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  1. The Redneck

    Iylderi; Guardians of the Veil

  2. The Redneck

    A Vipers Fangs

    [!] The night was a cool temperature as the wind blew gently over the coastline south of the Dominion. The air moist and heavy but the moderate climate allowed the air to appear light to those who lived in the area. A small boat made its way through the gentle waves that were brought ashore, only allowed to be seen by the gentle gleam of the moon as it casted a shimmer to the water. As the boat met the shore in a smooth manner, the sand parted and a lone cloaked figure swiftly moved from the vessel to bend forth and take a handful of wet sand from the shoreline. Small clumps of the sediment fell from his gloved hands as he looked up towards the trees that created the forest before him. The only thing visible within the night were his two bright glowing eyes that acted as a stark contrast to the dusk that had fallen upon the land. The night was quiet and tranquil, the man’s arrival causing no disruption to the scene as he rose to his regular position. A gentle and elongated hiss pervaded from the boat into the still air as a massive 18ft albino python began to make her way out of the boat and onto the sand, carving a path in her wake. The man then slowly rose, removing his hood to show two ebon horns which sprouted from his forehead and peeled backwards around the sides of his head. His glowing grey eyes looked about the lands of Atlas and a hoarse voice croaked into the night, its tone as if the man had not spoken for years. It spoke but a few words as hundreds of serpents had begun to make their way from the thistle to greet a forgotten face. “Home. We’re finally home. Not for good, but to assist the realm as I was called back to do. Then can I rest in solitude when I help my Sisters and Brothers in their fight against oppression by the primordial.” Spoke Taeral, The Viper Druid.
  3. The Redneck

    Return of the Ferals

    Hey Man, I've been inactive since school started but as the original lore writer of Ferals, I'd say that this type of lore is best left alone for the time being. I like/applaud the effort and I'm touched some liked the ideas I had for the server but at this time it is best we leave this in the dark ages of LoTC. ❤️
  4. The Redneck

    The Community Manager: Who, What, and Why

  5. The Redneck

    [Trial][W] Sky's GM App

    A good lad. +1.
  6. The Redneck

    Medvekoma's Lore Master Application

    I believe a lot of these comments are towards the person rather than their lore writing ability. I don't believe that from the lore examples you linked that you're quite ready to take on the duties the LT/MT have in regards to writing and regulating lore. I would suggest a bit more practice and come back soon. I'm a previous LM and it does not appear to me (only my opinion here) that you're ready for the role of a Lore Team member. This is just based on writing, not meant as an attack but more of a helpful critique. Practice a bit more, write some more things, etc..... HOWEVER! I do wish you the best of luck for this application though! Not going to vote either way on this one. This is just for Caleb to read. There is potential, but perhaps it needs to age like a fine wine and it can give you time to take a step away and resolve the OOC shitstorm that is going on in the Dwarven Community.
  7. The Redneck

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    Thoughts on the return of LC?
  8. The Redneck

    Runesmithing Revision - Proposing Alternatives

    Not a fan at all, poor formatting, not a great re-write of the magic. Just not a fan of this whatsoever. Going to have to -1 this. Sorry.
  9. The Redneck

    Bounty on Elven Thief (500 Mina)

    An oddly colored mage would set off in search of the man to claim his prize.
  10. Welcome back my son ❤️
  11. The Redneck

    The Redneck

  12. The Redneck

    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    A Note for the LT before Review This magic is purely non-combat. It was not meant for combat nor was that ever the intent. In my view, personally it is meant for the psyche of characters in roleplay to be challenged to look past what LOTC has seen as the "reality" of the world. It is a new part of the story of magic, although many are concerned about the lore due to previous renditions of time lore in the past, this has very limited abilities with what one can do with time and the effort it takes mages to do this feat is immense. Again, when it comes to magic many look for it as some kind of protection that their character can have right? "What can it truly grant my character" well this is more so a magic for story telling, to look into the future is something nobody can do but with Glimpsing, the Chronomancer could only see one of an infinite amount of possibilities seeing as every action dictates future action and one being able to see an infinite realm of possibilities then applying the one specific situation is unheard of and surely not possible. This is not meant to make massive paradoxes but more so to help characters broach a new realm of philosophy within magic and their minds, not combat. A majority of these abilities could never be used in combat and should never be used in combat as the lore does state. It is not a combat magic so please do take that into mind when this goes up for review. If you all have any questions please reach out before the LOREMAG begins. ❤️To break the laws of the lore should result in harsh punishment due to this lore being used in the past for absurd things. Just because you see time and magic in one setting should not mean an instant N. Please take into consideration this is a NON-COMBAT MAGIC and we've gone to great lengths to change previous problems that Kha time magic and other renditions have had in the past. I don't speak for Aelesh or Paleo as well but I just wished to express my opinions about this seeing as a small group of people are concerned about the entirety of time magic due to players in the past writing faulty lore and rp about time magic. LoTC has grown as a community and the roleplay has only continued to develop. Perhaps this could be an interesting spin on the story of LOTC to open the minds of players to the reality beyond what they think possible right now but without causing any unfair advantage or role over another seeing as this is more of a "Study Me" magic rather than a "Use me to protect yourself magic" it was meant for all kinds of people but it has its roots into philosophy and psychology in my opinion. Just a small passage to clear the air on the lore, if you've any questions please reach out to any of us. Thanks guys and gals.
  13. The Redneck

    The Redneck

  14. The Redneck

    The Fat Pope Sings

    As the Pontiff Jude I entered the skies. A being, elderly and poised adorned in tattered robes with a large book and a white quill in his right hand would stand before Jude I, the one who the pontiff had taken as his namesake St. Jude stood before his holiness with nothing but a warm smile upon his visage that was barely visible through his beard. His arms moving to open as he would embrace the fallen Pontiff, and guide him to eternal peace within the afterlife.