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  1. LORRAINE-MULLER CONTRACT Signed the 8th of The Amber Cold, 1773 A contract between Friedrich Müller and the Burgh of Lorraine shall be ratified with immediate effect. The contract, mutually negotiated by both parties, entails the following stipulations; Friedrich Müller shall henceforth act as an advisor of military and cultural affairs in the Burgh of Lorraine. A sum of one-thousand Minae shall be consigned to Friedrich Müller’s person. Signed, Friedrich Müller The Rabbit, Dame Athri the Albatross of Darrowmere The Marshal of Darrowmere, Ser Jolfrey Elessar The Burgrave of Darrowmere, Lady Alli Ruse Onfroi
  2. Dame Athri nodded, seemingly in approval at the missive. “Guess we’ll see what happens with a new ruler.”
  3. Damerian Codex of Chivalry, The Knights Order The Rabbit of Darrowmere hereby places Darrowmere under the revised Knight’s codex of the Order with immediate effect. The peoples will follow the Nordish Law, and abide by the rules of the Red Faith, however within the walls of Darrowmere, these laws are now in place. If Nordish law overrides the decisions of the Damerian law, then the punishment of the crime is in the responsibility of the Red Faith to provide justice to those who wrong us. Laws of the Damerian Dominion Thou shall not harm children, women, or the elderly unless there is an extreme threat to the wellness of the Damerian public. Thou shall not draw one’s blade unless there is an extreme threat to the wellness of the Damerian public. Thou shall not be disorderly in public while drunk, or on recreational drugs within the walls of Darrowmere. Thou shall not physically assault unless necessary. Thou shalt also not sexually or verbally assault. Thou shall not wear masks within the walls of Darrowmere, unless said person is enforcing the Red Faith. Thou shall not commit blasphemy in front of a Noble, The Rabbit, or the Burgrave of Darrowmere. Entering the Keep of Darrowmere is permitted only for the Nobles of Darrowmere and their Knights. Invitations to the keep can come from Military requirements, invitations to a meeting which will be handed out via missive, or for squires sent by the men and women of Darrowmere to request an audience with the Nobility. Those who work in the keep such as servants, squires, and chefs, will have permits handed to them for access to the Noble household. If caught without your permit, and you have proof that you own one elseware, you will be fined a standard fine of 1,000 mina and avoid being exiled. This also applies to entering the Grand Hall during the proceedings of a court session, or right before. Affiliating with those who oppose the Highland Realm will be punishable by death. If those who venture to Darrowmere are known criminals, enemies, or have sworn hostile actions against the Realm shall be swiftly dealt with by the Knights of Darrowmere. Those who disobey the orders of the Guards, and resist with hostile action, shall be stricken down by the blades of the Damerian men. Those who try to run shall be given more extreme punishments once caught. All crimes will be punishable by a fine of 1,000 mina to the Knights Order, other than the trespassing of the Keep, which will be punishable by stripping of titles, exile, or execution depending on your actions within the Keep. The law does not care what your rank or status may be, all punishments shall be the same. The Knight’s Codex Thou shall refer to the Knights of Darrowmere as “Ser, or Dame”. The Rabbit shalt be referred to as “My Lady”, and the Burgrave shalt be referred to as “My Lady, or My Lord”. Those who wish to patrol, shall ask permission of Knight. Leaving the Fort for a patrol without permission a Knight of Darrowmere is punishable by stripping of thy titles. Taking horses from the stables will only be permitted to the Knights of Darrowmere and it’s Nobility. Those caught with horses without the permission to have one, will be stripped of titles and exiled from Darrowmere. Failure to follow standard procedure, failure to follow orders, and failing to perform as a member of the Order will be punishable situationally. The Order is a meritocracy, and shall be treated as such. Signed by Dame Athri Onfroi, The Rabbit of Darrowmere
  4. Dame Athri the Albatross gave an unimpressed look at what she read. "Well, some live in Darrowmere now. Not like any were around when any of this happened. I won’t let innocent soldiers be killed for old wrongdoings." The soon to be Rabbit muttered under her breath some more, ready to see if the Empire were to actually try to take her men.
  5. Dame Athri the Albatross frowned, not everyone in Darrowmere is illiterate. Though maybe she just had the rarity that a family member is a teacher. Who knows, either way, she doesn’t care much for the news. All seems pointless at this point, to her at least.
  6. Half the Kha are related, the race will die. Incest is not Wincest. But hey, +1.
  7. Rabbit’s Rush - Seven mina a pint. A dark colored drink, consists of white rum and Carrion Black. -=- Maiden’s Blush - Six mina a glass. A fruity spirit, with a bit of spice. -=- Green (and spiked) Tea - Five mina a cup. Average green tea, with rum in it for a nice kick. -=- Peppermint Tea - Five mina a cup. A calming drink that soothes the stomach. -=- Grape Juice - Six mina a glass. Classic grape juice, good for kids to drink. -=- Water - Free. It’s water, that’s it. -=- Hot Chocolate – Four mina a cup Nice and warm, fit for the cold. -=- Darrowbeer – Seven mina a pint Golden in color, not too strong. The name’s a pun, of course. -=- Note! If you fail to pay the required amount, it is theft of an official Damerian establishment and you will be fined a thousand mina. -=- [!] Here sits a humurous painting of a rabbit sipping on a pint of alcohol. [!] Some things may be crossed out, it means they are no longer sold here!
  8. Pep Leparda looked around her surroundings, taking them all in for perhaps the last time. She wandered about Talons Grotto, the city she has called home for many years, and has worked for during most of her time there. She wandered aimlessly about the city taking everything in. The trees, the birds, the strong smell of the salt that lingered among the city air. She looked throughout the many houses, her eyes stopping on many of her friends' abodes. Many of them were just regulars at the tavern, or even just some of the workers. She stopped, debating if she truly wanted to leave everyone so soon. She shook her head, many other thoughts soon taking over, clouding her mind. She soon went back to her home, deciding her choice once and for all. She arrived, looking around the small room one last time, taking a deep breath. Pep grabbed up a paper and bit of charcoal, beginning to write a note. Once finished, she placed the note onto her desk, making sure to keep it neat, as the scene soon to be shown would be quite the opposite. Pep took out one of her knives, eyeing it closely, looking at the sharp, bright glisten it had in the light of the lanterns. She glanced at the note, knowing there was still time to drop her weapon, and rip up the note, just to go back to the way life was before. The thoughts came back, clouding her mind and judgement, and she shook it off, figuring this was the right thing to do. She sat down on the floor, attempting to get comfortable, yet couldn’t with the fur on the back stood up straight. She knew what she was doing was wrong, yet she couldn’t easily stop herself from doing it. She sat there, knife in hand, and put it up to her neck, taking in a sharp breath. She paused for one last second, fear and regret in her eyes, before she moved the knife, slitting her own throat. __________________________________________ The note she had left on her desk read as the following: “Friends, family, all this one may have ever talked to at all, she would like to say she is deeply sorry. She has regrets, many, and they have simply become too much. The details and memories cloud her mind. Muuna, this one is sorry for whatever she may have done to ruin their relationship. Xinan, this one cannot show how much she will miss you, and hopes you have a happy life with your Metz’al. Onyx, please do not be too upset, continue with your life as it was. Anybody else, please, do not be too upset. -Pep”
  9. Pep Leparda readies her signature drink for the party.
  10. [!] Another missive is nearby, showing details of a ‘Bard Fight’, and something called ‘Flyting’.
  11. Athri Onfroi doesn’t exactly understand what she’s reading, but she knows it’s not good.
  12. I personally do not like the idea of guns in rp, I just dont see why, but hey, go for it.
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