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  1. James blinks "What." the teen then shrugs, not knowing how to read.
  2. A certain Kharajyr is unsettled by recent events "I worry." the Kha murmurs simply. Shaking his head lightly, concerned for what's left of his people.
  3. Chi quietly ponders, sitting at his desk before muttering simply "Here's to hoping the status quo doesn't change." The kha hums, going back to working on his religious scrolls.
  4. Saevin looks the missive over with a perked brow "Wai' soh otha people don' play hide-n-seek with these fahkin' cobbers?" he addresses an empty tavern, the mist, and undead since vanquished from the Stygian Hollow. "Oy've kept them just close enough to look far me for hours in tha hollow. They's aint seen a peek. Whys they complainin' about the blokes they can see? And nay tha fahker's they can't? Sounds loik theys got a bit of copin' to do."
  5. god i hate the forums.

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      forums hate u rite back

  6. "Maybe these fuckers ain't so bad. I mean I cans appreciate that. New favorite group'a turs."
  7. Saevin shakes in his boots. Only to remember that he's a dark elf and probably fine.
  8. [!] Posters are pinned across Urugan and the Stygian Hollow. [!] Dwarves Drink Free Night This coming Stone week there will be a dwarves drink free night in the Stygian Hollow to reach out to the dwarves of Urguan. Included in the festivities will be an organized-in-the-moment brawl, free alcohol, and a number of snacks. All dwarves across Almaris are invited to come fight, drink, and be entertained. Signs will be put up to guide you to the tavern day of the event.
  9. Meriel hears the brief of the article before she shrugs, not exactly one for elven unity. "He's got a point I suppose . . . But I still don't like 'thill." the blind says simply. "Oh I guess unless they're Fay, but Fay doesn't count. She's basically 'Fenn anyways. I think."
  10. Would male snow elves be considered



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