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  1. Miss Mirabella smirked as she listened on. She'd been told of this through those on horseback, the young poets arms crossed as she nodded. "Sure, you've got a deal. I want to do more anyways."
  2. WOOOOooo. that is all.

  3. Athri looked over a couple different papers, rubbing her eyes. "I feel old. Yet I'm not." The elfess sighed, dropping the papers onto her desk. "More reasons to visit, I suppose."
  4. Athri wheezed, laughter escaping her. "Oh- damn this sh*t's funny to read. And I don't even care about this." The elf continued to snicker about this as she went on about her day.
  5. The Court Poet whispered under her breath, tired eyes being unable to focus. Her head shook, and that was all. She tried to continue with writing, but no. She got up and finally went to bed, her mind racing with the thoughts of so many things.
  6. Mirabella muttered something, then simply sighed. She could write of this, but believes it to be a bad idea. Her opinions would show through far too much for that piece.
  7. A poem created for and read during the recent event that took place within the palace gardens of Haense. Spring. The days, they grow long. The air, it has a small nip to it. Flowers bloom and the grass grows. Red roses and poppies, yellow marigolds and dandelions. Bushes of green with small black berries hidden throughout. Children running around gardens and playing tag, Finally getting out after the cold winter that they were cooped up during. As the snow melts only slightl
  8. Mirabella Violet murmured a few words under her breath, as one of the only other poets she'd ever known was gone. The elf sighed, her head lowering to rest on top of her new work. She had heard word one way or another, and silently wondered 'What could have been done to help, if anything?'
  9. Athri Onfroi Belrose stood alone in the woods, for it was the only place of solitude she knew of. She wiped her face of sweat as she stood, continuing her trek afterwards. As the elfess looked around, her eyes saw unfamiliar areas among the lush green. Small critters ran across the ground, which Athri hastily avoided stepping on. Just simple and small things like mice and bugs, all she gave a chance to continue. She’d keep going, her destination unknown. Eyes shut as she rested after a while, and memories she wished she could forget raced arou
  10. A pale, burnt elfess with a slowly slipping mind would mutter a few words to herself, as she mourned the loss of two she had known now. One death old, one fresh, it all felt the same to her. "I guess it's best I return sooner than later, isn't it now?" Her eyes shut as she hummed a tune, a tune she only vaguely remembered her mother singing to her when she was young.
  11. Athri heard word of this, debated for a couple minutes, then shook her head.
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