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  1. Raphael Payne


    “If my kith and kin are being dead in th’ brain, that is their fault. These renditions suffice.” Continued on lighting his cigar, moving off.
  2. Raphael Payne

    raphael_payne ama

    A deep red. Think rouge lipstick. Yourself, Eli and maybe ??? idk. Wolves. heartfelt attention. scrap the pvp-rp contestion.
  3. Raphael Payne

    A Missive to Sun's Smile Hold

    Preparing his mighty axe, the Rzeki listened to the news. “They lack the numbers, this should be easy..”
  4. Raphael Payne

    EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    idc that they’re FM known them for a really long time now despite them not rlly even being ambivalent with me, they’re stoic and a hard worker. good luck with this +1
  5. Raphael Payne

    raphael_payne ama

    Chivalry. Nobility and Warfare. Nothing, really. If I’m honest it’s totally based on ‘hey I can make people happy by writing c;’ idk how i’m supposed to answer this women? fudge. good guy really loyal and a good friend when around.
  6. Raphael Payne

    raphael_payne ama

    No, water is water. Water can’t be more than what it is. Water grants the wet unto all. Dogs. I’ve got a mini pincer and a half cattle dog. The massive amount of people and the knightly community and the ability to do nearly whatever-the-heck-I want. Late 2015, a bit after an exodus. I joined to help a now-inactive member who actually went to start what you all now know as [redacted, a server that died out. It was formed in emotional appeal and was gross.] Sure.
  7. Raphael Payne

    raphael_payne ama

    hackberry st 6969 696969696969 uh idk about that
  8. Raphael Payne

    raphael_payne ama

    so long as it aint my address, credit card information, my mothers name, or anything similar, we’re good. i’ll answer lotc related things or irl don’t make me cry ask a question idc if it’s bad
  9. Raphael Payne

    Original_Potato's Event Team Actor application

    not too quick to judge, rather stoic in his decision making but flexible. that’ll be a +1 from me
  10. Raphael Payne

    Quid Pro Quo

    [ @Ougi ] [some forum rp and story telling] A Deal Is A Deal. It required no real blood signing, and it was something that this Elf could provide easier than most. He required a few things, but he could manage. He’d make a payment they wouldn’t even question, and they themselves, could profit from. He was Ace of Spades, after all. Alas, in a days work of plausible raiding and removing stockades from ruins, the Uruk could rest easy. An Elves day before, however. The meadows afore the Uzg Waghnation were a place he was sparring at, an abandoned pit fighting arena. The sounds of fine steel crashing against the ground after a harrowing blow from an Uruk war cleaver, barely being able to arise, this Elf stayed there- his elbows wobbling beneath the couters of his gauntlets. Various bashing of steel against bone-mold armor is heard, an Uruk’s voice booming. “NUB! GLOB! GIT UP ALBAI. YOU FYGHT LYKE TWIGGIE! TWEEHUGGIE!” The Elf tried rising again, faltering for a moment- his vision rather blurred from the beating he was taking. “AH, COUNT TO TREE!” “..I.. c-..can’t..” A murmuring from his visor, half of which has fallen off. His silver wings bent to the left; falling to the ground. “AZH!” The booming voice, echoing once again. His ears clambering for a reprieve. “DUB...” {”..No.”} Auriel shifted one of his heels, turning to face what he could consider imminent death, for it was best to face your enemies than go to Heaven cowering; this being what he was taught “GAHK!” The Uruk rose his cleaver for what could be considered his last, at least in that state. Bringing it down without another note in a fell swoop, the expectations of death fell short, it’d seem. The Elf lunged forward to bring his gauntlet up to meet it, the razor edges digging into the steel, whilst bringing his other gauntlet up to savagely thrust for the things pelvis, wroth of himself with pain and anguish. He was not prepared to die. Alas, the fight still goes on. Now, home in Caedwyn, he sent off the shipment. Not one they’re likely to forget. The Iron Uzg won’t have issues with food anymore. The Silver Lord rests upon the throne in his incomplete fortress, nightmares of a less wanted outcome, was haunting him, but at least there was pride.
  11. Raphael Payne

    why am I always angry, find out in an exclusive interview

    honesty is key thank you
  12. Raphael Payne

    why am I always angry, find out in an exclusive interview

    bad idea what do you think of me aside of a ‘who are you’ response
  13. Raphael Payne

    Paris_Valentine's Event Team Actor application

    aside of being a good canonist man good man and the event ideas are solid
  14. Raphael Payne

    Do you want freebuild in 7.0?

    This should go for everyone, not just freebuild nations/citystates. As for freebuild, more automation and application based system would be reasonable.
  15. Raphael Payne

    Simple Survey To See The Ratio Between PvP and RP Communities

    (Had to make sure this wasn't locked before I posted like an idiot.) Wonderful idea btw thanks.