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  1. Raphael Payne

    Peddlers of Flesh

    (honest mad man lmao)
  2. Raphael Payne

    Peddlers of Flesh

    Herein Decreed, by the Preliator, his Assets, and Those Who Follow, By Divine and Holy, By Righteous and By Mortality, thus He makes this known. 17th of Sun's Smile, 1677 For those who will deal in flesh, know that I soon will come to begin dealing in corpses, for those who peddle flesh, I warn you this now, if I see another noble beauty in your stock, understand that you only sign a document that makes your days numbered. For when one is bolstered by Divine righteousness, truly you are at a disadvantage. For those who believe their dues will be paid, you have signed over your lives. God be with me, and my retinue, and may he have pity on you. God wills it. ☩ In Nomine Domine Ignis ☩ Remember the Day. \[✶]/
  3. Raphael Payne

    "W'ere da fek can oie foind t'ese rune smarties"

    "Stick away from that which is most sinister, for it is a slow and insidious killer for those unready."
  4. Raphael Payne


    "Every breath you have, every step you take, they'll be watchin' y'.." Commented the Aengulic Preliator "Stick to your gut, boyo, in the end there are true divines amidst this plane."
  5. Raphael Payne

    On Lotc Villainy and Solutions

    GGT, as I actually remember, was pretty damn engaging in real roleplay and he's actually really agreeable when you get past peoples bullhockey about him- Unfortunately you're right, and this is the sort of analogy in regards to how a person can spoil the apple basket.
  6. Raphael Payne

    On Lotc Villainy and Solutions

    While this might sound redundant, it ultimately feeds into what ur grievance is here- Upon mentioning CTB, I am really able to relate as it seems very recently (we're talking the past couple months here), most if not all of the villains I come across, your Reivers excluded- they seem/seemed like decent lads save for a recent shituation, but that is easily excluded all the same. Is maximizing toxicity and maximizing loot, never roleplay. Frankly, beyond 'VAs' I don't know exactly what can be done aside of consistently mod-reqing sh*tty roleplayers and goonies.
  7. Raphael Payne

    Narthok's Game Moderator Application

    I hear that, I'm explaining what the common misconception is, even back then I was ok with most of ur lads.
  8. Raphael Payne

    Narthok's Game Moderator Application

    good guy stuck in circles that would be considered 'toxic' but most folks are ultimately misinformed, if I had to ask the goyim to GM a fight or a ****-stomping fest, I'd be in good hands
  9. Raphael Payne

    Why I might leave LoTC

    However many of the responses here are concise and well placed, there is too an equal amount of spastic responses with more emotional appeal and disregard for the core issue, I'll dissect on a lesser manner. Racism and homophobia exist ICly to an extent, and not any great one either; after having been to literally any community people here could name, be it [redacted] [redacted] or [redacted] (thank u censorship), this place has to be the most tolerant in the regards of ones free choices and nationality, be it as it may however you see the anathema here, in which I will delve further, Read carefully. Racial-based _humor_ and homophobia-based _humor_ 'exists' on an Out-Of-Character level most often in private chats, be them: Discord, TeamSpeak, Skype, or any other method of communication folks get up to nowadays, this does not discredit them, these are typically well-mannered folks, their humor can be seen as shitty, this is a sure thing, there is also a fact that anti-semetic _humor_ exists; I ask in finality- Does that mean this server is horrible bigoted, racist, or **** as you make it out to be? Absolutely not.
  10. Raphael Payne

    Avelensk [Mainland Culture]

    Under Oren, which was under a knights order, and was in use during it's northern campaigns. It's human faculties are long lost dead or otherwise nonexistent now. Originally noted as the Unbroken and served to fight as a racially diverse unit, blah-blah. Commonly misconceived as the lads from Kovakirri, this is not the case, these people existed in a charter exactly 500 or so blocks from what was the Orenian Capital at the time. Granted status as a Knight-Commander (by whom was a Lord-Castellan- the name escapes me), the current leader of these folks still leads today; the idea still fresh and the people who were in it are currently getting themselves readjusted on the server. As a followup, these people were a renowned fighting force against traitors, rebel bands, and orcish-warhawke incursions. Edit: The folks who existed in this were infact betrayed later on when human supremacy ramped up again, forcing them further north, blah-blah.
  11. Raphael Payne

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    from what I read here there is a level of passion don't pk
  12. Raphael Payne

    Do I PK Daisy Applefoot or nah?

    a couple questions that will answer this for me was it **** rp as usual with bandits, do you like the character; if so, put a quarter in and continue if you don't like the character, or you've finished their storyline, or they simply aren't fulfilling enough; press f for respects
  13. Raphael Payne

    Writ of Excommunication

    "I mean damn."
  14. Raphael Payne

    The Ways of Old

    (rping as an elf anyway) "Your folks constant bickering will be the ultimate end of the race as a whole, unity should be your only hope at this rate." Spoken by the Prophet
  15. Raphael Payne

    Does Blah put you off?

    In the recent years, primarily before the end of Vailor (what was meant to be transition) - orcs became more and more meme-like outside of their own circles. Frankly I've never RPed with the folks directly in their capital, and for sake of brevity, I define them currently as a bunch of folks who meme more than they RP outside of their holdings, so on and so forth. That's been their culture for awhile, it has nothing to do with 'Blah' by itself, it has to do with how they act on a more OOC platform than anything else. For the most part outside of mechanics, they do abide by lore to an extent aside of age, PK clauses, so on and so forth. The current stance held by most (not all) outside of the circles is defined in one short statement; 'orcs, while a decent concept are riddled with meme rp, terrible villainy rp, and bad quality, subverted by one of the more toxic backdrops of the community'