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  1. Accepted, please report to the barracks.
  2. Sygnus_05


    In the barracks of the Princedom of Fenn one could make out the numerous Ivae’fenn sparring, and amongst them would be the Grand Marshal pacing while observing them. As word of the Grand Prince’s departure had reached her, the Grand Marshal would unsheathe her blade, before planting it in the sand of the ivae’fenn barracks. After doing this she would then remove her helmet, and as well as take a knee. Upon her lips would be a prayer to Wyvurn for the safety and guidance for the young Grand Prince. While she did this, the ivae’fenn would stop their sparring and stare at her, but Aroiia would not stop to explain her actions. As a last remark, Aroiia would rise from her kneeled position and speak as if she were talking to Aldred there in the barracks. “Aldred, You have overcome great internal struggles, it is my hope that wherever the seas take you that you will not forget your heritage. I wish you the best old friend.” Upon finishing the remark she would place her helmet back on her head and as well remove her blade that was once planted in the sand, and with one swift movement she would sheathe it. Lastly she would turn to face the soldiers who had seised their sparring and she would say, “Did I say you could stop training? Get back to it!” And with that she would continue to pace the barracks. As the ivae’fenn continued their training. [ OOC ] [It was really fun to Roleplay with ya Nectorist, and I hope that whatever life throws at you that you’ll rise to overcome it. Good luck and I hope to one day see you on the server again.]
  3. Aroiia Elena Drakon would read the missive and would bite her lower lip in disappointment that the rumors that had spread amongst the ivae’fenn had in fact been true. The Grand Marshal would sigh before grabbing a new piece of parchment as well as her quill, and would begin to devise a plan in order to put this mystery to rest.
  4. Accepted, please report to the barracks.
  5. Accepted, please report to the barracks.
  6. Aroiia Elena Drakon would sigh, “Another war? Why are the High Elves so blood thirsty nowadays. Surely theres a more peaceful resolve than outright genocide towards such a small group of people.” The mali’fenn would roll her eyes before tossing the missive into a fireplace in her manor.
  7. Aroiia Elena Drakon would recall her oath she took when she joined the Ivae’fenn so many years ago, as well as when she was promoted to the rank of Warden of the Ivae’fenn. Aroiia would then say upon preparing for the war to come, “I have made the vow to protect the Grand Prince and his heir, as well as to oppose anyone who intends to threaten the Princedom of Fenn. Regardless of the odds, I will fight along side the Grand Prince of Fenn, as long I draw breath.”
  8. Aroiia Elena Drakon would sigh before saying, “I knew this peace wouldn’t last, but then again what is peace but confusion between two wars.” Aroiia would then go to organize some trainings for the Ivae’fenn.
  9. Aroiia Elena Drakon would see the missive and upon reading that there was an ancient tunnel, the mali’fenn would say, “I guess it’s time to prepare for the inevitable ancient hostile creature or beings that dwell in these caverns.” She would then head off to sharpen her trident.
  10. When the map opened up, I used whatever map or terrain image I could get my hands on to explore the new world of Arcas, to see what new things the world builders left for us to find. Of the locations I travelled to I found some areas that looked unfinished, so after giving it some time I would return later, in hopes of it being completed, and sadly most were not, as well as some signs that may have said to contact a person had disappeared in that time span. Exploring Arcas at this point feels like a giant test world where there are ideas all over the place that are pretty much just brainstorming that the map creators forgot to either implement or remove. As for the activity mechanic that everyone has talked about, everyone is too preoccupied to stay in their own cities for activity at risk of losing their land. Now the bright side of this mechanic is that since there is a lack of finished interactive builds scattered everywhere, theres no real reason to leave your nations tile. Now if the activity mechanic were to be removed, then it should increase the amount of people exploring, and it might even promote activity in areas that are struggling to keep the quota. But I digress; If there is a site in Arcas that is unfinished, either complete it or remove it. If there are sites that have been around since the beginning and it appears to be that nobody is going to interact with that area, remove it. Theres no point in having unimplemented ideas scattered across Arcas, only for them to be Easter Eggs that hold no lore value or otherwise are irrelevant to the story arc of Arcas.
  11. Aroiia Drakon would see the letter that all her other fellow Ivae’fenn had also read. She would then think of the numerous occasions where herself and Velatha fought side by side as well as carried out missions for the Princedom. Aroiia would look up and talk to nobody in particular and say, “I am sorry for being unable to talk you out of making this decision llir. With your departure as the head seige engineer, I suppose it’s now my job to pick up the mantel and train more Ivae’fenn in that skill you helped me master after all these years.” With that, Aroiia would turn her attention to other matters that needed her attention.
  12. Aroiia would read the missive, and with a smile, go to her anvil to sharpen her trident for the impending attack on Llyria.
  13. Sygnus_05

    The Irham

    Application Format [OOC] Username: Sygnus_ Activity Rating (1-10): 7-8 Discord: Sygnus_05 #1161 [RP] Name: Aroiia Drakon Gender: Female Place of Residence: Drakon Manor Race/Subrace/Culture: Snow Elf Division (may select multiple): Prenu’iller and Bilok’thuln Do you swear to abide by Fennic Law, and to heed the word of your superiors?: Yes
  14. [Ooc] Username: Sygnus_ Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): It varies but more than likely it will be 3-5 days a week Discord: Sygnus_05 #1161 Timezone: EST [RP] Name: Aroiia Drakon Gender: Female Place of residence: Drakon Manor Race/Sub-race/Culture: Mali’Fenn Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: Yes
  15. Aroiia Drakon would think to herself “It looks like I have returned just in time for another war”
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