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  1. The End of the Grand Deceiver “She died--this was the way she died; And when her breath was done, Took up her simple wardrobe And started for the sun. Her little figure at the gate The angels must have spied, Since I could never find her Upon the mortal side.” Caestella Aureon seemed to disappear from the Empire of Man without a trace, like a whisper in the wind the elven day before her trial in Irrinor regarding the Voidal Taint that plagued her. The duo of Friedrich Carrington and Ryan Swint set out to find the elfess in her abode in Talons Grotto. Though, the human pair seemed to have arrived too late however. They stumbled into the hallway of the building, smoke could be seen lingering from under the door. The smell of burnt birch and spruce flooded their senses. “Oh no….” Friedrich, side by side with his fellow, would approach the door. They took caution, noticing the door’s state of the lock being broken. The one-eyed man whispered out, attempting to be hopeful. “The lock is broken, maybe it’s not too late.” The duo cautiously opened the door, their swords drawn, instantly being hit with the smell of a charred corpse. They walked into the home which once smelled of warm chocolate cookies and incense and had an atmosphere of comfort, to the home reduced to char and rubble. As the room was cleared by them, searching for a body, they made their way to the bedroom in which a body was finally found. A once beautiful ‘aheral woman, turned to nothing more than a crispy corpse. Her staff which she would take to the grave was sprawled on the bed. Upon further inspection it was found that there were multiple stab wounds in the body, most likely from a sword. It turned out the fire was a foul attempt at a cover up, the woman had many enemies after all. The magi finally took up the philosophy of having to risk it all before being birthed anew. The poor ‘aheral murdered and so it seemed that this was the end to the reign of Caestella Aureon. The woman had outrun death for too long, all the lies, all the deception, all the conflict, it ended for her that night. She seemed to finally be at peace with her life, from beginning to everything in between, she was at peace.
  2. THE ARCANE ORDER OF PROVIDENCE To A Better World The Arcane Order of Providence is a band of sorcerers and mystics dedicated to the goal of providence - harnessing the spiritual and mystical energies of the world to protect and aid the civilized world. They adhere to Ars Siderum - a code established by Archchancellor and mystic Sir Simon Basrid KCS after decades of arcane study. When introduced to elven mages Lenniel Durion, Minerva of Blackbriar, Vassago Vandi’ir, Vexalia Artoxia, and Desmina Fiore, the assembly soon after pledged to create a fraternity in coherence with imperial tradition, to promote affairs of sorcery and advise officials of state within the empire and beyond. Tor Siderum, 1750 Chartering the great spire of Tor Siderum in 1750, the Order of Providence intends to proliferate magical and mystical teachings through rigorous instruction and adventure. Alongside the goal of being an expansive place of instruction for all schools of evocation is a concentrated effort to celebrate the four schools of hermeticism - astrology, alchemy, theurgy, and meditation. Located in Lake Helena, the order maintains the empire as its suzerain, albeit with a degree of autonomy and understanding to proliferate and moderate magic righteously throughout the civilized world. THE PRACTICE OF ARS SIDERUM Offerings to the Moon Practitioners of Ars Siderum, known as Siderii, are hermetics who seek to unravel the mysteries of the world. By understanding the void between stars, and how it reflects the nothingness of the Great Void, these stargazers tap into the strength of the arcane themselves through astral understanding. The Void is vast. To be pithy, there is more Nothing than there is Something. The Void surrounds and encompasses all matter, and it is from this primordial emptiness that the Creator miraculously created the World. Much like stars, practitioners of Ars Siderum are tiny points of light in an infinite Void and infinite world. All who maintain the eight rules of practice can be called Siderii, regardless of their arcane talent, however, many that undertake the path to understand the mysteries of the void, earth, and heavens often see the merit in spellweaving. The eight rules of practice are made in homage to the Arcane Zodiac, born in ancient Rhen as a codification of Rhenyari star charts and mythos. As with all hermetic practice, rules are but guidelines - it is up the order of providence and its council to interpret, amend, and enforce them to ensure health, piety, and order among the practitioners. They are as follows… THE RULE OF MITRAS: A rule maintained in the name of the Creator. A human that wishes to learn magic under the practice of Ars Siderum must undertake the Mitrasi Ritual - a trial of herbs that extends their longevity toward the height of their natural limit, but in turn greatly, if not outright extinguishes their fertility. All Siderii too must maintain reverence to the church and Canonist faith, reminding themselves that the Exalted Owyn called upon the Magi to serve in his ministry. THE RULE OF KITRAN: A rule maintained in homage to the constellation Kitran, free steed of fire. With him comes new beginnings - mages must forfeit any landed titles or hereditary claims they possess and take a nom de sorcelliere, or sorcerer’s name by which they are addressed by their peers and those they renders services of Ars Siderum towards. The name is traditionally taken after a heavenly body in the sky. THE RULE OF ESA: A rule maintained in homage to the constellation Esa, cultured lily of wind. The rule maintains a commitment to all Siderii to explore and experience the natural world to help better cultivate providence, whilst avoiding using sorcery without a catalyst or in manners vulgar to humiliate, trick, or torment. THE RULE OF TEPHES: A rule maintained in homage to the constellation Tephes, regal elephant of heavenly waters. All who practice Ars Siderum are to be adorned in jewelry and finery befit their station in the colors and stylings of hermetic practice. The greater the mage, the greater the adornments. THE RULE OF NAM: A rule maintained in homage to the constellation Nam, rock scarab of earth. Ars Siderum maintains only practice with the void, world, and heavens - magics in service to a deity or patron contradict this rule and are prohibited. THE RULE OF MAHARA: A rule maintained in homage to the constellation Mahara, great siren of storm. Siderii are sworn to protect their peers and patrons from harm and rise in their defense in case of invasion. THE RULE OF BARRAMAN: A rule maintained in homage to the constellation Barraman, leal golem of mirth. Siderii are expected to render respect and compliance to the law of the province they reside. THE RULE OF ARSAN: A rule maintained in homage to the constellation Arsan, hallowed wraith of mystery.All dark arts and habits of sacrifice are prohibited in Ars Siderum. They besmirch the beauty of the heavens and the natural world and are to be destroyed wherever found. HIERARCHY The order holds a hierarchy of four distinct ranks rooted in hermetic principle alongside an introductory rank to initaties. They theme around the salt of time, a high goal of human alchemy and hermeticism - a legendary alchemical powder that can undo time that is said to be the final product of transmutation. NEOPHYTES Neophytes are those that have been inducted in the Arcane Order. They are untested and aspiring mages and scholars with no formal study in the arcane. Often times, they may even be children shown with magical aptitude that begets necessary training. Neophytes are given access to only living space and the facilities that an associated Magister or higher deems relevant to them. ADEPT An inductee into the Order who has some magical experience and has completed the Mitrasi Ritual - an Adept is giving black robes to signify the alchemical process of melanosis, what is recorded to occur in the first stage of the salt of time, a black and petty ash. They are granted access to the reliquaries and great library after having deemed a worthy level of study (T3 magic or equivalent scholarship) and are able to begin earnest service, but seldom lead missions due to their lack of experience. They are regarded as Black Siderii for their robes. MAGISTER A Magister is regarded to be a sage who has begun to master the magical arts and possess true talent in their sphere. They are handily able to advise or lead missions, and often live away from Tor Siderum serving lettered peers or courts of the world. However, they are not yet entrusted unto the of council to charter missions or access the hidden reliquaries. They are granted white robes to signify the alchemical process of leucosis, a whitening of substance, which symbolizes their purity and actualizing a clean and worthy foundation, and are called White Siderii. Magister is the highest rank by which a foreign mage may be inducted into the Order of Providence. A White Siderii Meditating Before Battle COUNCILLOR A member of the Council of Providence is granted the title of Magus and Councillor. They have not only mastered an arcane art but are now considered to be capable in chartering missions furthering their understanding. Councillors maintain administration of the order in all facets and are granted access to any and all facilities of Siderii profession. They convene yearly to vote and administer the order. There are to be between three, five, or seven councilors at a time, depending on the size and scope of the order. They are granted gold robes to signify the alchemical process of xanthosis, a yellowing of substance, which symbolizes the additive and mastery upon a white foundation to attain golden perfection. As a result, they are known as Gold Siderii. ARCHMAGUS The highest rank of the Arcane Order of Providence, the Archmagus are usually the most senior, distinguished, or politically able mages among the council. They are given no more formal power than a peer councillor and must go through the Council of Providence for all necessary endeavors, but can serve as a spokesperson and leader in ceremony. One may be eligible for the office of Archmagus if they have served the Council of Providence for fifty years. They are granted red robes to signify the final alchemical process of iosis, a reddening of substance, which symbolizes what lay beyond conceived perfection and the bleeding of space found in the salt of time. As a result, they are known as Red Siderii. IMPERIAL ICONS OF MYSTERY Throughout the history of empire, there have been many incidents of great auspice that have become emblems of Siderii mystery. One for each empire is highlighted plainly below. These icons are often used in spellweaving, fashion, architecture, or code by Siderii mages - it is not uncommon for a mage to take upon a signet with one of these wards under the Rule of Tephes. WITCH QUEEN’S HEART An icon of the first empire. Legend dictates that when Blessed Lorethos Basileus carved the Witch Queen Dawn’s heart out in battle, a rotten pomegranate and its seeds spilled from her chest. A symbol of triumph and bounty. ST. TOBIAS’ COMET An icon of the second empire. The comet of St. Tobias is an auspicious omen, having appeared multiple times throughout the Carrion Vochna. It ominously appeared at the Battle of Mt. Augustus at the sixth hour of the siege. A symbol of astrological worth and wealth. TREE OF PAIN An icon of the third empire. The Tree of Pain is associated with the grove where imperial soldiers are said to have found Emperor Robert ‘of the Wilds’ performing occult rituals aside pagan Gorundyr. The gnarled oak is rumored to have told the soldiers of this bizarre and unholy practice. A symbol of vigilance and knowledge. PETRINE MASK An icon of the fourth empire. When the Emperor Tobias’ son Yakov Carrion made a blood pact to Iblees and was made Undead, he and his father dueled in the Petrus palace. Yakov fled the battle, but not before scarring his father. The emperor was then obliged to wear a mask for much of the remainder of his life and soon abdicated to hunt the apostate Undead. A symbol of oath and conviction. PHILIPP’S STONE An icon of the fifth empire. Legend dictates that the ice made from Emperor Philip’s destruction of Johannesburg has mystical properties - able to reveal men, but not monsters in its reflection. A symbol of sacrifice and perception. BEAST OF MARDON An icon of the sixth empire. A monstrosity made of many writhing slugs that resided in the swamps of Mardon, it is said to have been conceived by the great sins of Peter II Sigismund. A ward against sin and iniquity. BULL OF AURELIUS An icon of the seventh empire. Wherever the golden bull goes, it is said that the essence of Aurelian strength will follow. A symbol of protection and power. EYE OF PROVIDENCE An icon of the new empire. Associated with the Teteric post-Exodus philosophies of Sigismund’s revelations and Pertinax’s curse, the eye of providence is all-seeing bounty attributed to Peter III’s personal coat of arms. A symbol of empire and prosperity.
  3. Leandra Laraethryn read over the letter with a nod of approval. “It is time for our people to progress as intended. The stagnation in Haelun’or is going to kill of our people. It is our duty as Mali’aheral to progress forward to insure our survival.” She packed up her books into the last box to move into the cart pulled by white horses. “Let the new chapter of the Mali’aheral history begin.”
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  5. Deep within the depths of a certain manor, an infamous ‘ker elfess would pace back and forth in her room after reading a copy of the letter over. She let out a deep sigh before going to adjust an ancestral charm and light a incense, mumbling incoherently under her breath. She’d sit down at the desk, a look of concern on her features as she began writing. “There is soon to be much work to be done.”
  6. Renelian Head of Clinic, Marzoss Devione, hears of the war while stockpiling the Renelian clinic. “Well, time to crusade against the Suticans, this should be fun!” The infamous ‘ker chimed, an apparent grin on her features. ”I’m surprised this hasn’t been done sooner. Let Luara’s wrath teach them not to trifle with those who see Luara's light.”
  7. The Vallel Clinic The Renelian Board is elated to announce the establishment of the Vallel Clinic in Magara’lin, Renelia-Gladewynn. The clinic shall be open to all who need aid in the kingdom blessed by Luara’s light. The clinic is available for check-ups, surgery, and any type of medical requirements. On the upper level of the clinic there is a medical research laboratory and a morgue. [[Artist's depiction of the lobby of the Vallel Clinic]] The Vallel Clinic is looking for a variety of physicians to assist in the clinic. Currently, we are in need of surgeons, general physicians, biologists, pharmacists, and even a secretary. We are also taking in interns for those who would like to learn medicine. Send a bird to Leilatha Devione or Marzoss Devione with your information to apply to the clinic. [[OOC: Reply to the forum post]] Application [[Artist’s depiction of the Clinic’s laboratory]]
  8. Leandra Laraethryn smiled warmly upon reading the missive being posted. She turned to her brother and nodded once to him. “I am glad something is being done about that wretched law protecting those self-serving taints. May their impurities be purged by Larihei’s will.”
  9. Can you adopt me so I can have your brat cat?
  10. Marzoss chuckled at this and shrugged, “Let the games begin then I suppose. It should be rather interesting what comes of this.”
  11. RP Name::Caestella Aureon MC Username: DumbBlondeVibes Discord: emmanatalyia#0001 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Druids/Sutica/Irrinor Why Do You Wish To Come?: The paladins are using my ship. Also I wish to do combat rp and adventure rp! What Skills Can You Bring?: Conjuration (T5), Telekinesis (T5), Medical RP, Combat RP, Great tavern rp to amuse players in the downtime!
  12. Caestella Aureon perked a brow as she read through the missive, showing it to her husband before letting out a hearty, unbothered laugh. “I just adore how they still think they can get after me after all these years. Apparently, I try and consort with Voidal Horrors and have had more than you and my ex in my life. It’s pathetic how little they fact check these days.” She smirked lightly, shaking her head dismissively before tossing the paper into the Ironwood forge in front of the Aureon manor. “And to think, it was all because he called me a ***** and I kneed him for it.”
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