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  1. Caestella Aureon perked a brow as she read through the missive, showing it to her husband before letting out a hearty, unbothered laugh. “I just adore how they still think they can get after me after all these years. Apparently, I try and consort with Voidal Horrors and have had more than you and my ex in my life. It’s pathetic how little they fact check these days.” She smirked lightly, shaking her head dismissively before tossing the paper into the Ironwood forge in front of the Aureon manor. “And to think, it was all because he called me a ***** and I kneed him for it.”
  2. I fully agree with this. It is so easy to tell people to move to a different area to discuss politics or other controversial topics rather than fully revoke ones’ right to talk about such things. It is called proper moderation rather than just shutting ones’ thoughts and opinions down immediately with a ban.
  3. The Void and Voidal Magics Authored by Leandra Laethyrn Genre: Voidal Studies The Void -=- The Void is the realm in which mages draw their magic from. It is described as everything and yet nothing. The realm is fairly chaotic and no Descendant has been able to comprehend it thus far other than the fact that it is filled with mana. However, a small amount of Descendants have gone to the Void and come back, they said time was different there. Though, there are only a few cases of such happening. Mages first learn how to connect to the Void via emptying their mind and concentration. This is also gained through meditation and practice, making it easier over time for a mage to connect to the Void. Mages are able to use mana from the excess mana that their soul excretes and are able to manipulate it to how they see fit. -=- There are also events called Voidal Tears which cause rifts in the veil of the Void, opening holes between our realm and the realm of the void. Voidal Tears are also considered to be Voidal Corruption. From these Voidal Tears, there are creatures called Voidal Horrors. These creatures are filled with mana and they are generally chaotic, though not all the time. Descendents do not always understand these creatures due to them turning to gunk a few hours after dying. -=- Voidal Magics -=- Alterations -=- Alteration is the art of altering the world around you via whatever the mage desires. Though there are several different types of magic that allows one to alter the world around them. Transfiguration is the art of imbuing the mundane with magic in order to enchant it. This allows for one to create things such as mana gems and focus crystals to harness the mana from within the enchantments at a later date. Telekinesis uses mana anchors in order to manipulate the gravity of an object in order to lift the object. Voidal Shifting is when one is able to transmute an individual or multiple individuals from one location to another in a matter of seconds. This process is extremely dangerous and complex due to the fact that a mana anchor is the only thing holding those individuals onto the normal plane. The caster is only able to shift to where they can physically walk too. Voidal Translocation is the act of bringing and placing objects in and out of the Void by using mana to do so, large objects and people are unable to be transported in and out of the void due to the amount of mana it would take to do so. -=- Evocation -=- Evocation is the art of bringing the elements out from the Void and manipulating them to the magi’s will. There are five different types of evocations that one may learn to cast. There is Fire Evocation, the act of evoking fire from the void and manipulating it for either household purposes or for more combat oriented purposes. Water Evocation is a process in which one can manipulate water from the void, perfect for the daydreamer who wishes to elegantly manipulate water or prankster. Earth Evocation has become a more rare art of summoning earth, this is perfect for a geologist who wishes to learn more about his craft or if one wishes to summon magnetic material to prank the guards. Air Evocation manipulates the element of air from the Void in order to harness it, extremely dangerous if one lives on a cliff side. Lastly, there is Life Evocation, or Conjuration, which is the art of conjuring flora and fauna from the Void. This evocation is the most complex of the five evocations due to the meticulous study involved in conjuring life forms from the Void. One must dissect and understand the plant or animal in its entirety before being able to create these evocations. -=- Illusion -=- Illusion is the final category of Voidal Magic. It is the art of manipulating the senses into believing an entirely different thing than what is happening. Whether it be tricking someone into thinking you smell of honeydew and sugar or changing your face to look like an Orc when you have the body of an elf, the options are limitless. One can create a glamour and mask an object to look like something it is not, it can be anything from changing a pencil to a crayon or a wooden sword to a steel one. They can fabricate almost anything to make it seem like it is real, but isn’t.
  4. The Union of Leandra Laraethryn & Cledwyn Emrys [!] White doves would fly and drop dainty invites written in intricate silver ink. Greetings Blessed Citizens, You hereby are invited to the Union of the Laraethryn and Emrys bloodlines. The most joyous occasion will be held in the Eternal Library on the Grand Harvest. Any non ‘thill will require special invitation to enter the occasion. Those of the Assembly of Xan will also have an invitation extended to them for this splendid event. Guests are asked to wear formal attire only and look their very best. Following the ceremony, there will be a gathering in the Silver Tavern. Food and Drinks will be provided by the Laraethryn family. Any and all, non ‘thill will require special invitation to enter the occasion, are invited to the gathering after the ceremony. liewyn'Larihei eltaeleh walehe ohn vallein eltaliyna walehe maehr’sae hiylun’ehya [[OOC INFORMATION: Saturday, November 23rd 5 EST // 22:00 GMT]]
  5. The Moon Authored by Leandra Laraethryn Genre: Science [!] The original copy of the book sits upon the shelves of the Eternal Library, its cover dating back to 1739. The book is awaiting to be read. The moon is one of the most apparent celestial bodies in the night sky that appears most often in our day to day lives, making it one of the most important of the celestial bodies that we can see. It revolves around our planet to indicate the difference between day and night in sync with the sun. The moon represents many of the Aenguldaemons in the universe. The moon is described as a round ivory circle with both large and small grey divots that encompass the night sky. The moon goes through different phases. Its first phase, known as a ‘Full Moon’, is entirely bright and it slowly darkens by slivers of black growing more and more each passing night. The middle phase is entirely dark and often called a ‘New Moon’ as it signifies the brightness returning to the moon via more slivers, making the moon grow brighter until it is back at the phase of being a full moon. The moon represents many of the Aenguldaemons in the universe, often times leading to a large amount of confusion. Aeriel is the Archaengul who watches over the soulstream. The soulstream is essentially a purgatory where lost souls are sent after they die. This soulstream is said to be on the moon where Aeriel can easily guide the souls of the lost. Aeriel simply only watches over the soulstream, rather than the moon itself. Metztli is the goddess, or rather Aengul, of the moon. It is she who is also the creator of the Kharajyr. The Wilven Sanctuary Monks believe that one of the Triumvirate, Rellenia, represents the moon and came to represent such when the Triumvirate became the celestial beings that they are. The moon is an important aspect in astronomy and in our history. It is often forgotten how much of our history and culture revolves around the moon, so let this serve as a reminder that the moon is much more important than you think.
  6. Constellations Authored by: Leandra Laraethryn Genre: Science Constellations are collections of bright stars that form patterns. Stars a bright circles of light that appear to be dotting the night sky. One scientist has theorized that our sun is also a star much like those seen in the constellations. Often times these groups of stars represent animals or creatures. These stars, though looking like they are close together actually are far apart. Many Descendents use these constellations for different facets of their culture. The Haeseni Zodiac is a fantastic example of the utilization of constellations as part of one's history and culture. This zodiac system was based off of six of the main constellations, as well as the moon. The first constellation is Morrighei, often seen as the mythical queen of the hitherlands. The second constellation represented by the Harseni Zodiac is Gorm. Gorm is seen as a three-eyed crow. Garundonrech is the third constellation. This collection of stars forms the pattern of a wrym. The fourth constellation in the Haeseni Zodiac is Osbjor the Champion of Giants. The fifth constellation is called the Wopperklaw. This constellation takes the form of Koltin, an infamous cursed magus. The final of the Haeseni Constellations is Frysklund, known as the Northern Drake. The Valah use this zodiac system as justification for certain personality traits for people born during certain times of the year. Though, there is absolutely no scientific backing for those claims and it is simply pseudoscience. Constellations are not pseudoscience however and simply are groupings of bright stars that the Descendant brain is able to recognize patterns with. The night sky is filled entirely with constellations. It is theorized that there are over fifty constellations that can be seen from the silver towers of Haelun’or in Vailor.
  7. Caestella Elibar’acal dabbed while making lemon tarts for the orphaned children she had been taking care of, unbothered by being considered a Mali’ata and living her best life.
  8. Caestella would smile warmly as she read over the missive as it eventually made its way to her. She let out a sigh as she took in the warm sea breeze that was blowing through her ship. She put the missive in the filing cabinet marked important. The infamous mali’aheral is relieved for the truth to be set free soon.
  9. Caestella Elibar’acal remembers how the Kharajyr tried to sacrifice mali’thill children last time they were granted unconditional citizenship in the Silver State. She turns to a random elf in a undisclosed library after reading the missive. “This will not go over well...”
  10. Marzoss Devione walks into the garden outside the manor. She looks down at the body giving it a small kick before shrugging. “Eh more fertilizer and mystery meat for the pasta.” ((This is obviously a meme response and a void, you got me good though 😠
  11. Caestella Elibar’acal cackles from the depths of the Aureon Manor. She rolls over in bed and turns to Eryn with a massive grin on her expression. “Time to take their books like they took my oem’iian away from me.”
  12. Caestella Elibar’acal read over the missive in utter confusion and shock. Her fingers would crinkle at the edge of the paper as her eyes flamed lavender. The porcelain teacup that was floating, full of Earl Grey tea, would instantly drop to the ground and shatter over the floor in the elfess' office. "Why does does he lie? I told him three elven days ago I was resigning to focus on the betterment of my oem'iians' lives and my Path to Purity. How is it my fault that Malaurir Lazul is not around for my lessons?" Teardrops would fall from the elfess' face as she reread over the missive to ensure she read it properly, her voice would be crackly as she spoke to her eldest daughter as her fourteen year old twins watched from the doorway upon hearing the teacup break. “I can’t believe I am losing you when I have done everything in my life to protect you and the State. Kae llun my loves...Kae llun.”
  13. [!] Missives would be distributed throughout the Silver City by a small army of Uherian, bearing the mark of a missive from the Okarir’tayna. Resignation of the Okarir’tayna Blessed Citizenry, Ahern ito nae’leh, blessed citizens of silver. For allowing me to be a positive impact during my twenty-year long tenure as Okarir’tayna. However, the time has come for me not to only be a haelun, but better myself as a Mali’thill as a whole entity. As this is against my better judgement, I must do it for my oem’iian and my Path to Purity. I still adore serving the Diarchy of Silver, but as a famed statement presents: “ all good things must come to an end”, unfortunately. As a departure gift a new Okarir’tayna I have personally selected will lead in my stead. With blessing from elSohaer, Uppori Visaj shall be named my successor as Okarir’tayna. I am proud to have beared witness to the progression of Laureh’thilln to becoming the strong, independent nation that it is today and for the decades that follow. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya is of utmost importance for the position of Okarir’tayna. That is why I saw Uppori Visaj personally, to be the perfect fit for upholding that standard. Always remember, that it is you, blessed child of silver, that shall forge the paths of the new generations and ensure the sanctity of our purity. As well as the fact that yoga rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul; the snap, crackle, and pops of your nimble bones shall forever be remembered. liewyn'Larihei eltaeleh walehe ohn vallein eltaliyna walehe maehr'sae hiylun'ehya Signed, Caestella Elibar’acal, Former Okarir’tayna
  14. The Fall of Alderyn Genre: Mali’ History Author: Caestella Elibar’acal [!] This book may be found in the Mali’ history section of the Eternal Library. Author’s note: This is divided into two sections, an actual report and a personal account. The Report The fall of Alderyn happened on the 15th of The Deep Cold, 1713 when the city of Alderyn had surrendered to the Empire and the nation of Haelun’or. The City commonly occupied by the Mali’ame and was a principality of Aegrothond before it’s surrender. A group of Imperials and Mali’aheral charged into the city lead by Maheral High Prince Dimaethor of Malinor, Prince Delos of Malinor, Prince Elrion of Malinor and Prince Omar Grimmar’lak of Malinor and claimed it for the Desolation Pact and a Mali’ shredded and unfurled the Elven Union’s banner while others finished rummaging through the city. The Imperials and Sullimiran gathered in the throne room to celebrate the victory in the wake of the Alderynians’ cowardice. It is one of the few invasions that Haelun’or has le as Mali’aheral are more isolationists. However, this is leading into the Golden Age of Haelun’or where the Mali’thill will take charge in more conquests. A Personal Account from Caestella Loreaire As we approached the gates of Alderyn, I was invigorated. After marching from Haelun’or to here I knew it would be a move that would change the very history of the blessed Silver State. The Maheral Dimaethor Visaj was leading the charge alongside Delos, Elrion and Omar Grimmar’lak, the Princes of Malinor. We finally arrived at the gates after a long march and attempted to get in through the gates after a long March and attempted to get in through the gates and they did not budge, so we tried the citizen’s doors. After Lady Vexalia had used her magic through to loosen the citizen’s doors and Prince Elrion kicked down the door with immense strength for his young age. Then, we all swarmed the gates, most of us ready to attack, however, we found the city had been deserted by the Mali’ame and they crawled back to their hole in the main city of Aegrothond. I rushed into the Tavern hoping to do some looting, although I should’ve realized I had forgotten my trusty lockpick. We were all scattered throughout the city, a party of twenty of us I would estimate, explored the Tavern and Clinic before rushing up the mountain towards the throne room with an Imperial, who never got the name. We were the first to enter, then I went to explore the rest of the building for anyone else, but yet again found it deserted. Then, Prince Delos placed the flag of Desolation Pact in the center of the throne room, where a throne should have been, but was taken. We then gathered around the throne room to celebrate the victory, with the cheers of “Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya” and “Ave.” We declared Alderyn for the Desolation Pact and Lady Vexalia used her telekinesis magic to unfurl the banner in the throne room. After this was done, we all headed to our respectable nations and the Mali’Aheral celebrated the victory in the tavern.
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