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  1. Well, it wasnt made by me- bbbuuutttt, Im sure it’s fine That’s a joke btw, sarcasm is hard to express
  2. I specifically recall the time when Telenir was the CT admin for a while. Please dont curse them again like this, dude. It wasnt a good time
  3. A long dead elf gazes to his old friend who had joined him in the heavens "Gods.. didnt expect you to be here... AND NOT DRINK WITH ME!" The cackling Ashwood takes out some sky ale and chugs a good few bottles
  4. I'm not the best with armor but I'll give it a try
  5. Im trying to be nice and you send this lol, nice man
  6. So, people don’t like me for some reason. Im not going to get into that, but anyways, I wanted to give back so for a few days Im opening up some free commissions for skins. I only ask that there’s a reference image for said skin Format Discord Username: Reference Image: Character Gender: Alex or Steve Model: Any other notes:
  7. MeteorDragon

    My Story

    Sadly, people tend to look at only one side of the story. It’s something many have fallen victim to, and Im sorry to hear the same happened for you. Sometimes people just dont care to hear another argument for fear of their ideas being crumbled to the ground. Though, we should all seek to better ourselves by seeking knowledge from both sides. I speak from personal experience about this. It’s a terrible thing and I implore you all to think about this. Though, on a brighter side of things, I was once brought happiness by the folk on LOTC through finding someone to date that helped me through a hard period in my life. Myself and this person aren’t together anymore, but I wont speak any more on that. I hope that everyone can try to make friends with their fellow minemen. Have a good day
  8. An elf in the sky grins as Datura enters the realm of the dead. The man, small and with a half scarred face from extensive burning, claps his hands a few times, speaking out ”G’d tah s’ yeh Datura. F’n’lleh yeh j’n meh en theh ‘ft’rl’f’. ‘v’n en d’th yeh c’n nae ‘v’d meh” Salthor’s twisted face lets off a light laugh
  9. That is out of context and I hate it
  10. Opening Your Eyes “Xavis. Are you there?” “Yes, I'm here. What is it?” “You know what’s up, what you must do.” “I know, but for what reason?” “To protect yourself, to protect others.” “I see.. Though what do you know? All you care about is murder.” “I know everything you do, Xavis. All of your thoughts are shared with me, I know you want this. Deep, deep down this is what you desire.” “You’re right, as much as I hate to give you that, Irlioz.” “I’m always right. Since when have I ever been wrong?” “You never have. I can see that, even without eyes.” “Exactly, but with this you’ll finally be able to see.” “Perhaps I will be, but I'm scared to do it.” “I don’t see an issue with it. This is what you want, so why not strive towards it?” “Right.. I must do it. I’ve got an idea” “That’s my boy.” “No longer will they be forced to be my victim.” “Not your victim, my victim.” “I always forget, I’m never the one who really kills them.” “You never were, Xavis. You never were. Not even the closest of your friends knew about me” “I’ve tried to keep you hidden, in the back of my mind.” “Of course, and you did a good job. But now we must leave. Will you do it?” “I will.” Xavis left soon after. A dark world all around him when he left, gone for forever. When his eyes opened, a world was seen around him. Only one word escaped his lips- in a voice that was only his own. There was no more “Irlioz” for he never existed in the first place. There was only Xavis Ashwood. “W̷̪͔̩̤̐̿̈̎̇̅̃́̈̎̓̇͘r̶̡̛͕̼̙̭̈͌͋̀̃͊̀̈́͆́͊̚ē̸̛̬͓̲̭̪̻̘̓̈́̈́n̴̥̻̥̟̠̙̳͎̆̅̄̎̒͂̚͜͠͠͝?̴̬̞̣̭͖͐̋͂̈́̔̂̇̒̒͝͝” Letters were sent out across Arcas to those close to the red elf. To My Children “My Children, I have and always will love each and every one of you. Some of my most joyful moments were spent being with you. Never forget who you are. Ashwoods will forever live and thrive in this world. To those of my Blood, one of you must take up the mantle of Clan Leader. I'm sure you will do well to make the right choice.” To Velatha, My Love “My dearest Vel, I’m sorry to cause you heart break but this is how it was meant to be. You’ll find someone to make you happy, someone that’s not me. Please know that you brought happiness in my last days. Everything you’ve ever done for me has been out of kindness and I’m sorry to not be able to do more for you.” To Sulironn “To you, my newest child, I leave my estate in Sutica as well as my mina. Your mother was a kind woman though there were some issues between the two of us. I know you will do well in my absence and I’m sorry to be unable to raise you” To Mayan Avern “My sister, I’m sorry to leave you without another member of your family. You’ve been good to me during my times of sickness and injury. Continue a long and prosperous life” To Sutica “My dearest city, you brought me great grievances and great happiness during my life. Long live the Triumvir, Sutica Eternal.” To Saoirse “You were like a mother to me in my later years of life. Though I was almost two hundred years of age, I feel like you were the most motherly figure in my last century. Please keep your family safe”
  11. Xavis silently stands in front of the burning building with his eyelids covering his eyes to try and prevent tears from flowing out of the sockets. It wasn't a huge display, yet something nonetheless. His right hand extends towards the burning building before falling back to his side. Though he speaks no words, he shows a display of complete sorrow for his lost daughter
  12. It is Renalia, dw you had it right
  13. Can you go one day without insulting someone? I don’t only care about the combat abilities in the magic, Im using it as an example because that’s the most prevalent time when a Seer would cast in public, though there can be other times as well. If a Seer is unable to defend themselves, then they only have one choice and that’s to die without being able to have a chance, even if they do have abilities that could help them survive. It’s good to keep some bits of Seer a secret, that’s all well and dandy and I couldn’t care less about that, but if keeping that a secret means my blind character has to look and act like a normal blind person when I got a magic to see, then that’s sort of counter productive. Do as you please, but don’t force others to act the same way as you or god forbid insult them relentlessly about it until they change. Spoon, redlines are good I will agree. It helps keep magics in line and fix the issues in them, etc, but when the redlines are just “You can’t even talk a bit about the magic or act X way without permanently losing it” I see that a few issues start to arise. Imagine if you had say translocation and you weren't allowed to teleport unless it was to run away or having Shade and you can’t decide to cast unless you were trying to make someone depressed. How about if you were a Paladin but you couldn’t cast unless it was to help make someone happy. Fire evo but you cant cast unless you want to make people warm. Who would then want any of those magics? Seer is different from those, but the same basic concept can be applied. You can’t cast unless you are in private. What can private be defined as then? If you’re in your home that could be private, but anyone can walk in there if they break open the door, thus it’s public as well. Even to the city it’s public. Then with the anxieties, there are different kinds of anxiety that you choose from to give to your character, Social Anxiety being one of those. Not everyone picks that specific one. Overall, it would be a good addition, if it wasn’t restricting everyone to rping their characters in one specific way, thus making them all the same as each other. In the end, Seers will just become copies of one another with only small differences between their peers (Get it? Peers? As in peering? No? ok..). Everyone will become people who hide out in their homes or just ‘blind’ people who huddle in the corners of the taverns and don’t buy drinks or even think about talking to people since they have to act blind. A Seer wouldn’t be able to walk around without a walking stick or have a reason to cast a spell for fear of being caught in public. This would just make Seers worse than they were before they got the magic, blind people unable to protect themselves in any possible way because they don’t want to become blind again. Anyways, that’s the last Im going to speak on the subject since no one will change their opinions on the matter. Good day.
  14. Yes Seers have a hard time here because of there weaknesses, both mentally and physically, but it just gives people like bandits a better reason to go out and kill you since you are an easy target. Even if you act blind, they just need to push you to the ground and then take all your s*** or kill you outright. If I was to cast there, then I’d lose the magic. If there was a raid and I started to cast, I lose the magic. If Im being ganked by randos in some place and I cast, I’d lose the magic. If I was to even bring up something beyond ‘Im blind’ then I’d lose the magic. Do you see how much that restricts you? You may not be willing to go and fight, but others will be more than willing to fight and kill you because you are an easy target. The physical stuff is there for a reason, and it’s nice I guess, Im not complaining, but with this new stuff added on, a Seer becomes the easiest person to go out and rob/kill. You show off the different anxieties in this and I’d say good on you for picking those out, if every Seer had the same anxieties. Some people may choose to not pick Social Anxiety or some may pick that but not a specific fear. The acting blind bit is also stupid because just having a blindfold over your face could also bring attention to you because who in their right mind walks around with cloth wrapped over their face? Now, the counterable with part I agree with, but when the entire magic can be countered by asking someone “Hey, why’s the air around you looking weird?” and then you just lose the magic, I feel that gets to be a bit much. That’s especially true if you can do it at the beginning of combat because they start to cast then as a reaction because they are unable to fight in any other way besides casting a spell to protect themselves/ward off others. Finally, a lore holder may have specific things they like about the magic and enforce through the lore post, that’s all well and dandy at times, but this is just too much. There is NO wiggle room for a Seer to act as they please just because someone doesn’t like it when a Seer has to cast in the open.
  15. To me, this part is absolutely unneeded and ruins the magic. I get not being public about the magic use but when Im doing something in combat, I cant be secretive about casting a spell to help me win/survive. Sometimes it’s good to be secretive about casting so you can trick people, but it’s kind of hard to do that while fighting others or trying to cast say one of the other spells that required a dark room. No one in their right mind is going to sit in a dark room while you are breaking the air, they’ll suspect something’s going on and just decide to leave. Thus, you’ll never get a single spell off. Does this also count for the general ability to see? Because if it does, then that’s the point of that? I can see but I have to act all blind and not tell anyone that I can see. Not being able to talk about somethings or cast something in public is fine, there are some places that need that and I like that in those specific seer spells, but it’s not something that should be required for the magic as a WHOLE. This last bit should purely be cultural, depending on how the seer themselves wishes to rp the magic, not something required of everyone. It simply makes the magic unusable in people are being smart about it. If I have to go out and, in combat, cast Eyebite or Hypnotic Gaze, on someone without anyone knowing Im casting, then Im going to bash my head on a table. just because you cant fight, doesn’t mean people won’t try to take advantage of that and fight you. TLDR; This makes the magic unusable in some situations and a solution should be to have this be a cultural thing depending on the mage’s preference.
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