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  1. “All my children save for one are the age of majority, and they are doing great, thank you for the concern. I am also no longer a citizen of Vira’ker, and I have not been since giving up the crown so long ago. I have no reason to reinstate any loyalty to a leader who is going to abandon his city within a few elven weeks’ time. You are also not a warhawke, nor are you a warhawkian chieftain, so you really have no power to denounce Leila as you have. The only people who will need protection will be the people who are foolish enough to try and apprehend me, and those who are harmed while trying to do such will have you to blame for encouraging them. By saying the things you have said in this missive, you have placed my family in danger, and that is not something I take lightly. Lastly, Valen abandoned his wife for several years. It is plainly obvious that this missive was made out of jealousy and spite due to a heartbroken man not ready to move on from the woman who he had wronged. As a man suffering from his own aching heart, my prayers go out for Valen to find the strength needed to use this pain of his to fuel his future goals and aspirations. What he is doing now is wrong, and it is blasphemous. I hope he can find the strength to see this. It has been a pleasure working for you and your family, Valen, but I can work for you no longer. May your Ancestors guide you.” -Vas Umbra Vincrute.
  2. Why is everyone posting their character’s life story, like is that a trend now

    1. The Fact Core

      The Fact Core

      We have to go with the trend, roll out the dramatic stories!

  3. A well known shade takes a look at the page, then nearly tosses it out before doing a quick double take. He brings it close to his mask’s visor, and he squints. “What the **** is my daughter doing taking over governments and establishing empires?” He then tucks the paper into his satchel and walks off, however he’d hold a hidden smile underneath his mask as a deep sense of pride began to swell within his chest.
  4. “Did whoever harmed my child ever get a trial?” a certain elf grumbled.
  5. Wow, it really do be like that sometimes I guess

  6. And so another staff member goes absolutely mad. Amazing times we live in

  7. Llyria actually didn’t get a choice. It was forced pvp
  8. [!]Pages are strewn up all over Omeryn, capital of Llyria. Written in plain, printed handwriting, they all bear the same message.[!] To the denizens of Llyria: Your guards do not care about you, they only care about their laws. Your guards do not care about your safety, they only care about their own. A child is killed in the streets. Do the guards act? No. A group of soldiers block entry to the city, killing citizens as they go. Do the guards act? No. Men march into the city, dragging denizens and visitors of Llyria alike out to the roads to slaughter them. Do the guards act? No. A man and a woman sit on a bench, wearing masks. Do the guards act? Of course they do. Because it was easy. Because it was “their job”. Because it was “the law”. I ask these questions to you, fellow citizens: Do you trust the guards of the city to keep you safe at night, when they can’t even protect a young boy from being slaughtered in the street in the middle of the day? Do you trust the guards of the city to keep peace when they solely focus on harassing the very citizens who keep them employed? Do you trust the guards of the city to prove themselves useful in any situation when they only seem to care about doing what is easy, rather than doing what is right? We need men and women on the guardforce who will do what’s right, what is just, and what is compassionate. We don’t need golems who solely follow what is written down on a piece of paper. We need leaders. I say this: Let us force the leaders to come out. Let us divide the shepherds from the sheep. Are they going to arrest us all? Beat us to the ground? Or are they going to stare at us through their visors and understand that the people are more important than the law? Join me, fellow denizens. Don your masks and have a seat with me in the city square in six elven days. To bring about change, you must act. So we shall act. -Salvare
  9. I see that this is still up and running.
  10. Remember lads, LT is no longer accepting MAs, TAs, or CAs (exceptions being discount Khajiit, Monkey people, and ologs) as the deadline for it all was yesterday. We’ll handle those apps once the respective lore has been accepted or denied during the lore games. 

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      YO ARE YOU ******* KIDDING ME

  11. Why hasn’t this been taken down yet
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