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  1. Can someone remove my staff blacklist and warnings please?

  2. [Denied][GM]Pork Goes Blue 2?

    I can't agree with this application and I do not want him on the GM team. I can speak to the GM lead if reasons are needed.
  3. [ET ACTOR] Attempt number 2

  4. [POLL] CA for Ologs?

    i agree because ive met ologs that dont even follow the original lore for them and powergame massively
  5. [Accepted] Devvy's FM App

    Yea sure. Team's got Harrison on it so it can't get worse.
  6. [Addition] [Creature] Striga

    if u drink too much u degenerate into an upir, then an alp, then a cacoran. if u neglect to drink, u'll grow weak and pale.
  7. [Addition] [Creature] Striga

    Except we (core players) do not want this addition, and we've voiced such on the thread.
  8. [Addition] [Creature] Striga

    Not drinking makes them inherently weaker and their features pop out more, i.e they grow pale as **** and their ears show more etc. I'd also like to bring up the fact that this is a rogue group that is requesting this, and not the actual original boys and girls that were around for the start at Vailor. I mean, role-play is role-play, and you can do whatever you please but when you are suggesting lore I find it required to speak with the other people because in the end it affects them too. I also feel like adding the feature of necromancy, where they don't have to drink, is basically just butchering the original concept of the vampire. I'd rather you just write lore for another creature.
  9. [Denied] iMattyz FM App

    big thicc +1.
  10. [Addition] [Creature] Striga

    lmao its still something you discuss with the lore holder/owner if ur suggesting an addition to the lore
  11. [Addition] [Creature] Striga

    not even a lore owner ????
  12. Hey, I'm going to need you to stop being so damn cute! Heh!

    1. Blago


      Aaaaaaaaa! Please, stop this. 

  13. [CA] [Darkstalker] bisnitch

    hes a powergamer dont let him
  14. The Pact of Steel, 1630

    the deputy de denesle thinks.
  15. [✔]Halfling Club: Short Supremacy

    im 5'1irl can i join