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  1. TheAlphaMoist

    Clan Kyu'vera

    “RIP Cookie” a shade stated sadly.
  3. I’m interested in making a high elf child. Help with getting a skin would be vastly appreciated

    1. Luv


      pm me on discord 💙

    2. Milenkhov


      I can help with some old high elf skins I’ve edited in the past – contact me as milenko🎃#9658

  4. This is some real wholesome ****, I hope you have fun my dude
  5. Vas points a few finger guns in Avrenol’s direction as he writes down a link and sends it to the man via a bird
  6. A Mali’ame donned in a pair of gym shorts lays against the grass outside of the Gehenna Estate, blood pouring from his legs. The procedure to replace his shattered, useless knees with animii replacements had been an utter failure. His weakened parasite being of no use to clot the massive amputations, he loses touch with reality with every passing second. Faces flash before his mind. Vestelle. Aliyra. Izier. Lockezi. He sees himself being thrown against walls by his father, getting married, meeting his first born. His life speeds through his eyes as his breathing begins to slow. The voices tormenting his mind, faint due to the paladin’s purge against his soul many months ago, begin to drift away as his parasite screams in primordial fear. Unable to see the outside world with his burned and melted eyes, the only thing he senses around him are the cries and screams of his loved ones. His coven. His family. A small smile creeps against his lips, and the last ounce of air vacates his lungs as the voices finally come to their end. He lays limp against the grass, finally at peace. **** you gioia this is a joke of course vas didn’t die you retard.
  7. i as an LT endorse kha genocide as a true option of all personal and political ailments

  8. If there’s something oocly that’s keeping you from doing the most basic of conflict rp, you shouldn’t be playing on the server and should find a more relaxing hobby
  9. “Damn, for a group of people who beat and bound my own daughter, you all seem to suddenly care a whole lot about children now,” Vas would state as he lounges about in the lower levels of Gehenna.
  10. But I’m lazy and the only reason I use the command is so I don’t gotta relog 😞
  11. **MC Names of all involved** Probably everyone. **Description** I changed my skin via VIP perk /skin use 1. I then try to /sit. I cannot /sit afterwards. **Date of occurance** September 18, 2019 – September 19, 2019 **In game specifications** IG name is TheAlphaMoist, persona name Vas Vincrute, Mali’ame **Steps to Reproduce** <!--- Provide all the steps necessary to reproduce the problem --> 1. /skin use 1 2. /sit **Expected Behavior** My persona should sit. **Actual Behavior** My persona does not sit. **Additional Information** I just want to sit down. Vas spends a lot of his time working very hard, and he just wants to be able to relax on a barstool or on the floor after a long day’s work, but he is unable to. Please help him. **Error Message** N/A
  12. I passed my police written and physical tests, and am moving on to the oral board soon, so that’s keeping me moving at the moment.
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