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  1. KiausT

    [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

    The people who are interested in this are probably the same people who are interested in other magics and don’t want to play just one thing. Stop being so butthurt on practical criticism. I find it hard to believe that you know what a wight is since they have literally absolutely nothing to do with necromancers and are pretty much the polar opposite of what necromancy is all about.
  2. The pits meme is terrible and I have evidence to prove it 

  3. KiausT


    A mali’ame donning the purple and black robes of his family’s colors raises a bottle in his hands. “Yeah I’ll drink to that,” he states as he takes the bottle to his lips.
  4. Vailor. Axios. Nice names right? Roll off the tongue? A bit fun to say? Sure, why not. I think so at least. Now.. what about.. Atlas? Arcas? No. Just no. These are bad names. One is the name of a literal map, and the other sounds like what you would call your retarded bastard child, not the name of a continent. So why does our amazing minecraft lord of the rings witcher dark souls roleplay server have such horrible names like these? Well, it’s what the community chose. Right? Music for the Mood No. We didn’t vote for it. Our input was not even thought of by the corrupt Development Team who control the very core of our minecraft rollplay opportunities. Not a single poll, vote, or opinion post was created for the topic. But Dev Team knows best, right? Apparently not. You wanna know what I think? I think this is fake and gay. The community should be in charge with coming up with names. Perhaps even allow the characters we love to play come up with the name. They are the ones discovering the land after all, are they not? Imagine, naming the continent after a battle that occured in an attempt to make it to the area, or a king naming the land after his beloved wife. Hell, I think it would add an interesting flair of new map roleplay if the different races and creatures argued with one another over what to name the land, eventually settling upon a title that had been fought with fire and blood. But instead, we get.. Arcas. Why? Because someone in an exclusive, private group chat thought it sounded cool. I rest my case. StrawPoll Link
  5. Where’s the Lavender Lore

  6. KiausT

    On the Topic of E-Girls and Lavender

    Thanks for literally proving all e-girls only wear lavender in an attempt to get laid. Get fucked, scrub.
  7. Lavender? Does it smell good? Of course it doesn’t, literally everything smells better than lavender. Never smelled lavender before? Well, have you ever tried to write with a pen on a hot summer day just to find out it exploded all over your pocket and now your hand is covered in so much ink and it actually starts to burn now? Well smell the ink, and you will understand that that is exactly what lavender smells like. Pen Ink. Music to set the vibe (credited to @Whiplash) Why are E-Girls obsessed with this stench? If you walk around the vibrant and story driven world that LOTC and admins like @FlamboyantNewEra have given us, you may not notice it at first. That’s okay, we’re all born ignorant of the world’s greatest problems. All it takes to open your eyes is to delve into /persona view. The bios of e-girls are littered with the inky stinky scent of lavender. It plagues the high elves, invades the privacy of the dark elves, and it has even made its foul way into the lands of the humans. How can this be stopped? Exhibit A While it may be absolutely astonishing as to how such a stinky smell could be so prevalent among E-Girl culture, before I point my fingers to any demon, deity, or SCP as the cause of this delusional attitude towards the scent, I give all you E-Girls out there a chance to explain yourselves. Why are you obsessed with this nauseating smell? Who started this disgusting trend? What are you trying to gain? Who do you worship? I’ve made effort in trying to ask the E-Girls directly, but I’ve been given very little reasoning as to why they think such a foul odor would be attractive. So I say come, E-Girls. Defend your precious lavender. The people have spoken, now it is time for you. StrawPoll Link
  8. KiausT

    To All the Emperial Ladies!!!

    “Haven’t I seen this before”
  9. KiausT

    [Creature Lore] - Children of Dresdrasil

    Shouldn’t one wait for their actual lore to be accepted before branching off and adding onto it
  10. KiausT

    -= Very Attractive Slaves For Auction. =-

    “100 Mina for the dwarf. Maybe 200.”
  11. KiausT

    Kry's Art Dump

    Hey dumb how old are you
  12. KiausT

    [Re-Write] Ghouls.

    Six? How long ago was that, because I definitely don’t remember you during whichever map came after Valor. I haven’t played during the newest map, however, so what do I know. Well, I’ll tell you. People don’t want zombies. The few people who enjoyed playing Morghuuls were mostly interested in playing a character who wanted to rise through the ranks and become a dark stalker. Or they wanted to play a lich’s lackey, with some semblance to a character they killed off. Or maybe they just wanted to be a part of the necromatic cause. Morghuuls were great, because they weren’t exactly zombies, but they weren’t people either. They were soulless abominations that knew nothing but despair and sorrow. A well played Morghuul can be one who greatly affects a roleplay session, even before he gets hungry. Until people started using them for family rp and absolutely ruined them. People dont want to play mindless zombies. There is no character here. These are good for nothing except eating people rp. No one wanted it before, and that’s what brought on Morghuuls. And character aside, without necromancy, there is literally no purpose for a ghoul. At all. It’s just an excuse for the avid pvper to run and gun down some people on the road, and I think most people will understand who I’m referring to. This is good for nothing except NPCs, which now that I think about, this may be exactly what this was made for? But didn’t you say somewhere in there that you liked ghoul rp until people ruined it? Idk. -1 from the Trusted Ghoul, it needs to stay dead while necromancy is dead. Edit: Tl;dr This is nothing a ghoul once stood for. This has no character. This has less soul than a Morghuul. This would only be good for a PvP goon. -1 bad rewrite Another Edit: Did you speak to any other ghoul players before writing this?
  13. KiausT

    The Fallen Titan (OOC)

    This is ******* abysmal. Absolutely disgraceful. You know, I used to think you were a good man, Flam. But now I see you’re nothing but a retard.