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  1. After saying Uppori farewell, Nuala Dorberos would walk up to the message and place her hand on it “Yet another Mali’thill leaving the city, when will it end” She mumbled to herself.
  2. [!] Mali’thill children started running around, knocking on doors and pinning messages on them and around the city, this Missive was surely seen by everyone within the Silver walls Issued on 22nd on Malin’s Welcome, 1715 Dear Blessed Citizenry of the blessed bastion of Haelun’or, friends and family. Since the announcement of the additional Okariran to the Elheial’thilln, it has been once again lovely to watch how the Mali’thill run faster than ever for the position of a humble servant of the blessed bastion with their ideas and opinions just waiting to be let out. Yet, there are many things we could do better, us Mali’thill for the Motherland. I once read a book of a good friend of mine which was about the economy, currency and everything related to this need for gathering things for oneself and only for their own personal use, it was horrific. It is the job of all Mali’thill to ensure the prosperity of the Motherland, it is the job for all Mali’thill to make sure that the Motherland has what it needs. For Larihei worked more than hard to make sure we would get where we are now, it is the job of us my fellow Mali’thill to ensure that the Silver City will only go forward. For Larihei. For us. For these words, I, Nuala Dorberos am nominating myself for the position of Okarir’akaln among the other candidates. For I shall work day and night alongside my fellow Mali’thilln to make sure the blessed citizens have what they need to make sure Haelun’or will triumph as it always has. If granted the position, I am not alone-- I might be called an Okariran but I still am no more than a humble citizen of the Blessed Bastion who will be transparent, a listener and an executioner for all blessed ideas of Mali’thilln. Please state your support for me, for I will not fail you. I wish for all friends to come forward with any questions, ideas or just a friendly chat between two ‘thilln. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya! Signed by: Nuala Dorberos
  3. Nuala Dorberos would take a moment from her book to read the missive, commenting to herself “Self-nominations are what gladdens my heart, to see all Mali’thill come forward with their need and want to help, come forward with their most ambitious ideas. I wish you all the best” She would then glance the sky for a brief moment before returning to her book. Sitting on her favorite spot
  4. FluffyG

    The Huntsmen

    Application Roleplay Name: Nuala Dorberos Race: High Elf Age: 132 Desired role: Medic Reason for enlistment: Nuala is hoping to learn new skills to help and protect others. Such as using a sword and healing. Also since a friend recommended she should. OOC Username: _FluffyGemini Discord Tag (Example#3333): Geminisole#4164 Timezone: GMT+2
  5. Make me a sandwich

  6. Nuala Dorberos laughs when the comments find a way to her ears ”And how I was debating whether the acid pits should be removed since they’re barbaric and cruel. Clearly, this amount of declining IQ should be taken care of before it spreads even further.”
  7. Nuala would turn to Arthedil and show a smile out of respect. Just before answering she would look at the crowd. ”As you said, it is for all educated beings to debate. But it is the reasoning that will suddenly make a turn from sophiscated to vulgar. For what I can read from the missive— the very reasoning behind calling the challenge reeks of envy and egomania. In case wrong— I look forward to see the Maheral in his glory yet again.”
  8. Nuala Dorberos would walk into the square, people crowded in front of something. The Mali’thill talking to each other making it hard to pick anything up. She would make her way through the crowd to see what are they reading. After reading the missive she would walk into the middle of the crowd, coughing loudly to get everyone’s attention. “Dear citizens of the Blessed bastion of Haelun’or, friends and family, It aches my heart to see yet another attempt to seize power within our walls. It truly saddens me to see this level of mistrust from a person once holding great power. We are all guided by Maheral Dimaethor Visaj--- but are to guide him as well in his time of need. This person, Malaurir Athedil Haler’thilln, rather than guiding and teaching our friend-- he has decided to rely on means that should be left for the lesser races. I am hereby asking you all, Children of Silver to stand behind our friend, our leader, our Maheral Dimaethor Visaj as he has stood for us many times. I am asking to show where your loyalty stands.”
  9. Nuala Dorberos would pick up one of the fliers and slightly chuckle while reading it ”Well, it is certain no other than a mali’thill is to hold such a position”
  10. MC Name: _FluffyGemini MC name of those living with you: NaN :RP: Head of household: Nuala Dorberos Family/individuals staying: 1 Number of Children: 0 ((The house number 5 is what Nuala is wishing for))
  11. [[OOC]] IGN: _FluffyGemini Discord [Optional]: Geminisole#4164 [[IC]] Name: Nuala Dorberos Race: High Elf Age: 125 School(s) and Certifications applying to: – Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in Psychology – Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in History Magics known prior: None Are you interested in teaching, should you complete a degree?: Yes! Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?: I do!
  12. FluffyG


    Height: 6'7 DOB: Unknown Hometown: Taliyna'maehr Weight: 80kg Eyes: Blue, as the sky Hair: Gray Nails: Normal Face: Long, diamond shaped and the most beautiful Voice: Beautiful, can sing Story: Gemini was born about 19 years ago but is orphan. Gemini is proven to be the most pure high elf. Gemini has been spending a lot of time from family to family and since she was 10 she has been living alone. She is very kind but arrogant. She can sing and her voice is like the sirens from the greek mythology. Gemini is very rich and powerful in every way but has a lot of weaknesses. She is prone to love, she trusts too easily and makes her an easy target when she falls in love. She lovers all her walls and gives all the trust even though she knows it's not something she should do. Gemini can also see in the dark because she if afraid of the darkness. Some of the elvens might not like her, because her one true love is a human peasant. For some reason I can not download the file of my skin here, but I guarantee that it is appropriate!
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