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  1. Sul gets ready to use translocation on the field for the Elysian Team!
  2. ♫ Belvitz Roads~ Take me home! West Adria ♫
  3. "I've seen this one before!" "What do you mean? It's brand new"
  4. This is why I hate lotc staff
  5. It's the worst feeling doing an event that's meant to be spooky and then no one being afraid irp
  6. Kristain wonders why his auntie has posters of her sitting around
  7. So long as the Ashwood family gets one, you get a +1
  8. Theris would clap his hands for the bard event "G-Good l-luck h-h-hosting, B-Bella!"
  9. You're joining the 3 year gang before I am damn it! Well.. it's been a weird 3 years for us all Tell me your favorite color.. it's the only question CT management taught me to ask
  10. Fragmented Memories An Elven man closed his green eyes, falling into a deep slumber. As he slept, his rose petal hair flaking onto the grassy earth below him. A light breeze flew over his body, gracing the epiphyte with a pleasant night to aid in his sleeping. Several butterflies came to land upon his head, one even landing gracefully upon the rose that lie before himself. Though, while the world around him lie in peace, within his mind, in his dreams, Theris came to suffer a grand nightmare. -=- A forest. An elf. A young elven man running, faster and faster. The world blew by his locks of brown hair, his flesh smooth and kissed by the sun. Three men, humans, ran behind the poor elf. As he passed a tree, the world went black, the sounds of frantic breathing staining the nightmare he was currently visiting, no.. living. Chains, a dark room covered in stone bricks. Blood dripped from the poor elf's lips and body, pooling below him. The crack of a whip was followed by several more strikes. A human stood before the poor elf cleaning the blood from the weapon he held. The man chuckled, a disgusting grin upon his lips. The harmed elf would close his eyes, a darkness flooding the world around him once again. Healed, a stone city atop a frozen mountain. A snow elf, a smile. The two smiled. A flash, darkness pulled him to another scene. Her face was in front of his, a ring upon his finger. There was happiness, but not for long. An arrow sunk into the snow elf's throat and the two of them fell to the ground. Tears. Tears filled his eyes as he got pulled away one more time. Sunlight, shining upon his sun-kissed body, scars resting on his body. A smiling pair of druii stood over him, one he could not tell, though the other was someone with pure white hair and purple eyes. He only knew that he saw her as a motherly figure. Though, another flash sent her away. His skin turned green and his hair red, leaving him as a rose. A woman with white hair, a goblin who stood as a White Rose Epiphyte. They hugged, though his memories sent her away too. Sadness welled up in him and soon the world turned to complete darkness for the last time. He was completely alone, with no one there for him. He had to rid his memories and thus, he did, rebirthing himself as a new epiphyte. Though his nightmare did not show him this. -=- Theris woke up with tears in his eyes, streaming down his face. He could remember every detail about the dream he had, the memories he had once lost. While most of his memories remained away from his grasp, only the darkest ones were left in his head. He stood up and left to go bathe in a pond, keeping quiet about what he had went through. It was his past life, there was no reason to relive it. As he stood out of the pond, his hand reached out, a single, blue butterfly resting upon his pointer finger. Art made by mwarsbwars
  11. IC Information: Your Name: Elexia Savur Your Race: High Elf Your Age: 68 Nation of Residence: Haelun'or and Others, kind of Reason you wish to to join the circle: "I wish to become a Sorceress or at least learn more about magic for the sake of learning. Along those lines, I also wish to try and learn how best to use it to enhance my daily life and my job as a musician in whatever way I a can. While self defense would be nice, that's not my main priority with wishing to learn/learn about such arts."
  12. Sadly I remember joining LOTC in late 2018 and he has always been there
  13. Sulieronn lies back in his bed, peering up at the ceiling while muttering his thought aloud. "A ball.. How interesting. Ive not danced in years, perhaps now is a good time to pick it up again." He lets off a deep breath before swinging his feet to the side to let himself stand up. The elven man walks to his closet, opening it up with a flick of his wrist. "I wonder what I'll wear."
  14. A 'ker would read over the notice and nod slightly. Sul leans back slightly on the bench in which he sat, simply peering up to the sky "Hm.. I don't blame you, Aech." The man speaks to himself
  15. An epiphyte would read over the parchment before cheering on his friend of the earth. Then, Theris would saunter back to sitting down in the nature away from some cities
  16. MC Name: ImAGameshow Discord: Meteor Dragon#8579 What is your profession RP of choice? Blacksmith, though I also find Wood Working rather fun as well Have you read and understood this lore? I have Do you hate the Palebeast? I HATE THE PALEBEAST I HATE THE PALEBEAST I HATE THE PALEBEAST
  17. A 'ker clicks his tongue as he leans forward, placing his gloved hands upon a long surgical table that lie below his home. His head peers to the dozens of diagrams and pictures he had drawn along with the notes he scribbled next to each one. "A shame that stress lies upon those least deserving of it." Sulieronn grasps onto a diagram he had just creates, rolling up the paper into a sort of scroll before sliding it on his shelf to let it go along with the rest of his collection "But peace.. Im glad to see Athri find such a thing. Let it take it's time.. but not too much time" With that, Sul gets back to work.
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