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Kingdom of Haense

The Haense Academy

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The Royal Haense Academy

of Saint Catherine






For a people to be truly strong, they must not only be strong of blade and strong of heart, but also strong of mind.


The Royal Haense Academy of Saint Catherine, established by the late Queen Maya of Muldav, serves as a chief pillar in this sacred trinity of blade, heart and mind. In pursuit of an enlightened and educated society, this reformation of the Academy offers both open and casual lectures on interesting topics to the Haeseni public, and a more concentrated Academy Degree – known as the Drägus Degree - for those who seek higher education.


Operating from the Royal Academy in New Reza and directed by the Royal Curator of the Aulic Council, the Royal Haense Academy is now open for business once again to nurture the Haeseni people.





One of the most notable changes of the reformed Academy is the introduction of open, public classes that anyone may freely attend.


These open classes consist of interactive lectures, field trips and workshops based around interesting topics such as wars and history. While these open classes do not contribute towards any qualification such as the Academy Degree, they do serve as a city-wide event that provide an enjoyable and interesting platform for education on relevant topics for the Haeseni people.


For these open classes, the Academy endeavours to provide interaction and engagement and not just simple verbal delivery. Lecturers, both Academy Lecturers and guest speakers, provide education through re-enactments, interaction, practical workshops, experiments, research and field trips to sites of interest to ensure that regardless of a topic, interest and engagement are priority.





For those seeking higher education and qualifications, the Royal Academy offers the Academy Degree – known as the Drägus Degree.


The Drägus Degree is a mark of educational excellence, achieved by a student who excels in at least three of the subjects taught by the Royal Academy. Students are required to attend at least five lessons in each subject before they can be assessed. Assessment comes not in the form of traditional memory-based tests, but rather more engaging and enjoyable practical trials. An assessment in Culture might have a student write a recite their own poem or play; a Medical assessment could place a student in a hypothetical medical scenario, to a Law assessment that involves the student participating in a mock trial. 


Lessons, similarly to open classes, can include interactive lectures, field trips, practical workshops, experiments, research projects, etcetera and strive to offer greater levels of interest, engagement and enjoyment. 


Upon completion of an assessment of at least three subjects, students will be awarded their Drägus Degree and permitted the title of Drägus (Naumarian: Wise), a title of respect and education:




Drägus are also permitted the following signatures in their respective qualified fields:


  • Joedensvasr: A Law graduate, who may use the doctorate signature of JV.
  • Edelvikzwe: A Cultural graduate, who may use the doctorate signature of EV.
  • Velksmeyster: A History graduate, who may use the doctorate signature of VM.
  • Ozinaemeyster: A Medicine graduate, who may use the doctorate signature of OM.






To obtain an Drägus Degree, students must pass an assessment in at least three subjects to be deemed professionally educated in those areas. Students are, however, free to take more subjects and have this reflected in their qualification.


The subjects offered by the Royal Haense Academy are:

  • Law: A course to teach students to become lawyers within the Holy Orenian Empire, teaching the interpretations and applications of both the Oren Revised Code and the Rights and Freedoms of Hanseti-Ruska. Lessons include mock courts, mock investigations, court visits and case studies.
  • Medicine: A course to teach students how to treat all manner of injuries and illnesses, both in a hospital environment and as a field medic. Lessons include mock medical scenarios, clinical apprenticing and general classes. 
  • Culture:  A course examining the unique culture of Hanseti-Ruska and the prevailing attitudes and ideals of the Haeseni people. Lessons include Haeseni cultural games, festival participation and planning and studies of the Naumarian language.
  • History: A course educating students on the rich history of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, from notable wars to the reign of monarchs. Lessons include lectures, re-enactments and field trips.





Students can enrol in the Haense Academy free of charge by submitting a letter of interest in the below format to the Academy:


  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Areas of Study:
  • [MC Name]:
  • [Discord]:


(After submission, you’ll be invited to the Academy Discord. You can also message or professor or Haense leader to join).





Those who qualify from the Academy and earn the title of Drägus will be invited to attend the Drägus Convention.


These Conventions, called by the Royal Curator, serve as a meeting of minds from the wisest of Haeseni society to discuss issues and ideas, such as proposed government or Duma reforms. The Aulic Council may convene a Drägus Convention to recieve feedback on any particular issue, or a Drägus may petition the Royal Curator to call a Convention on any issue they believe requires discussion among the Drägus.





The Haense Academy also sponsors research projects on behalf of the Crown.


Whether it is experimentation with ancient relics or the construction of new technology such as cannons, the Haense Academy also represents the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska’s strives to advance technologically and scientifically in the changing world of Descendants. Qualified Drägus will be entitled to financial and resource support for any research or development project deemed sufficient by the Royal Curator, while outsiders may petition the Crown for such aid.





  • Royal Curator: Alexandria Karina [UnBaed]
  • Law Professor: Otto Wittenbach [EtowTheSaltyCat]
  • Law Professor: Konstantin Wick [Xarkly]


  • Medicine Professor: Darinndrabor [Count_Dutchula]


  • Culture Professor: Celestine Herbet [Dixie_Serenade]
  • Culture Professor: Alexandria Karina [UnBaed]


  • History Professor: Viktor Kortrevich [Zanthuz]
  • History Professor: Lukas Rakoczy [Pureimp10]


The Royal Academy is seeking to hire Professors in ALL subjects – contact the Royal Curator if you’re interested (Professors are paid)!



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Brandt Barclay smiles at the Academical reforms as he hopes that they will last long... the man already contemplating on sending one of his children to get a proper education once they're old enough.

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Posted (edited)

Alfred Barclay, chaplain of Haense Royal Army and the Maer of Reza, happily reads the document, satisfied that the field of education in the city is provided and on the right path for the future students !

Edited by repl1ca

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Julia Ipera pouts as she reads the letter, disappointed to find no classes on fishes!


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Name: Theodora Angelica Helvets

Age: 12

Areas of Study: Law, Culture

[MC Name]: Froeggy

[Discord]: rowan#0423

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  • Name: Joren Mackensen
  • Age: 14
  • Areas of Study: History
  • [MC Name]: Millite
  • [Discord]: Millite#9123

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  • Name: Isabel Baruch
  • Age: 11
  • Areas of Study: History, Culture
  • [MC Name]: Julianaa101
  • [Discord]: Juli#9597

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  • Name: Leonid Amador
  • Age: 18
  • Areas of Study: Law, History
  • [Discord]: Jensen#0858

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  • Name: hilda
  • Age: 12
  • Areas of Study: history,culture
  • [MC Name]:bigmemepvp
  • [Discord]:Spiders#8322

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  • Name: Karl Kortrevich
  • Age: 15
  • Areas of Study: history
  • [MC Name]: DrewDOOD
  • [Discord]: Drew#7225

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  • Name: Sergei Othaman
  • Age: 16
  • Areas of Study: Culture and History
  • [MC Name]: GhostSHTR
  • [Discord]: GhostSHTR#9775

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Name: Rickard Kortrevich

Age: 11

Areas of Study: History and Culture

[MCNAME]: _NotChris

[Discord]: Chris_#5840

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Name: Franz Leopold Barbanov

Age: 6

Areas of Study: Culture

[MC Name]: gusanoarentonio

[Discord]: garentoft#1980

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Name: Anton Vyronov

Age: 14

Areas of Study: History, Law

[MC Name]: Sarven323

[Discord]: Sarven#9722

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  • Name: Victoria Anne d’Arkent
  • Age: 5
  • Areas of Study: Law, Medicine, History
  • [MC Name]: AnonymousAlexa
  • [Discord]: AnonymousAlexa#3562

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