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  1. Omolon

    [Feat] Dark Shamanism

    It’s really good stuff. Props to you for this lore, Mordew, it’s the result of hard work.
  2. Omolon

    A Map of Arcas

    What a beauty.
  3. Omolon

    Atlas Epilogue

  4. Omolon

    Serrimor Lore Book Doc

    As you’ve said there’s more, where was this information brought from? Serrimor? What of the huge place beneath Cloud Temple on Atlas?
  5. Omolon

    Snow Elven Trailer

    looking good.
  6. Omolon

    Teaching Mages Wanted

    Alaric grunts something as he, too, tears down as many of these posters as he can scour.
  7. Omolon

    Event Battle Discussion

    I agree with this. However, it should not only be simply ‘groups’ – as was done in Aesopian’s events, Artifacts should be taken into account. If sufficient Artifacts are shown to the ET prior to the event and are approved for use, the ET should take into account these things and, alongside these taskforces, ensure that they are included. There have been multiple large-scale battles where Artifacts and descendant creations have been used to do colossal damage against an enemy. As an example, the huge cannon Arzota made use of at the final battle for old Haelun’or against September did colossal damage to him and caused him to kill Arzota with the ‘True Death’ spell for what he had done. All of this, when these items and creations are all done RPly with sufficient evidence to provide their legitimacy, especially if they were made from event items acquired from other ET, would definitely add great flavour to any Event Battle, and could change the course of the battle. Of course, there need to be rules set out by the ETs leading the event for this sort of thing to happen – the approval of the item with due cooldown periods or a caveat where this creation or Artifact will not be able to be used again in the Event makes the most sense.
  8. Omolon

    World Lore -- Arcas Tectonic Plates

    Pretty good. I see no problem with this. +1.
  9. Omolon

    Say You'll Remember Me

    peace don't get juice on your laptop again
  10. Omolon

    A wild Artist has appeared

    thumbs up from me
  11. Omolon

    A Time For Fire, A Time For Steel, A Time for Blood.

    Solomon gives a great Picardian face.
  12. Omolon

    ama because everyone else is

    when will you give me your artefacts why have you not give me your artefacts why do you not talk to me as much as you should
  13. Omolon

    i was told to do this

    you called it homosexual after i didn't really care as long as it was detailed
  14. Omolon

    i was told to do this

    why don't you love me
  15. Omolon

    RP Item Giveaway (222 Items)

    Bulwark of Balgruff. Cursed Mirror. Lorepilled. Here is your EDM.