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[Accepted] Gotrek Union Settlement Application

Papa Rock

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Settlement PRO MC Name: XxEnderking


Settlement Name: Gotrek Union


Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): We prefer Tile 3 if Tile 5 cannot be claimed.



Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum):



The Goal:


In the vast realm of Almaris, amidst the towering peaks of the majestic mountains, the seeds of innovation were sown by a visionary dwarf named Ulfar Starbreaker. Inspired by the rich heritage of his people, he dared to dream of an organization that would not only embody the finest traditions of the dwarves but also propel them into new realms of creativity and progress. Thus upon the lands of Aevos, Gotrek Industries was born, a guild that would become a beacon of ingenuity and craftsmanship.


With a deep reverence for the Brathmordakin, the ancient dwarven ancestors, and a burning desire to express oneself through the act of creation, Gotrek Industries stood as a collaboration of cultural stances and a testament to the indomitable spirit of the dwarves. The guild's core principle was to fuse the best aspects of their heritage with a relentless pursuit of innovation, pushing the boundaries of what was thought possible.


Emboldened by their purpose, the guild embarked on a collective endeavor to build not only their reputation but also a physical presence in lands yet uncharted. They sought a domain they could call their own, a realm where their hold, factories, temples, and more could take root and flourish. This endeavor, however, was not driven by mere ambition. Ulfar Starbreaker, alongside his trusted Elder, harbored a grand vision to establish a haven for the Khoren smiths, a place where the sacred dwarven art of Golemancy could thrive like never before.


In this still yet to be conquered land, the guild would carve out the foundations of a new society. Here, they would nurture and train the clerics of golemancy, known as the Ogradhyrs. These chosen individuals would be the embodiment of the guild's devotion to their craft, the keepers of ancient knowledge and wielders of the power to breathe life into the very stone itself. As the Ogradhyrs honed their skills, they would be tasked with creating the Stone-Kin, a unique breed of beings born from the stone through the skillful touch of the Ogradhyrs' hands.


The Stone-Kin would not be mere constructs or mindless automatons; they would be treated as kin by the guild, bound by an unbreakable bond of mutual respect and purpose. Each Stone-Kin would possess a distinct personality and a sense of individuality, shaped by the artistry of their creators. They would become invaluable members of Gotrek Industries, serving as both guardians and practitioners of the guild's ideals, forever linked to their makers.


Tyranny of the Surface dwellers:


In the heart of the sprawling dwarven kingdom of Urguan, where stone spires reached toward the heavens and the echoes of ancient wisdom resounded through the halls of power, Ulfar Starbreaker stood as a welcomer of the dwarven arts. The throne of stone glass, upon which the forest king ruled, symbolized a realm of grandeur and majesty. Yet, beneath the surface, a storm brewed, one of discord and the stifling of creativity.


Ulfar had faced countless trials and tribulations within the kingdom he called home. The ideals of his craft, the boundless pursuit of innovation, clashed with the prevailing mindset that clung to tradition and stifled progress. Gotrek Industries, the guild he had established, was not exempt from the abuse he endured. Many of its members, kindred spirits united by their devotion to craftsmanship, suffered the same fate.


In the bustling streets of Urguan, Ulfar bore witness to the pain and suffering inflicted upon his fellow cave dwarves at the hands of their mountain and forest kin. Thugs and ruffians lurked in the shadows, spreading fear and chaos, while false prophets claimed divine authority, manipulating the hearts and minds of the people. Even the very ruler of Urguan, the forest king himself, had chosen to favor a creature of plant over his own kin of flesh and blood, a decision that Gotrek Industries found deeply unsettling.


The acts of control imposed upon him grew more suffocating with each passing day. It was a bitter blow when he found himself imprisoned for daring to stand up for his dwarven brethren, for daring to challenge the oppressive status quo. In the darkness of his cell, he was subjected to the cruelty of his captors, beaten, broken, and stripped of his freedom. And to add salt to his wounds, a golem of dwarven creation, a testament to dwarven skill and artistry, was turned against him by the very mountain dwarves he had sought to protect.


The threat upon his life loomed large, and he came perilously close to meeting his end at the hands of those who feared and misunderstood the power of his craft. Urguan, once a haven for dwarven ingenuity and unity, had become a place where minds like Ulfar's were regarded as threats, as aberrations. The kingdom, it seemed, had forsaken its own heritage, its own potential for greatness.


In the depths of despair, Ulfar found solace in the unity of his guild, in the collective spirit of Gotrek Industries. They too had felt the sting of rejection, the sense of not belonging to a society that neither understood nor appreciated their purpose. It was within this shared struggle that their resolve was solidified, a resolve to forge their own path, to leave behind the oppressive shadows of Urguan and seek a land where they could live in peace, free from the chains of prejudice and fear.


And so, the guild's vision crystallized, a dream of a new domain where their talents could thrive, where their dedication to creation would be honored and celebrated. They would claim their own land, a sanctuary where the hammer's song would resonate through the mountains, where workshops and forges would stand as monuments to their unwavering spirit. In this land, they would establish a haven for craftsmanship, a place where innovation and creativity would reign supreme.


With renewed purpose, Gotrek Industries set forth on a daring quest. They ventured into uncharted territories of the north, their footsteps guided by the fire of their convictions. Their journey was fraught with peril, for the world beyond Urguan held its own dangers and challenges. Yet, driven by their unwavering determination, they pressed on, undeterred by the trials that lay ahead.




Settlement Government Structure Explanation:


The Government structure takes on a mercantile theme, which means it focuses on production and trade/commerce. 


The Gotrek Union is run by a singular leader, a Khâl , which at this moment is Ulfar Starbreaker. Beneath the Khâl are lesser governmental/managerial positions which are filled by any of the Kin (collective of Dwarves, Iron-Kin, Stone-Kin, or Earth-Kin).


The languages of this Hold: Common, Dwarven, Stone-Speech.


State of religion: The Brathmordakin.


Governing bodies: Gotrek Prospectors, consist of high ranking guild members of the Gotrek Industries who give Khâl advice and council. 


Settlement Builds and Infrastructure (photos required):


This is the main concept we’ve built for the Hold (may deviate depending on rp). Should we be unable to have the build pasted in, we will be starting out as a camp with fires and tents and then building out the hold.







txNqkuPUSPFBQ2oFzCGrvD55zM5ApYK8WYcqmhU_Sp3iqoENmJFj20sCzvNIsWT6kG8ZDamPDf0sbQkOHl0wvOTVRXCzMR1nn5TT2iGYk6_T2AQU2Pr-03x3Wt0FVuQi9AE5vBWtxaRoFXURRvuHhOg SxdSz_IXGPW6i9r229xbwy8auv2wlIuOx48kB1WoQZ59ZtgEKwkJeiK6Hn4-FgcnpTkyJf5pwWWKVprYxLd5vnI_muTPRP-dw7tdDttkfYzFsS2Ko5M2xzd1wv13ys69lSZKxSi5yEZp80lZsWdPPbg




Version 2: Some parts of this version are made from lighter materials compared to the dark theme. This is simply an example of some areas being in lighter color in the case that the mountain doesn't have deepslate/darker materials inside it and we don't get the help of world edit to replace the stone with darker themed blocks.



Industrial Area: Factory


UAuq2Dy27fbQFAcZ5PKgkUc3y5wfxfzS6DYRQOY90WO1i0RRycoUPH_Zu4xdbMx_iQZ_WVWR1XgYhmTtfju4Vc4qcBbScIrr368YfFWmMJWuQ18tGuvwmsjJ4fshe8Hsrgul5DKhAv0KGAym4J_JO_4 jVDCH_NlW_MaSsbUYBCIteqSRk2p_wbYqVRRHEGdWNnw8IYU3vPuonrB5XOueaZ02quuXPwVYg16PmJSJTrgme0hhuljNGnKZQK74_LE_pf-dzzgRrPGyXkFlJYQdpNuAdxmQi6z6L8OyXiehxPVNKw

Zcw_yUPLyOT8bc5TwfR9oT6ravn8D06fAbRFFw81xbV7On1lMfnkz7NfWvr0vOqE5XX1FaGmG7GaEjHV-J4Av1gGA1VOUYv5gOTZCx9wneS21GWgq8n6bxu3Udp3gS3mZ1oyOrh3W8qlA9k_sKxurF0 4QyNcuW27ELPbix2yq67nNMOxvum2ZONR7BgvfgzJgXWXdxDzh_m9VrXSkJnoE8dF5lHiDEQQTWK2gTq8FcWqaVGODt-Ov3u5Gi7y8sBya8LNaRhe33If9An8rgdhNcg8X2aVgi81GfpHudeMNkWCWA





Temple Area: Religious Golemancy Forge (WIP) , Library, Future tomb, Etc etc


gJTPfCQTMILeO1omgs1qyL4-jxLO3XTvPiuZlvvEt4X3QdBSrFeDrrgLkgz2ccpKp8mjAsHoYw9Qz2V9SqRmoQ1W1x5ZMxoP_MzvjSRrOaK-FZqa9hqiDi48TaLhpgUpS3XdR9spyskxxJQRxAiQUP8 7c9r3FGqrUM4gGMCgyRb_uSe8cRoUMXSFEVN55Y38xz8JIMjOcrmCTNy33_FOogccsKtvhSpnOGuF8pFX-xrwKJqfx41PbaHSEgr2PE_p65HRKXb729cOQP-btOsLaAF2DzteKwQjyZ-bCPMwhfHXsY



Guild housing Design (Not normal citizen housing)


e6mFzGlb5a3j4i8vXFyULo_HhnEofGFub6PHfyk8SHaSh309g76RFccBYJsJlnMOojVtm6Kf_HCaMsg7grDQ_I4N0ts9hsv1psPey83QS_nYFe4eTeDvG4TqvqiQjKPJg-S1n1M9Y5Emi79q-PAmalI ShP8JTlR5vLMcoXpMQChE4YznVnv35Ki9cbsEgTxdtyktFelGnGyr_g1Gk5Ld_ueR160gGkFtDulIfw-iQedOGSOrilMB_31rdzWr00nF_v0B4fxnk89S-uhEwTUzkSVcTtKNOTj4ln23xq3l-Kwqt4




Normal citizen housing located outside of the hold + their Default Interior (ignore the path road, not fully pasted in):






Lobby of the house:



Dining hall:



 Kitchen interior:



hallway to bedrooms:



How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server?: 


The settlement offers a base of operations for the company “Gortek Industries” as its primary focus, as well as a home for the employees. With the company as its focus, the settlement offers a more unique style of roleplay- that being one not governed by leaders or kings, but instead one led by its head of operations. Crafting and creating roleplay, such as Golemancy, Smithing, Alchemical etc will be the primary style within this settlement, given that the company “Gortek Industries” is a varying industrial company, with employees of all skill-sets.


The settlement acts as a space in which roleplayers can come to create- they can join the company and be a part of a group looking to focus on their crafting abilities. In turn, they can reside within the settlement, make mina, take commissions, join in with trade pacts with other nations, and so on.


Created initially from those of a Dwarven clan, the culture of the settlement will be primarily that; Dwarven. With many of its current employees also of the same race, the architecture and history and lore is all surrounding such. However, with plans to expand their business, it may be that the settlement adopts a more unique style as time goes on, should they acquire more varying races in their employment rosta.


How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: 


The settlement and company encapsulates a varying amount of players with varying skill sets, with various character backgrounds. The main bulk of current employees being Dwarven, much of the lore carried over will be such. A belief in the Brathmordakin, the skills common to the dwarven race such as diligent work and smithing and so on. 


The company brings together those studied on the lore and background of certain feats, for example Golemancy. It looks to properly utilize these skills throughout Aevos through the means of trade deals with other nations and settlements. It also looks to share those feats with those interested in learning, through the use of properly accepted TA’s. 


The ‘lore’ surrounding the settlement has been generated through roleplay means. The drive of certain characters to expand away from the confines of their nation, to instead have their own space in which they can develop and grow. Members of a particular clan have spent plenty of time bartering and in RP meetings, to create bonds in trade and friendship which will hopefully allow them access to support and mina to follow through with this expansion.


Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?: 


I’ve never done so before, but I have led guilds in the past, and still am currently. The previous guilds include first the Smiths of the White Anvil, then the Workforces of Urguan as Yemekar’s Pick, and now as the creator and head of Gotrek Industries.


Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Yes



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photos + Build update + more build update
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+1! He puts a lot of effort and time into his stuff and does great RP. Would be an awesome addition!

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Hell yeah

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A Yo??? Pretty cool.

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Ursus "Frostaxe" Grandaxe


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Signatory of Region: Gotrek Union

User: Lapidary

Persona name: Naltanarie

Persona ID: #83724

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Signatory of Region: Gotrek Union

User: D3F4LT

Persona name: Tharkun Ulfarsson

Persona ID: #71830





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Gotrek Union



Username: Laurelin


Persona Name: Bori Starbreaker

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