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  1. Diana d’Azor would clasp her hands together in excitement for the happy couple; she was indeed ready to see their marriage go well and maybe bring them a small gift later on for congratulations.. She was only a small friend to the family, but she couldn’t be anymore excited anyways.
  2. RP Name: Sofia Teufel-RogerMC Name: RubyAnnaStarVoted: Yes :)
  3. Lusia gripped the letter she has received about Florenza's death; her tears poured down her face as she hugged the letter. "Florenza.. My dear cugina.. I wish I could of spent more time with you in this new world we live in.. It's beautiful as you are, oh how I miss your humor and kindess already.." The young lady went on her knees and prayed quietly while letting her tears do as they pleased.. "I wish you the best in the next life, cugina. You were a saint to me, I hope you are well and happy on the other side.."
  4. IGN: RubyAnnaStar RP name: Sofia Teufel Age: 24 Position: Maid Servant IGN: RubyAnnaStar RP Name: Lusia d’Amato Age: 15 Position: Handmaiden to Princess Whelima
  5. IGN: RubyAnnaStar RP Name: Sofia Teufel Any past experience in taverns? (not required to be employed.): No Experience What role do you wish to be employed as (Bartender/Brewer): Bartender What is your discord (not required, but really helpful if you wish to be notified on events and other important things): PrettyCuteAnna#5467
  6. Hello, I fixed the errors I made. I hope you accept it and agree with what I fixed.
  7. PrettyCuteAnna


    Lorelei has been through a lot during her life. She had been abandoned at the age of two by her parents. Lorelei was an orphaned child, left in Sutica where no one wanted to help her. The tribe Nekhabet saw her and took her in. They took her in because of her traits of being a High Elf. She was, in fact, a High Elf and pure. She fitted in quite well. She didn’t remember much of her past, due to being an orphan at a young age. Lorelei decided to become a healer to help people, especially children in the orphanage. She understood their pain and suffering. Lorelei is studying fauna to become a pr
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