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  1. I want to roleplay Planet of the Apes.
  2. Sometimes I sit and I wonder: Why?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Loreq


      and then you blaze it. 4/20

    3. Moochael
    4. Kilig


      Sometimes I sit and wonder: How?

  3. Keep on keeping on, my friends.

  4. Both are accepted. Welcome to the Frostbeards. I will contact you both if you have not been already.
  5. Please forgive me server!

  6. Go back to old forums. This is ugly.

  7. How does banner making work after crafting one in nexus?

    1. Harrison


      PM me with anything you wanna know, I made 500 pepe ones the other night, I know all about them.

  8. Ulric Lothorn signs it on behalf of all House Lothorn and co.
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    2. Pandan


      Thats resource island.

    3. Morinehtar


      You guys should really install a restart after 24 hours, 12 or something like that. This sh*t is getting out of hand (Pardon my french)

    4. Rassidic


      Omfg is that the gravel pit or the tree farm? Either way it's fucked beyond belief.

  9. Had a lot of fun! Cheers to the victors!

    1. Aeldrin


      Thanks for the good fight Kralek. I think y'all did really well for being outnumbered so much :3

    2. Crowbill


      Yea it wass cool

  10. 6 PM Est is fine with me. Is everything in order then?
  11. Looks like a good idea Niccum, I like the idea and it does make more sense to go through the forest in order to march upon the capital. It makes more sense than marching randomly through the valley. Only thing we would have to situate would be the borders of the skirmish. How far troops are allowed to move and where would the point of retreat be. I'd also like Skippy to put out some more ideas on the matter, especially regarding your posts, since he's the nation leader.
  12. As I stated in my previous post, I have agreed to no one-day alts.
  13. I agree to the terms of no "one-day alt", but keep in mind that players may join in between now and the period of this warclaim. I will not deny those people the right join the fight.
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