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  1. Fatherly disapproval! But only a little bit.
  2. Masamune Musashi gives this declaration a sharp and determined nod! He will always be willing to help an ally of Yong Ping!
  3. The Samurai, Masamune Musashi, stands on the edge of the keep, overlooking the waters of Yong Ping. Eyes squinted lightly, the setting sun bouncing flickers of gold into his vision. If one were in his company, they would take note of the single tear streaming down his face, before falling to the stone below. Years of tireless work and efforts to set aside the differences of the Li-Ren and Oyashiman had finally felt like it had paid off. The two peoples live in harmony, and together, they could become stronger than they could ever hope to be apart. A deep breath in and
  4. A respectable rewrite from a respectable person! I vouch for this. I would be quite interested in how it could be used in RP!!!
  5. Musashi points, a la Leo DiCaprio in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, at the sight of his own name.
  6. Musashi looked upon the letter, having already done his own investigation on the matter. He had called Solomon a friend during his lifetime, and though he was mainly absent, he was a friend nonetheless. To further his ire at the prospect of his death, and the knowledge that he had gained from his investigation, the poor Lady Saiko would have to live in a world where her brother did not exist. That is unforgiveable. The appropriate people know the story, and Musashi's blade grows restless. Crumpling the paper and tossing it aside, the samurai stood from his seat and stared out towa
  7. Masamune Musashi hears of the news, and looks up to the sky. He sighs quietly, letting the sun hit his face. "Farewell, old friend. I fought by your side many a times before. You were one of the few in Oren that I respected greatly." He would pour a cup of sake, raising it to the sky, and then downing it in one swig. He let the bitter aftertaste sink in, before pouring some of the sake into the dirt. John D'Arkent mourns with his family, shedding a tear for his father who passed on not that long ago. He looks to the sky, and wonders if he is watching him
  8. "Hm...I guess my invitation got lost." He sighs.
  9. Masamune would read the declaration, and would grimace at the prospect of a family member turning against their own family, but understand one's duty to one's own emperor. He still would think it's slimy, however.
  10. Masamune Musashi reads the missive, and gathers his weaponry. Another Onfroi to kill.
  11. Turning around and saying you need to change is a step in the right direction, my friend. I hope you find the peace you are looking for, and eventually return to us on the server. Eventually, all of this nasty stuff you are going through will be put far behind you, and you will have yourself to thank for that. Until then, take care, and do not be afraid to reach out if you need help! We are all here for you, in one way or another.
  12. Declan Flynt had heard of the news. He hears everything in this city now. Traveling the streets of Providence alone, hands stuffed into pockets, and a saddened expression plastered on his face. Through the years, he had known Lady Cenobia in passing, seeing her throw herself at enemies and protecting her friends with grace and tenacity to match. Now, it seemed that this city had lost one of it's best defenders, and this ageless bastard outlived another person he might have even called "friend". Rest in Peace, and Godspeed.
  13. Declan Flynt sighs, and reads the pamphlet. "So long, lads and lasses. I'm gonna miss ye." He folded the paper up, and slipped it into his coat. He sighed once more, as he looked up into the sky, while the bustling docks moved around him. "Till we meet again, Alpha. One of d' greatest friends I ever knew." Masamune Musashi looks at the leaflet, and sighs. The Carringtons were the first family to offer their hand to him. He, who was commonly seen as an outsider. He quietly sheds a singular tear, before opening a scroll and penning a note with
  14. ”Can’t wait to see how this will end. Probably the same as every other coalition before it. Enough of this, I’m heading back to the desert.” Marc of White sighs, and prepares to pack his things.
  15. Because it gives humans something to add to their repertoire, other than a government. I also don’t know why you still participate on the server issues, seeing as you’re effectively “retired” and banned.
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