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  1. Hey! How do I become an Azdrazi? I’m super invested in RP!

  2. ”They claim we are against the Firewatch Alliance-- yet did we not just use our weaponry to aid in the fight against the Inferi?”A draconic-woman inquires to the Azdrazi across the table from her before reaching in front of her and taking a sip of her wine.
  3. A certain draconic woman seemed to smile brightly as she received news of the official pact between Azdromoth and the ‘aheral whom she was once kin with. The Azdrazi then went to cannon-ball into the Torch of Larihei, content as ever.
  4. A soft sea breeze blew aboard the galleon of the Pertinaxi, an elderly Norlandic woman wondering what it would have been like if she had stayed and watched as the Marnan pretenders took over the place she called home. She wondered what it had been like if the Marnan pretenders had not torn down the walls of the palace and replaced it with hallowed lies over friendship and prosperity in the dissolved Kingdom of Renatus. Erika, a Ruric of Ash, knew that none of that mattered now, it had been too long for her to care, only caring now about living off the rest of her days at sea amongst her fellow friends. The only thing she cared about in the accursed lands of Arcas and the Orenian Empire was ensuring that her son’s Barthod’s line was seen as legitimate. And so, from the cabin of her ship, she wrote letters to be sent alongside the letters of her longtime Helane friend’s. *** To Whom Questions My Kin, It is my understanding that I must come out of hiding in case my family of blood questions the legitimacy of my line. Let it be known that I did not die outside the walls of Renatus as I had led everyone to believe, but started a family. It is of this that I produced a son whom has lived in hiding of his bloodline. Barthod and his line are to be known as legitimate of my kin as I live out the rest of my days far from the hallowed lands of Arcas. Erika Ash Adrianne Helane last of Barthod’s line, shifted awake from the morning sunlight filtering in through the stained glass windows. The Ruric stretched out her limbs and rubbed her eyes in the morning light and realized that her husband was absent from their chambers. The young woman strolled along the wooden floorboards as the lumber occasionally creaked softly as she made her way towards the study to find a letter left in absence of the Horen. She’d give a soft chuckle as her gaze flitted over the contents of the letter from Persus and decided to simply go back to bed, knowing that all will be made right in the world during the trying times that were to come in Arcas.
  5. The Eldari Infirmary The Council of Lords is pleased to announce the establishment of The Eldari Infirmary as an institution of healing and medical research located right in front of the gates of Tor Eldar. The doctors and researchers alike have been making great strides to improve patient care and medicinal practices in the Pale of Aldemar for the betterment of medicine in the realm. The Ivory Tower works hand in hand with The Eldari Infirmary to ensure that the clinic has access to the most up to date alchemical solutions and to ensure their medical practices are the most productive and effective that they can be. The clinic is currently hiring physicians who are dedicated and passionate about helping and healing others. The infirmary is also looking for those who wish to take on apprentices in the clinic. If you are seeking to learn about medicine, many of the doctors of The Eldari Infirmary are taking in apprentices under their tutelage. Seek out the head physician, Lord Kleo Vethrai, by bird or in person if you are interested in working in The Eldari Infirmary. “It is here that is the heart of Elvendom and the propagators of peace within the realm.” [[OOC: Feel free to pm either Strife#5631 or emmanatalyia#9520 on discord for more information as well as joining the Ivory Tower discord! https://discord.gg/htYFC3Y ]]
  6. A certain Head of the House of Knowledge’s eyes seem to widen at the news of the court ceremony, going to stroll on her way to receive a new outfit from one of the tailors in the Pale!
  7. The Eldari Calendar Sun’s Smile 1773 to Sun’s Smile 1774 [!] Upon awakening to the sunlight shining through the looming black spruce trees that have taken sanctuary within the Pale of Aldemar, the denizens that live within would find a calendar that had been rolled into a scroll on their doorsteps with an artist’s depiction of Aldemar in the early morning light. There were copies pinned to the notice boards throughout the city to find for all passing through. Summer Solstice Festival Sun’s Smile, 1773 “The Summer Solstice Festival, known as Asul’fiyem Kaliri will take place in the city of Tor Eldar. It is a time of great jubilation within the Pale, celebrating the fruits of our labor in uniting malikind. We look forward to the future of our people, and all ventures to come. The event will begin with a Rite of Passage for young mali, between the ages of 18 and 50. Attendees are encouraged to wear their best clothes, with warm, vivid colors. ” Signed, Steward of Events, Valliline Vethrai [[OOC: SUNDAY JUNE 21st 5:00 PM EST // 22:00 CET]] Eldarhim Fête The Amber Cold, 1773 “As per the enjoyment of the Tor Eldar denizens they shall be invited to a night of revelry hosted by the Malin’s Rest Tavern. The evening will consist of wine and fine delicacies imported from different islands of Arcas. All residents are encouraged to partake in the drinking games, dancing, and socialization that is to be had. During the drinking games there will be plenty of opportunity to earn minas. Drinks shall be provided by Laraethryn Breweries and Vethrai Breweries.” Signed, Head of the House of Knowledge, Lady Leandra Laraethryn Steward of Events, Valliline Vethrai [[OOC: MONDAY JUNE 22ND 8:00 PM EST // 02:00 CET]] Induction of the Warden’s Court Snow’s Maiden, 1773 “It is expected that these appointed lords and ladies, alongside the appointed Council of Lords, will be charged with setting the standard by which all Eldari will aspire. Such ceremonies will, by the Warden’s hope, become commonplace as more citizens step forth and prove themselves an able-minded individual within our flourishing community. The ceremony will be officiated by the Lord Warden himself, attended by his Council of Lords, before the gathering is advised to sup within the Laraethryn Estate in celebration following the event..” Signed, Warden of the Pale, Maruthir Keledan Laraethryn [[OOC: WEDNESDAY JUNE 24TH 5:00 PM EST // 22:00 CET]] Tavern Night The First Seed, 1774 “All are welcome to join a collection of the Eldari Denizens in the Tavern to partake in a variety of drinking games and socializing amongst each other. Malin’s Rest Tavern is hosting a night of indulgence before the union of Leandra and Alayris the following elven day. There will be different quizzes, board games, drinking games, and the possibility to win mina along with this all.” Signed, Head of the House of Knowledge, Lady Leandra Laraethryn Steward of Events, Valliline Vethrai Highguard of the Eldarhim, Alayris Enrique [[OOC: FRIDAY JUNE 26TH 7:00 PM EST // 00:00 CET ]] Union of Leandra Laraethryn and Alayris Enrique Grand Harvest, 1774 “The wedding of two prominent Eldari, Lady Leandra Laraethryn and Highguard Alayris Enrique shall take place the Grand Harvest of 1775. The ceremony will take place at the temple grounds and shall be conducted by the Warden of the Pale. Guests are asked to wear fine attire and stick to the colors of red, navy, and black- though variation with colors outside of those is acceptable. The ceremony will consist of a blend of traditional high elven unions with influences from the culture of Tor Eldar.” Signed, Head of the House of Knowledge, Lady Leandra Laraethryn Highguard of the Eldarhim, Alayris Enrique [[OOC: SATURDAY JUNE 27th @ 7:00 PM EST // 24:00 CET]] “It is here that is the heart of Elvendom and the propagators of peace within the realm.”
  8. Yoooooo this is what I call epic! When is this man going to be admin?
  9. [!] A letter would be placed in every mailbox of each citizen including those of the Kharajyr in the Undercity. To the Residents of Tor Eldar Due to the recent events that have unfolded in the Pale of Aldemar, the waters from the rivers have been ordered off limits for the collection of livestock and consumption for the safety and well-being of the citizens. All activities including but not limited to: drinking, fishing, bathing, brewing, and other means of using the river are to be halted until further notice. This order extends to the Undercity of the Kharajyr as they also use the river for many of their activities. If anyone is caught using the waters purposefully, it will result in consequences from the Council of Lords and the Warden himself. The waters of the natural springs and underground wells are considered safe for use and bathing in. To accommodate for less water sources and fishing, we shall be importing many of our fish from the Lake of Helena neighboring the city for everyone’s convenience. All questions and concerns may be taken up with any Lord and The Warden of the Pale. Signed, Warden of the Pale, Keledan Laraethryn Lady of Knowledge, Leandra Laraethryn Steward, Morlia Vethrai
  10. [!] Fortunately for the Secretary of Interior, he receives a invitation by courier later on!
  11. Union of Leandra Laraethryn and Alayris Enrique [!] An artist's depiction of the view of the Eldari Forest from the temple’s overhang. Circa. 1760 The wedding of two prominent Eldari, Lady Leandra Laraethryn and Berun’laurir Alayris Enrique shall take place the Grand Harvest of 1775. The ceremony will take place at the temple grounds and shall be conducted by the Warden of the Pale. Guests are asked to wear fine attire and stick to the colors of red, navy, and black- though variation with colors outside of those is acceptable. The ceremony will consist of a blend of traditional high elven unions with influences from the culture of Tor Eldar. After the ceremony all guests will move over to the tavern for an assortment of drinking games and other festivities.There will be live music for entertainment as well as a variety of local foods and desserts for the attendee’s enjoyment. The guests are free to change out of their formal attire for this part of the celebration into something more relaxed and casual. The overall atmosphere of the after-party is meant to be enjoyable for all the guests invited. Gifts are not required in the slightest as the wedding is meant to focus on the festivities and enjoying the entertainment provided. [[OOC:Saturday June 27th @ 7:00 PM EST // 24:00 CET]] Specialized Invitations are hand deliver to the following: The Imperial Household HIM the Emperor of Oren, Peter III @ARCHITECUS HIH the Princess Imperial, Princess Anne Augusta @DreamInSpace HIH the Duke of Helena, Prince Joseph Clement @Hunwald HIH Princess Elizabeth of Helena @Ivorey HIH Prince John Charles of Helena @KosherZombie HIH Princess Juliette Caroline of Helena @yandeer HIH Prince Philip Augustus of Helena @BenevolentManacles THE PALE OF ALDEMAR The Council of Lords and Their Family Members The Warden of the Pale, Keledan Laraethryn @Malaise Speaker, Head of the House of Faith,Alasnirelan Har’sulahnen @Bagley Lord, Head of the House of Wealth, Kleo Vethrai @Strife The House of Knowledge in its entirety which the bride is head of. The Council of Stewards and Their Family Members Steward of Events, Valliline Vethrai @Kimika Steward of Law, Evar'tir Ithelanen @ChaseusBelli Steward of Land, Heahmund Bren @Junar Steward of Housing, Visenra Lareh’onn @axelu Pride Lord, Haskir Ther’kul @Ryloth Court of the Warden Lady, Amorette Acal'elor @Luv Lady, Celia Aldirar @MunaZaldrizoti All Citizens of Tor Eldar and the Outlying Areas of the City. HELENA The Basrid Ministry HIE The Archchancellor, Simon Basrid @Cracker HIE The Secretary of War, Alren DeNurem @Mirtok HIE The Secretary of Intelligence, Frederick Armas @Esterlen HIE The Secretary of Justice, Joseph Adler @wealthypiano HIE The Secretary of the Navy, George Sarkozy @bungo HIE The Secretary of Civil Affairs, Charles Napier @Hanrahan HIE The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Godfrey Briarwood @KBR The House of Sarkozy TRH the Count of Pompourelia, Lord George de Sarkozy @bungo The Lord Peter de Sarkozy @Proddy The Lady Casimira de Sarkozy @ShannonLeigh The Lord George de Sarkozy The House of Basrid TRH The Count of Susa, Sir Jahan Basrid @Dyl Mister Simon Basrid, Imperial Archchancellor @Cracker The Lord Iskander Basrid @KBR The Lord Basil Basrid @MCVDK The Lord Darius Basrid @Quantumatics The House of Carrington TRH the Baron of Carrington, Lord George Carrington @ChumpChump TRH the Baroness of Carrington, Lady Mary Philippa d’Arkent @Ivorey Miss Alpha of Carrington @Merqurie Miss Mary Lucille of Carrington @libertyybelle Miss Mary Sophia of Carrington @Eryane Miss Mary Jane of Carrington Miss Mary Vespira of Carrington @lalosia Mister Jasper of Carrington @EddyTheBrave Mister Peridot of Carrington @Heff HAENSE The Royalty of Hanseti-Ruska HRM the King of Hanseti and Ruska, Sigismund II HRM the Queen consort of Hanseti and Ruska, Viktoria Sofiya HRH the Crown Prince, Duke of Alban, Prince Nikolas Stefan HRH the Princess Royal, Princess Analiesa Reza HRH Princess Amelia of Hanseti and Ruska HSH the Grand Prince of Muldav, Godfric I, and his household As well as the Barclay Household, headed by Erwin Barclay KAEDRIN The Nobility of Kaedrin HRM the King of Kaedrin, Peter II @ARCHITECUS HE the Governor-General, Prince Helton Helvets HG the Duke of Cathalon, Prince Robert Helvets @gamer_guy TRH the Count of Rochefort, Prince Richard Helvets @Methuselah HIH the Countess of Rochefort, Princess Lorena Antonia @Starryy The Lady Lorena Helvets @MunaZaldrizoti The Lady Catherine Helvets @Koanda HG the Prince-Archbishop of Albarosa, Cardinal Laurence Pruvia, and his household @Draeris TRH the Viscount of Albarosa, Lord Frederick Pruvia @BigMacMoMo TRH the Viscount of Rillsworth, Lord Frederick Armas @Esterlen URGUAN The Clans of Urguan Grand King, Utak Ireheart @Mickaelhz Clan of Goldhand and it’s Clan Father Clan of Ireheart and it’s Clan Father Clan of Irongrinder and it’s Clan Father Clan of Frostbeard and it’s Clan Father Clan of Starbreakers and it’s Clan Father Clan of Grandaxe and it’s Clan Father Clan of Irongut and it’s Clan Father Additionally personal invitations have been sent by bird to the friends and family of the Bride and Groom.
  12. ✧✷ Night of the Golden Sun ✷✧ ✧15th of The Deep Cold, 1770✧ [OOC: Saturday, June 6th@ 6:00 PM EST// 12:00 AM CET]] Come one! Come All! To a night of regality and eloquence with the mystery that shrouds it all. To celebrate the Solar Eclipse where the Sun and Moon meet again once more in the night sky before drifting away from each other, the grand city of Tor Eldar shall be hosting a masquerade ball. During this gala the Laraethryn and Vethrai families shall be sponsoring a variety of entertainment for the denizens to enjoy. The Night of the Golden Sun symbolizes that polar opposites can synchronize to become the epitome of harmony and peace.The Sun represents life and vitality while the Moon represents serenity and stillness. When the Solar Eclipse occurs, this represents the balance and harmony between the Sun and the Moon. The attendees are asked to wear colors of golden and silver hues for the theme of the ball. The golden and lighter tones shall represent the Sun and the silver and shadowy tones shall represent the Moon. To start the masquerade, the entertainers will show off the ancient technique of fire dancing where the entertainers manipulate the flames of the Sun while donned in their most resplendent attire. Along with the fire-dancing, there shall be other performances going on as well throughout the gala such as silk dancers. The servers will be donned in the same attire as the entertainers. The entirety of the Empire and its allies are invited to attend this exquisite masquerade for a night of mystery and revelry. The masquerade shall be held on the temple grounds on the plateau within Tor Eldar. Sincerely, Leandra Laraethryn Lady of Aldemar, The Ivory Tower Academic Caretaker Valliline Vethrai Steward of Culture, Malin’s Rest Tavern Owner
  13. #FreeFrill

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