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  1. Sheep farm under Chambery - Axios, 2016


    1. Nowak


      Omar for Rex!


  2. I recommend referring to your enemies as 'Darkspawn,' regardless of their race or appearance. Darkspawns are regarded as habitually evil in most RP cultures, and I think they're the current antagonists of LotC.
  3. waiting for chunks to load

    i spent a couple of minutes falling all the way down to -45,000 y-axis after logging in


    1. Textarea


      i've been online for 20 minutes and i can't see messages from OOC/LOOC/RP/etc. i can receive damage and deal damage to other entities though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      Edited by Textarea
  4. Zoey Frostbeard reads through the missive and remarks "Slaughtering cattle, aye?" She recalls her kinsmen slaying a pack of Ferrymen while on the road. "Cattle indeed."
  5. I miss doing bandit RP-PvP where both groups equip their gear and do a PvP countdown to start the fight. The training swords made in the crafting table only do 1 point of damage, which is very lame.
  6. I think having sponge at the resource island would be cool
  7. fortnite is my middle name

    1. Tigergiri


      My gods the legend....

    2. J33xt101


      Where you been my boi! Return to us!

  8. Omar Grimmer'Lak's Death The old goblin, Omar Grimmer'Lak, passes away at the ripe old age of 400 years old. "PREYZE LAKLUL!" Character Biography Family Tree ((Next character if I start playing again))
  9. Does this mean that Omar Grimmer'Lak is making a return?

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