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  1. Has enough time to make water shed toilet memes and question someone else’s ability to do math but doesn’t realize that having 12 cps on blockman doesn’t equate to losing to every flay. Why don’t you finish high school or whatever Special education assignments you have due instead of trying to use that virulent computer between your ears that can’t process mineman losses.
  2. Hello my username is Yung_N_Hung and I have 2FA for LotC. Got a new phone and my codes disappeared on my app. Can I get a new key or just have 2FA removed in game?
  3. Jobless? No gf? High school bullies zip tie you to the bus? No problem, just conquer 300 lbs brain dead slimes like yourself on minecraft! And then when you’re done post the video on YouTube with a completely unusable soundtrack! Nailed it!
  4. @mitch dharma ily too bro
  5. unable to comment on forum posts, what am i doing wrong


  6. Word of warning to all female Asians, do not post pictures of yourselves, there’s this creature called heerozero, it contracted yellow fever. @Heero
  7. Since the map is ending the minas aren't really valuable, but for anyone who wants custom music made in exchange for his skin please let me know, tryna help a brother out!
  8. Looking for a talented armor skin maker, will pay 1k per skin. Hmu in pms if interested.

  9. Hey Ricky I submitted a few requests last week when anotherday posted that link. Should I do them again or am I good to go?
  10. Does the Dev team still have a need for a beta testing team? I remember being on one long ago with warhead as the lead. You could consider one, might be worthwhile having some players test out plugins for quality.
  11. Food should be a need on this server if farming is meant to have any value. Methods of hunger draining like effects of winter, racial weakness, etc, would make food an actual need. Sprint jumping is one of the most annoying things all players do, it's not immersive and reminds me of a playground, make it so sprint jumping drains hunger at a very high rate. Food should have an expiration date, if not it would just pile up to amounts that would make it unnecessary to farm at all, and items like the thanic box would become redundant. Make it so that harvesting food like wheat is easy, but other harvests more risky with consequence. Makes scythes and plows a necessity for farming. Plows could be just a player mounting a cow(called an ox) which follows a designated path, harvesting whatever is harvestable. Scythes should wear and need repair. Since were here talking about removing nexus, make it so that all gathering trades like farming don't have a lvl/exp system. What the heck is the difference between one mediocre farmer and a masterful one irl that would make their harvest significant? However I think it would be interesting to retain casket drops. But the real question is, how do we make farming fun? I don't think anyone actually wants to play a serf on this server and plow a field all day, and just "give" their harvests to their skype friends after a few hollers about some "group donation chest" from which they receive a virtual "pat on the back." I honestly don't think there is a way to make the gathering professions fun. But for the sole purpose of gathering food to meet a need and survive the above should be considered.
  12. Anyone else having issues loading minecraft right now?





    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      hi i am a biomedical engineer, we need to develop artificial limbs that can grow body hair.

      this would be awesome.

    2. Vamoose
  13. Fordhyun dabs his thumb into the ink well, signing with his thumb print. He slides it across in an L.
  14. *An old veteran donning the tabard of the White Stripes finds himself before Jon Renault, he'd exchange the following oath." What is your life? My honour is my life. What is your fate? My duty is my fate. What is your fear? My fear is to fail. What is your reward? My salvation is my reward. What is your craft? My craft is death. What is your pledge? My pledge is eternal service And so his loyalty is delivered.
  15.  anyone know where i can find the most recent information regarding charters

  16. about time for the lotc depression period

    1. Nekkore


      You OK der buddy?

    2. Vamoose


      I mean it's the time when lotc activity starts to die out

    3. Nekkore


      Oh yeah. Everyone goes back to school.

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