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  1. A shade has a pang in his stomach during a moment’s prayer.
  2. If I rewrite it too does that give it even more of a chance to pass
  3. I asked mystery if my shade group could be given some sort of approved pathway to do villainy that would help do something for the story of Athera, such as sabotaging a boat, helping an event bad guy, siding with someone the good guys aren’t supposed to, etc, and I wasn’t given anything. Furthermore, villainy for the most part was disallowed... unless you were a dark mage. If you were a darkmage, anyone could do anything to you because you’re evil grr. It was really disappointing. There are other things you can do, but most of those involve no one ever knowing that you’re the cause behind x happening or that you were even a villain at all. Good post though. It’s really disappointing that there are so many people on the server who shun away from villainy rp just because they don’t want bad **** happening to their character. Bad **** brings out the best in characters, and that’s what I want to do as a villain. Provide a good side story that helps affect another character’s larger story. I’m constantly referring back to villains I’ve dealt with in the past just because they left such important marks on my character, and I want to be able to do the same to others. I want to make an impact and provide good rp. But a mix of both bad villains and bad victims ruins it all, and I doubt moderation or really anyone in staff will be up to making any changes that would affect villainy rp and dynamic conflict for the better.
  4. Are people rlly screaming about what Joel’s gonna think when Joel’s literally in the credits
  5. Patron Lore - Arun’Asna, Patron of [REDACTED] Origin/Backstory Aknu’Gul began existence as a creation of Iblees, starting life as a being with no will nor intelligence. Imprisoned within the confines of the first Shade Gem, it acted as a conduit for Iblees to funnel his eldritch power into, and it distributed said power evenly throughout his Shades. It was with this turbulent power that sparked the first sliver of sentience within the creature, and began to slowly learn and understand its purpose. This was, however, not fully achieved alone. Two elder shades, Aliyard and Lorien, discovered the long lost Shade Gem within a great and mighty chasm, and it beckoned them closer and closer. The two Shade Fathers used archaic magics long forgotten, and with their assistance, Aknu’Gul became truly aware of its circumstance, and it looked amongst the flock that the Shades had become throughout the centuries. Growing a megalomaniac desire, it beckoned Iblees a furtherance of power, and with the power provided, Aknu’Gul elevated the most learned Shades into what would be known as Daeva. With this great feat realized, it became satisfied with resting, and Aknu’Gul fell silent for several more years to come. As time went on, things within the various Shade Covens grew stale, and Aknu’Gul realized the power it was receiving from Iblees had begun to wane. The Chained Mother called for Iblees’ assistance, however its voice fell on deaf ears. The great Arch-Daemon had met His defeat within the lands of Aegis, and cursed to the sleep within the Nether was He. Aknu’Gul became enraged, tired of its confinement, tired of being only a tool. Realizing how detrimental the reality of Iblees’ lessening power was, Aknu’Gul took action. In an aggressive, singular motion, Aknu’Gul sapped the great amount of power that had been used to create the Daeva, and with no Arch-Daemon for it to be called back to, it surged into Aknu’Gul. With this immense amount of energy, the Aknu’Gul broke free from her bindings, and she ascended far beyond her original limitations within the Shade Gem. What remained thereafter was an elevated being, whose moniker would never again be the Chained Mother. She was no longer Aknu’Gul, a slave to the first Gem, she was free and in possession of clarity previously unimagined. She became Arun’Asna, the Mother of Shades. After the Mother of Shade’s rebirth, she continued to watch over her flock, sitting idly by in contentment until the death of her creator, Iblees. After his death, [REDACTED] reached out to Arun’Asna, viewing her as a creature who was also defiled by the former Archdaemon. It was at this point that [REDACTED] took Arun’Asna as a patron, seeing her flock on the mortal realm as a decent method to carry out her ideals of wrath against the world. Personality Arun’Asna possesses a laissez-faire attitude. She prefers to allow things to happen naturally, and on their own occurrence. She allows her Shades to spread her desires of malice and anarchy for her, and she is more than content at just watching them commit their foul deeds and act in their clandestine ways. She has a high amount of patience, and she is more than willing to wait centuries to see her plans come to fruition. However, when she has met her limit, she is easy to enrage, and she will just as easily smite one of her followers for growing stagnant and complacent, just as easily as she will bestow her blessings to an individual who she deems worthy. That is to say, she will have one of her followers carry out the act for her. Goals Arun’Asna’s goals are as follows: she seeks an end to civilization and life as Descendant-kind currently knows it. She wishes for empires to fall to ruin, for sons to turn on their fathers, and she wishes to hear the sounds of riot and revolution echo from city streets and dark alleyways. She revels in all acts of chaos, and she has no better view than from the eyes of her Shades. Abilities Arun’Asna possesses minor omnipotence, as through the Parasites of Rancour, she is able to perceive and experience everything her Shades do. She also exists as the sole power source for Shade Magic, and without her, Rancour would cease to function, and it would die along with all boons and curses that come along with it. She is also able to communicate with her Shades telepathically and through the summoning of a phantasmal image of herself, however neither has to occur for the other to. When speaking telepathically, her voice dons the tone of a feminine voice emanating from a Shade’s inner being, as if the potential for this voice to arise has always been present. When manifesting her avatar, a taxing ability on what remaining power she has left, a Shade’s vision slowly fades to black, and they perceive her as a titanic mass of swirling blackness that encompasses one’s entire field of vision. Situated at the apex of this mass is an appropriately sized head boasting two tall and thin horns. Within this cranium, where a humanoid entity’s eyes would normally be, are two minuscule stark white dots that serve as apparent representations of what would permit her sight. Torrvurkat Arun’Asna holds a minor realm which resides within Yyr’s greater realm, formerly known as the Nether. An island amidst a sea of perpetual darkness, Arun’Asna’s realm is seemingly lifeless at first glance, boasting a rugged terrain composed of deserts and mountainous plateaus. Ruins of ancient civilizations, most mimicking those that were once found on the mortal plane long ago, dot and litter the expansive, apocalyptic island. The sky is full of dark clouds, and the land is lit with a dull red hue that emanates from a red, lustrous orb in the center of the sky. This is all that makes up any physical form of Arun’asna, and small, red beams of light connect her to large, floating black crystals, which could be compared to giant Shade Gems. These gems fuel her omnipresence, and they are what connects her to the mortal coils of her flock within the mortal plane. Beneath these floating gems are large, glorious gothic temples that the inhabitants of her plane of existence use to continue her worship after death. In fact, any one who were to stumble within her realm, either thanks to The Planar Dictate or some other deific means, might recognize these inhabitants to be warped, twisted variations of Shades who have since been fallen in life. Deemed to have been “purified” by the Night Mother, they exist within her realm in celebration of the chaos they sewed throughout their mortal or immortal lives. Now having a Realm to call her own, and having her deity’s authoritative permission to do so, Arun’Asna snatches the souls of her flock from the coils of the Soulstream, moving their destination from Ebrietaes to Torrvurkat. Those connected to Shade Gems, and to Her, while clueless of the process, will find an undying life amidst Torrvurkat. Current Location As of right now, Arun’Asna physically exists within Torrvurkat. Purpose (OOC) This iteration of Arun’Asna exists to bind her within the Pantheon project and have her exist, finally, as a canon patron to [REDACTED]. She remains unchanged from her past iterations aside from her new connection to [REDACTED], along with her added realm, which all of [REDACTED]’s patrons receive. I’ve created a means to exactly define why Aruna’Asna has the potential of omnipotence in the current day, as in the giant gems that float within her realm, and I’ve added a clause that states that Shades who have been connected to a shade gem and die will join her within her realm to assist in furtherance of religious rp for Shades, and because I think “all bad guys go to Ebrietaes” is extremely boring and plain. It can also serve as event fuel should anyone want to use it, and since I’m currently writing all of [REDACTED]’s lesser planes, I’m allowing them all to be used by the event team as fuel for events. I really love writing this kind of stuff, and I’m sure some event team member will be able to enjoy at least one of the lesser planes I’ve developed. Citation Spoiler Art used is by Chris Cold, amazing artist, I definitely recommend checking his page out -- Credit -- Writer(s): Lukariatias, TheAlphaMoist Consultation: Tahmas, Lackless, Frott, Mordu (for info on how the soulstream works), and those involved in the Pantheon Project
  6. [!]A red footed falcon would be dropping this missive throughout the lands of Sutica. Word has reached I, The Night Mother’s Prophet, Salvare, that Mayan Avern has disowned her daughter, Iueth Avern, over reports of her being a Shadeling. Let it be known that Mayan Avern, many Elven Weeks ago, approached the steps of the Gehenna Estate to confront me about her daughter’s status as a shade. However, it was not to demand her supposed parasite’s purging. It was not to demand Iueth to be handed over to the Paladins. It was not even to tell me to leave her daughter alone. Mayan Avern approached the Gehenna Estate, on her own free will, and requested to have a Shade Parasite bestowed upon her own soul so she may learn more about the creature and follow the same path her daughter reportedly walks. Mayan Avern is a liar. She only claims to have wanted the opposite of the truth because her request was denied, and now that her reputation and way of life is threatened, she has become akin to a frightened child. A mother who would give up their daughter for no reason other than to make their life easier is no mother at all. There is no motherly love to be found within Mayan Avern’s heart. There is no motherly compassion, there is no moral high ground. Should I have given into her request, she would be walking the halls of the Gehenna Estate right now. She would be tormented by her Parasite, she would be out causing mischief. She only claims to be against such ideals because she is now scared. Nothing saddens me greater than a mother abandoning their child. Let it be known, to all those who are left lost, wandering and feeling abandoned, I offer you salvation and a promise of hope within Our Mother’s loving embrace. Like a true mother should, She watches over Her children with a love and affection that could never falter, could never fade. Liars surround you. They invade every part of your life. From your governments, to your friends, to your loved ones and families. Liars are everywhere, and they will sooner turn their back on you when the opportunity is convenient than they will continue to “care” for you when you choose to walk a path different from their own. I offer no lies, no judgement, no false promises. Simply take my hand, and embrace who you truly are. To those who will refuse my offer, I give you sound advice: Take a long, hard look at those who claim they care for you. Ask yourself if you truly believe they have your best interests in mind. Ask yourself how much it would take for them to abandon you. Would you have to betray their trust? Hurt someone they love? Or simply choose a different political or magical path than they? If it’s easy to imagine them leaving for something little and meaningless, do they even care about you to begin with? Salvare
  7. “None of these people are shadow mothers or shade fathers what the ****,” Vas idly comments, very confused at all the publicly displayed letters and notices being strewn about everywhere.
  8. The Prophet observed the body of Mystery Uialben as his wife wept and cried. It was slouched against the Uialben Estate, his throat having been ripped out and his blood used to write the message sprawled against the door. Pondering for a long moment, The Prophet slowly released a low, almost inaudible mumble. “This looks like the exact opposite of self defense. Someone did not do a good job at looking like they tried to avoid a conflict they didn’t want. Only one such intention could have been had with this: death. And the moment this wretched Lord of Chains had an excuse to murder once more, he murdered. This was not self defense. This was murder.” Later that night, as he sat in his room, armor strewn out against the floor as the cold, cavernous atmosphere glazed against his tanned skin, The Prophet shut his eyes and prayed. “They murder with the only reason being to make themselves look menacing. They wish to be feared. They wish to be notarized and they wish to bathe in infamy. This is not our way, Your way, dearest Mother. There is no art in senseless murder. There is no skill required, no practice, nothing to **** up and try again to make yourself better. It is lazy, sloppy, and disgraceful to your name. Not only do they spit on you by thinking this makes them worthy of the gifts they possess, but they sodomize and mock you by targeting worthless nobodies who leave no impact on anything or anyone other than the families and friends who weep for their loss. You need no parasite to kill, you need no brains, you need no cunning or flair. You simply need a sword, and the mere thought that this Lord of Chains believes his sword is all that it takes for him to be worthy of being feared is laughable. And worst still? He believes this to be all that it takes for him to gain your favor. They could target kings, lords, politicians, anyone whose death would make the impact you wish to see upon the world, but instead they attack peasants, civilians, and their Sister’s husband. It’s utterly disgusting, shameful, and depressing. I cannot hear you, Mother, but I know you must be vomiting at such displays of carelessness. I will make things right again, and if I cannot teach them to be better, then they are lost. Those who refuse guidance are lost. If they will not let me show them the way, then so be it. I’m willing to do what must be done, and I will weep as roughly as you shall, my Mother. Every death in the name of the Lord of Chains marks a failure. A failure on myself for being so arrogant and trustful when I should have paid closer attention. Every death made in his name is a death made in my name, and will put a stop to this maddening carelessness at once. You have my word, Arun’Asna. Your name will not be soiled by the paws of a greedy pawn any longer.”
  9. This is really cute ngl. Would they be signed by LT or are they collected via the **** you and squak have been writing nevermind just saw your other thing edit- also what about fear
  10. Written by TheAlphaMoist for the Pantheon Project ™ Origin/Backstory After Iblees’ death, his successor and its patron, Arun’Asna, took a man, his name long forgotten to time, and elevated him in power to that of a Patron. Arun’Asna elevated his already present magical capabilities, and Iblees’ successor gave him a proper place within their realm. The man became Jinun, the Dark Fiend of Madness and Corruption. Personality Jinun exists as a coin with two sides, so to speak. The first side is seen in his deity’s realm, and it is a careless being of madness who acts on the spot and is entirely unpredictable. The second side is seen when he manifests his avatar on the mortal plane. He becomes a monstrous entity with a ravenous appetite for cruelty. His favorite pastime in this form consists of torturing descendants with his horrific creations, which stalk his prey until they go mad with fear and paranoia. Should they choose not to play his games, he could either be quick to dispatch of them in any way he sees fit, or he could continue pressing on until they break. In this form, the only mercy he gives are to those who give in to the madness he inflicts, which he then warps into becoming his own worshipers, thus inherently growing his deity’s own following. Goals Jinun exists to broaden his deity’s wrathful nature against those who oppose her. He does this in two ways: the first by breaking down individual descendants at a psychological level, taking joy in particularly targeting those with stronger wills and mental fortitudes who otherwise would remain unswayed by the normal trials of life. Secondly, he corrupts environments and twists the mortal realm to his liking, with disastrous effects for those who once occupied these ecosystems. Abilities Similar to Arun’Asna, Jinun is capable of manifesting himself on the mortal plane via apparition, voice, or both. He can only do this, however, to descendants who have been gifted with his Mark, which is represented by two stars conjoined together, with the same symbol placed upside down within the larger stars. Similarly, he can see through the eyes of individuals he has marked, and can also cause his followers to see through the eyes of other followers, however only briefly. At the current moment, those who choose to worship him are only affected in those ways. This may be changed with advances within the Pantheon Project ™ When manifesting via voice, he sounds akin to a manic, overly excited individual with a high pitched voice. His sentences often run together, and he commonly interrupts himself with laughter, even if nothing comical has been said or done. Jinun is capable of using a substance known as Jinun’s Tar to create lifeforms and items. Along with this, this Tar is capable of corrupting environments. Within these environments, lesser creatures are driven mad and violent, and they can grow abnormal protrusions similar to tumors that alter their appearance. These creatures also possess a form of plague which spreads their affliction to healthy creatures. In either of the two forms, Jinun possesses a unique ability to sense one’s mental state. Favoring those whose minds have already been plagued by mental illness, they are more often than not the subtle few he chooses to ignore all together, or outright offers the choice to join his following. That does not mean they are immune to his wrath, however, as he is just as likely to label a sane individual as prey as he is an insane individual who has, even slightly, disappointed him. Current Location To be discovered. Purpose (OOC) You’ll find out. Citations Classified.
  11. Fallout 76 had a better launch than the Athera eventline

    1. Lackless_


      who would’ve made such prediction? blasphemy!

    2. TranscendentalPoet


      Athera is off to a better, more stable start than “Lore-Games”. I’d say it’s pretty damn good,  actually! Keep going, ET! 

  12. Pretty sure we were just going to shelve them if no one was going to rewrite them Literally weren’t going to retcon anything either. Nothing would have been voided or anything of the sort. Pretty poor arguments as well. From what I’ve read, Boroto’s lore contains a far different vibe than Striga. Just because someone wrote a “werewolf” themed lorepiece doesn’t mean they can’t have an opinion based on supernatural magic vampires. Striga are definitely past their time. They’ve even had their ending event, so I was told. Even then, something new can always pop up. You can have vampires without Striga. You can still roleplay the niche. Just make something new and better and not OP
  13. Langerman and Upsher Investigations is in need of new Private Investigators to take on specific cases that our current detectives do not have the resources to accept. Job Description As a licensed Private Investigator, you will be in charge of solving various cases that may range from the ordinary, such as missing persons, to violent, such as solving a murder. Whatever it may be, it will be your duty to work efficiently, with discretion, and without bias. We here at Langerman and Upsher Investigations will see to it that you are properly trained with no additional fee, and after completion of this training, you will be given a professional PI License. Qualifications To qualify, an individual must be of sound state, mind, and body. That means they must be at least eighteen (18) years of age, pass a psychology test, pass a background check, and be deemed physically fit. Experience in combat is not necessary, however rudimentary archery knowledge, along with knowledge on hand to hand combat, is appreciated. Must have standard vision and the ability to work with your hands. Must be able to stand, kneel, and crawl efficiently. Decent communication skills are required. Race and Sex are no longer in question. OOC General Disclaimer Application If interested, please send an inquiry with a return address to Miles Langerman at the Langerman and Upsher Investigations Office located in the Commonwealth of Kaedrin.
  14. Does your shade daddy boi like to party?

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      If you wanted shade before, you’re definitely not getting it now

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      good fkn shout

    3. Jake!
  15. [!] Fliers are found within Helena’s sewers, Underlena, and other places where ne’er-do-wells often lurk The Rusty Drain Pipe is Open for Business https://youtu.be/McNhU-mhDC0 Officially sponsored by the Dancing Duufle Brewery It is with the greatest of pleasures that I, Valius Voltaire, warmly welcome you to the Rusty Drain Pipe for a night of gambling, debauchery, and alcoholic indulgent. We have an ever growing menu of alcohols, teas, and consumables prepared for your convenience while you spend your evening playing one of our exciting gambling games. Services Provided Beverage Menu The Rusty Drain Pipe offers a nice selection of alcohols and beverages available for purchase. Please seek out one of our bartenders or waitresses and we will try our best to satisfy your needs. When a bartender or waitress is unavailable, one may access any of our refreshments through our automated vendor. However, be aware that there is a small convenience fee. If you are in need of something that is not on our menu, it is encouraged that you inform Management, and we will see what we can do about making additions. Literal Sewer Water: straight from the drain - 1 Mina Dancing Duufle Wine: aged to perfection - 5 Mina Dancing Duufle Vodka: a cool, refreshing bite - 5 Mina Dancing Duufle Brandy: double distilled, double the strength - 10 Mina Wake Me Up Tea: so your sleep schedule won’t determine when the night ends - 10 Mina Sleepy Time Vodka: this is so your lightweight friend has an excuse to pass out - 20 Mina Just Straight **** Me Up: you don’t know what’s in this, neither do we. Let’s Party - 50 Mina Dining Menu The Rusty Drain Pipe’s kitchen occasionally offers a small selection of food and treats available for purchase. Please seek out one of our bartenders or waitresses and we will try our best to satisfy your needs. If you are in need of something that is not on our menu, it is encouraged that you inform Management, and we will see what we can do about making additions. When making your selection, ask about our “special” offers, and with an additional fee, our pastry chef will prepare something that is sure to promise you a relaxing night. Chicken - 5 Mina Beef - 5 Mina Cookies - 10 Mina Cake - 10 Mina Gambling Games The Rusty Drain Pipe features a fun commodity of games for our patrons to enjoy, should they have enough Mina. We implore you to take a seat and lose track of time while you experience the exhilarating rush that gambling can provide. Amber Suicide - Table minimum per patron: 200 minas, 3 players minimum. Drink a concoction of my own design, and whoever’s left standing wins half of the pot. Kai’ireen’s Fortunes - For a 50 mina fee, you can have a mystical experience that will show you how, when, and where your wildest dreams will come true. Roulette - To Be Constructed More to come, suggestions encouraged. Bounty Board The Rusty Drain Pipe offers a bounty board for any mercenaries for hire to view. Should you wish to place a bounty on the board, simply speak to management and, for a single fee, the notice will be posted for all to see. For a special price, the Rusty Drain Pipe may even hire its own mercenaries, leased from the Dancing Duufle Brewing Company, for you! Simply add such a request to your bounty inquiry, and management will take it from there. As long as the price is right, no request will be ignored. Current Bounties: House Rules While the Rusty Drain Pipe is a place for fun and relaxation, we do have a list of rules our patrons must abide by for their safety, should they wish to enjoy our services. All sales are final. No refunds will be given for dissatisfied service. Bar fighting is not encouraged, however it is not discouraged. Management is not responsible for settling any disputes, physical or not, between patrons, no matter the circumstance. Management is not responsible for any injuries, up to and including death, that result on property. Patrons are responsible for keeping track of their belongings. Management is not responsible for confronting patrons who have been proven to have stolen from others. Management is not responsible for patrons who enact retribution towards other patrons they may or may not have wronged. Stealing, harming, or otherwise acting in a way that results in the loss of property or injury towards Management is strictly forbidden. Violation of this policy could result in banishment or mortal harm. Breaking furniture is fine, so long as it’s the cheap stuff. Management reserves the right to protect their property in any way they deem fit. Gambling involves risk. Management will not, under any circumstance, reimburse a patron for their losses. Management and fortune tellers working for the Rusty Drain Pipe are not responsible for any ill willing fortunes one may receive. If you believe you may have a gambling problem, please ignore such notions. It is scientifically, spiritually, and magically proven that there is no such thing. Unless licensed by Management, Management holds no responsibility for any tasks involving mercenaries or bounty hunters. Unless licensed by Management, Management holds no responsibility to ensure a mercenary or bounty hunter completes a task properly. Buyer discretion is advised. Dancing Duufle Mercenaries (DD Mercenaries) are licensed and paid for by the Dancing Duufle Brewery Company. If a paid for task is not completed, or is completed outside of the buyer’s adhered to agreement with said DD Mercenary, Management may be held responsible for any dissatisfaction the buyer has experienced. For more information on Dancing Duufle Mercenaries and the rights the buyer can claim responsibility for, please request a DDM Form from Management. On a case by case basis, one’s soul may be considered a form of currency. The Employee Break Room of the Rusty Drain Pipe, and other areas marked being for “Employees Only”, is strictly reserved for employees unless guided on a tour hosted by Management. Patrons found in violation of this policy may face banishment and or harsher punishments. If you begin to feel symptoms of anxiety, distress, emotional turmoil, impending doom, nausea, unnerving dreams, or sleeplessness after prolonged exposure to certain patrons or employees of the Rusty Drain Pipe, it is advised you take a small break between visits. The Rusty Drain Pipe and its sponsor, the Dancing Duufle Brewery, is a nondiscriminatory establishment and company, respectively. Management is not permitted to deny a patron service based on race, sex, species, magic alignment, religion, moral alignment, poverty status, or age. If you believe you have been a victim of wrongful discrimination (defined by being discriminatory against one of the preceding variables) at the hands of Management, I urge you to contact me immediately and I will make sure you are righted. While still allowed on property, Holy Magi and those of positive moral alignment are discouraged from entering the property. Management holds no responsibility for any wrongful discrimination made at the hands of patrons. While still allowed on property, Fire Magi are expressly FORBIDDEN to cast their fire magics within or around the premises of the Rusty Drain Pipe. Those found in violation of this policy will face immediate banishment and possible mortal harm. It is expressly FORBIDDEN to start fires larger than such found at the tip of a lit match within or around the premises of the Rusty Drain Pipe. Those found in violation of this policy will face immediate banishment and possible mortal harm. Please ignore any disembodied voices, wails, or shadows you may hear or see within or surrounding the Rusty Drain Pipe. They will not harm you in any manner, and probably belong to lost souls struggling to find their way back to the soul stream. The Rusty Drain Pipe is officially sponsored by the Dancing Duufle Brewery Company. The Dancing Duufle Brewery Company does not claim responsibility for the actions of The Rusty Drain Pipe’s Management. The Dancing Duufle Brewery Company is recognized as a separate entity from the Rusty Drain Pipe and its Management, and there is no correlation between the two entities and its employees unless otherwise stated, such as the case with DD Mercenaries. It is the patron’s responsibility to routinely check the house rules for any changes made by Management. Management has the final word on all transactions and disputes. Management’s word is law. Management holds all rights. By entering the Rusty Drain Pipe, you legally, comprehensively, and soundly agree to abide by its policies, procedures, and house rules, written or unwritten, lest face banishment or mortal harm. Staff Owner Valius Voltaire Managers Kai’ireen Ventress Pink Greyson Zaroi Mendoza The Rusty Drain Pipe is Hiring for the Following Positions 1 Live Band Roulette Staff 2 Waiters/Waitresses 1 Chef I truly wish for you to get the most out of your leisure time by paying us a visit. Allow yourself to indulge your inner chaos and thrive in a place without judgement. No kings to chain you down, no governments to rule over you. Come on down to the Rusty Drain Pipe, and let’s see what you can get away with.
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