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  1. ((MC name: DumbBlondeElf)) Name: Celaena Maehr’tehral Vote for Sohaer: ( xx) Anethra Uradir ( ) Eredael Rhenaer
  2. OOC ST NOTE: It is an eventline, you’re free to look at them from afar as Keefy’s comment showed but for further interactions you’re going to have to contact myself or one of the other ST involved. Just because there are no players actively on them does not mean that it is not an active eventsite/they are not actively being manned as this is an event based war. We also have been waiting on WT to finish up some of the build for it/moving some of the ships since they didn’t get to all of it yesterday. Thank you! @1_Quantum_1 @Gilded
  3. ”Lower the anchor!” An Azdrazi, the apparent First Mate of the ship, called out from the Captain’s Quarters as they pulled into the bay. The chain and anchor would drop into the bay to settle into the sand as they took their positions northbound. The ships seemed to be filled with hustle and bustle of cannonballs being prepared and the crew as she made her way up to the crow’s nest , her footsteps quickened from the excitement. climbing on the mast upwards. Ithirnaktar would put the mariners telescope up to her eye as she turned towards Farrador, a soft smile on her features as the seabreeze flitted gently about the air. “The war has begun.”
  4. Great concept but you’re kinda messing with my dragon vibes man.... Keepers of Knowledge shouldn’t be voidally affiliated, yucky.
  5. In the midst of the Wildlands, upon sitting in her garden, Marzoss would recieve news of the untimely passing of the young David. She’d inhale deeply and look up to the night sky above, a lump forming in her throat as the old Warhawke clenched the flower in her grasp. The woman seeming aged with fatigue and her visage rot with vexation and resentment as she mulled over what she had heard about the Shadeling. “The first of mine spawn, he was taken all too quickly. If only he had unlocked his true potential before they got to him...I shall make them suffer David, that I promise to you. Your sacrifice for thine coven shall not be in vain. Now, rest among the stars young one, the Mother shall guide you home.” She murmured to herself, and then continued as if speaking to someone else entirely. ”It is time we show them that we are still the pillar that we once were. Our time in the shadows is over, Ithuriel...”
  6. Hey! How do I become an Azdrazi? I’m super invested in RP!

  7. ”They claim we are against the Firewatch Alliance-- yet did we not just use our weaponry to aid in the fight against the Inferi?”A draconic-woman inquires to the Azdrazi across the table from her before reaching in front of her and taking a sip of her wine.
  8. A certain draconic woman seemed to smile brightly as she received news of the official pact between Azdromoth and the ‘aheral whom she was once kin with. The Azdrazi then went to cannon-ball into the Torch of Larihei, content as ever.
  9. A soft sea breeze blew aboard the galleon of the Pertinaxi, an elderly Norlandic woman wondering what it would have been like if she had stayed and watched as the Marnan pretenders took over the place she called home. She wondered what it had been like if the Marnan pretenders had not torn down the walls of the palace and replaced it with hallowed lies over friendship and prosperity in the dissolved Kingdom of Renatus. Erika, a Ruric of Ash, knew that none of that mattered now, it had been too long for her to care, only caring now about living off the rest of her days at sea amongst her fellow friends. The only thing she cared about in the accursed lands of Arcas and the Orenian Empire was ensuring that her son’s Barthod’s line was seen as legitimate. And so, from the cabin of her ship, she wrote letters to be sent alongside the letters of her longtime Helane friend’s. *** To Whom Questions My Kin, It is my understanding that I must come out of hiding in case my family of blood questions the legitimacy of my line. Let it be known that I did not die outside the walls of Renatus as I had led everyone to believe, but started a family. It is of this that I produced a son whom has lived in hiding of his bloodline. Barthod and his line are to be known as legitimate of my kin as I live out the rest of my days far from the hallowed lands of Arcas. Erika Ash Adrianne Helane last of Barthod’s line, shifted awake from the morning sunlight filtering in through the stained glass windows. The Ruric stretched out her limbs and rubbed her eyes in the morning light and realized that her husband was absent from their chambers. The young woman strolled along the wooden floorboards as the lumber occasionally creaked softly as she made her way towards the study to find a letter left in absence of the Horen. She’d give a soft chuckle as her gaze flitted over the contents of the letter from Persus and decided to simply go back to bed, knowing that all will be made right in the world during the trying times that were to come in Arcas.
  10. Yoooooo this is what I call epic! When is this man going to be admin?
  11. #FreeFrill

  12. Happy Birthday! @Gemini Sorry the status’s flooded it.💜

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