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  1. AL-GUL BASIC INFORMATION: NAME: AL-GUL AGE: 35 RACE: HUMAN STATUS: ALIVE NICKNAME: Outlaw SUBRACE: Highlander DESCRIPTION: Body type: ATHLETIC EYE COLOR: DARK BROWN SKIN : WHITE HEIGHT: 6’2 PERSONALITY: Mostly cares about money and himself in situations. Inventory: A small dagger on his side A pouch of money A mask A short blade behind his back
  2. Hey I'm putting all my LotC videos as unlisted and wanted to make this post so that the links could be found without asking me. These videos start in 2013 when I joined and the last one I uploaded was last year in 2017. Green = Better quality / recommended videos. Red = Boring videos that I put in just for the record. Harbinger Fight (Anthos, 2013) Battle of the Nation's Crossing (Thorin's War, Anthos 2013) Battle of Shadowcastle (Pre-Trench War, Anthos 2013) Fall of the Cloud Temple (Anthos, 2013) Deeproads Breach (Ondnarc
  3. ?????? ??????? ”Blood for Science. Death Before Dishonor." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Information Full Name: Marius DeNurem Titles: Prince of Hanseti-Judah, Lion ov Judah, Hochmeister of the Steel Company 2-11, Director of the DeNurem Inc. Nickname/Aliases: None Important Information Age: Late-Forties Gender: Male Race: Human Sexuality: Heterosexual Languages Spoken: Common, Marian, and Fle
  4. "A single soul is bound to the hand their dealt, but what happens when would they seek to change fate?" -Thorvn Bronvyn Psychical description and basic Introduction: Before you stands a 5'6 onyx cloaked male, his stance having no bearing, no significance other than an observant nature, with no visibly descriptive facial features most would see a full covering grey mask. From anyone's perspective It would look to be Thorvn wouldn't attempt to stick out, unfortunately.. the golden decor covering around the highlanders collarbone shined bright in moderate occasions with plenty
  5. Bom Tombadil Physical Description: He is too tall for a halfling, yet to small for a man, and thick and sturdy are his hands. His coat is blue, his boots are yellow, his hat is brown with a big bright feather. He wears a belt buckle of golden brass, and has a beard long and thick as grass. Mannerisms: He hunches over with a cane like he is old, yet talks fast and proud like he is young. He often breaks out into a sing-song sort of speach in the middle of a conversation, which others find quite annoying and childish, and he is rarely on time for anything
  6. Alma Kersley (A. Kersley, head acquisitioner of Arbor, 1666) ((art is mine, btw)) Theme? ~Essentials~ Name: Alma Kersley Age: born in 1628, because of the way humans age she looks roughly 25-30 year old Gender: Female Race: Human, highlander Quirks: + Seasoned mariner. Alma is skilled in naval affairs, including navigation and ship maintenance. - Inept soldier. Alma isn't very capable in any kind of combat, especially melee. That does not mean, however, that she is a pacifist. - Fearful of death. Alma is obsessed
  7. Lathai Backstory: Lathai's date of birth isn't exactly recorded in a history book, nor his parents. The only information we have about his age is from just looking at him, doing so he looks as if he is around 12-13 years old. Lathai was found in haystack outside an unknown village by two guards (likely a human one), growing up within an orphanage a human one. He was regularly discriminated and segregated from the other human children. He usually kept to himself doing what he could to gain knowledge, reading whatever he was able to sound out at the time, eventually, he gained a lot of usef
  8. Alkheim, of the house of Alsteim, the descendant of Alkheir, the Bowman, the Hunter, or among the creatures of war, the terror. Alkheim lived with his mother and father in the kingdom of Renatus. They dwelt in peace in this town for a long time. However, since an Orc settlement was close by, the Orcs had become more than a mere nuisance to traders and travelers, they were becoming a threat. Knowing that the Orcs and Goblins were both very warlike and territorial, Alkheir knew that it would start weighing heavily on the kingdom eventually if the trades were raided continuously. Alkheims father,
  9. Full Name: Armaedik Ceru Berr'ante Nicknames: Armae (Don't use it if you want to live) Race: Wood Elf Occupation: Virarim Age: 37 Alignment: Lawful Good Status: Alive, Virarim Seed: Berr'ante Height: 5’2" Hair Color: Light Brown Eye Color: Dark Green Siblings: Drua Berr'ante (Deceased) Parents: Merekec Berr'ante, Joaline Berr'ante (Deceased) Other Family: Brat'ek Berr'ante (First Cousin) Children: None Wife: None Demeanor: A
  10. Appearance- Simon is tall and wiry, without much muscle and with even less fat. He has a large, thick mane of dark blond hair, which he usually pulls back into a ponytail. Thanks to his father’s genetics, the hair is fast greying. He has really awful facial hair (think Van Hohenheim, but with a horrible, scraggly goatee as well as weird sideburns). Simon is usually seen wearing a frayed dark blue waistcoat over a white shirt, with brown trousers and dark grey boots. He also has disproportionately large hands and long fingers. He looks to be in his late twenties or so.
  11. This is just a brief Biography of Nodian to give a small introduction into my main Persona Basic Information Full Name: Nodian Elric Year of Birth: 1638 Place of Birth: Unknown Race: Halfling Gender: Male Appearance Height: 2'9 ft / 0.83 m Weight: 70 lbs / 32 kg Eye Color: Mix between gray/blue Hair Color: Blonde Hair Style: short curvy other: always wears a gray scarf Personality Likes: new environment, adventures, meeting new people, reading, writing Dislikes: rude language and deep water
  12. Hello my friends. Due to the Forum's templating and general lack of appealing formatting, please refer to this link to view my Character Sheet. Enjoy! https://tinyurl.com/yalkqdq3 Wiki Link; https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Prince_Henry_Richard
  13. Naivara Amakiir - Lady of the forest MORE INFORMATION WILL BE ADDED AS TIME GOES ON | NAME INFORMATION | | Current Full Name | Naivara Amakiir | Nick Names | * Vara * Kiir | Titles | * None | Traits | * Naivara Feels far more comfortable around animals then people. After leaving her family to explore the fast open world, she has quickly learned that peoples values and actions are that of mindless animals, and had quickly taken to the company of the forest creatures. * Naivara remembers things very
  14. Vosirk Blackaxe-Grandaxe The Iron Druid -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Gender: Male Race: Mountain Dwarf Status: Healthy Height: 4’11 Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Red Skin: Light-skinned, slowly gaining a tan Markings/Tattoos: Various scars, most noticeable being over his eye. Dwarven-styled tattoos in the color of raw iron ore along his right arm. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
  15. Vailon Hel’Spire ---<General Information>--- Name: Vailon Hel’spire Gender: Female Race: Dark Elf Age: 21 Other Names: Vail, Valior, Titles: None ---<Personal Information>--- Birth date: ??? Birth Place: Somewhere outside of San’Torr Likes: Alcohol, Friends, Lich’s, Racial Equality Dislikes: Racistem, betrayal ---<Mental Information>--- Languages: Common Tongue Alignment: Lawful Chaotic Hoppies: ---<Social Information>--- Emotional Stability: Mostl
  16. Character’s name: Character’s name: Fyran Goldvine Her gender: male Her race: Halfling Her age: 22 Sexuality: Heterosexual Relationship status: Single Mingle Backstory (In rough): Fyran was born on the 7th February 1613 on an unknown island at kingdom of Nordland at a secret village. He lives there for several years with his father, mother and uncle who all waorked as fishermen. Due too his incompetence at fishing , he got the duty to cook. This remains his favourite hobby forever. One day at fishing, his parent
  17. Those Small People You’ve all seen them. Probably. Those insufferable little whine boxes that run around cities, screeching at the top of their lungs. You likely look at them and turn the other cheek, hoping they don’t come your way until someone comes along with a heart of pure gold to pluck them off the streets. It happens every day. Were you someone not familiar with LoTC, you’d probably think I was talking about some sort of monster or a ghost. But no, I’m talking about children. Now it’s all coming back to you, the Vietnam flashbacks of packs of roaming orphans with edgy backsto
  18. Thank you anybody Build: Lean. Face Shape: Slight Oblongish Face. Skin Color: Light Olive Skin (Tans easily). Height: 6’1 Hair style: Short and curly. Hair color: Very Dark Brown. Facial Hair: Stubble. Eye Shape: Round almond-like eyes. Eye color: Syrup colored eyes. Eyebrow Shape: Slightly angled. Nose Shape: Slight aquiline nose. Mouth Shape: Natural and slightly thin . Scars: Stab scars across his body (from his captor). Gender: Male Race: Adunian For cloths I would liek something similar to but
  19. Phineas II Warlai Basic Information: Name: Phineas Warlai, the Second. Age: 17 Gender: Male Race: Human (Heartlander) Biography: Phineas Warlai was born to Phineas Warlai sr. and his wife, Evelyn, in 1534 during "The Amber Cold". He was raised, for around eight years of his life, in the Copper District of Felsen, his father slowly building up a fortune in selling jewelery. After taking a loan from a Dark Elf merchant, Phineas Warlai was killed for not repaying the debt, thus forcing the family to flee the city. Whilst Evelyn thought it safe to ke
  20. Character Name Ruawyn Kennyr'Anea (Stardance and Sworn to the Night) Basic Information Nicknames: Rue Age: 94 Gender: Female Race: High Elf Status: Alive, Single, Lost Description Height: 5'11" Weight: Body Type: Soft, not athletic Eyes: Lavender with SILVER Flecks Hair: Silver with gold-tinted ends Skin: Golden-peach Markings/Tattoos: Gold around her eyes, faint gold mark on her forehead. Health: Fair Personality: Quiet, gentle, unsure, secretive Inventory: Food Further Details: Life Style TBA Alignment: Lawful G
  21. Character Name Millosm Lepida Basic Information Nicknames: Milo, Millo Age: 27 (auto age on) Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Alive and Well Description Height: 6 ft Weight: 134 lbs Body Type: Slender build, muscular arms and legs Eyes: Dark Blue Hair: Short, brown hair Skin: Tan Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Physically healthy, mentally ill Personality: Kind, always means well but he tends to become
  22. ꧁ Eruniel ꧂ ~Status~ Alive and Healthy. ~Nicknames / Aliases~ Erun ~ Common Nickname ~Race~ Wood Elf - Mali’ame with traces of Mali’aheral and Human blood. ~Gender~ Female ~Birth~ 27th of Sun’s Smile, 1526 ~Height~ 168 cm. ~Weight~ 50 kg. ~Distinguishable Features~ Her hair has been cut short and large burn scars cover an entire side of her face and a good portion of her right leg. ~Place of Residency~ Irrinor ~Sexuality~
  23. General information Full name: Elvira Mantisuku nee Naromis (formally Terryal.) (Pronounced as ‘El-vee-ra Tear-ree-al’) (Prefers to use Elvi .) Name meaning: Elvira means ‘Truth, white or beautiful’. Ernestina means ‘serious or determined’. Naromis means ‘One with fire/flames’. Her old surname (Terryal) means ‘Reaper’. Nickname(s): Elvi (A common nickname she uses as her name – pronounced as 'El-vee'.) Buttons. Barkeep. Elli (by Ray). El (by Beth.). Vivi. Race: Half elf. (Half high elf, half human.) Status: Alive Description Weight: 190ilbs Height: 5’4ft Body build: Elvira is a slightly thin
  24. Shall I tell you a story? The story of a man? The story of Duncan Darkwood. I have to warn you, it isn’t a happy story. Chapter 1: Childhood I was born in Abresi, a city in the Holy Oren Empire. Born into the Darkwood family made everyone expect me to become a soldier, a soldier like my father, but I never truly understood soldiering. My mom I have never known, my dad used to tell me that she died at young age, within a year after I was born. My father raised me, well, he raised me until I was ten years old. We had a quiet life, nothing special, but the day he left me, is the day my life cha
  25. ~ Gregor Norridge ~ Basic Information Name: Gregor Norridge Age: twenty-four Race: Human Cultural Background: Highlander Gender: Male Birthday: 1491 Birthplace: Old Republic of Salvus, Athera Marital Status: Single Current Profession(s): Soldier, Army of The Trident Physical Description Height: 6ft 6in / 1.98m Weight: 245lbs / 111kg Body Type: Large, Muscular Hair Color: Ash Brown Eye Color: Hazel Skin Color: Pale Scars/Markings: None Detailed Description: Gregor is a very rugged looking individual, staying true to his Highlander background. He stands well
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