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  1. It undergoes the equivalent of lore games but for oil lamps.
  2. NAME: Auriane Vuillermoz NOBILITY (Y/N): N if not, GENTRY (Y/N): N RACE: Human PAST EXPERIENCE : None
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    Iris was born to Hall, which is why she inherited the surname Halldottir. She grew up frequently sailing with her father after her mother would perish in a raid and their lands were seized. However, valuables and sentimental possessions were saved and Iris and her father along with his friends spent many years at sea. Originally young Iris was extremely sea sick, crying her eyes out as a little girl when she puked over the edge into the water but eventually she over come that. When they were docked one time, getting supplies Iris would sneak off and at the age of 10 she would actually get a small tattoo on her arm which of course she cried during. When she showed her father he would laugh at her a little before scolding her for not telling him first. Many years would pass and many tattoos would be gained eventually leading to Iris gaining the nickname Blå-Hud due to the amount of tattoos she would have on her body at the age of 20. Life was fair and a few months later her father would pass as well as some of his friends, resulting in Iris having to find some new crew members. Due to her inexperienced crew members over the years her ship would eventually crash and she would wash up, travelling for the next few years and eventually sticking to the area of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska.
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