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  1. uh oh my investigation ban will be forthcoming
  2. An elven warrior considers whether this is an ample opportunity to reveal her secret cooking skills.
  3. Personally, I think that the feedback is already available to the administration team mostly because it's all written down in the forums. Hopefully the upcoming survey from @marimbamonkwill serve to further solidify community opinion. I'll be there to listen in regardless.
  4. A Mali'Aheral of old grips the missive, and despite not being considered a healer by any means, smiles with approval.
  5. For years the chunks have terrified lotc kind... but now... they are no more. (I think)

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                                                                       LOTC WARS

                                                                                     EPISODE IV

                                                                     THE  CHUNKS STRIKE BACK

  6. the name is javer... javer bond .

  7. The stall in numendil has been refilled again! Come get your purebred horses while you can! 🐎

  8. ngl i like this and imo if you are a community discord you should enable these filters regardless and if you are a community discord you should also enable "block mention spam" and "block suspected spam content" as well, they help a lot in case of raids (that are not by pvp goons)
  9. Thelia was sitting at the nearby beach, fishin'. "I need more bait..." she muttered.
  10. [!] This missive can be found all around the world. A Declaration of War Against all Cursed Pigeons of Aevos Published 144 SA. Since the days of Fi’Andria, cursed pigeons have been an enemy of the Celian people. These are not your common city-dwelling birds that coo softly from rooftops; these are plagued pigeons, dark feathered and malevolent in their behavior, they carry a magical blight that devastates crops and sickens livestock. For years, the Celian people have lived in peace with pigeon-kind, yet now we must take arms against these cursed pigeons once more, just as Mythaldir did in Almaris. An Artist’s depiction of the pigeon plague. (OOC: Jamal Ahmad) I hereby call upon our most skilled archers to join this cause immediately. Your abilities are required not only to defend our crops, but also to safeguard the health of our people. Together, we will target these cursed pigeons and cleanse our lands of the plague they carry. ilMaehr’sae Ilkun’ehya ay’pueran; Thelia of Celia’nor, Chief of Celian Anti-Pigeon operations
  11. Java17


    nice helpful guide, thanks.
  12. as long as it makes gates be open again
  13. Thelia sat outside at a wooden table, pressing a seal into molten wax to approve a bottle for trade. "The first of many." she muttered, placing it in her cabinet.
  14. This is incredible! Awesome piece of lore. +1
  15. Really awesome work!! @Adelemphii @capporlets go fishing
  16. Changing people's words is absolutely crazy. 

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      Too true..

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  17. "This one will need all the help she can get..." Thelia mutters, despite being present at the coronation.
  18. An old elf would peer over the missive in a barrack far, far away. "This marks a return to the stars, our ancestry."
  19. Thelia offers Lucien 3 minae per jar of fresh milk.
  20. Java17

    Pan's Skin Comms

    Absolutely recommend pan as a skinner, super attentive to the small details, top notch.
  21. tech team forum logo being broken after the fix is very on brand ngl
  22. The drums of war thunder once again.

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      War Thunder!?

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