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    This map sucks...

    S U C C
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    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    I'll take the ironwood spear or the Fallingwood Chestplate in that case
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    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    _MapleTree Fuzzy mittens and ancient elven longsword
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    [✓] Land Charter App

    Laurence Mauntel signs! ((MapleFruit_))
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    [Denied]Alex's GM Application | Blue > Red?

    Yeh he's a cool kiddo. Fun to talk with and i've never seen him mad. Definitely a good person to have on the team! +1
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    The Crafter's Guild

    ||RP|| Name: Treemma'Parir Chosen Craft: Wooden figurines/statues Experience: Made figurines of her family and toy's for both her children. ||OOC|| MC Name: MapleFruit_, _MapleTree_, and LordOfTheTrees Skype: mineboy26
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    The Grandaxe Clan

    MC Name: Orcish Character Name: Mobem Character Age: 46 Profession (See above): Farmer / Chef Appearance: Mobem is a chubby dwarf with red hair, her hair weaved into multiple braids flowing down her front and back. She has dark brown freckles dotting her cheeks and nose. Bloodline and relation to other clan members (Feel free to contact me for guidance): Kendrick Grandaxe(Father) An image of the skin you intend to use: ((https://gyazo.com/44ce95d530b2ffd38b1bd8861274789e Skype Name (If you have it): mineboy26
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    The Satyr

    Ill totally play this. And it'd be fun for actual other players to play it also.
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    [Denied]LeoWarrior14's GM Re-App

    I've had a lot of bad experiences with Leo in the past, he has told an rper oocly that no one wants him in the area and that he ruins rp. I dont think someone who talks like this to other players should be in the moderation department. -1000 from me.
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    [Denied]Sky's Trial Game Moderator Application

    Zpiritz ahr peepul tuu.
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    LeoWarrior14's GM application

    I have one. One day, about a month ago, you messaged Nyansabi while he was on his ghost character, and told him that he wasnt welcome and you suggested he not rp in Laureh'lin on that character again, you also said that he was ruining rp and no one wanted it. When in reality, there were a lot of people who genuinely enjoyed the rp with said character.
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    The Homunculus’ Alchemy

    OOC In-game name: _MapleTree_ and Matree Skype: (just so we can keep in touch with you): mineboy26 RP Homunculus name: Naravin Key Symbol in the homunculus: (fire, water, earth, or air) Water Race: (what descendant race does your homunculus resemble? Elf? Dwarf? Human? etc) Elf Appearance of homunculus: Nara has dark blue skin, with splotches of white all across her skin. She is 6'1" in height, and 140 pounds. Her clothes resemble those of the Shallah tribe. Personality of Homunculus: She is very open to her fellow homunculi's ideas, she often stays quiet in a conversation, only speaking up when needed. She is upbeat and very patient, and will normally wait for however long it takes with no complaints to the person or people she is waiting for. Are you aware of the PK cause and do you agree that your character will be PK’ed if one of conditions are met?: Yupity!
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    The Yyradi Isles

    *Having been given the charter by a friend, Treemma signs the charter.*
  14. I wanna inspect your pen ;) heheheheheheh

    & Knuckles

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    [Denied] The Purple Menace ATapp

    I totes support this player, fun rper and has a lot of good ideas. +1 would +9000 but not allowed D:
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    Honor Guard Of Summerhall

    MC Name: Kaiel 'Adie' Koilash Race: Human Skype (PM if you’d like): mineboy26 Do you have Teamspeak?- don't use it much but yeah
  17. Av'aren Habitat: Dense trees, lots of nature and good crops available, would live in Ewok style villages. Description: (Yeah thats right, we did all of this) As the Humans, Orcs,, Dwarves, and Elves make their way on to the new land, they have yet to know what they will meet. As they dock, screeches across the lands can be heard, the trees will rustle and graves around the area move, the new arrivers are not the only ones here. Immediately, everyone split off to find land for their people, their generations, and disregarding the noises and the movements, that followed to see who these newcomers are. These beasts are not normal, and have never been seen before, you possible saw a few, but they usually keep near the sky, or the woods. These beasts vary like the Kha’s themself, in size, name, shape, form, these are, the Av’aren. Types Of Av’aren (Appearances): Av’Falc: Usually tend to be guards or soldiers, they take pride in their culture, and their home in which they protect. They fight with daggers and bows, usually, since they want to use their wings as best as they can. They tend to have a nose-like-beak, orange and brown, feathers and a bit of a bulky build. Av’Ol (only playable, if the already Av’Ol say you can be in their race, this is something serious and will be taken serious): They usually tend to use their brains in situations, they are the more intelligent of the subraces and are usually great leaders run the councils, of course, they usually want to keep to peacekeeping, but if they’re mother tree is attacked at all costs, they will fight back and look for techniques to help their fellow wings. They have all kinds of shades of tan a brown for feather colors, usually you can tell when one is a Av'Ol mostly because they have a look of great knowledge. Av’Jay: The messenger, there the tradesmen/women of the subraces, and usually try to only make contact with Wood Elves, and Druids, but maybe they will be open to humans, or open to another race, but with so little contact, will most likely not happen.They tend to have either bluish or white feathers, they also have nose-like beaks but they are more rounded than the Av'Falc. Av’Hum: The hunters, they go out every elven day to get more than enough food that will last every three elven days, to be prepared incase anything might ever happen, they also set up a feast every night to feed the others, as before, these races are dependent on each other, if own disappears, the others will too. They have green and tan feathers, they are tall, but smaller than the Av'Ol, and have a slim build to keep up with their prey. Av’Wren: The cooks, they take what the hunters get from the day and make it into something everyone will love, they go around and ask everyone single one they want to eat for that elven night, and, if they do not have the materials, they get the Hunters, and if they can’t find it, then they will sadly try to get as close as possible to get to the food and they want, even the drink too. They are small in height, but they make up for that in their knowledge for cooking, usually tend to have orangeish feathers. (Please feel free to mix and match feather colour, beaks, etc to your liking but stick vaguely to the recommendation) Culture Av’Aren worship the deity Avol’aie, goddess of safe travels and love. They are a nomadic race, never staying in one place for more than two elven months, however, the capital never moves, and is located in a secretive place. At night, they hold amazing feasts, filled with dancing, eating, and fun activities. They worship Avol’aie every elven week (between 3:00-4:00 est) and they have one of the Av’Ol to preach, why the others sit in harmony, only talking when it is needed, careful not to interrupt the preach. Avol’aie is the goddess of safe travels and love, which the Hunter worship the most, same with the cooks, after a Hunter kills an animal they give a small prayer to her to bless the food so it may give nourishment to all, they use all the scraps of the animal, so nothing goes to waste. If the warriors every go to battle they start a battle cry of Avol’aie in unison. Avol’aie, was the first Av to be born, and as the they kept growing in the number, did they decide Avol’aie to be their first leader, which later, when the descendants have boarded on the island did the Queen die, by feeling a sense of unknown presence overwhelm her and her people, as if, these men aren’t exactly holy, so, she felt was necessary to do, was take a passage to become an ascended, or, a goddess, so that one day she could return to her tribe, to seek out what the source of this unknown presence it, and rid of it the lands. Government The government is called the Vai’Lotek by its people. It consists of five positions, each one tasked with overseeing a certain job or practice. There are five Av’Ol's who oversee how their tasked group is doing. So, there would be an Av who would watch over the farmers, one for the practice of religion, one for military and guard, one over the messengers, and one over the scholars. You can be in a friendly friendship with other races with care, but, you may not at all costs have any sexual contact at all with other races. WarChiefs, are to be expected to be cautious of other races and they think that they must be kept clear from the tribe at all times. To be in the government, if you wish to be an Av’Ol of that tribe, then you will go under tests and trials, if the Av’Ol of that current place dies, the one who he trusted most will go under trials be the next Av’Ol. Only the Av’Ols can go under trial to be the Leader of the tree, which, that Av’Ol has to go under testing of all the tribes in the government. Their is other colonies surrounding the “Mother Tree” ,but, all are connected to a branch of the Mother tree, all races can pick where to live in each colony, it’s just a system to help settle things. Language: The language is simple, as a baby or else called “Hatchling” you just cock your head and chirp, cawk, and things as the such. But, the older you get, the more you pick up, so certain words can’t be said correctly. Only the Av’Ol, and Av’Jay can say words perfectly, reason being because the messengers fly over others, picking up words along the way, and perfecting it, while the Av’Ol just have a vast knowledge of things, while the others struggle. So, besides Av’Ol and Av’Jay, they usually speak differently. Follow rules below. A= ao Ou= u O (only if word has a single o)= ou O (if the word as a ing at the end)= oe I= ee Ex.: “Haow aore yu touday?”, “Aore yu goeng tou keel me?”, “Ees eet ouk tou coume out?” They have certain words for greetings, goodbyes etc. Auvela = Hello Re’lekra = Goodbye G’eari = Dad H’eari = Mom Y’eari = Sibling I’anar = I love/respect you Fequo = Human Fe’redel = Elf (Any type) Hah’jen = Ork (Any type) Huir’kors = Dwarf (Any type) Is’earin = Half-blood Lifespan (200 years): Hatchingling (baby) 1m-10 yrs Fletchling (Child) 10yrs-50yrs Avian (Adult) 50-150yrs Coot (Elder) 150 - death (200) Author: _LocalMC and ChesGod LM Approval Required: Nope