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  1. wish i had a sugar daddy that donated 250 bucks to lotc for me so i can spam potatoes and throw away money when ppl irl need it, lol!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. rusty_tinderfox


      I want to be ur sugar daddy growl

    3. Space
    4. Dewper


      @Creamiest - you could just @ her next time, Axel!

    1. boy


      Well well well....

  2. wish i was an edgy skin-stealing attention-seeking jailbait like creamiest :(

  3. [Pending][Actor] SpiffyTaylor

    taylors a sick *****, add him
  4. if yung metro dont trust u im gon shoot u :)

  5. chorale, you're nothing.

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    2. Chorale_


      Probably not, but thanks for the concern.

    3. boy


      damn sucks ur my favorite youtuber

    4. Chorale_
  6. hey please dont remove my status updates when i am attempting to voice a concern. i will not use a platform that oppresses my freedom of speech.

    1. James2k


      there is no such thing as free speech for snow monkeys sorry


      you must be a member of the celtic master race to have free speech

    2. Sky


      i h8 u guck >:c 

  7. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    uhm im 14 and taken by a cute lotcer..
  8. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    hey guys :)
  9. chicks with a daddy fetish make me sick


  11. how long of a ban do i get for rping jar jar binks, theoretically?

    1. Skale


      Play a goblin named Gar Gar Dinks, you'll be fine homie. 

  12. [Actor] SpaceOfAids

    Doesn't get along with anyone bar like 5 people on the server, putting him on the ET would be just as stupid as adding drfate to it.
  13. Talk with the player before staff???

    just wish dewper was unbanned