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  1. This needs to be updated
  2. I donated half a thousand dollars to help fund all the **** it takes to keep the server fast and smooth, not for npcs to stand around stalling and stealing our ticks. Get em out of here it’s only a couple weeks
  3. Hey everyone, had a bit of fun throwing together a video about how I manipulate armor stands to create custom pianos, furniture, and items. Check it out! :) all content in this video made by me, gamegage
  4. Season 1 | Episode 1 "Welcome to Providence!" For this season we're going to follow the story of Heath Linnord an average, simple minded ISA soldier who is devoted to the Holy Orenian Empire. (The previous episodes were "the prequels") The dialog and narration is taken straight from chat screenshots, and is authentic roleplay from the server. All of the voices you hear are done by myself but I am in dire need of someone who can narrate female voices! If you are a girl and this sounds fun to you, please shoot me a message on discord! gamegage#4169
  5. Sergeant Heath linnord would walk out of the mines covered in dirt and grime. The 60 year old man walks to the gatehouse and struggles to sit down, his back being in immense pain from constant labor. He’d pick up the document and read it over “Hopefully the nationals are able to get funding for the ISA. I’m struggling to pay taxes and don’t even have a tuvmas present for m’lady.. I haven’t received a paycheck in over three years.”
  6. Had such a good time in Arcas.
  7. IGN: gamegage Category: Video Editing Artwork: A discussion between two ISA soldiers about Mechanical prosthetics, a common motif in steampunk fiction.
  8. Senior Corporal Heath Linnord reads over the document “My Comrade is a very smart man. However I believe we need to regulate those of non human origin. Nonetheless a fine document, and I agree with the Lieutenant.”
  9. Corporal Heath Linnord would be laboring at the war camp when a courier arrives with the document. He briefly reads it over “Thank God. It’s about time we come up with a plan.” He’d look up to see that the courier had already left peering his eyes across the empty fortress before getting an uneasy chill down his spine. “Things are too quiet around here. I must get back to the capital and discuss this with my officers.” He’d pack up the few belongings he needed and begin his journey to Helena.
  10. Flynn take a deep breath as he opens the letter from Casper expecting a petty lawsuit or something of that manner. As he begins to read the letter, a tear runs down his face. He would lie the letter down on the table and begin to tap his foot. He’s confused as to why Casper would send him a letter like this. Was he going to end his life? Is he under the influence of some sort of drug? Is he being held captive? He feels heart warmed, yet worried, suspecting Casper may be considering the same fate as his wife. He immediately begins to write a letter back when halfway though, he real
  11. Moore Music, Custom Pianos and organs. To view all information, click the link. Click Link below for photos PREVIOUS WORK Discord gamegage#4169
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