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  1. [Lore submission]Waffle evocation

    Totally 100% should be Accepted. Lmao
  2. Invocation

    Skyrim is for the Nords, not Lotc.
  3. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    "C'mon Joey, Ya'h two momfs late on yer rent. "
  4. Infernic Castors; Firearms

  5. [Chi Manipulation] [MA] that one cripple

  6. Nonexistant Lore Infringement

    Ah must have misread. None the lesser, the above still stands in reguards to the situ-mat-ion.
  7. Nonexistant Lore Infringement

    What the duce type of ban is this? GM, Know the rules or come to an LM before handing out a ban as stated above as "Willy Nilly" if you have any questions in regards to situations like these, just ask the LT in Staff Chat as is GM protocol if I'm not mistaken. (It's not too terribly hard) This infringes upon a players roleplay and experience and a simple check in chat could not have hurt and the situation could have been avoided entirely. This is not on you Jandy, In my personal opinion this is on the staff that handled it. Thank you for handling this situation in a poised and mature manner and I hope the best for you and your unban.
  8. [Denied] [Actor] Swgrclan

  9. [Your View] Metagaming

    "It's your emote btw." In all honesty it's nice to see this metagaming situation being addressed.

    My land of the South will rise to strike down commiefornia. In Dixie's Land I take my stand, and live or die for Dixie!
  11. [Chi Manip] [TA] Chen-Yu

    He is verified to teach. Lore creators perms as we need a new way of moon instructor. This peaceful monkey will do big things.