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  1. [LM] Mitto The Woke

    My boy Mitto is enlightened. Let him on board.
  2. Setting Sail (6.0 Transition Information)

    "Where have the monks been? I haven't seen one in ages." Comments a skeptical Wight.
  3. Freebuild tile rules poll

    I can't wait to be a greifer on 6.0. Hire the Haelun'or Construction Company for any and all of your 6.0 needs! Seriously though.... freebuild is cancer and there will be non-roleplay builds all over the place.
  4. No Freebuild

    Awwww but I wanted to make a giant p*nis fort :(
  5. [Dark Arts][TA] Lhindir's Necromancy TA

    Denied. Because Lhindir's a ******* sweet boi but is still my son so I love him. Accept his app MT
  6. @501warhead Hey Buddy. Keep up the good work with 6.0. I left you a coffee downstairs. <3

    1. HONOR



    2. Corvoo


      Eh, I think he's doing a great job, personally. 

  7. Blago's AT Application

  8. A Call to Service

    ~For Ye' of Little Faith Will Find Comfort in the Eternal Embrace of the Seven Skies.~ __________________________________________________________________________ We find ourselves at a point in our history where we must make a decision to walk with GOD or walk towards him hand in hand with his servants upon the field of battle. Brothers and Sisters of the Faith, GOD whom birthed the realm of man to walk upon his hallowed realm wishes for all to enter the fold of his mercy. However, sin and deception falls upon the meek whom know not the way of scripture. I write this plea to call for those whom seek to assist the hand of GOD in his work upon this realm to consider the Holy Church. Service is a beautiful and selfless way to help assist in the cleansing of those whom seek to taint the name of the creator. For it is GOD whom washes sins away with the waters of life and the blood of nonbelievers and words from his clergy. Take heed to the words you read for salvation is within the grasp of man. Serve GOD and his Church, for the complete and absolute nourishment the soul requires is found through GOD and GOD alone. Take up longsword and pike to fight for his salvation. Deus Vult, Galen Mallory, The Daelander, Servant of God and His Church
  9. A Bare-Bones Video Guide to Editing Skins

    Splendid! Great video Mulls
  10. I guess I'll give it a try.

    Mhm! +1
  11. Shades

    Mhmmmmmmmmmmm that's my boy <3
  12. Application Name: Vesryn Illiathor ((MCname)): _Sug ((Discord ID, this can be PMed to me alternatively)): You have it. Age: 40 Are you an Elf? If not you will be considered a "Guest Sword": Mali'thill What skill do you possess in martial combat?: Longsword and Polearm The Code of Elberu'cinhir is essential to understanding the role and responsibility of a Restrained. Have you read and familiarized yourself with them?: Yes.
  13. A Cowboy Rides Away

  14. A Cowboy Rides Away

    Well, not really going to make this a bigger thing than it is. I'll be moving on to the real world and leaving the fantasy one behind. It's time I go out and enjoy my life away from a computer screen. I only have the highest hopes for LoTC and the community no matter how toxic the environment. That is one of the reasons I'm leaving, the community needs to learn to **** talk less and learn to socialize and be pleasant to one another. LoTC calls itself a community but things are beginning to fall apart because that sense of community is breaking. I've seen the spectrum, I've been here a long time. I've been a GM, AT, LM, Media Team Member, ET, and I'd like to think one of the more old players still hanging around this place. I'm not going to preach to the choir about all the problems with LoTC but it begins with the community. I've had tons of cool friendships with countless people all over the community and sadly it's time to leave those behind and enjoy University. I'll give some short blurbs below like everyone does to their closest homies on the server. I don't want this post to come across as "The only reason I'm leaving the community is because of the people." I've got tons of **** to do irl, perhaps I'll pop into 6.0 every now and again but it's time I move on. I wish you all nothing but the best in wherever life may take you. Good luck with all you do and may God bless ya. Time for the Cowboy to ride away, who knows maybe I'll be back but it's time to cut down on my time on Lotc. JakeFSF ~ My dooood. It's been great getting close with yah over the past few months and I hope nothing but the best for you. Stay safe on those late night drives. <3 you dude. Keep in touch. Luv ~ As you probably know, I'm at a loss for words. :( We've gotten so close over the past year/year and a half and we've had tons of laughs and you pissing your pantaloons from laughing. Keep safe up there in the city of brotherly love. Sky ~ We'll still be in touch, I just wanted to give yah some love before I depart. Jaeden ~ Same as Sky, I'm coming to see you soon hopefully so you can't get rid of me that easy. See you in discord bb. Ventai ~ Going to miss the yelling in the mic and the spooking around we've done. Best of luck to you my dude. Fitermon ~ I'm not letting you off the chain we'll still be talking. Thomas ~ You're the one who I've had countless laughs and memories with and I'm still going to nag you and get that world map mutha faka! Love you long time my frand from across the pond. If you ever need a chat you know where to find me. To all those I may have forgotten I got lazy and didn't wanna make a huge list. Peace out for now LoTC