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  1. [Dark Druids] The Fourth Way

    I like the concept but what William brings are some good points to the table. Druids don't need DARK DRUIDISM SPOOPY to be dark or manipulative of their powers. Not a huge fan seeing as I'm not sure what this would bring to the table in Druid rp and LOTC lore as a whole from where I'm standing right now.
  2. The Order of Xion

    A creature with massive ram-like horns sat upon an ebon throne within his cavern. His form barely recognizable upon the shadows that danced through the space. A few light chuckles would emit from the ancient looking man. "They fear the Old Dark, yet the Old still yet lingers as long as I have anything to do with it. We are the old dark. I wish them nothing but the best of luck on their endeavors as I've many friends who affiliate themselves under the banner of Xion. Perhaps a meeting is needed soon..."
  3. First Golden Bull of Saint Judeberg

    A certain St. Jude would give his nod of approval over his successors work.
  4. Regaining Our Roots.

    The Viper Druid sat within his abode, his eyes looking over the sermon of Quillian as his head gently shook from side to side. His right hand would move to gently rub along his chin as the massive python Naga sat coiled by his bare feet. Gentle licks of the hearth before him danced within the glint of his golden bloodshot eyes as they moved to and fro over the words before him. "There is only decay within the Druidic Order because of the blind insolence of their peoples. In order for change to occur, and true natural order to reign they must toss aside their false ideologies that so plague the minds of each and every new Druid which is attuned into nature. Reality of what the world truly is must pierce the mind, body, and soul for there to truly be unity among those who claim the title of Druid even though they do not deserve such a title for all their actions. Their way of life is not natural, their groves do not change and the life within them knows no end to the natural cycle as they are upheld by the powers these Druii possess. They claim to be protectors of nature, yet show mercy upon those who destroy the very thing they say and swear to protect. If a druid is an upset to the balance, they must die and be returned to the soil no matter what they have done in their past to solidify their influence within the Order. Those within power in the Druidic Community dictate how others should live and their ways are false and go against the tenants of what it is to be Druii. Yet, none of the Druid who affiliate themselves with the Order stand up for the traditions of Yore which calls for bloodshed and suffering for there to be peace. What those who call themselves "Brothers and Sisters" stand for is simply a disgrace and their treachery shall be met with the force of true natural power. Do you not think so Naga?" Taeral, Father of the Ferals would then sit back in his chair with a light grunt. His feet moving to rest within the coils of the hulking white serpent beneath him. "It is time for change... Time for a rebirth through ash and flame, shall a new way of living and order reign absolute."
  5. [✗] gunpowder lore i guess

  6. [Amendment] Chimeras

    Based on this your Lore has been moved to accepted. Accepted.
  7. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    :) Neck Red like a truck bed.
  8. A Inquiry for Tutelage

    -:- Letters go out through the vast landscape of Atlas. The ink elegant and silver in coloration as it gently gleamed upon the soft parchment which would appear frail to the touch. Light tears litter the corners of the paper as if it was created by hand. As you read it would appear a young Mali’thill is in search of tutelage within the magical arts: -:- “To whom it may concern, I am in search of an instructor of the Arcane to guide me along the path towards knowledge of the void. I am of Mali’thill blood and seek knowledge and tutelage beneath a veteran practitioner of the Arcane. I’ve done extensive research prior to my search for the ability to harness the void unlike many prior to them becoming attuned to the voidal connection. Should this reach a party and spark interest in perhaps taking a pupil, send a bird to the Dominion for Sythaeryn.” -:-
  9. JennaDoesntCare's WT App! (Jenna actually cares about this!)

  10. Feral Amendment

    How about they can't learn magic after they lose their curse because the way I designed it would to be to literally rip more than half one's soul from them. They lose feral, they lose magic and immortality age wise. Perhaps 20 years to live after? Easy solution.
  11. [CA] Isobela

  12. A Letter to the Descendants

    A Dark Lord would chuckle upon hearing of the note. Vesper would gently rub his forehead, a sigh escaping the Ascended as the politics have engulfed his order.
  13. [Dart Arts][MA] Eileen