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  1. Village Life of Corbenic As the people of Corbenic continue to settle down in the village, the council and committee of representatives have worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone has a role to play and that the community thrives. One of the first tasks undertaken by the council was to identify the skills and talents of the villagers. This allowed them to set up occupations and market stalls to cater to the needs of the community. There are several market stalls where citizens can purchase food, clothing, and other essential items. Anyone is able to purchase a stall from our stewards. The village has a thriving agriculture industry, with many farmers growing crops such as wheat, corn, and vegetables. The village also has several skilled artisans, including blacksmiths, carpenters, and other laborers, who create beautiful and functional items for the community. The artisans sell their wares at the village market, providing a much-needed source of income for themselves and their families. In addition to farming and artisanal work, there are other occupations available for villagers. There are doctors who provide healthcare services, adults teaching the young children defensive skills, and laborer workers who help build new homes and infrastructure. As well as the natural beauty and community spirit of Corbenic, there are also plenty of amenities and services available to residents. The village’s council and representatives host a range of activities and events throughout the year. There are also several local businesses, including a post office, a general store, and a tavern! Living in Corbenic offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and the local community. The village is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, with plenty of opportunities for exploration, and visiting with the dwarves. The residents of Corbenic are friendly and welcoming, with a strong sense of community spirit. The people of Corbenic have worked hard to build a strong and supportive community. They take care of each other, and everyone is welcome to contribute their skills and talents. The village continues to grow, and the council and committee of representatives are always looking for ways to improve the lives of the villagers and make the community even stronger. If you are looking for a welcoming and vibrant community, then Corbenic may be the perfect place for you. Come and see for yourself why this village is so special. A few occupations available are… Stewards - Stewards are the people who assist residents buy houses! It is a very simple job as you basically show people around the housing and sell them! Bartenders - Bartenders work in the Dantory’s Tavern & Stage. They serve drinks to everyone of the appropriate age while also keeping the tavern in check! No one is fighting in their tavern! Curators - The event team are the people who arrange and organize events for the player-base. The events could be as simple as tea parties or as large as making a circus! These people would work closely with members of the Committee of Representatives. Writers - Writers of Corbenic are in charge of writing the newspaper while also offering their skills to help anyone with their documents. Constantly posting missives of current events in the town, or just missives in general will help with informing everyone with everything! Writers can be novice, average, or very skilled! All levels wanted. Farmers - Farmers will assist the Header Farmer in gathering wheat, carrots, etc from the fields and replanting the seeds. They will also assist in butchering and cooking all assortments of meats. Blacksmith - Blacksmiths will be in charge of producing finely crafted weapons, armor, and anything else to contribute to the growth of Corbenic. Medics/Doctors - Inexperienced players will begin as medical students, learning the lore of herbs and ways to perform surgeries. This job expands the mind and provides a different outlook on life. Laborers - Laborers are people who work as miners, lumberjack, and builders. They are essential to the town’s survival as the city cannot grow without their expertise and material gathering. Guards - The basic level of the village’s militia, responsible for patrol and defense of the village. Housing and Stalls The pricing of houses and stalls in Corbenic are made to be affordable for all as prices can range from five to sixty mina. This means that anyone who is interested in living in a peaceful, rural community can now own their own home or business at a fraction of the cost of living in a big nation. The houses in Corbenic Village vary in size and style, with individual rooms for singular residents to sleep and store their belongings, or large houses for families to fit comfortably. Each home is unique, with its own character and charm, and many have been lovingly restored and renovated by their current owners. Whether you're looking for a cozy cottage or a spacious farmhouse, you're sure to find the perfect home in Corbenic Village. The village's stalls are also available for sale, offering an opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to set up shop in a picturesque setting. The stalls can be used for a variety of purposes, from selling handmade crafts and goods to offering services such as tailoring dresses and outfits. If you're looking for a peaceful, affordable, and close-knit community to call home, Corbenic may be just what you're looking for. With a range of affordable homes and stalls available for purchase, this idyllic village offers an opportunity to live a simpler, more fulfilling way of life, surrounded by natural beauty and friendly neighbors. So why not consider making Corbenic Village your new home? SIGNED, Council of Corbenic Committee of Representatives
  2. Evangeline Daphne would be setting up the new housings with street names and such! "Stalls are done- perfect."
  3. Diana Valentina d’Azor rolled her eyes from the Seven skies as she sat among the house’s foundational members, “Father, isn’t this funny? Bell- this family continues to go down the drain! This new girl running the house is out of her mind.”
  4. Evangeline Daphne sat beside her fellow council members, nodding her head. "Perfect... now, the real work begins!"
  5. Evangeline Daphne sat around next to her fellow council members, proud to see her signature on the document! “Let the real work begin..”
  6. I hope you get accepted, you will make a great Mod!

    1. PrettyCuteAnna


      aww thank you sm <3 -- if not, we still heading strong <3

  7. Evangeline Daphne smiled the Sun's Smile as she sat alongside her fellow council members, "Let's get this show on the road!"
  8. Evangeline Daphne said nothing as her council spoke about it, she merely agreed on the vote.
  9. Evangeline Daphne smiled as she read the missive, "Truly, I am so glad I could see more writers spread their talents..." Eva remained in a hospital bed, a bit ill from the late war.
  10. Elowyn of Petra, daughter of Constanz, continued to cry and cry in her Pa's arms. To learn that he may leave her... It broke her heart. The deaths she has seen in such short time of her life. She ever wonders if age eight will be as tough as her life as been... the loss of a Mother, and perhaps the loss of a Father.
  11. Evangeline Daphne would applaud her friend! "What a wonderous house! Shall Wings prevail!'
  12. Evangeline Daphne Halcourt would be resting in the meeting room of the Archduke's Palace. She read the missive with a sigh, "Seems like this will be an interesting conversation later. . . Clementine! Come, we must practice our swordsmanship for tomorrow! My husband will be there!"
  13. Elowyn of Petra continued to embrace Albert, staying close to his side as another Petran went down. "That one was a good one. . . He is apart of our history, shall we do him well."
  14. To The “Archduchess” Renilde I It is quite the predicament Ma. . . I did not believe out of all people in my life who would hurt Pa would be you. I am a Canonist child, a child. I have seen bloodshed and I have seen corpses in front of me. Even corpses of people MY age. Ma, how can you stand with those people and leave me, leave your children, leave your legacy to perish at the hands of those mercenaries you hire. How can one believe that they are in the right when I was taught that adultery was sinful! How can one be right if they hurt their own family? How can one be right if they tear down a nation… a community… a home. You sit among people that I have never seen, nor met. How can they be Petrans like you say? You toss out Pa like nothing, like mere dirt. Am I dirt? Are the rest of my siblings dirt? Are we even children of Pa? Tell me Ma, what are we? You should be here so I can tell you about my butterflies, but you turned away from GOD and blamed your family. I wonder what GOD will say once I end up in the Seven Skies like the rest of the people that you slaughter. There was a dragon, it breathed fire at people of the Commonwealth. Pa called it an Azdrazi later on. I heard the screams of my fellow community members… I never knew how awful death sounded like. The screams, I can never forget them Ma. To whichever parent of mine wins, it is a loss. Shall GOD be with the true Petrans. SIGNED, Elowyn of Petra
  15. Evangeline Daphne looked at the missive, dropping to the ground as she was speaking with her husband. Her hands trembled as tears started to fall down her cheeks.. "Arthur- ARTHUR... my friend.. one of my only friends.." Eva curled into a ball, sobbing on her wooden floor as she clutched the missive tightly. Arthur... a man who was always kind to her. She kept alone mostly in the Commonwealth when it came to true friends, and she just lost one. He was a great man, a noble man. He died for a noble cause, a noble way to go with his knights there. Shall he rest in the Seven Skies
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