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  1. Still poking your head in old man? How’s it been friend? 🙂

  2. What can I say? I love good fiction. I'm not interested in starting my own server. I remember back in the day all of the server start-ups like I was a venture capitalist - only I didn't invest in any of them. Damn I'm 40? That is news to me. I would hope I can poke my head in and have some good banter with some old friends without us going into who played the game or not 😂 Damn, that was not my finest hour. Of course I remember you mate. I'm just doing what us millennials call 'adulting'. I haven't died so far, so that's a good sign. Don't kick yourself, I'm glad on onboarded you, even if you were a nemesis back in Aegis. At the end of the day, our perception is what creates the atmosphere. I learned that in life and realize that here. I remember my last days on LotC was a lot of chilling and giving the laid-back vibe we nostalgically claim only existed in the early Aegis days. I'm glad y'all kept this engine running for this long and are having fun. Headass. I miss you Heero.
  3. Good banter. I do not play Minecraft anymore, but wouldn't mind writing some fiction if ever anyone needs a ghost writer.
  4. Hey VonEbs! Yes, I'm alive and well. Hope all is good on your end too.
  5. Hello, I wanted to pop my head in, this old Aegis-Athera veteran, and greet any old dog that hasn't learned a new trick and green horn alike. I haven't played for years at this point, but still itch the old fiction writing fingers from time to time. Let me know who is out there on this ham radio and I might just whip up a new Forum Roleplay to entertain those who have an affinity for such a thing.
  6. when gaius marius gonna make a come back

  7. Gaius Marius's art of war when?

  8. Sorry Maur0821, the edit feature on the forums are causing my posts to repeat itself on the Teutonic Order thread.

  9. In the mundane world, deep beneath the soil of the old capitol of Konigsberg, the remains of the first Hochmeister laid at peaceful rest. However, in the mezzanine of the Seven Skies, the Hochmeister smiled down upon the regathering of the Teutonic Order. He led a low chant to himself as he saw more and more flags adorned with the black cross ripple in the dusk breeze.
  10. Get Out with all that symbolism, got my main man forced to pick cotton.

    1. Abeam


      Kentucky Fried Muslim

    2. Heero


      Kentucky fried Muslim

    3. Mumkey


      Kentucky fried Muslim

  11. Lyonharted is a good asset.

  12. I am going to make Heerozero sign a form to not reveal anything of mine on Snapchat. That is for damn sure.
  13. I am probably late for the meme train, but who exactly is blacklisted? Is it Swgrclan or Aerialkebab?

    1. Knox213
    2. Ambduscias


      Aerial. He changed his name to Swgr.

  14. Which FM hid my joke. I am a Muslim, I can joke on myself.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Space
    3. Hunwald


      ? careful Gaius, the FMs are frightened by self-deprecating humor. You may offend someone who knows a guy who knows a guy who has a friend who is Muslim. 

    4. Semihilyus


      All muslims in this server are capable enough to take jokes, we are not like liberals and FM's.

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