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  1. wait since when were you George Russel fanboy?

    1. Gusano


      i prefer lando but i think the mental anguish george went through is symbolic of what i go through daily

    2. TheFlowerBandit
  2. I only CRP on a friendly base with people I know and trust to make the best decisions because most players can't be trusted with making the best decisions about what they can and cannot do. Anything else straight to PVP if I have a say. Even if it's in my disadvantage because I don't want to sit there for 45 minutes getting salty cause someone is explaining to me about their character's training or some ****. If anything the times I do CRP, chop it down to either a pre-determined winner, or my friend and I are communicating either in VC or just have a mutual understanding of what t
  3. sorry for inactivity, you are genosi's 'ask me what your zodiac sign is' hi. you are Tigergirl's 'Ask me what colo(u)r i see you as' Shmeepicus' 'Ask Me What Game of Thrones Character You Are' Ark's 'Ask me what dog you are'
  4. Ayred smiles, widely, rushing to the houses of his Fennic comrades in Norland "We're not sittin' this one out!" he declares amongst his excited laughter
  5. You tryna' one up me here buddy? Alright, alright... I'll be back in a week. also +1 birds.
  6. Rolly-Corgi And I did, I gave Credit to Flam at the bottom, I dunno if everyone saw it.
  7. this one goes out to my homie-not-homie: screamingdingo. The Duufle 1: Anatomy/Description The Duufles are similar to dogs in nature, in fact, many would consider them distant cousins of the creature. However, unlike most canine companions, Duufles evolved a thick outer-shell, leathery and tough in nature. These plates are ineffective against weapons, the Duufles throughout the eras have slowly lost whatever ‘steel like’ strength in their outer shell they were known for. Now more similar in texture to tanned leather, then anything. Their under-sides a
  8. Shmeepicus' 'Ask Me What Game of Thrones Character You Are' Ark's 'Ask me what dog you are' Tigergirl's 'Ask me what colo(u)r i see you as' J33xt101's 'Ask me what Pulp Fictional character you are' TheFlowerBandit's 'Ask me what LoTC Forum 'Ask Me What _____ You Are!' you are. KilllerPandas' 'Ask me what music I think you listen to' o7 oh **** there's a second page Shmeepicus' "Ask Me What Game Of Thrones Character You Are" Froeggy's 'Ask me what your drag n
  9. KillerPanda's 'Ask me what type of music you listen to' Ark's 'Ask me what dog you are' TheIchorDruid's 'ask me what pokemon you are'
  10. damn guess i'm doing karaoke

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