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  1. Application: ------------------ MC Name (IGN): GodEatingCommie Personas (Character) Name: Alaric Discord: GoldEatingCommie#5894 Timezone: GMT Persona’s Race: Halfling Persona’s Age: 39 Any particular skills: Bard, knowledgeable on Herbs, knowledgeable on Medic work. Affiliations and Allegiances: Brandybrook, Librarian in Sutica
  2. Alaric sat by the pond of a Manor, tears running down from his amber eyes, his hands clasped together. He gazed through his blurred vision and into his reflection from the pond, silently muttering to himself. ”Ah’ll miss ye, Anne” The Small Being said with a heavy heart ”Thank ye, so much, for bein’ there”He said, stumbling to his feet, his head lowered as he trudged back inside, dreary. One of the most important people in his life was gone, one of the best friends he ever had, and one he had known since he was a child.
  3. +1 Beautiful, Elegant, very epic read. I really hope to see this on the server!!!!
  4. Out of Character Username: GoldEatingCommie Discord: GoldEatingCommie#5894 In Character Full Name: Alaric Race: Halfling Age: 44 Job / Occupation: Librarian
  5. I like the concept of this lore, however I am concerned about the lack of noticeable, not generic weaknesses for something with such heightened senses, and abilities such as muscle and bone enhancement can be powergamed fairly easily Edit: Have been corrected, +1 good luck with the lore
  6. RP Name::Alaric MC Username: GoldEatingCommie Discord:Puppercat#6969 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Haelunor Why Do You Wish To Come?: For knowledge and experience What Skills Can You Bring?: Musical skill, Organisation and knowledge on different environments
  7. Great concept, amazing examples, amazing art +1
  8. [OOC] Discord: Puppercat#6969 Preferred time of interview: (BST) Available any time on weekends, sometimes available week days Example RP: Alaric shuffles up to the counter, a shaky smile plastered across his face, his hands tucked in his pockets”’ello, how can ah serve ye?”Alaric questioned, his gaze set on the customer sat infront of him [ROLEPLAY] Name: Alaric Race, and are you a citizen of the Silver State?: I am A halfling, not a citizen, no further questions. Preferred position: Waiter, perhaps? I dont mind Why should you get this position?: Because I want to help this city, I have been seeking a job to take up my time, and I wish to really help this tavern and dedicate time and effort to it Sincerely, Alaric
  9. GodEatingCommie

    New skin shop

    Great skinner, great guy! +1
  10. Mc Name: Lost2Flemish Persona name: Snak Persona Age: 5 Slot: 6B
  11. [[OOC]] IGN: Lost2Flemish Discord [Optional]: Puppercat#4042 [[IC]] Name: Kieryn Race: High Elf Age: 31 School(s) and Certifications applying to: Bachelor’s Certification of Magical Ability in the Arcane Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in Psychology Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in Medicine Magics known prior: None Are you interested in teaching, should you complete a degree?:Definitely Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?:Yes
  12. Application: ((OOC)) IGN: Firephantom37 Discord: I'd like to say through PM Timezone: British Summer Time Age: 13 ((IC)) Name: Ash Age: 40 Race: Dark Elf The settlement i come from: Halsworthy Why you should be accepted: I would like to help my town, teach others and am interested in alchemy
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