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  1. A crimson haired elfess raised her hand, running her digits through her locks as she read over the response. She tucked it away in her journal, for later.
  2. A Woodland Fiction (“Sutica eternal, for freedom, and prosperity.”) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On this day, 13th of The Deep Cold, Year 23 of the Second age: With The Refusal to meet the reparations set by the trade state, and in stead turning to throwing the actions of their own officials of the State, the Trade State of Sutica writes this formal response to the Woodland Dwellers regarding their recent attempts to avoid and or withdraw from a conflict that they have begun, withou
  3. A woman groans at a disturbance in the wind..
  4. An Elvenesse Breach of Neutrality (“Sutica eternal, for freedom, and prosperity.”) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On this day, 19th of Sun’s Smile, Year 20 of the Second age: The Crown of Elvenesse has made a severe breach in the neutrality of the Trade State of Sutica, committing multiple egregious attacks on both the citizenry and leadership of the Federation, the enacted heinous crimes were done during a time of peace, a time of no strife and occurred with unknown intent, and little to no provocation before ha
  5. Lise shakes her head, as she sits in her ministry's office, reading over the rather abrupt announcement. "What are they thinking; this wont end well.. I would place mina of it if gambling weren't so vile."
  6. ah yes, i too speak this language. Chi chi chi chi chi
  7. LISE Uialben groans in response to possible conflict, meanwhile the near senseless Countess of the Isles excitedly taps her hands against the table, preparing to go on the offensive.
  8. fav colour, its important. I need to know.
  9. The Countess of the isle slowly begins to accompany her farmers toward the dock; as they wrap and load bales of hay onto their merchant vessels, as well as burlap sacks of mina, for their returning taxes. Proudly, and with a nod- the Countess looked outward to the now calm waters, she felt as if good things were to come from this- and once more the isle falls in line. "Sister- I do foresee a smoother road a head, if not for us, for the nation. The remnants of this unfortunate outburst will be mopped up, trust will be granted to the monarch." Remarked the countess to her sister, wh
  10. This is neato, but im pretty sure the 'edgy' voidal mages outrank 1 or 2 of theres archetypes in popularity.
  11. ( Credit: Rainy Day at Montara Beach by Luz Perez) A terrible roaring beset the Isle of Saris; the crashing of endless waves to its beaches, the sound of thunder produced from its bright counterpart striking the ocean, its pale-turquoise beauty only revealed beneath such violent acts. It was an onlooker, a mali’thill- she who commanded the isle and lorded over its citizenry, that grasped such inspiration from this. “Such beauty, such appearances.. Granted to your glistening canvas under threat of the above, under the threat of light, under the threat of its crushing power..” She s
  12. This is something I don't see merit in, alongside the Shade Gem and the unexplained origin. I think it could be something that could be possibly abused, and should be an ability outright listed along the two others, with proper emote counts and whatnot listed, as well as limitations and such, to prevent it from being abused. This. I was writing this- but, i was beaten to it.
  13. Rukio, did this take you more or less time than gms building a keep?
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