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  1. The Eldari Calendar Sun’s Smile 1767 to Sun’s Smile 1768 [!] Upon awakening to the sunlight shining through the looming black spruce trees that have taken sanctuary within the Pale of Aldemar, the denizens that live within would find a calendar that had been rolled into a scroll on their doorsteps with an artist’s depiction of Aldemar in the early morning light. There were copies pinned to the notice boards throughout the city to find for all passing through. Fête of Larihei The Amber Cold, 1767 “In honor of the patron of the arts and wine, Malin’s Rest Tavern will be hosting a Fête of Larihei. A night full of drunken revelry and celebration for the success of the wonderous city of Tor Eldar thus far. It presents an opportunity to celebrate the creativity that fuels the elves prosperity and tayna. During the Fête of Larhei there will be a variety of drinking games, dancing, and socialization.” Signed, Valliline Vethrai Vescyra Laraethryn, Steward of Tayna Leandra Laraethryn, Steward of Knowledge [[OOC: MONDAY MAY 11TH 6:00 PM EST // 23:00 CET]] Training of Sentinels The Deep Cold, 1767 “The Tor Eldari Sentinels have a required training session on the Deep Cold. The Sentinels will be taking a patrol through the Eldari Forests as well as helping new recruits learn the ways of Bronze from the other officers. They will meet at the barracks before heading out within the depths during their training. Be there on time or be square!” Signed, Lúmithil Laureh’onn, Annilir, Berun’laurir [[OOC: TUESDAY MAY 12TH 5:00 PM EST // 22:00 CET]] Archery Competition Snow’s Maiden, 1767 “There shall be a competition to test ones’ prowess with a traditional method of elven combat, archery. In the glade next to the Bren Estate, there shall be a field set up for one to put their skills to the test. The winner of the Archery Competition shall receive a prize of five hundred minas and those who participate shall receive bottles of alcohol as compensation prizes. Tor Eldari Sentinels are especially encouraged to attend this competition to show off the capabilities of the Sentinels to the general public.” Signed, Lúmithil Laureh’onn, Annilir, Berun’laurir Leandra Laraethryn, Steward of Knowledge [[OOC: WEDNESDAY MAY 13TH 5:00 PM EST // 22:00 CET]] Milk, Honey, & Sugar Malin’s Welcome, 1768 “Café Drakaar, the coffee parlor within the Eldari Library is hosting a tea party to celebrate the spring time and the blossoming of spring, the tea party will have a honey and bee theme. The topics of discussion will consist of different garden methods, the current politics within the Pale, and other topics that can be considered to be of intellectual thought. All are welcome to attend the tea party.” Signed, Vescyra Laraethryn, Steward of Tayna Leandra Laraethryn, Steward of Knowledge [[OOC: THURSDAY MAY 14TH 6:30 PM EST // 23:30 CET]] Tavern Night The First Seed, 1768 “All are welcome to join a collection of the Eldari Denizens in the Tavern to partake in a variety of drinking games and socializing amongst each other. Malin’s Rest Tavern is hosting a night of indulgence in the new types of drinks that the Laraethryn Vineyard and Vethrai Breweries have to offer. There will be different quizzes on elven history and the possibility to win mina along with this all.” Signed, Valliline Vethrai Leandra Laraethryn, Steward of Knowledge [[OOC: FRIDAY MAY 15TH 7:00 PM EST // 00:00 CET ]] An Eldari Bazaar Grand Harvest, 1768 “As per Aldemari tradition, every other Grand Harvest shall have a Bazaar in the Square for the community to show off their goods and services that they have to offer. Any and all guilds, orders, and groups within the Pale are welcome to speak with Leandra Laraethryn [emmanatalyia#9520] about setting up a spot to advertise or sell their goods for the day before the square returns back to normal. The Tor Eldari Sentinels will be hosting recruitment opportunities along with the Ivory Tower for those that are more scholarly inclined and less militaristically inclined. Local farmers will have a place to sell their produce and tailors for their clothes. We can’t wait to see you!” Signed, Leandra Laraethryn, Keeper of Knowledge [[OOC: SATURDAY MAY 16TH 4:00 PM EST // 21:00 CET]] “It is here that is the heart of Elvendom and the propagators of peace within the realm.”
  2. Username: DumbBlondeElf Character name: Leandra Laraethryn Age: 162 Race: Mali’aheral Are you a citizen of Tor Eldar?: Yes Discord: emmanatalyia#9520
  3. Leandra Laraethryn stared at the pile of books and ledger in front of her as the missive was delivered, taking a small break to celebrate that the city they had worked so hard to make had finally been constructed.The elfess set the missive in a desk drawer and went back to sorting through what seemed to be an endless amount of tomes.
  4. Leandra Laraethryn meandered throughout the Laraethryn Estate before coming across an old tome laid across the desk. She flipped through the pages with great care upon noticing it’s old age. She let out a small gasp at its contents. “So that is what Lathadlen has been looking for! I wonder what tomes shall be revealed next....” She carefully shut the book and continued on her way towards the temple.
  5. The Ivory Tower The Ivory Tower is the name of the scholarly enclave within the Pale of Aldemar. The Ivory Tower acts as the primary academic institution within the Pale in order to promote the pursuit of academics as a key pillar in the community. Within the order, the scholars are aiming to foster a community of like-minded individuals who wish to pursue either higher education or research. The Academic Caretaker is in charge of both the library and overseeing the Keepers of Knowledge within the orders. Under the Academic Caretaker there are five Keepers of Knowledge for different sections of academia that are chosen by the Academic Caretaker to delegate the responsibility of cultivating those sections of the Ivory Tower. These Keepers of Knowledge also maintain the responsibility of bringing in scholars to work with them to fulfill their duties. The Keepers of Knowledge may be released from their duties and replaced at the discretion of the Academic Caretaker. The Keepers of Knowledge Keeper of Anthropology The Keeper of Anthropology has the duty of maintaining the library’s historical knowledge, tomes, and artifacts. A part of the Keeper of Anthropology’s duties is to employ historians to procure artifacts and publish historical books. The current Keeper of Anthropology is Vescyra Laraethryn. Keeper of Artificery The Keeper of Artificery has the duty of working with the Academic Caretaker to regulate the use of constructs and to regulate the artificer laboratories. Another facet of the Keeper of Artificery’s duties is to ensure the Pale remains up to date in it’s knowledge of artificer-based magics and construct-beings. The current Keeper of Artificery is Tarhelas Elverhilin. Keeper of Medicine The Keeper of Medicine is responsible for overlooking the clinic and medical studies within Aldemar. The Keeper of Medicine’s duties entail looking over the medical books and alchemical laboratories throughout the Pale to ensure they are up to State standards, this includes inspections and the vetting of personal alchemical laboratories.They oversee any matters regarding the clinic including the hiring of physicians and ensuring the clinic has enough medical supplies. The current Keepers of Medicine are Amon Hasso Divu’sulli and Kleo Vethrai. Keeper of Sorcery The Keeper of Sorcery has the responsibility of overseeing the magical affairs within the Ivory Tower. Along with this, the Keeper of Sorcery has the duty of taking care of the magical artifacts and tomes within the library in order to ensure they are safeguarded. The Keeper of Sorcery works alongside the Academic Caretaker to propose laws and regulations regarding the use of magic within the city to ensure the safety of the citizenry and magi alike. The current Keeper of Sorcery is Keledan Laraethryn. Keeper of Science The Keeper of Science has the duty of maintaining the library’s knowledge on scientific advancements. This is via the procurement of books and inventions for display and laboratory use. The Keeper of Science is responsible for overseeing the other laboratories that are not overseen by other Keepers. Along with all of this, the responsibilities of the Keeper of Science includes the documentation and publishing the scientific findings of the Ivory Tower. They oversee all of the relics in the library with the Academic Caretaker. The current Keeper of Science is Haskir Therkul. Underneath each Keeper of Knowledge they are responsible for choosing scholars to assist them with their duties, and to assign teachers upon request. If one would like to become a scholar, they have to reach out to the respective Keeper of Knowledge. One is able to be a scholar under multiple Keepers as well. The Compendium of the Ivory Tower The Compendium of the Ivory Tower is a library within the Pale of Aldemar that takes pride in housing more than seven hundred and seventy books available for anyone to read or request copies of. The library is divided into six different sections: fictional literature, pharmacology, anthropology, thaumaturgy, and science. The Academic Caretaker is responsible for overseeing the library as a whole, alongside the Keepers of The Ivory Tower. Each Keeper of Knowledge is responsible for overlooking a different section of the library, as stated above. The library was cultivated to create an environment wherein citizens of the Pale of Aldemar, or anyone for that matter, are able to educate themselves without the knowledge and access to education being gatekept by needing to contribute to the library. In order to copy a book from the library you must contact the Academic Caretaker to retrieve such. In order to gain full access to the laboratories and facilities within the library one must contact one of the Keepers of Knowledge or the Academic Caretaker. Cafe Drakaar Cafe Drakaar is a coffee parlor located within the Compendium of The Ivory Tower. Cafe Drakaar is the perfect place to relax after a long day of mentally strenuous academic work. There is a variety of different caffeinated drinks and snacks for purchase in the cafe. The current barista manager is Vescyra Laraethryn, who is currently hiring baristas. The purpose of Cafe Drakaar is to allow a calm and friendly atmosphere for research and studying. If you would like to join the Ivory Tower, send a bird to the Academic Caretaker Leandra Laraethryn [[emmanatalyia#9520]] to discuss your role within the educational enclave.
  6. beautiful! absolutely stunning!
  7. The Mali’ker received the letter from him- she knew damn well he was going to be walking into his demise. She tried to reach out but there was no respond to her unrelenting birds. Marzoss went to the one place she knew that could help; despite their mutual hatred towards each other the trio that came along with her searched from the wildlands to Korovassa for any sign of the red-headed elf. Though there was no sign of him until they checked the Uialben manor one last time for the woman’s husband. A bloodcurdling scream would erupt from the woman’s form as the Lord of Chains himself stood in the background, watching, waiting even. The grief struck elfess would cradle the body as her form shook and stygian wisps filled the air around her with dread. Two gauntletted hands reached out, dragging her off the body until she fell silent. A deep breath inhaled as the body was picked up and brought to the infamous estate. Once arrived at the estate- a pyre was erupted in front of the manor. The grief then took over the woman once more as she struggled to regain her composure. Her husband’s corpse tossed into the fire as she reached her hand into a leather bag at her hip. She tossed the blue lapis lazuli powder into the pyre as tears fell beneath her mask. The powder settled as she began mumbling incomprehensibly- only a single sentence being able to be made out. “There is another star amongst the sky tonight.” Marzoss then threw her mask and hood into the pyre and turned to those witnessing the ordeal. She finally spoke as clear as day. “There will be retribution for this. He will not get away- I will break tenets if I must, but I will slowly rip the skin from his body and have his family watch as his throat is carved out just as he did to Mystery.” She then wordlessly went back into the home, going down a path to ensure others atone for their sins.
  8. The Ministry of Magic Ministry of Magic Building, colorized, 1757 It is the desire of most to wish to comprehend the unknown; it is the hunger for knowledge that is why mages of the Ministry of Magic wish to have the knowledge of the arcane unknown available for all who wish to learn. There is a gentle balance between utilization and protecting the happenings of the realm that are beyond the normal comprehension and the Ministry of Magic prides itself on protecting that balance. From dissecting maddened bat people to harnessing the void to produce fire to ensuring the safety of the realm from future voidal tears, the Ministry does it all. It is the job of the Ministry of Magic to ensure the safety of the citizens of Talons Grotto for all Magical-Related issues. The Ministry of Magic keeps track of all magical related happenings in the world and in Talon’s Grotto. It is the responsibility of the Ministry to create laws in regards to all things relating to thaumaturgy. One must approach the Ministry of Magic if they wish to procure a magic license to either practice magic or sell magical items and creatures in Talons Grotto. Any aspiring guilds with magical related entities must go through the Ministry of Magic to go about their creation and get a license. The roles inside the Ministry of Magic are as follows: Archmagus (Appointed by Sovereign): The Archmagus is the adviser and handler of all magic-related issues in the city they’re in charge of filling positions in the Ministry of Magic and advising the Sovereign on matters regarding magic. The Archmagus keeps the paperwork regarding all magical creatures in the city as well as sells and keeps track of all magic licensees in the city and strikes on someone's magic license. The Archmagus is also responsible for keeping track of the records kept under those under them as well as working with the Ministry of Education on a Magic Based curriculum to be made available to soldiers and citizens. Caretaker of Magical Creatures (Appointed by Archmagus): The Caretaker of Magical Creatures handles the registry of all magical creatures looking to live in the city and the upkeep of their privacy. The Caretaker of Magical Creatures is also responsible for helping maintain the habitats of all magical creatures in the area surrounding Talon’s Grotto. Lastly, The Caretaker of Magical Creatures will assist with all cases of discrimination and or hate crimes committed against a Magical Creature. Inspector of Magical Goods (Appointed by Archmagus): An inspector of Magical Goods is appointed by the Archmagus and serves to check and maintain all magical items being sold in the city, they work closely with the office of the Director of Interior Trade and aim to help make sure the Magical Goods being sold in the city are safe and don’t need to be regulated. Huntsmen (Hired by Archmagus): Huntsmen work alongside the guards and the Caretaker of Magical Creatures to help put down any Magical Creatures who pose an active threat to the safety of Talon’s Grotto and it’s people. Teacher of Magic (Hired by Archmagus): Teachers of Magic are hired by the college and military to help educate soldiers and civilians who are interested in learning about magic as well as helping them become a mage by getting them started and furthering their education if able to. Postulant Scholar (Hired by Archmagus): Postulant Scholars are those who wish to study and work alongside the others in the Ministry as consultants and learners. Any research they partake in is to be published under the Ministry with credit and review. They also shadow any those in the Ministry until finding the right sect for them. The Order of the Depths is underneath the Ministry of Magic and is a military off-branch that acquires mages to protect and serve The Sovereign of Talon’s Grotto. Members of the Order of the Depths are to enforce city laws and specifically the magical laws. They partake in the most important of magical research projects; whether relating to the Void, Artificer, or otherwise. Send a bird to Elizabeth Dubois to partake in the Ministry of Magic today! [[Discord: DumbBlondeElf#9520]] [[IGN: DumbBlondeElf]]
  9. The End of the Grand Deceiver “She died--this was the way she died; And when her breath was done, Took up her simple wardrobe And started for the sun. Her little figure at the gate The angels must have spied, Since I could never find her Upon the mortal side.” Caestella Aureon seemed to disappear from the Empire of Man without a trace, like a whisper in the wind the elven day before her trial in Irrinor regarding the Voidal Taint that plagued her. The duo of Friedrich Carrington and Ryan Swint set out to find the elfess in her abode in Talons Grotto. Though, the human pair seemed to have arrived too late however. They stumbled into the hallway of the building, smoke could be seen lingering from under the door. The smell of burnt birch and spruce flooded their senses. “Oh no….” Friedrich, side by side with his fellow, would approach the door. They took caution, noticing the door’s state of the lock being broken. The one-eyed man whispered out, attempting to be hopeful. “The lock is broken, maybe it’s not too late.” The duo cautiously opened the door, their swords drawn, instantly being hit with the smell of a charred corpse. They walked into the home which once smelled of warm chocolate cookies and incense and had an atmosphere of comfort, to the home reduced to char and rubble. As the room was cleared by them, searching for a body, they made their way to the bedroom in which a body was finally found. A once beautiful ‘aheral woman, turned to nothing more than a crispy corpse. Her staff which she would take to the grave was sprawled on the bed. Upon further inspection it was found that there were multiple stab wounds in the body, most likely from a sword. It turned out the fire was a foul attempt at a cover up, the woman had many enemies after all. The magi finally took up the philosophy of having to risk it all before being birthed anew. The poor ‘aheral murdered and so it seemed that this was the end to the reign of Caestella Aureon. The woman had outrun death for too long, all the lies, all the deception, all the conflict, it ended for her that night. She seemed to finally be at peace with her life, from beginning to everything in between, she was at peace.
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