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  1. ((MC Name:GodEatingCommie )) Name: Alaric Vote Anne Cottonwood for Sheriff? Yea (x) Nay ()
  2. ((MC Name: GodEatingCommie )) Name: Alaric Vote for Elder: James Peregrin () Greta Goodbarrel (x) Filibert Applefoot () Jordan Applebottom (x) Winter May Gardner (x)
  3. Telekinesis Introduction As the power of voidal understanding grows, so does a magi’s ability to dream of a greater skill to unlock. With time whispers and rumours of voidal power allowed one to cast a thought like an evocation, but not to create, but to move what is already there. A lost art which was once known, a mental grip around an object allowing a honed mage to hold a thought of throwing it, or a simple task of placing it upon a shelf. An art that was forever known in legend as a lost one called telekinesis. Magic Explanation
  4. This was really fun to read, and I really liked it, but maybe it should be specified someone can not be afflicted with something they already suffer from (from a Bane), such as a Blind person getting the bane of losing sight.
  5. I've been looking back at this and made changes accordingly, significantly nerfing (the rather strong) 'Fae's Freshener'
  6. Kalytera [CA Race] The Colors of a Kalytera rippling to life upon their form Kalytera Explanation -Kalytera is a transformed Race which takes up 5 slots. -Kalytera are unable to properly ‘disconnect’ once transformed, for they are mutated too far upon transformation. -Kalytera with TA’s may only possess 3 students at once -Kalytera are not deity based. -The abilities that a Kalytera possesses arent innate unless stated so, and must be learnt. Origin The Abyss, a cruel, gloomy, mutinous place swelling with so muc
  7. Finally I can get my school RP with guns! +1
  8. Alchemical Terrors ‘The art of Creation’ Terror Explanation - Lesser Terrors require no CA, and are played by the Terror FA holder, their Creator. - Greater Terrors require a CA - Terrors may not learn any magic - Terrors may not become a transformable race - Terrors can not learn Alchemy, due to their mindset - Terrors may not learn any Feat -Must have a TA to teach another this FA Keywords/Explanation Core - Slimy, ball-shaped, living thing that forms and sustains all forms of Terrors, is found at their center.
  9. Thank you for the feedback! I have made some appropriate changes to Tier’s and Common/Rare knowledge correlating to some of the Potions. I have not modified Greater Green due to the belief that anyone on drugs, or a drug like Substance, including those in the world of LOTC would be unable to cast when not properly focused, this is intended as a drawback of its use, and I believe very few would be able to properly jab someone with a Syringe mid-fight, in all honesty, though I may make changes in the future.
  10. Concise Concoctions Syringe Sets Nothing but groans of pain filled the room as he stabbed himself with yet another needle, dots and marks scarring his arm. This Individual had discovered a new way to administer their brews. Injection. Coward’s Counter A relatively simple mixture which, once injected, induces a forced rush of Adrenaline, granting them Courage, Energy and a greatly enhanced pain tolerance. Recipe Base: Water -Vigour x3 -Endurance x2 -Strength x1 -Swiftness x2 Effects S
  11. This lore piece is amazing, really enjoyed seeing it worked on and spoke about, and hope to enjoy it being used on the Server. +100
  12. Changelog -Initial formatting errors -Color is frustrating -Added Redline to Earth to specify Strength (and its lack of increase from the average UT)
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