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  1. A one eyed elfess gets war flashbacks of the multiple times she was forced into maid outfits. "Mental note to not go here... ever."
  2. IGN: neoroseo RP NAME: Athri Onfroi Athri, one way or another gets her own raffle ticket- then proceeds to return home and drag her daughter out to do the same. "C'mon Yevi, maybe you can get something nice." @Itz_Cookie
  3. MC Username: neoroseo Discord Tag: neoroseo#0657 Magics Currently Studying: Magics Currently Teaching (If so how many students, if any, for each?);: Your Name: Athri Onfroi Your Race: 'Aheral Your Age: 82 Nation of Residence: Yong Ping Reason you wish to to join the circle: A lady gets bored.
  4. A woman genuinely toys with the idea of ripping off one of the small tickets. 'I've no luck with men, don't think I could be with a canonist woman...' And, well, a ticket was torn off that day anyways.
  5. Off somewhere did a one-eyed woman smile. "Too funny..." Did the woman muse, folding the missive to go along with her many other saved missives.
  6. Off and away was some little plant girl, with faded memories and a torn and worn uniform hung up on a tree. The now horned Cin hummed, carving her name into the bark of a tree in the middle of nowhere- that being one of the only things she recollected.
  7. and the auction is done! dm me or @Itz_Cookie on discord if you got something! i'll be at ct for the meanwhile the people who won from me... @Itz_Cookie @Asutto @annanicole__ @tadabug2000 @zuziee @Sloth been balling @Carson
  8. one hour left for this auction!


  9. “What did you want?” The woman questioned. “You.” A man replied. “A-what?” She’d ask. Fire crackled in some lonesome tavern and the elf’s arm was grabbed, pulled away was she. - Crack. And a blinding pain. “Sh*t.” Muttered the woman aloud beneath her breath, a shaking thing now it was. ‘Bones shattered.’ She thought. The elf fell back, blood trickling down her left arm - shoulder maimed. A light and thin rapier in her right- the sliver of silver covered at the edge with crimson. In front of her was a figure donning old and dulled armor, a Morningstar in between two gauntleted hands. “How odd.” The armored one said to Athri. No reply. The man rushed forward, and then- The clang of metal, rapier slicing ‘gainst a tough metallic shell. She’d make haste with her retreat, rapier drifting between a lowered and defensive guard. Another Crack. ‘Well f*ck me.’ Her mind went. The same shoulder, too. - Athri and a child sat at a table; “How old 'r yeh?” The boy asked her. “About eighty, give or take.” She replied- right on the dot, eighty. “ Yeh look too young! How?” Said the boy. “Well- elves live a long time.” As she made a gesture to her own ear, tip sliced off. “Anyone with something like this lives a long while, you know.” “Realleh?” The kid questioned her, a hint of somberness in his voice. “Aye. A shameful thing, but yes.” Athri replied with a nod. “Ah don’t want ma' friends to die…” Responded the kid, before placing his head against the table, and passing out- from either tiredness, or from the small hit to the head. - So on did the woman move back- her rapier left the tight grasp of her hand, and on did she flee, best she could. Worn out and with little stamina, the loss of blood made the sprinting woman almost dizzy. “Little bunny is scared!” Gruffly did the man shout. No thoughts. She simply wanted to get away. - Soon after, a fire crackled atop Athri’s own palm, shoved up to her wound in a desperate attempt to keep the bleeding at bay.
  10. Athri Onfroi said this was a bad idea. Athri, former Monarch of Vortice, said this, but... no. 'I suppose they know what they did.' Thought she, crumpling a missive or two with her hand. 'But they don't have the power to stop them. Didn't even try to use their words in person.' - 'Good kindling for me, at least.'
  11. A one eyed woman knew this was always a bad idea... "Oh well." She murmured. "Not my problem."
  12. what do i be for halloween, like, seriously

    1. rukio


      a trash bag

    2. MissAnneDrey


      be rihanna 

  13. Neo & Cookie’s Skin Auction - Goes on from 9/4/21-9/7/21, 7pm EST Rules: Bidding goes by 25 mina- Skins will list how much they start at. @ Who you’ve outbid. Do not edit comments, they’ll be nulled if you do. Add which skinner made the skin! Please don’t @. Sniping is allowed >:} Discord: Skin(s): Bid(s): Skinner: Male auction coming soon! Neo: Witch Witch B*tch 100 Mina Strawberry Poet 100 Mina Leaf Me Alone: 75 Mina Debut: 100 Mina Gobbo: (Head included, if wanted.) 100 Mina Red'n'Fur: 100 Mina Farmer's Life For Me: 100 Mina Fancy: 100 Mina Cape Cadet: (Two versions, one w/out gold on the cape, one with) 100 Mina Child's Play: 150 Mina Seafoam: 75 Mina Renaissance: 100 Mina Cookie's Skins: Dark Sparkles: 100 Mina Flower Brooch: 75 Mina Haenseni Beauty: 100 Mina Red Like Roses: 100 Mina Simple Nightgown: 100 Mina Sorceress: 100 Mina
  14. A Monarch of short reign smiled- what an odd thing for her. Perhaps she'll be off to visit her uncle soon.
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