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  1. [!] Flyers have been posted in various cities and crossroads, and should one come across one, it would read the following- "Workers are needed at The Alley Alehouse, based in the city of Talon's Port. Send a bird to Athri to speak of setting up an interview of sorts. Workers will be paid in mina with whatever they gain from selling drinks."
  2. thank ya love ya
  3. [!] Flyers are posted about the realm, whether that be within the Cloud Temple, one of the various nations, or trees along the sides of roads. That’s right it is the official grand opening of the Talon’s Port tavern! After so long without any notice, we are now opening with flair! For this grand event, all drinks will be half off! Along with this, we will have a dance-off with a bard on standby ready to play any tunes for your liking! So please come on Jan. 6th, 4EST to Talon’s Port to experience this lovely occasion! [!] Below is a small painting of a group in the tavern.
  4. neo's skin auction [(mainly) Mens light armor edition] Hello hello hello! I’m back with another skin auction! All money will be taken through PayPal (Maybe a Steam game too). This one will be going on from Jan. 1st to Jan. 8th, 4pm EST. ~Rules~ -Do not edit bids, if they’re edited, they’ll be ignored. -Bids will start at 5$, going up by at least 50c. -You must be able to pay ASAP. Format- Discord: Skin(s): Bid(s): Bids 10$ and up get any sort of quick add-ons or changes (such as changing the arm width, a color change, or adding a quick cl
  5. MC Name: 100PercentGay RP Name: Athri Discord: neoroseo#0657 RP Race: Mali'Aheral Reason for joining: Just 'cause.
  6. Vulln'maelu would find that a grey parrot had come to him, a letter tied with pink ribbon to it. @JustMeMorgan
  7. A quite bored elf looked at the missive as she wandered about. She decided to sit down and write up a response. "Good day, I write to you about the missive I saw, as I am interested in either or. I've already learnt another magic, so I do understand if there is no reply back. Suppose there could be a proper talk sometime? -Athri" She posted up the response with the original missive and went on her way.
  8. welcome welcome! always good to have some more new people!
  9. A blindfolded, pale elf opened up her arms for Alli. Yule Onfroi stood there, shrouded in red robes. "Come on, give me a hug! It can't have been that long... right?" The long gone elf said, seeming to have little knowledge of what time had passed since her own demise. Athri stood within the city of Talon's Port, or what was there at the moment as it was being built. She soon walked off into the surrounding woodland, not sure how to feel about her aunts death.
  10. Elizaveta Othaman watched as people around her hustled and bustled, a tad confused as to what all the hubbub was about.
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