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  1. Yo @Telanir what do we do when the Minecraft base game breaks techlock...
  2. Sorry.... but who says it existed in the first place..?
    1. Demotheus


      EEEesh….you just complimented him...because this song was about Eminem and then Eminem proceeded to absolutely destroy Mariah for it....And it’s basically illegal what you’ve done here. You can’t call Alpha Eminem! Flam will get jealous. 

    2. TheAlphaMoist


      Aren’t you the same person running around talking behind my back while at the same time vehemently avoiding my confrontations at all cost 

      Also i was the fourth one to comment but you only targeted me, wtf

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      You're such a bad clown 

  3. [!]Writings would be pinned in various settlements across Arcas The Caretaker’s Church To the denizens of Arcas, let it be known that you are not alone. No matter your strife, the quarrels you face day to day, there is someone watching: The Caretaker. The Caretaker has been watching you all for quite some time, and she pities each and every one of you. She has decided to take action through me, her Prophet. She is a benevolent deity, and she is most forgiving and understanding. She seeks to help you all. The Denizens of Arcas are bound by chains, slaves to powers who do not belong in such positions of rule. Kings, Lords, Mayors, Empyrions, all of them held above the common descendant on their thrones and councils, yet they are no different than you and I. They bind us by laws, whip and beat us when we do not grovel like dogs. A hypocrite is the King who favors the rich over the poor. A liar is the Lord who claims love and care over “his” people. A fool is the Mayor who believes he knows best for “his” township. Blasphemous is the Empyrion who thinks he is different from the rest. Descrimination, rejection, racism, sexism, purism: they plague the kingdoms and cities of Arcas like a maddening disease, and The Caretaker weeps for her lost and misguided children who are forced to live with such injustices. No man is better than the other, no man can claim ownership over another, no man can be described as perfect. The Caretaker seeks to free you from your binds, shatter the shackles that drag you down. Individually, we are merely ants on the ground. Together, we are an army that no King nor God can strike down. I, Salvare, The Caretaker’s Prophet, seek to spread Her word and be the driving force that brings us together. No person or creature is unworthy of her love. Human, Elf, Orc, Kha, Man, Woman, Child, Mage, Soldier, Everyone is welcome into her arms. If you have been hurt by those who claim themselves better than you, if you have been spat on, abused, defiled by those who claim themselves more powerful than you, or if you merely seek the company of someone who will listen, then I encourage you to find and seek me out. I will be traveling from town to town, seeking to spread Her word. Worship is not required, however any who wishes may join me on my journey. Sic Semper Tyrannis
  4. This thread is arguably more retarded than telanir’s thread, and I’m one of the people who’ve gotten a warning point for meming about Epstein. (We all know, just remember)
  5. Arrows don’t pierce armor

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    2. YPJgamer1999


      yh and most people didn’t walk around in plate armor in the middle ages. until this historical inaccuracy is fixed still gonna rp crossbow bolts and arrows piercing armor

    3. _Jandy_


      Orc man big. Orc man bow also big. Big bow send arrow very fast. Fast arrow go through plate.

      Silence green tag, get back to your loremags.

    4. UnBaed


      i eat, bathe, and sleep in my full plated armor thank u @rotund_man i was BORN in this, who do you think you are?? i am literally shaking, i can hear it in the clattering of my plates as i type this message, it’s so hard to even be accurate in my text because of my gauntlets 

  6. If only event team actually had builders to help them, but they don’t anymore. World builders are a thing, but from what I understand, their purpose isn’t entirely to help with events anymore. Also not everything on the server needs a rewrite. If your lore was good before lore games and didn’t have issues, all it needs is reformatting and it’s peachy. There’s no reason to remake origins or whatever if you don’t want to do that and the origin already works. And free form spells still exist. Take shade magic, something that was accepted a bit ago. They can use their amber to create free form shapes and objects that are practically limited only by their imagination – and common sense. If you want free form spells, add free form spells. We literally don’t care, just make sure it makes sense and isn’t broken and abusable. good post though, plus one also how are we supposed to fix the drug plugin when we don’t have a dev team anymore :^)
  7. I really enjoyed my days rping with narthok and his gang when I was brand new to the server. The situation kind of sounds sketchy, but idk what was going on. Cheers, dude, even though I’m pretty sure you aren’t a fan of me. O7
  8. I wrote a huge thing but then I swiped left on my phone and it got deleted, so allow me to restart all over again. I like holy v dark, unlike a few other spooks, but it hasn’t been done well on the server at all. Holies shouldn’t be stronger than spooks, spooks shouldn’t be stronger than holies. They should be equal on every level. A holy should fear a spook as much as a spook fears a holy, and that’s the kind of dynamic I was going for when I assisted Fury in his paladin rewrite regarding shade v paladin mutual disconnections. That’s a fun dynamic, they do the exact same thing to the target, and no one is more powerful than the other. That being said, holy v spook still hasn’t been done right. Nowadays, it feels as if spooks are on a kill on sight for paladins. That just doesn’t really make sense in my eyes, seeing how the spooks that have been targeted, from what I’ve seen, haven’t even been doing anything. I’m entirely leaving my character out of this, and I’m not talking about him right now. He’s irrelevant. But from what I’ve seen, a spook could just be walking from destination A to destination B, and if someone sees them, someone screams for a holy and that spook is as good as dead, no matter what. Unless, of course, it’s a spook that the paladins are biased for. This isn’t healthy. At all. For starters, why would the holies target a spook who isn’t doing anything when they could be spending that manpower searching for spooks who are doing ****? That just gives the spooks an irp perspective that holies are an unmerciful threat that needs to be taken care of sooner or later. Not only that, but when holies are targeting a halfling dark mage who literally couldn’t harm a paladin if she tried, when they could probably be doing better, more productive things, it kind of gives a vibe that the paladins are only interested in conflict and combat rather than providing an interesting story. Especially when the halfling dark mage hasn’t been a dark mage in months. So, how do I think it should be done? With common sense. There’s no reason to provoke a dark mage who isn’t doing anything just because you have the manpower to. Go after the spooks who are actively causing issues and problems. When they aren’t, show your presence and show that you’re ready to stop any problems they might cause. I love that ****, that’s cool. No one likes slice of life dark mages, but when every time they leave their secret fun zone they’re met with immediate death, then they don’t really have much to do but sit around their HQ and plot or waste time, which ends up giving them a bad image of “Why don’t spooks ever leave their bases???” which is met with “Why do holies expect us to leave when we’re met with death every time we do so??” and so a cycle begins. I don’t believe dark mages should be targeted specifically in holy lore. It’s not needed, unless you have an ability that combats them, and if that’s the case, the dark magic it combats should be given the option of being able to do the same thing to the holy. Other than that, no mention of dark mages is needed, to be honest. I may be unaware, but is holy magic normally mentioned in dark magic lore? But most dark mages I’ve met are still ready to cause conflict against holies. All of that can easily be controlled irp. When holy v dark is forced with lore, then it leads to the toxic hunter mentality mentioned above that no one likes. If the holies are specifically meant to exist only to stop bad guys, just ******* mention that they’re around to fight bad guys. Dark magic isn’t needed to be specified because you don’t need dark magic to be a good villain. Conversely, just because you’re a holy mage doesn’t mean you’re the good guy or a hero, but that’s a rabbit hole I intend on opening myself in the future tm. Above all else, however, lore writers need to work together. Civil discussions with holy and dark writers and the communities are necessary for this kind of conflict to work. That can be hard to have on LOTC sometimes, but if you want to get anywhere with having fun conflict, that’s what needs to happen. If you don’t work together, then it’s just going to be a **** show no matter how you go about things. End of story. I look forward to seeing how the holy v dark situation is going to turn out in the near future after lore games have finished. My PMs are open for anyone who wants to discuss this sort of stuff with me. It’s a topic I really like talking about.
  9. Balmak-Kibol is confused as he has been shelved for eons now
  10. Reminder that alchemy is a thing again and you’re more than welcome to submit alchemical lore submissions

    1. Dardonas


      can I make lore signed potions irp yet

  11. So I’m pretty sure I didn’t spend $100+ on the server to have ugly ass ads flood my screen every time I visit the forums

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    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      it helps to pay the server every month

    3. Harrison


      you didnt, you donated 100+ dollars to the server willingly

    4. TheAlphaMoist


      Me paying @Mojo crowns every other week for his amazing armor skins helps pay the server every month

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