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  1. Beyarin Silversteed reads the missive, smiling at the thought of discussing how they shall be cleaving Dwed in two soon with their mighty great-swords that dwarf the dwarves in length.
  2. Beyarin Silversteed read the letter before it was sent. ”Te Dwed shall ‘av war.” He’d mutter as he watched the envoy’s send the letter.
  3. Bless been waiting for this plugin to come out! Can’t wait to see it in game. Cheers from Shmeepp!
  4. Shmeepp

    Conflict & War FAQ

    I’m just saying with standalone bandit groups to clarify, I think they should be allowed to have more than 3, as bandits were huge during the medieval era, (regardless of whether this is fantasy or realistic) and I think raids were fun to roleplay during, maybe the rule should have been that more RP must be involved instead of running into a city and calling PvP immediately.
  5. Shmeepp

    Conflict & War FAQ

    I can live with this, thanks Tango! Must say I’m disappointed with the bandit raid rules though, I don’t know why people get upset about losing max 27 iron in a video game.. y’all need to get over your fear of loot loss and play Escape from Tarkov to do so or something.
  6. Shmeepp

    Conflict & War FAQ

    Only a group of three bandits can raid a city of 50? There goes raid RP which I enjoyed, defending or attacking...
  7. Shmeepp

    Conflict & War FAQ

    say it louder for the folks in the back
  8. Shmeepp

    Conflict & War FAQ

    I agree with this but disagree with the “consent to losing part”.. I’d hardly call it a war. Even if a side is victorious there are no real accomplishments for said “victory” other than bragging rights. Peace summits and treaties should always be dynamic and so should the wars, but with that being said NL’s consenting to specific terms of war literally makes the entire concept of claiming it to be “dynamic” seem backward, the proper way to word this post would have been “the Nation Leaders make the story”, not the players. Also.. sides can consent to “not losing”? What the hell is the point of war then..?
  9. Beyarin Silversteed reads over the missive. “Asking if the Prince is committing the same crimes as the Drumm Regime? Treason I daresay.” He states.
  10. Beyarin Silversteed chuckles, wondering if the person who wrote this realizes the crimes the Beet Brigade themselves had committed. Any who knew of their ill deeds knew that the death of the Republic came at the same time the Beet Brigade had, and that the republic was reborn like a phoenix rising from the ashes upon their inevitable departure or execution. (( This song fit so perfectly hot damn))
  11. Shmeepp

    Beet Beat-Down

    Idk what else you want me to call a group of people who arrested people who didn’t like beets and cut a 15 year old kids hands off, gouged his eye out, and cut out his tongue.
  12. Shmeepp

    Beet Beat-Down

    Beyarin Silversteed chuckles as the Beet Boyz reign of tyranny is brought to an end.
  13. Beyarin Silversteed wonders if this dude is actually so ignorant he thinks the Emperor was the reason they won the war.
  14. Beyarin Silversteed wonders if it is only a coincidence the new guard of Ves are informally named the “Beet Brigade”, given that a young boy from Curon had a beet branded into his arm, unable to recall past events.
  15. Beyarin Silversteed signs the document. ”Ave Curonia!” He shouts afterwards.
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