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  1. Have you tried relogging in your launcher?
  2. Telosium

    Craftbook broken

    The fact the trapdoor is up against the wall probably means there's some other source of redstone powering it.
  3. Telosium

    The Isilioleth

    IGN: ImmortalWords Discord: ImmortalWords#7472
  4. Name: Bone paste Use: This clay like substance quickly hardens when it is taken out of its semi airtight container, and can be used to heal broken bones without the use of a greater healing potion. After it has hardened, it will be as hard as bone. It can also be used to recover lost teeth, if done properly. Should be handled with care, unless the user is out to harm their patient. Red Lines: -Sticks to bone -Hardens within a matter of minutes when taken out of an (semi) air tight space Recipe: Earth 3 (Connection, protection, immobility) Fire - Water 1 (Regrowth) Air - LT approval?: Nah Name: Bulking potion Use: The three forms of this potion have very similar yet different effects. Where the weaker version is a salve, the moderate and the greater potions are more fluid. The weaker version of this potion is the most graceful one, only swelling skin and irritating it slightly. The moderate version is more balanced, only swelling muscle. This liquid is not supposed to be put on skin, but injected. The moderate version of this potion should not do any harm in any cases. The greater potion is far more chaotic, causing muscle to heavily bulk out. This potion too, should only be injected, but can be applied to the skin. If it were to be applied to the skin, the same effects would take place but on a smaller scale, and a more controlled surface. If too much of the greater version were to be injected, the muscles would swell so much that the skin would start to rip open, in most cases causing the subject to bleed out. Red Lines: -Doesn’t grant actual strength -Swollen skin becomes irritated -Swollen skin bleeds faster -Moving may become hard due to tissue being in the way Recipe: Weak Earth 1 (Poison) Fire 1 (Overwhelming) Water - Air 1 (Gracefulness) Moderate Earth 2 (Endurance, poison) Fire 1 (Overwhelming) Water 2 (Regrowth, balance) Air - Greater Earth 2 (Endurance, poison) Fire 2 (Chaos, overwhelming) Water 1 (Regrowth) Air - LT approval?: Nah
  5. Is it just me or is the home page broken?

  6. This is why we need downvote buttons
  7. Thank you for summing up what exactly is wrong with the LT
  8. The schematic folders should be in one of the server files, (Within WE there should be a schematic folder, I think) So ask a dev, I guess?
  9. Doesn't mysticism have something very similar?
  10. Snapshot 17w13a is out! And it has text to speech! And parrots!
    (Text to speech: Ctrl+B) (Parrots are tamed with cookies and will sit on your shoulder when you right click them. Seen you have two shoulders, you can have two!) And... Custom crafting recipes? I guess. Not sure.

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    2. Dewlox


      Or... their microsoft overlords suck 'em dry on other things and they're unable to spit out somethin' good when it comes to minecraft.

    3. Chaw
    4. Telosium


      @Chaw There will be a advancements window, probably allowing for custom crafting recipes.

  11. Ehier cursed as he saw his son up for sale, not having the mina to buy him.
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