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  1. Flyers detailing the whereabouts of a festive event are scattered around Arcas. The Alley Alehouse, located in Talons Grotto, is holding a Tavern night! We will be holding small games and festivities, and have a varying array of drinks and food! We welcome all to come and drink and have fun! (OOC Info- 7pm EST, this Friday night. Use the Queens Isles warp sign and continue south!)
  2. Yule Onfroi set the last of her Vozhd plate onto an armor stand. “Shame it had to end so soon.. and with these circumstances.” She sighed, turning around, “But I was already planning on taking my leave.” She went off, putting a sword into her sheath before picking up her small son. Once she left, she would have left the Cheloveks behind, going on to do other things with her life.
  3. A missive can be seen going around Arcas, being spread around the many cities. We the Cheloveks, express our outrage with the atrocities the Orenian Empire lets happen under its dominion.One must only look at Dane, a military soldier patrolling the capital, to see the sheer disregard the Imperials have for their own. We have both seen and experienced the disgusting and brutal acts this man has committed. This one man has gouged eyes from their sockets, bitten off appendages with his own teeth, and has injured and scarred many people. Many have been killed due to these acts this man has committed, and more shall be unless something is adjusted within the Empire. This one man is not the only one who has committed these heinous acts of this degree, nor will he be the last. Is this why we have armies patrolling our streets? For our safety, or for the safety of our rulers? Taking a look at the brutality of the ISA against its own people, and others, the answer soon reveals itself to be clear. Death or Dishonor. -Vozhd
  4. Yule Wyndi walked by the missive in front of her, not paying much mind at first. She glanced at it once more, beginning to read. As she continued to read, a mix of shock and sadness grew on her face. “I- should’ve been there.” She crumpled the missive, dropping it to the ground. She ran off, to go do whatever she must.
  5. A helmeted figure would mark the symbol of the Cheloveks onto the notice.
  6. Emilienne Onfroi would sigh from wherever she may have been, “We should have never done what we did. It has hurt too many. But too many to take back.”
  7. Ryia would look coldly at what had been written in front of her, “He will not be the first, nor will he be the last” She would shake her head, “But Haense will pay in one way or another. I will make sure of it.”
  8. “Hail Ruswick!” Ruminating Ryia would say, after seeing the old monarch dead.
  9. IGN (MC Username): neopolatin Discord: neo#0657 Likes: Weapons, books, art, pets, flowers, jewlery Dislikes: Womens clothing (i.e dresses)
  10. Ruminating Ryia would give a smile, seemingly excited "This will be interesting to say the least, let's see how bandits give gifts."
  11. Ryia von Savoia would nod while looking at the flyer, "Glad that the tavern will have more buisness, may have to go there soon, eh?" She would say to the wolf by her side.
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