband did not hesitate and attacked but was quickly overwhelmed by the steady formation of villagers who were able to surround and subdue them all. The small battle was a decisive victory Samejima and his followers, and the village was at last liberated. Samejima was made Lord of his home village and founded Clan Ashigawa. Samejima proceeded to raise a large family, and carefully trained his sons and daughters to follow the militaristic and spiritual tradition that he created. His descendants proceeded to expand the village and turn it into a proper feudal possession with wooden walls and a castle. Samejima’s militaristic and spiritual legacy set the foundations for a future Samurai tradition. With the extended feudalisation of Oyashima, Clan Ashigawa became vassals to a larger feudal Daimyo. Over the generations, Clan Ashigawa produced a substantial number of accomplished Samurai warriors who followed a strict code of honour and militarism, and paid homage to the ancestral spirits of heaven in their family shrine. In recent times, the Clan participated in several feudal conflicts. During one of the skirmishes, the Samurai's of the Clan were tasked to defend a village and delay the advancement of an enemy clan to give time for their overlord levies to mobilise. The skirmish ended being a bloody stand, in which the Clan was heavily outnumbered by the enemy and surrounded. Many Samurais perished, but the head of the Clan decided to flee with a small group of followers to save his life. The defeat dishonored the legacy of his clan, and he was given the choice to commit suicide or give up his Lordship. The Clanhead chose to flee the country with his family to the continent of Atlas. His sons who learnt of this dishonor decided to follow the Samurai tradition and retrieve honour to their clan by defending the Eastern settlement in the continent. They settled in the refugee camp of Tokoko and pledged their allegiance to Master Bobo. Ethics: Clan Ashigawa is a militaristic family with a rich history in producing some of the more valiant Sumarai in their domain, forming a crucial responsibility to whom they swear loyalty to. Even in defeat, Clan Ashigawa perseveres evermore in the name of their ancestors, determined to climb out from even the darkest depths. They hold a cautious and jaded view of other cultures with a stronger contempt for alter-races. Especially the white people. Family members: Clan Head: Toyotomi Ashigawa - NurfBastion Daughters: Name to be decided - Taken Miyo Ashigawa - Bethinwonderland Sons: Sojou Ashigawa - Herufain Adopted Sons: N/A Clan members: Clan members are found throughout the Tokoko Refugee camp, they are given the responsibility to travel with the Clan head and his family and guard them from attackers, but Toyotomi would not expect anything of them he can’t do himself. Fighting and training is everyday life as well as spiritual enlightenment with the soul and Body of oneself. Members are tasked with multiple objectives in life, to Serve their clan and live with Honour, Fleeing from battle is dishonourable and would result in death if found or banished, They would be given the choice of losing their life or having to find a new one. Applications to become a clan member: (OOC) Username: Discord: (RP) Name: Race: Gender: Occupation: Personality: Ambitions:
  10. Looking for people to join my family as an Easterner. 


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      Contact me via discord SPACE ARCH


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      I am looking to make an easterner. Where do I go?

  11. I like the sound of this, Really well done!
  12. Alarii looks over the herd, looking at the numbers gathering "za hurd vill grew."
  13. Lost everything, Needs home for two 😞 

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      come 2 sutica my friend. . 


  14. MC Name: Space_Gene Character Name: Num'e / Cervitaur Age: 27 Why are you pursuing the route of Monkhood?: Knowing the woods, lands and sea, seeing the struggles people who are living through in these dark times, she contemplates helping people and helping them find their path in the world and has decided to join the monks, Knowing the pain of She has studied healing over the many years of her life, she's gathered many traits of patience, compassion and strength. She feels its her duty to uphold the balance in the world and help people in surviving the world we know today. which sect do you wish to join?: Moon Do you agree to abide by the three laws of the Triumvirate?: Yes (Do not Fight, Guide the Lost, and Teach the Confused.)
  15. *Julia looks over their applications and chuckles at their lack of Goals "I wanna see people with motivation, not this." she'd replay on a note and send it via Hawk to the applicants "Please send me a written motive in joining our Crew, it doesn't have to be a long one, just a reason." - Julia Abernathy @DarkElfs @firegirl7894523
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