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  1. Bro stop talking like a politician trying to do damage control. None of your ******* fleepers give afuck about Aiden. Leave him and his family alone, and stop trying to dox him. It wasn’t frill, or DPM, even though people continuously try and point it at them. It isn’t ghazrial or Nottingham either. If you guys want to look innocent then stop holding a smoking gun and go back to your farming rp.
  2. It was a bad day to be name Aiden.
  3. T H E H O N O U R E D F E W “It’s always a shame to see how stupid people can be.” ~ Margrave Manfred of Arichsdorf Old wounds weighed heavy on the young man. No longer would he be as spry as he had been even five years ago. Still, as he looked upon the face of the traitors- NO, JUST ONE. I NEED ONLY SLAY ONE. Gustaf de Vilain, the man who had once proclaimed his highest loyalties to not just Frederick, but Oren as a whole, stood before the king, clad in polished, undented armor. A shining knight he was, once the star of the realm as a whole. How tragic it was that a few years earlier he had stood beside the greatest of Orenians, but now he stood beside the rebellious rabble who stood for naught but an end to Frederick’s reign, to his city, and to his life. Regardless of his hostile sentiments, though, his own eyes could not be clouded by his judgment: before him stood the armies of the rebels, numbering few, and their allies, numbering many. Only a loyal few stood by Frederick’s side, showing their bravery even as many others took to the sides, refusing to risk themselves for their liege. A predicament such as this necessitated one response to ensure the survival of his people. “You traitor, Gustaf, I challenge you. You and me. Before the eyes of the world. Let us represent our causes honorably and with valor. To the victor shall go the war, I pledge this myself.” Not even a moment passed before Frederick could see the shaking of Gustaf’s head, then a bout of laughter. His last gambit had been a failure, and although he had not counted on its success, he had still a lingering hope that any semblance of the man he knew remained. It was not to be. Be he cunning, a craven, or both, the duel had been denied. A final stand would have to be made, though it was the exact scenario Frederick desired to avoid. “My liege, I beg of you, flee. We can hold them off,” said Captain Pavel, drawing his blade and calling a handful of soldiers over. “Out the back door. Raise an army, save Vienne, avenge us.” He gave a final, desperate look to his liege, yet not one with fear. No, it was determination to stand for him. Captain Pavel turned back to the growing crowd, who had similarly begun to prepare their own arms. Finally, with a simple inclination of his head, Gustaf de Vilain ordered forth his own army, looking upon the paltry forces that stood in defense of their king. However, the men of Oren held back the Acrean swarn, and a few retainers grasped Frederick, aiding him, for his legs had little strength themselves, pulled him back to his throne. Despite his hurried flight, he could hear the armored footsteps of other men, not his own, chasing in quick pursuit. The first retainer turned quickly, drawing a knife, but he was cut down in an instant. The second shoved Frederick backwards, he too throwing himself into the rebel men, but it was futile. The last few men remaining gathered around their liege, forming a circle around him. One by one they fell in the onslaught, but all kept fighting. It would be mere moments now until he was slain. Frederick could hear his heart thud, for now the end was unavoidable. It had come for him, and face it he must. With a quivering, feverish hand, he grasped the pommel of his sword, preparing to draw to make his final stand, but then an arm grabbed him. The king spun around, ready to strike this last foe, but when he turned his eyes meet a kindly, grey pair. They mirrored his own. “Father? A smile came from the figure, shrouded in a haze, that immediately illuminated him. Staring back was indeed his father, though his form was clearly far from corporeal. As if behind a veil of mist, the late Emperor spoke to his son. “Leave it be, Frederick. Your fight is over. The time for rest has come.” He then gestured behind his son. Frederick followed, and before him he saw his own body: bloodied, battered, bruised, certainly dead, with his sword still caught in his sheathe. Fourteen men lay beside him, fallen in defense of the king that they had stayed loyal to until the very end. Above the corpses stood a knight in polished, undented armor clasping a bloodied axe within his hands. The king’s demise was now final. He had perished at the hands of Gustaf de Vilain. Yet, curiously, neither fear nor revulsion struck his heart as he looked upon his own body. Instead it was a mild unease, uncertainty, a conflicted disposition. “Had I not raised my sword in my own defense?” Asked Frederick, turning to his father. Philip shook his head. “By God… this curr took my life, yet I had not laid a blow on him? Not even a petty revenge for the dishonor he committed against my person, my family, and my kingdom?” “Not even a scratch,” said Philip, though, far from disappointed, his own tone was quite nonchalant. “But who cares about all that? I found a new Palawanicus Beetle along a creek bed. If we can find it again, we can do that apple trick that I showed you when you were young?” Despite his father’s words, Frederick’s heart could not yet rest easy. “And what, does it just end now? No chance for me to change a thing, to find any recourse for that which aggrieves me?” He called out to his father. His father’s amused expression settled into something more serious as he clasped Frederick’s shoulder. “It is done, son. You have fought well and have made your mother and I proud. The world of the living is out of your reach. You had time to determine your fate, and the result now is the direct result of your actions. Learn to accept it and regret nothing, for now, in this world beyond, there are greater things, things beyond your comprehension, to occupy your time.” And with that, he turned around, slowly dissipating as he began to walk away. His hand reached out for Frederick, and with an open palm he invited him to follow. Follow he would, but first the king had a final goodbye for the world of the living. He turned to Gustaf de Vilain, gloating over his enemy’s demise with his comrades, and imparted upon him a final curse. “Gustaf de Vilain, by the vows you have broken, so I curse you. That sword, used to slay your Orenian countrymen, shall fail you as mine did. What demise comes to you shall be not through the honor of battle, that which you fled from when I offered it, but through the same inglorious end you have given me. Be cursed, Gustaf, upon this world you seek to claim your own. I now exit this stage and leave both it, and all my grief, behind. When you too are faced with the same end as me, stripped from this world so suddenly, despite your ambitions, family, and desires, it will be then that I find forgiveness in my heart and weep for a lost brother.” His final words spoken, Frederick grasped his father’s hand and traveled with him to the life beyond. WALK WITH ME, SON OF HOREN. FREDERICK I 1847 – 1883 REGNANT 1868-1883
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      Smoking that 👨‍🌾 pack.

  5. Reflections & Memories I made this post today, as I mark the end of my reign as King of Oren. I look back on my eight years on the server, I remember the memories well made, both good and bad, high and low. I garnered quite the reputation, being a Minecraft Villain after all, yet I believe I’ve really broken from that mold over the last year or so. I'm far from perfect, but I’m better than I once was. People usually make good bye posts, then return after a month or so hence why I won’t label this as a goodbye, a simple See you Later will suffice. I remember my time on LoTC well, this community has helped me through it all. Crazy to think I was barely eleven years old when I started, now I am nearly twenty. Though many contribute this server to their problems, curse it for the negativity it gives, which in all honesty that is true nor will I hide from the fact. Yet below the bad, and the ugly there was something most cherished; that being it’s memories. Some of which are priceless in my opinion. When I was a kid, I remember leaving CT as I made my way to Leuvardeen for the first time. There I was met with a Teutonic patrol down the Kings Road. It truly felt like a Skyrim Experience after all, so immersed in the game. Savoy was the staging ground of my ambition on this server, I always wanted to be like Paul as a kid. Remember seeing Olivier de Savoie accompanied by the legendary Kings guard retainers. My heart will always belong to Savoy, and it's crazy to think that I wouldn’t be here without TheSmellyPocket so I raise a glass to you father, as I wish you best in your pursuit of faith. To Dantory, Chaotikal, Jaezon, Guck, Clegg, Mitch, Lyonharted, Nolan, Proddy, Nathan, Axeman, Big Matt and little Matt, Altiak, Lemon and Lime, Salvo and to Vammy, I thank you for the memories. Though as a kid, I was rambunctious and strived for more. I remember shortly there after the death of my character Frederich von Manstein, I was met by a group of young players who wanted to form a kingdom out in the desert, sparked by my ambition as a noob I joined them and under the banner of Vegetarianism we started the groundworks which would go on to form Courland. To Vege, to Joel, to Gavin, to Kosher, Cheshire, I thank you for the times well spent, and memories worth making. I remember standing with Percivial Staunton as we prepared for the siege of Barrowyk, and I remember the formation of the great Duchy yet as such a chapter ended, so too did my place on LoTC. I had vanished, without a trace as I had to focus on real life due to moving across state. When I returned, Savoy was no more, a mere memory. I was not there for Johannesburg, though I wish I was. Yet, I still thank Cruz for being someone I could lean on. Vege had asked me to return, so I did, however I returned too late. Aleksandria was a ghost city, and the empire shattered. I waited in CT but nobody came, however a certain Santegian found me at CT, and his name was Kukii. There he took me to a place called Norland, and well the rest was just history. A community I was foreign to, knew nothing of, yet felt most at home. To Narthok, rukio, Fuze, Elemental, Cakefool Malgo, Deano, Prof, Anisgar, Elrith, Ubergoobie, Pancakes, Sneaky, Hackahan, Muddy, Humanistic, Pando, Ivory Aquaquean, and the many more faces of Norland. I thank you for many years well spent, and the memories of the Krag, Varhelm, Nordegenrad, Dunharrow, Morsgrad live on forever. Just like we used to scream at the top of our lungs in Teamspeak, “Iron from Ice.” Without Norland, I wouldn’t have met some of my greatest friends. Yet as Norland fell, (Thanks Renatus) I was stuck at an impasse. I didn’t know what to do, however some of my old buddies; Tumperton and Cooper, hit me up with an offer to join a group that had just started alongside Norland’s favorite pizza man, Uberboobie. They were known as the Reivers, a name trademarked by the wonderful scottish screamer Hachahan. I remember destroying Reiver tower with a cockatrice, turning it into an event site just so Renatus couldn’t claim the land. Then later that evening, Cooper sitting on the cockatrice egg in hopes of having a pet cockatrice. Those guys stood with me through every battle I had faced in the Nordengrad wars and for that I thank them. To Cooper, Thornz, Ubergoobie, Pancakes, Jason, Lucas, Mickael, Buff, Nectorist, Silent, Chris, Werewolf, Junar, Beboon, and the many more reibas. After I lost Nordengrad, I was pretty heartbroken, that was a community I had built up for months just to watch it get sieged away. (By the Way thanks Tornado, you fat neek). I genuinely had no purpose on the server, so I quit and gave my account away to Lucas (ThePortugeseGod). My favorite memory was being spammed on snapchat by Lucas asking to have me screen share with TastyCheesecake as mod. My dumbass had a hackclient on a newer version still on my PC, so I was hit with a hacking ban. It was still the funniest gaslight, trolling staff into thinking I was going on a Rugby camp trip to Portugal. (L+Bozo+Cope Blue Tags). Yet later that summer I was brought back into the Fold. The largest war to date, The War of Two Emperors. I remember when they crowned Vege, I was mowing my lawn that day. That first L set us back, but I remember the determination Renatus had was unparalleled and after that the rest was history. The Siege of Helena’s final moments in VC was most memorable. Having everyone scream and get hype over such a victory. Yet the aftermath of the War brought such an Odd timeline in LoTC. The 8th Empire was Formed, and with it the beginning of the wig era but in my opinion it wasn’t as bad as people portrayed it. LoTC is a creative platform, an art I dare say. Everyone has different perspectives on what they do, one man's trash is another man’s treasure. Though during this time I was somewhat of a nomad. Yet during these years, I developed friendships with some of my closest friends. Narthok, you were always like the oldest brother to me. Looking out for me when I made mistakes, and correcting me when I was wrong. I thank you and honor you for everything I’ve done on LoTC for you’ve taught me everything I’ve learned and I thank you for that. To Charlemagne, thank you for believing in me and always being in my corner even when I was in the wrong and helping mold me into being a better man not just on the internet but in real life as well. To Chaotikal and Jaezon, thank you for teaching me how to build, and for always being in my corner and supporting me through my triumphs and tribulations. To Milenkhov, you have been my brother for years now, and probably one of my closest friends. Sometimes we get mad at each other, but it is never permanent. I love you for being by my side, through FRP, Luciensburg, Savoy and now Oren. To Jules, even though we also sometimes fight, I thank you for always being honest to me and looking out for my best interests, I am sorry I couldn’t always reciprocate it sometimes. To Nectorist, although we are a year apart you’ve always been like an older brother. Standing with you during your reign regardless of the hell we put ourselves through, I would 110% do it again just to stand by you. To Eli; thank you for always being in my corner and believing in me regardless of the outcome. I know full heartedly I would not have succeeded without having you in my corner. To Proddy, my second favorite angloid (I'm dating one so you gotta keep up), You’ve always been with me through my harebrained projects even though most of them failed it was good to know I could rely on you always. I remember rallying everyone I could to save Robert Helvets, and still am mad at myself for noting being able to do it. This was the start of the Ollie Renault era, a character so villainous, It also didn’t help that I wasn’t a good person during most of his span. Yet my return to LoTC developed my friendships with several in particular, To Gecko; You have always been like a little brother to me. Regardless of the trouble you’ve gotten yourself in over the years, I will always go to bat for you, because I know in my heart you are a good kid and I know that you’ll achieve things far greater than what you perceive. To Emery; regardless of the trolling and the banter over the years you’ve truly matured from what you once were not just as a player but as a man and for that I am proud of you. Who would have thought the little Sedanian Screamer would go on to be an Orenian Prince. To Radzig; Although we've only known each other for so long, I do believe you've earned a spot here in this post. You are a good kid, smart writer, and a great friend. Keep working on your music, I know you'll go somewhere with it. To Chenn; Thank you for being in my corner since the start. You are easily the best Chancellor I've ever had, and one of the best this server’s ever seen. I wish you luck in what you have planned for your future. To Budaq & Paladin; Although the likelihood of yall seeing this is slim to none, I thank you both for standing with me since the beginning. Regardless of what people say about you, I find the majority of it bollocks, because I knew deep down you are both amazing human beings and I am happy you freed yourself from this shit. Much love to the both of you. To Aiden0023; my favorite technician, I thank you for always having my back and being the best rule lawyer that this server could offer. To the WOO Anonymous Discord, I thank you all for keeping up with my drama-filled 2021 (It was a big show huh), and a special thank you to Dantory. I am sorry I wasn’t the best of friends to you, and I'm sorry that I put a lot of shit on your plate. If I could go back and fix It I would 110% everytime. To Gargerad; I miss you brother. There's not a day that goes by when I don't think of you, nor the memories we’ve made. I live each day in remembrance of you. To Spicii, my heart is on the English shore. Look how far we’ve come dear, to think over every relationship I’ve had in my lifetime, none have been as charitable as you. Sometimes we but heads, but that is every relationship. I go to bed thanking myself that I have you, and I look forward to seeing you soon. TO THE CAFE DISCORD: Thank you for all the memories we’ve had, from Heero saying some sus things in vc or Llir debating the existence of certain nations. To you all, I thank you; To Spoon, Snow, Heero, Llir, Rilath (congrats on chief janny), Joeblack, Jentos, Yandeer, Guck, to my good twin Cal, Joel, Treshure, Riftblade, Phil, Matt, Noobli, Kujo, Pundi, Squak, Skyelz, Zacho, Werewolf, Chase, and the many more we’ve met on the road. TO THE SAVOY COMMUNITY; Dasdi, Chenn, Lithium, Olox, Mykei, Caelria, GoodGuyMatt, Madone, Rep2k, James2k, Asutto, Publius, Axelu, Proddy, Gecko, Caranthir, Cepheid, Agentofdeath, Soren, MonkeyPoacher, Ramon, Beamon4, Mikomonster, Mio, Danny, Mickaelhz, and the many new generation Savoyards. I thank you all for helping me on such a project, to take a nation who was on the verge of collapse and making the strongest nation on the server is not an easy task yet we made progress that most deemed as impossible. Finally I thank the ORENIAN Community; Chenn, Amyselia, Asutto, Kazoo, Fie, Wagwan, JosefRippleberg, XOCO, Zaka, Ncarr, Olox, Maple, Agent, Andrewtech, Tilly, Maltamoss, Jacko, Raine, Lhindir, Matt, Madone, Ncarr, Milkyi, Emery, Gecko, Twodiks, Budaq, Pancakes, Trinn, Milkyi, VictoriaMinaj, Sneaky, Paladin, Hogobojo Nord, Kaladin, Froschli, Bickando, Benji, Dasdi, Marina, Darkwrath, CCTV AND HDTV, Rainalyn, Calvin, Sixbyte, Chefdeuces, Itdontmatta, Frank, David, Zacrox, Valecu, Twi, Gaupstar, Green, Orleasian ibiou, Borin, Atomic, Juju, Pkdon, Matti, Smmers, Nano, Mail, Pyrite, Manny, Balthy, Fishy; The Wonderful taverners, Disco, Maxie, Saw (Thank you for always reminding me to eat, who would've thought I needed it during these times but I did) -- To Venclair, Radzig, Autty, Aziee, Eryane, Calvin, Aryi, Coven, 6x and Chronics, Casual and Joshbright, and the many more citizens of Oren. I leave you in good hands, and I ask you a favor if I am deserving of such. To stand by Tornado as he has stood by me, through the thick and thin. He may seem a bit hot headed from time to time, but I know without a shadow of a doubt you shall rise before the occasion and prove to be a better leader than I’ve ever been. To the Lectors; I always thought of what you said was just to pick on me, felt as if it was undeserving yet as I look back on my time I thank you for bettering my image on the server as a whole. The Mole King comments, they really did help me to become a better NL overall. I will miss your banter, or Trey’s 4am Pings, or perhaps abeam @ing everyone at 10am saying that the world runs on EST. To; Zhulik, Shady, Trey, Joel Abeam, Tasty, Dharas, Dargrind, Mikerino, Titanium, Arcanechicken, Wowj, Heph, Tentoa, Jules,and Milksota. I thank you all for being the best. I leave this post with a note to all who wish to hear it; LoTC is what you make of it. To those who believe they do not matter, I beg you to rethink your outlook on such. Perhaps take my tale as a lesson or two, on what to do or perhaps on not to do. However, regardless of the good and bad I am thankful for what this community had given up to offer. This is a game at the end of the day, don’t make the mistake that I had made treating it as any other. With this I leave my final message; play to have fun regardless of the outcome, perhaps you’ll win perhaps you’ll lose yet take it with a grain of salt. I thank you all for my journey, and I hope one day I’ve sparked another to take my place. Much love, Lionbileti
  6. Frederick heard of the missive from the confines of his bedroom. There he spoke with his wife, “Why would they do this? Have I not been good to them? Have I not been a fair and just king? I helped design the plans for their village, paid for the costs of its construction. Stood by Gustaf through it all, and for what? Just for him to destroy the Kingdom he swore to protect. My heart, it is shattered. Leave me, let me rest.” Wept the Orenian Monarch, as he returned to rest.
  7. Alexa, please tell wife I am Minecraft admin 

  8. Cope and seethe as a wise man once said..
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  12. The Orenian Monarch stood before his desk, hands crossed behind his back as he watched the birds fly across the evening sky. However his deep thought and meditation was disrupted by an urgent courier. “Your majesty, grave news!” Cried out Sir Edmond de Rouen, as he approached Frederick. “News from the north?” Queried the King as he’d loft a brow towards his trusted Captain. “Worse, it is Gustaf.” Frederick’s heart soon began to stop, the world around him turning into one gigantic blur.
  13. Help Heero said he'd do naughty things to me in a vc, turned his camera on and stared into my soul.
  14. 10/10 lawyer service, he left a cute girl on read to pursue this case. Dedicated to his clients
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