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  1. You're the person who gave Musashi meaning, homeboy. I'm saddened that you won't get to write with me on this medium, but you're always gonna be a friend of mine. Remember Millstone, Remember Goz-Bog. Hope to still talk with you. Keep in touch. You know where to find me.
  2. Guys, guys...everyone knows that birds are not real. I personally have half the mind to remove birds from RP. They detract heavily from storytelling. Metagaming is a big issue on the server already, and the birds are just exacerbating the problem. I do not think /msg should be axed as a whole, simply because I use it when I wish to RP with folks, or when folks wish to RP with me. I think that only with valid RP could birds be viable. And even then, I still would be hesistant to have them in RP, for the sake of all the new birdkeepers who also double as bandits popping up on the server. Just my opinion.
  3. Indigo Jack feels a tear of sad pity, as word begins to spread throughout the lands of this great tragedy. Despite being a money loving pirate, such loss of life is immense, and weighs heavy on the soul. Upon the deck of The Samaritan's Lament, Jack wheels out the pipe organ, and begins to play a mournful tune, at first humming a sad tune, and then slowly working up to singing a shanty passed down through the ages. His crew follows along, and eventually, they form a chorus of sad voices. Their tune carries through the streets of Yong Ping, and if one could listen closely, traces of it were heard on the wind.
  4. Indigo Jack and his crew drop the sails, fasten the lines, and weigh anchor on the shores of Yong Ping, making triple certain that no tsunami causes damage to his vessel a second time. "Not today, you idiots! Not today!"
  5. Musashi Masamune mourns, and nothing more. A suspect in a case he was working on, turned longtime friend and ally, now gone just like the rest. It was unfortunate for the ageing samurai. He had outlived yet another great friend and master. Soon enough, his own mortality would be coming to get him. He was sure of it.
  6. Mamushi stands on the bowsprit of the Black Pit Fleet's flagship, and looks on as the slaves and Yong Ping raiders row their lifeboats away. He wonders to himself if his efforts to assist the Yong Ping Army were enough to show them that he was no monster, but merely a soul trapped in a despicable circumstance. He sighs, and makes his way inside the ship, to not raise suspicion to himself, and to quell the Captain's violent outrage.
  7. Glassy Skies Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      long dude

  8. Fatherly disapproval! But only a little bit.
  9. Masamune Musashi gives this declaration a sharp and determined nod! He will always be willing to help an ally of Yong Ping!
  10. The Samurai, Masamune Musashi, stands on the edge of the keep, overlooking the waters of Yong Ping. Eyes squinted lightly, the setting sun bouncing flickers of gold into his vision. If one were in his company, they would take note of the single tear streaming down his face, before falling to the stone below. Years of tireless work and efforts to set aside the differences of the Li-Ren and Oyashiman had finally felt like it had paid off. The two peoples live in harmony, and together, they could become stronger than they could ever hope to be apart. A deep breath in and an exhale out would escape the leader of the Bushi regiment, his head held high, chin tilted upwards towards the sky. A massive hurdle overcome, but there was still a lot more work to be done.
  11. A respectable rewrite from a respectable person! I vouch for this. I would be quite interested in how it could be used in RP!!!
  12. Musashi points, a la Leo DiCaprio in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, at the sight of his own name.
  13. Musashi looked upon the letter, having already done his own investigation on the matter. He had called Solomon a friend during his lifetime, and though he was mainly absent, he was a friend nonetheless. To further his ire at the prospect of his death, and the knowledge that he had gained from his investigation, the poor Lady Saiko would have to live in a world where her brother did not exist. That is unforgiveable. The appropriate people know the story, and Musashi's blade grows restless. Crumpling the paper and tossing it aside, the samurai stood from his seat and stared out towards the sea. His eyes affixed towards their domain, the fire raging from deep within, though he feigned a neutral gaze. He awaited the day when he could watch them all burn.
  14. Masamune Musashi hears of the news, and looks up to the sky. He sighs quietly, letting the sun hit his face. "Farewell, old friend. I fought by your side many a times before. You were one of the few in Oren that I respected greatly." He would pour a cup of sake, raising it to the sky, and then downing it in one swig. He let the bitter aftertaste sink in, before pouring some of the sake into the dirt. John D'Arkent mourns with his family, shedding a tear for his father who passed on not that long ago. He looks to the sky, and wonders if he is watching him from on high.
  15. "Hm...I guess my invitation got lost." He sighs.
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