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  1. The Redneck

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    A Note for the LT before Review This magic is purely non-combat. It was not meant for combat nor was that ever the intent. In my view, personally it is meant for the psyche of characters in roleplay to be challenged to look past what LOTC has seen as the "reality" of the world. It is a new part of the story of magic, although many are concerned about the lore due to previous renditions of time lore in the past, this has very limited abilities with what one can do with time and the effort it takes mages to do this feat is immense. Again, when it comes to magic many look for it as some kind of protection that their character can have right? "What can it truly grant my character" well this is more so a magic for story telling, to look into the future is something nobody can do but with Glimpsing, the Chronomancer could only see one of an infinite amount of possibilities seeing as every action dictates future action and one being able to see an infinite realm of possibilities then applying the one specific situation is unheard of and surely not possible. This is not meant to make massive paradoxes but more so to help characters broach a new realm of philosophy within magic and their minds, not combat. A majority of these abilities could never be used in combat and should never be used in combat as the lore does state. It is not a combat magic so please do take that into mind when this goes up for review. If you all have any questions please reach out before the LOREMAG begins. ❤️To break the laws of the lore should result in harsh punishment due to this lore being used in the past for absurd things. Just because you see time and magic in one setting should not mean an instant N. Please take into consideration this is a NON-COMBAT MAGIC and we've gone to great lengths to change previous problems that Kha time magic and other renditions have had in the past. I don't speak for Aelesh or Paleo as well but I just wished to express my opinions about this seeing as a small group of people are concerned about the entirety of time magic due to players in the past writing faulty lore and rp about time magic. LoTC has grown as a community and the roleplay has only continued to develop. Perhaps this could be an interesting spin on the story of LOTC to open the minds of players to the reality beyond what they think possible right now but without causing any unfair advantage or role over another seeing as this is more of a "Study Me" magic rather than a "Use me to protect yourself magic" it was meant for all kinds of people but it has its roots into philosophy and psychology in my opinion. Just a small passage to clear the air on the lore, if you've any questions please reach out to any of us. Thanks guys and gals.
  2. The Redneck

    The Fat Pope Sings

    As the Pontiff Jude I entered the skies. A being, elderly and poised adorned in tattered robes with a large book and a white quill in his right hand would stand before Jude I, the one who the pontiff had taken as his namesake St. Jude stood before his holiness with nothing but a warm smile upon his visage that was barely visible through his beard. His arms moving to open as he would embrace the fallen Pontiff, and guide him to eternal peace within the afterlife.
  3. The Redneck

    [I] Fitermon, TheMagicPlugin's Game Moderator Application

    I was told to give my bias opinion........ Fitermon is one of my good pals and is one of the most approachable and understanding individuals I know. He is used to having to mediate and find solutions between various groups in the MT which gives him plenty of experience going into the role of the GM Team. I would know because I was a GM and mediation is a daunting task but he is the absolute best choice you could make out of those you're seeking to add to the team. Great Guy, Great Staff Member, Better Friend. Bias +1. My vote is bias but this man is most certainly not. ❤️
  4. The Redneck

    Wrynn's Coder Application

    He's really just a program...... I swear he's AI.
  5. The Redneck

    Seeking Martial Artists

    A Chi monk, true to his title as master of Chi furrows his brows within the Jade Peaks.
  6. The Redneck

    A Heinous Crime

    An Elf laughs and waves as he exits the Dominion before it is destroyed.
  7. Hey Gab, this is amazing. If I had not just spent all my money on a new truck I'd buy ❤️ Soon though! Keep up the good work! Give Taylor a spank for me.
  8. The Redneck

    [Pending]TheKingOfTheMoon's Lore Moderator Application

    Don't do this to yourself son. +1
  9. The Redneck

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    I mean, Chi is not a just monkey magic. There are elves and Orcs who have learned it and the Kha don't really have an active nor focused playerbase at all. Why let something die in a dying group when it could be shared with everyone. It makes no sense at all.
  10. The Redneck

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    Happy to be a part of those who made this possible. Love you Aelesh and Paleo ❤️ Let's write some more lore soon!
  11. The Redneck

    [Denied][I] Drone414's Game Moderator Application

    Drone is one of the most pleasant and kind individuals I know. He's supportive and understanding which are some of the main qualities a GM should have. His attitude towards the server is one that provides positive light in times of turmoil and he is honestly one of the best candidates for the position. I believe that with his outstanding work ethic and positive attitude will lead him to be a upstanding GM and positive influence on the team. Not only are his personal skills above the requirement but his ability to keep a cool head and good attitude make him a great pick for the team. Big +1 for my boy.
  12. The Redneck


    A clockmaker sits within his workshop within the mountain of Caras Eldar, his knife dragging along the wood of a grandfather clock. The head of Vassago would sway from side to side briefly before a sigh emits from the purple-ish blue skinned Mali'. He'd conclude his work as his grandfather clock came to completion it was a tribute to the Csarethare, intricate and extraordinary. A gift to honor a departed soul. "Although our meeting was brief, your departure is not a hindrance to your name. Let this clock serve in your memory." He'd place the final gear within the construct and the hands would begin to tick a solemn tune.